Sam Rohrer:                 The immigration border debate continues to rage on. You and I both know it. According to the Left and the media, who’s the bad guy in all of this? Well, the President, of course… and, who the Marxist-oriented Left and the social justice leaders and some, even with Evangelical sectors, condemn him as being hard-hearted. And the policies, trying to enforce there, as being callous, uncaring, and even some of them saying un-Biblical.

Well, all this to the neglect of the facts that he is simply enforcing the law as passed by Congress years ago, only selectively enforced by Barack Obama, that he is simply doing his job to protect the integrity and safety of the American people in fulfillment of his constitutional oath. And, simply for trying to work with the current Congress, though filled with establishment-minded globalists and Democrat leaders, who will not do what they need to do, fearing, as some have said, that they might give a win to the President, something they seem sworn not to do, even if it means that the American people, our economy and our security is destroyed.

Well, let me tell you today on the program our theme is this: The Immigration Border Debate: A Lot More Than Meets the Eye.

I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m gonna be joined by Dr. Gary Dull, and a very special guest who is a legal immigrant. A legal immigrant who went through the process, legally, and is now an upstanding American citizen. You’ve seen her on many national news programs, I want to welcome to Stand in the Gap today, the President of ACT for America, Brigitte Gabriel. Brigitte, thanks for being with us today.

Brigitte G.:                   Oh, thank you for having me with you, I’m delighted to be with you!

Sam Rohrer:                 Well, you’ve got a busy schedule and I tell you, we could spend two hours with you but we’re gonna have to cut it down and go right to the quick, which I know you like to do as well. Brigitte, we’ve covered a lot in this theme of immigration and borders on this program. I’ve personally written and spoken dozens of times on this issue, and I’ve dealt with aspects of it when I was in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. But we’ve never devoted an entire program on Stand in the Gap until today.

Now, can I start with this first question for you, and that’s this: I have an article from a leading evangelical publication that continually refers to those coming across the border as “refugees.” But we also hear the word “immigrants.” We know some are very clearly insurgents. Others say “migrants,” like they do primarily in Europe. But as a person who came to America as a legal immigrant from Lebanon and to whom the United States is your home, like it is for Gary and me who were born here, I’d like you to put into perspective who and what is crossing the border, and how should we accurately describe the people being detained and questioned? Are they migrants, are they immigrants, are they insurgents? Put that into perspective for us.

Brigitte G.:                   Thank you for asking that question, because I am very passionate about this issue, specifically because I am a legal immigrant who went through the proper channels and followed the law and went through the proper process to earn the right and the privilege to become an American citizen, because American citizenship is earned. It is a privilege, it is not something you break the law to get because it is worth nothing that all you have to do is be a criminal to be awarded the citizenship of the United States.

And the reason why I am so passionate about this is, let me give you a background about how people like me who came to this country as recently as thirty years ago… you know, I came to the United States in 1989, and when I came to America, Sam and Gary, I paid for my own airline ticket, I paid for my doctors’ visits because I needed to get all these tests done for my application to make sure that I’m not bringing any diseases into the country, I paid for my lawyers to do my paperwork, and I had to study a two-inch thick book written by the daughters of the American Revolution about America’s history, America’s constitution, our judiciary system, our process, and I had to pass a verbal exam as well as a written exam in English about America and its history and its constitution before I became an American.

Now, this was the process not long ago, only thirty years ago when I came into this country. And it took me, from beginning to end, about four years. And when I started the process, I came to America married to an American citizen who already had an American child born as an American citizen, and I was already pregnant with child number 2! And it still took me four years to do all this and go through the proper channels. So for me to hear people referring to criminal aliens who break the law to come into our country as “immigrants” or “migrants” or “undocumented immigrants,” it’s literally an insult for everybody that did it the right way, like myself, who came to this country and did it the right way, according to the law.

Gary Dull:                     Brigitte, thank you very, very much for that explanation. This is Gary, and I want to thank you for doing what you did, to come into the United States of America legally. And I’ve often said about folks who take the legal course, that they, in this case, you, probably know more about American history than we do!

