Sam Rohrer:                  Open borders, a barrier, controlled borders, strategic migrant infiltration or innocent altruistic immigration, good for America and the Western world or the strategic slow death of the Western world? All of these things and more are part of the ongoing immigration debate, the current border barrier standoff in DC and the current impasse being waged by Democrat leadership and, I’m going to put, ruling socialists in Congress against Pres. Trump and the majority of the American people who want an orderly society and understand that the security of the American people is a high duty of the president and all of those in nationally elected office. 

                                    What’s the truth on these concerns? Do we have facts or on the ground observations and honest evaluations? On today’s program we’re going to give the truth and we’re going to give some fresh ground observations and some breaking news on these things with our special guest, Dr. Mark Christian, he’s a medical doctor, Egyptian born, he’s a former Islamic Imam and is now president of the Global Faith Institute. Along with him, our other guest will be Leo Homann, he’s independent and freelance journalist and investigative reporter. 

                                    We’re going to talk about these things, matters of immigration and a whole lot more. On Stand In The Gap today our theme is this, the high costs of open borders. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’m going to welcome you today to Stand In The Gap Today, the only daily program that consistently addresses headline news from a Biblical world view perspective and a constitutional perspective and brings common sense to nonsense and clarity from confusion. With that, I want to welcome to the program now today, Mark, let me go to you first, you’re calling in. Thank you for being on the program with us today.

Mark Christian:             Thank you very much for having me. It’s always an honor to be with you and your audience.

Sam Rohrer:                  It’s a pleasure always to have you on as well, Mark, and Leo, it’s been a while since you’ve been on the program, but thank you for joining Mark and I today as well. 

Leo Homann:                I’m delighted to be back, Sam, thank you. 

Sam Rohrer:                  Today, the president, as we know, is visiting the southern border after Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again in a meeting yesterday proved their hypocrisy and deception to the public when they said to the president that even if he would agree to signing limited funding to fully reopen the federal government that they would still not agree to any funding for any barrier, that even though they stood there on Tuesday night and offered their rebuttal to the president’s eight minute address, and they clearly implied to the American public that they would do so. Before we engage in your findings, Mark, when you went on your investigative trip, so to speak, to the Middle East and then to Europe to see what was actually happening on the ground in regard to or response to the open borders that they had.

                                    Leo, before I go to you, as a person who has done extensive investigative reporting on the subject, I want to ask both of you a very quick simple question. Mark, to you first, as a former Muslim Imam and someone very aware of the Islamic component in the push for open borders and mass migration as we’ve seen in Europe and now the United States, is what we are witnessing on our southern border a matter of national emergency as the president is seeking to define it? What would you say?

Mark Christian:             Absolutely it is. The simple answer, yes, multiple times. it is big threat to our national security and the future of the country.

Sam Rohrer:                  Okay. Leo, let me go to you. You wrote a book called Stealth Invasion, Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and resettlement Jihad. You come from a perspective there similar to Mark’s, but do you do it more broadly, perhaps, but is the migrant pushed through the US southern border that were seeing, does it rise in your opinion to the level of a stealth invasion? Does it resemble, if not, follow the model of what we’ve witnessed in the migrant invasion over in Europe over the past few years? What would you say?

Leo Homann:                It is, Sam. It is an exact replica of the caravans that we’ve seen coming flooding into Europe one after another since 2014, 2015. We are now, oddly enough, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence, saying caravans [dredging 00:04:53] … making the trek up from Central and South America.

Sam Rohrer:                  Okay. Both of you are in agreement. Mark, let me go back to you now and just for another minute or so, a minute and a half or so, tell me why do you think that it does? Why do you say yes to the fact that it rises to the level of a national emergency? Why are you saying that? Why should the American people and all of those in Congress right now be alert and responsive to what the president is saying?

Mark Christian:             I have multiple reasons use for this, but I will tell you this. In my opinion, and history proves this, that immigration is one of the most important issues for the success or the defeat of any nation. The kind and the quality and the nature of immigrants to a country decide its future and how they can keep their identity. What I see happening at the southern border or in America, or in the European nations right now is an invasion not any kind or form of assimilation into immigration process. It is a direct threat to the very nature of Europe and I have seen that at display hundred percent and my hope that we are going to follow a course with what happened in Europe because that would destroy the American example and the American experience altogether.  

Sam Rohrer:                  You raise the level, Mark, very high by saying the future of any nation, more or less requoting what you’re saying, is somewhat determined by that nation’s policy relative to immigration. You are saying that what we are seeing on the southern border is in fact an invasion. Leo just said that it follows the model exactly what happened in Europe and in the moment when we come back after the break, you’re going to tell us what you found when you traversed Europe. Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned with us. You need to hear what Mark is going to be saying. Leo, come back to you now in the last minute here before we go to the break. Expand a little bit more upon what you’re saying when you said what’s happening here is an exact model of what happened in Europe. Why do you say that?

Leo Homann:                Because we’re worshiping in this country at the same altar as the Western Europeans. By that, what I’m saying, Sam, is that we have put the concept of multiculturalism above and beyond any other value in terms of national security or a sound immigration policy. The people that we have in the deep state of our running the deep state in our country are wedded to this multicultural vision. They don’t see our culture is having anything worth defending, and they see all cultures is equally valid. This is at the heart of the problem that we face.