Brigitte G.:                   And you know, as a matter of fact, when I was taking the test, I was sitting with my husband in the waiting room of the federal building and right before I walked in, I’m memorizing, you know, the senate seats, and how our judiciary system works, and I remember asking my husband something. I don’t specifically remember the question. And he says to me, “Well, I don’t know!” And I looked at him and I said, “What do you mean you don’t know, you’re an American citizen!” He said, “Well I studied this thing when I was in elementary school and not to that extent, I don’t remember!” So I knew more by the time I became an American citizen than my American-born husband did about our country!

But you know, Gary, people say, “Well what about the refugees, or the migrants, or there are this, that, and the other… No, there are not! Because when you are a refugee, or a migrant, you go to the proper entry, proper channels of entry, you go to the access entries into our country. So you either arrive by ship to a formal port, or you arrive by car to a formal entry, like in the border with Mexico we have different entries. To enter the country you can go to the border, and you can tell the agents over there I’m here declaring or claiming political asylum, I need to see the responsible party, and they will immediately put you through the political asylum line. But you don’t want to cross the border without going through border entry and saying “Hey, I am here, and deal with me!” This is not the way it works.

Gary Dull:                     Here I am, here I am, welcome me to America.

Let’s dig into a particular aspect of this. We have just a short time in this segment, but what about the temporary separation of children from their parents? We’re hearing a lot about that today in the news. As far as you know, are the basic procedures that are being used in your opinion legitimate, appropriate, inhumane, over-the-top, or are they okay, as far as what you know is going on with these children?

Brigitte G.:                   Well, from what I know, Gary and Sam, is we have been separating children from their parents every time we arrest a drug dealer and throw him in jail.

Gary Dull:                     That’s right.

Brigitte G.:                   Or every time we arrest a single mother who’s a prostitute and throw her in jail. We take the kids and we put them into foster homes. I mean, what we’re doing at the border right now is nothing different than what we do when we separate criminals who break the law when they go to jail and have to pay a price because there’s a consequence for every action.

Sam Rohrer:                 Our theme today is the Immigration Border Debate: A Lot More than Meets the Eye. We’re talking with our special guest Brigitte Gabriel. She’s the founder and president of ACT for America, the largest grassroots advocacy organization focusing on America’s national security. And in a moment I want to talk with her about a book coming out with called “Rise.”

I’ll just leave it there for the moment, but we’re now going to move into the segment looking at one aspect of the border debate, and that is the unforeseen economic cost to America. Lost in the propagandized twisting of legitimate procedures to process illegal entrance to America, to identify and stop the sex-traffickers, the drug cartel coyotes, the terrorists masquerading as innocent people simply seeking a better life, and attempting to identify and detain those infected with disastrous diseases that could sweep our nation, killing millions, and lost also in purposeful ignoring of these facts and the exact things our government leader should and must do is the consideration of the enormous economic cost to our American society and the American taxpayer by not enforcing proper immigration laws. Now the failure to accurately identify these potentials could easily in the short term or definitely in the longterm be the very termites that devour the very pillars of American society and cause the snuffing out of the light on this shining city on a hill.

And to speak to this issue of the border debate and the unforeseen economic cost, again, I want to bring back in Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT for America and the author of her new book “Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom.” Brigitte, back with us now, before I go into the first question, tell us just briefly about this book and why you are writing it?

Brigitte G.:                   I wrote “Rise” because I wanted to empower citizens to rise up and defend America and understand what we are fighting for. This is why I titled the book “Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom.” Our Judeo-Christian values are under assault in every way: the national anthem, the flag which was celebrated at one point now people kneel when they are singing the national anthem because they don’t respect the flag. When you look at what’s happening around the country, the disrespect of our police officers, if you say the word “Merry Christmas” people look at you the wrong way.

You look at our country and you think to yourself, “What ever happened to our country?” What ever happened to this amazing nation that we are watching our own people right now from the inside, whether it’s Antifa, whether it’s Black Lives Matter, and whether it’s these young, Leftists who are embarrassed of America, who don’t believe America is an acceptable nation? We need to stand up and fight for the America that we remember, the America that our founding fathers envisioned and created, and many of them died broke to give us the America that we have today. The least that we can do is rise up and stand up to preserve that which they have created. So that’s what the book is all about. I discuss the immigration, I discuss the death of free speech, I discuss terrorism, I discuss what’s happening in our country on so many levels, and why we as Christians in particular are called to stand up and fight using everything that is given to us, all the tools that we have and the rights that we have under our constitution to stand up and fight for our freedom.

Sam Rohrer:                 Brigitte, I couldn’t agree with you more, and I want to get into a statement you just made in just a bit and all of those things. But ladies and gentlemen, I want you to hear what Brigitte is saying: we need to rise up. The name of this program is “Stand in the Gap.” Stand in the gap for truth, that’s what the American Pastors Network is all about and that’s what Brigitte is talking about. Those who know the truth, if we just sit in the closet and we don’t open our mouths, and we don’t express it, we are going to lose it.

Well, Brigitte, I just want to play a short clip of you right now, because a short time ago you posted a short message on Facebook about this matter here of this segment, about the economic costs of unlimited infiltration of people into our nation. And certain powers, I believe Facebook there, pulled it, pulled this clip because it violated community standards according to their changing definition. I want to play just one minute of this first thing then I want to come back and ask you a question about it in just a second. So Tim, if you’d play that please.

Brigitte G.:                   I just had to come and talk to you today because I am just so frustrated right now about that smoke coming out of my ears. And you know why? I was giving an interview to a Leftist radio station, and they were talking to me about undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants? I am an immigrant. I am insulted that they refer to me in the same sentence as a legal criminal, criminal aliens who broke the law to come to our country!

When I came to America, I paid for my own ticket, I paid for my doctors’ visits and all the blood tests I needed to take to became and American, I paid for my lawyers to do my papers, I had to study a two-inch thick book written by the Daughters of the American Revolution written about America’s history and heritage, and I had to take a written exam as well as a verbal exam in English and pass them before I became an American! I am an immigrant. I am a legal immigrant. I am the type of immigrants America needs, not criminal aliens who break the law to come and get here! I just had to come and talk with you today because I am so frustrated right now…

Sam Rohrer:                 There you go, you are a legal immigrant and that’s what it’s about. Now I want to make sure we get this in here, Brigitte, because right after this where we cut the clip, you went in and began to identify some of the enormous economic costs to this nation that we have racked up, that we have incurred because proper immigration policies that have been on the books for a long time have not been enforced. And I want you to talk about that in just a minute. But also Facebook yanked that. That’s also significant. Why did they yank it, what aspect of community standards did they think you violated by that statement?

Brigitte G.:                   Well, they wouldn’t give us the details as to exactly what I violated with these statements, but we believe that what offended them was the use of the word “criminal aliens” instead of referring to them as “undocumented immigrants.”

Especially with me going into the details of the cost of illegal, criminal aliens and you know, the numbers behind… like you mentioned, Sam, the numbers behind all the… forget the emotions, put the emotions aside, let’s discuss the real cost to this country.

I ran through some numbers that I’m actually going to share some with you right now. 11 billion to 22 billion dollars a year is spent on welfare, on illegal criminal aliens each year by the state governments. 22 billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs like food stamps and free school lunches for illegal criminal aliens. 2.5 billion dollars a year is spent on Medicare for illegal criminal aliens. 12 billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally, and they still can’t speak English! 17 billion dollars a year is spent on education for the American-born children of illegal criminal aliens, also known as anchor babies. 3 million dollars a day is spent to incarcerate illegal criminal aliens. Actually, Sam and Gary, 30% of all federal prison inmates are illegal criminal aliens. 90 billion dollars a year is spent on criminal aliens for welfare and social services by the American taxpayer. 200 billion dollars per year in suppressed American wages are caused by illegal criminal aliens. In 2006 alone, illegal criminal aliens sent home 45 billion dollars that was taken out of the American market and taken back to their countries of origin.

And when you add all this up, you are looking at a whopping 338.3 billion dollars a year in cost. 338 billion! Can you imagine what we can do with 338 billion? That amount of money will pay down our national debt in fifty years. Fifty years, it will wipe it clean. So our grandchildren will never have to be walking around with shackles around their ankles with this debt that is drowning our nation.

Gary Dull:                     You know, Brigitte, you are just reading my mind, because I was gonna ask you about those figures, I was gonna ask you how that would bring down the national debt so I think we are both thinking along the same lines here. But, what you are saying to us today on this program, what you are saying about the cost of this illegal immigration situation is something that the American people need to hear. I know you’re out there speaking on this, but where are all the other voices of legal immigrants and others who are bringing this message to the citizenry of the United States of America? And, I’m sure you’ve spoken directly to President Trump on this issue, have you not?

Brigitte G.:                   Well, legal immigrants are speaking on this issue whenever they can. But most people do not have the platform that I have to go on the radio and on television and talk about these things and reach the millions that I have access to. And I am so fortunate and blessed, and I count my blessings that a God is able to use me. I am able to be an instrument of change where I can get information out to the masses. This is exactly why Facebook took my video down. My video, which you played the clip of and which I shared all these numbers, was watched by half a million people in a day! You talk about a threat to Facebook, you talk about a threat to their ideology! Not many people have the reach that we reached and not many people can come on your show, Gary and Sam, and be on your show and be on such a huge network nation-wide reaching Christians and many people nation-wide.

This is why it’s important to inform people, this is why it’s important to have people become active, and yes, President Trump does understand this. I have talked to President Trump about these things. He understands many issues, this is why we are standing supporting the president and his policies. And by the way, I did this video because I knew there was a vote coming down this week about immigration and it’s gonna continue into next week, so we want people to contact their members of Congress…

Sam Rohrer:                 Our special guest Brigitte Gabriel, she’s an author and a speaker, founder and President of ACT for America, the largest grassroots advoc… advoc.. advocacy! I’ll get that out! Organization focusing on America’s national security. I want to move right now into this matter of the border debate, the terrorist component. We talked about the unseen economic cost and we talked about how do you actually interpret who is coming across that border. We’re gonna break that down a bit more now.

And from my perspective, ladies and gentlemen, what makes the current controversy and the manipulated media coverage on the assault on our Southern borders… I mean what I say there, the assault on our Southern borders, so serious is that it’s not that legitimate asylum seekers or innocent children or hardworking, responsible adults are being inhumanely subjected to Islamic-style treatment. That’s not the case. It’s the real fact that enormous numbers are not legitimate. Many are drug cartel slaves, sex-traffickers, sick and diseased individuals, and yes, listen to this, out and out terrorists and enemy combattants. Young, trained individuals whose entire purpose is to enter America through our soft underbelly and join a network growing army working under the radar to be ready to arise at some point and bring America to her knees.

And it’s this point that I want to focus on in this last segment with Brigitte Gabriel, our special guest, and ask her what she is saying about this. Now, Brigitte, people are gonna want to know what you say but I want you to insert here one little piece. You’re coming out with a book called “Rise” and you’re coming out with a statement also on the other side about how to contact congress. I want to give you right now, update our listeners right now on that piece before I come back in with the next question.

Brigitte G.:                   Oh, well thank you very much. It’s important that I’m actually gonna elaborate on what you’re saying about terrorists sneaking through our borders, MS-13 gangs coming through our borders, drug traffickers, human traffickers, including terrorists, and that’s why we must secure the border. And that’s why you must contact congress, because the vote is gonna come down next week. They’re still reworking the bills right now, we know they turned down a bill this week, they’re working on another one next week, please contact your members of congress.

Go to our website,, and click on contact congress. You put in your zip code, we give you the name of your elected official, their name, their email, their address, we even have a pre-written letter for you or an email that you can send with the click of a button. We are watching the bill, we are watching the amendments they are making to the bill, and we are adjusting our letters and adjusting the talking points.

Now I know that people are listening to us from all over the country right now. No matter where you are in the nation, we will help you connect to your local official. We have mobilized tens of thousands of phone calls to congress this week. We want to continue the pressure next week. Make sure you go to and click on contact congress. And one thing I want to mention here, which is very important. We named our organization ACT for America. Not Help for America, not Wish for America, not Pray for America. You can do all that, but without taking action, nothing happens.

God uses his people as instruments of change. God doesn’t change the world by lightning in the sky. You are God’s instrument, and not only you need to pray for our nation, but you also need to take action and we want you involved and we want you engaged and we want you to help us save our country. And that’s why I titled my book “Rise.” And actually to get a free copy, just for the asking of a chapter downloaded immediately to you right now, go to You can give us your email, we will immediately email you a chapter so you can read it, the book is not coming out until September, but if you decide to pre-order the book, we will email you immediately three chapters you can read plus two DVDs about what’s happening in the country and free gift. So Remember that site.

Sam Rohrer:                 Alright, thank you Brigitte! That’s excellent. Now I want to get right into who it is that’s coming across. You talked about the terrorists coming down. I tried to set that up because we’ve talked on this program and have had guests on this program talk about the number of Hezbollah or Hamas or Iranian or drug-related M13 types coming into this country. I want you to expand upon that. To what degree is that happening? Who is coming across? Identify some of those things, can you please?

Brigitte G.:                   It is happening to a very large degree. Actually when you hear you hear pundits on television and they’re referring to the OTMs crossing through the border, what they’re talking about, OTM, is “Other Than Mexican.” OTM, other than Mexican. So when you hear pundits on television talking about the OTMs coming, they mean the Pakistanis, they mean the Hezbollah, they mean the Hamas members. Actually Hezbollah has a command center in South America in the tri-border states, where they are training their people how to speak a few words of Spanish so they can blend in when they come to the United States because they look the same, they’ve got brown skin so they can blend in as they come through. Hezbollah members are actually working with the drug cartels, teaching them tunnel-building technology because Hezbollah has perfected, along with Hamas, the tunnel-building technology in the Middle East against Israel. This is who is teaching the drug cartels how to build tunnels, how to pass not only drug smugglers through these tunnels but this also will help terrorists to smuggle weapons into our country.

Sam Rohrer:                 B, I gotta jump in here, Gary’s got a question for you but I just had to jump in real early. We have seen examples of tunnels that have been found by our [inaudible 00:25:20] agents and others along the border. Are you saying that those tunnels, when a tunnel is found, that it is primarily, or the engineering behind it is a Hezbollah or a Hamas arrangement? Is that what you’re saying?

Brigitte G.:                   More of Hezbollah, because Hezbollah is much more adapt at building tunnels and has much more training. And they are the ones who are teaching the drug cartels on how to do these things and what’s the most effective way to do this thing. Actually, they’re not only teaching them how to make tunnels, but also how to make IEDs. When we hear of IEDs, we think, you know, “Oh, we used to hear that when they used to that in Iraq and Afghanistan against our soldiers.” But the first IED to be detonated on the Mexican-American border was actually near El Paso about two years ago. And this is how we know that Hezbollah is working with the drug cartels.

Gary Dull:                     Brigitte, you mentioned the fact that the Congress has not been able to pass a bill on this concept of immigration and I think that most of us are quite disgusted with the Congress. In this last segment that we have with you today, I would like for you to address that if you would. From your perspective, why is it that Congress seems to be kicking this ball down the road, and I want to get even bit more specific here and perhaps get a more direct answer from you, do you think that a lot of our members of Congress today in the United States of America are blinded to this whole issue of illegal immigration or are there some of them who are really trying to do what they can to destroy America as we know it today? What are your thoughts on that?

Brigitte G.:                   They are politicians who care about one thing, and that is getting reelected. They are spineless to stand up against the Left and our enemies because they think, “Well, I’ve got a voting block, I need them to vote for me.” And in Congress, there are three groups of people: there are the ones who are devoted Conservatives and we know who they are, there are the ones who are devoted Democrats and we know who they are, and the rest of them are in the middle as what I call “sincerely undecided.” These are the ones that lick their finger, stick it up in the air, and see how the wind is blowing, and they vote accordingly. So the Left blows the wind, the Left, the Islamists, the radicals, are always up on Capitol Hill lobbying, are always calling their elected officials. Our people, they play, they listen to talk radio, but they don’t take action!

Gary Dull:                     That’s it.

Brigitte G.:                   We need to light a fire under our people to call their elected officials, meet with their elected officials, and even come to D.C. to meet their elected officials. Look, we are having a national conference in Washington, D.C. a month before the election. We’re gonna descend on Washington, D.C. because we’re gonna make sure our elected officials are gonna understand America’s safety and security and the preservation of our freedom is paramount and we’re watching the decisions that you make and we’re gonna vote accordingly. And I encourage people to join us in D.C. in September. More information on our website,, find out more about our national conference and come to Washington, D.C. and light a fire under your elected official. They need to know that you are serious and they need to know that you are watching what they do. You know, they say squeaky wheel gets the oil. The Left is squeaking, the Islamists are squeaking, we need our side to start squeaking, not only praying.

Sam Rohrer:                 That’s exactly correct, Brigitte, and I’m glad you put that together because, ladies and gentlemen, we’re often confronted with the same type of thing: we get an issue, well, let’s pray about it. Well, we have talked about it. We must pray about these things. But, as Brigitte said, we have our hands and feet! We have a mouth! We’re to use them. Brigitte, we only have about twenty seconds left, how many terrorists do we know have already crossed the border because of our people being asleep at the switch? How much of a problem do we already have in this country because of not doing what needed to be done on the border?

Brigitte G.:                   Thousands. We didn’t know the exact number, but we know thousands. I remember speaking with the heads of the SWAT teams in Texas and they told me that they are monitoring 2,500 Hezbollah members operating in Texas alone. That gives you an idea of what we have in this country.

Sam Rohrer:                 One of the most unfortunate aspects of this immigration border debate upon which we’re framing this entire program today, is the fact that truth is not being told. The truth about the current law, and that it requires a deliberate process for orderly entrance into our land, the truth that our nation has always, since its earliest days, had strict entrance requirements, and that what little is required now would anger our fathers, frankly, and the fact that the real issue is a globalist and enemy mentality that has been using open borders to advance the weakening from within of the West, Europe, and particularly the United States, and that the arrogant political partisanship in Congress and around the nation has pushed national security aside in favor of some corrupted mentality for personal advancement. Or as we just heard from our special guest, Brigitte Gabriel, to Gary’s question about why Congress hasn’t done anything, and she said it’s because they’re more interested in keeping themselves elected rather than doing the right thing.

Whatever that may be, the end result is that the truth is not being told, and when the truth is not told the people’s defense is removed, and frankly so is God’s blessing. And one of the things I must say here that’s even more disturbing to me than those who are uninformed or even enemies of the country is when you have professing Christians who say “I’m a Christian and I believe in the Bible,” will walk away from Scripture and cite Bible passages out of context to support a social or political agenda. And we’re gonna talk about that in this last segment. Because in reality, ladies and gentlemen, on this debate, if you’ve been listening to the news as we try to do and prepare on this program, that there have been many people citing Bible verses for what the President is doing, which I just said is according to the law, is improper or wrong. And it seems like everybody wants to get some moral superiority position to support what they are saying. And there have been some in the pulpit.

Gary, I want to go right there with you now and ask for your input on this because there are some organizations who quote themselves as being Christian organizations, folks like World Vision and World Relief come to my mind, who are involved in this immigration issue. And they actually participated with Barack Obama’s primary Islamic resettlement program, and they cite Matthew 13 about the good Samaritan, they cite Leviticus 19:34 about welcoming in the stranger, and they cite these points to give moral position to what they’re doing. But there’s something very wrong about what they’re doing. And I want to ask you, Gary, we have to be very careful when we cite Bible verses. Talk a little bit about that.

We actually have another article here that I’m not going to read at this point from another religious publication, who actually were teaching their people an assimilated effort of what’s going through in the border is that Christian group walked away saying the process being used is creating chaos, it’s inhumane. A Christian group talking about the procedures being implemented according to the law, creating an entirely wrong view. Gary, what’s up here?

Gary Dull:                     Well, first of all, Sam, let me say that when I heard yesterday the the Congress did not vote on this particular bill that was before them, I was actually angry. And I thought, you know, what we really need to do is vote every one of them out and bring people into Congress who understand our constitution, who understand our laws, our policies, and who understand the word of God. I hate to say it this way, but there are a lot of deadbeats in Congress, and they just need to get out of there and we need to get people back into that position who believe in America, who are patriots, who love our constitution, and who love the word of God. And I could go on on that. But let me get back to this particular issue.

You know, when quoting scripture, it’s important for us to understand what the scripture is saying, and understand the context of the scripture, and understand the terminology within the scripture. What I mean by that is, let’s take the word “stranger” in the Old Testament. In Hebrew, there are four words that are used in translating into English, and sometimes the word “stranger” does mean enemy. On the other hand, it may mean somebody who’s coming in for asylum or to find peace of that they just want to join up with you. So it’s important to understand what the words mean.

But let me say this, many people, you mentioned Leviticus, chapter 19 verse 34. Many people, when they talk about immigration from a Biblical perspective, not only do they not understand what the words are that are being used in that particular verse, but they don’t tell the full story. The Bible does talk about the stranger or the sojourner or the immigrant and when you put the full story together in the word of God, Sam, it teaches very clearly that the strangers who came into the land of Israel had to abide by the laws of Israel, they had to learn the law, they had to fear the Lord, and they had to obey all the laws. Ladies and gentlemen, you can find that in Leviticus 24:22, Exodus 12:48 and 49, Numbers 12:14-16, Deuteronomy 31:12. And so it wasn’t people coming into the land to try to change the philosophy of the land as we find a lot of the illegal immigrants want to do today.

When a stranger came in, they had to learn the law, they had to learn the language, they had to support the principles, just like Brigitte said, she learned more about the United States of America than most of us who were born here, and she swore to uphold the laws of this land. One of the problems is, we need to recognize that the strangers were given rights as long as they joined themselves to the basic laws of Israel and the God of Israel, and that’s exactly what must happen today. Immigrants in the United States of America must learn our culture, learn our laws, learn our language, and become Americans if they want to be here. We’re not against immigration. We are against illegal immigration. And what about those who take the Scripture out of context? Well, first Timothy chapter 5, verse 20 tells us that we are to rebuke them, second Thessalonians 3:14 says that we are to mark them, we are to note them, we are to separate from them, we are to show their error and try to admonish them and in the face of their error presume the truth, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:                 Gary, that’s a great, great summary. And ladies and gentlemen, as we conclude this program we wanted to go this direction, to say that in the context of all we’ve talked about today, all the principles we’ve talked about are Biblical principles. And when you believe and understand that what many people are saying is “Hey, great to have a pluralistic society, doesn’t make any difference what you believe, everybody, what they believe is equal,” which is a prevailing mentality, you get into the problem that we have right now, and that is we don’t even remember what moral truth is.

And you have those many in the pulpit, Christian organizations, in this case standing up on this issue, citing verses out of context, doing violation to the authority of the word of God, and what does it produce? That produces a chaos, that produces a confusion, and if that does not get straightened out, we will no longer as a nation have a foundation upon which we can agree, and without that, we have no nation. It was Judeo-Christian, it was founded on Biblical principles, the further we get away from that, the more we will lose all the blessings that God has given to us.