Sam Rohrer:                  All right. Leo, you’ve laid it out well. Mark, you’ve laid it out well. Ladies and gentlemen, we do have a national emergency, it is identifiable as a model following what happened in Europe. If you’re just joining Stand In The Gap Today, I’m Sam Rohrer, special guest with me today, Dr. Mark Christian and Leo Homann. Our theme, the real cost of open borders. As you know, this issue the borders, what do we do down there? How do we handle it? Is it a national emergency? This is leading news, we’re dealing with it today with guests who understand it as experts.

                                    In a recent article written by our guest today, independent, freelance journalist and investigative reporter, Leo Homann, he wrote in an article, “There are growing signs that Europe’s secular leaders are getting concerned about the monster of their own making, that being an emboldened Islam. In Germany, a nation that in just the last four years has opened its borders to approximately 1.7 million Muslim migrants, some government officials are openly hinting that the makings of an Islamic insurrection are already underway.” 

                                    This monster of their own making is the attitude of globalist leaders in Europe, Barack Obama of the United States of the last some years, and primarily Democrat leaders in the United States and their push for open borders. Now with history available and the facts beginning to poor in, it’s possible to objectively begin quantifying and measuring the real cost of open borders, which is the theme of today’s program. Fresh back from a tour of key European cities and nations, who were the recipients of open border migrants, and primarily Islamic migrants, is Dr. Mark Christian, Egyptian-born so he understand, former Muslim Imam, he knows what he’s talking about. We’re going to get an update from him right now. 

                                    Mark, I just want to know to right off here, what countries and cities did you visit when you did your recent tour to Europe? When I ask you, before you tell me where you went, why did you go there? 

Mark Christian:             There is lots of changes since I left the Middle East and into the United States. I wanted to see what’s going on on the ground, and what kind of changes firsthand because there is nothing in the media that can give you the picture. In my own experience and using my own privileged background to break into the minds and hearts of the people in the streets and to see things on the ground is something that I want to take advantage of as risky as it was, as risky It is, and as risky it’s going to be in the future, I still want to do it and this is why I went over there, to see how things are going on the ground, to speak the truth and to break away from all of the deceptions of the lies of the media. This is why I do it. 

Sam Rohrer:                  Mark, I think what you did was incredible. I don’t know all that you found out so I want you to share it with our listeners right now. You went to a number of cities, went to a number of different countries, we don’t have a lot of time, we could spend a lot more than we have on this program, but give me the highlights. What did you find? The migrants integrating? Are they fitting in? What’s happening? Tell us the highlights please.

Mark Christian:             When I had the firsthand experience from England, from France and from Denmark, and multiple other cities starting by … I don’t want to mention all the countries in the Middle East, but I visited some and some cities and so forth. I have a firsthand experience from the Gulf area and the Middle East as well. I did not visit Egypt because I came over there before.

Sam Rohrer:                  Okay. Mark, we’re going to go to the Middle East portion in the next segment. Right now let’s stay in Europe. Let’s focus on Europe right now. What did you find? If you went to a Denmark or a Paris, what do you find and what’s happening?

Mark Christian:             I want to mention one thing about every one of those countries. For example, Denmark. Denmark is under a crisis at this point in time. They have been trying to take immigrants from different countries for so long. Right now they have a serious, serious, serious problem that is getting everybody over there in Denmark on their toes and it’s going to be a big part of that upcoming election next year. That is a gang that is taking over the streets of Copenhagen and spilling over the small towns and cities outside of Copenhagen. What they are fighting is you have the far eastern Muslim communities from Pakistan and Afghanistan and so forth, fighting the Middle Eastern Muslims from Iraq and Syria. Those are on both the two sides, they’re fighting with each other. They are fighting over entrance, they are fighting over control and fighting over areas that they need to have their entrance over it. 

                                    There is gun violence, there is killings, there is robbings, there is rape, and many other things that’ going on over there. The things that they tell you that they cannot have, the Danish people, they cannot have guns to protect themselves lately because of the crisis. They let them have pepper spray that they can protect themselves. How can you protect yourself from a pepper spray against guns? I don’t know and they don’t know either. This is why they have an escalating number of people trying to join the different groups that they can allow them to have guns through those like the National Guard or gun clubs and so forth. People who are 70 years old joining the National Guard even though they cannot do much in that respective but they are doing this so they can have an ability to have a gun to protect their homes.

Sam Rohrer:                  Mark, it almost sounds to me like you’re talking about like who’s going to have control of the mob. If there’s infighting with-

Mark Christian:             That is true. 

Sam Rohrer:                  You’re talking about infighting is sufficiently that it’s broken into the street, you’re talking about Denmark, but did you find that to be also the case in other cities and countries in Europe that the migrants have gone as well?

Mark Christian:             No. Every city has its own experience and their own struggle, [inaudible 00:14:10] of them is good. When you talk about assimilation or absorption, assimilation and absorption takes quite some time. It gets harder … somebody from my background understand that. You have a completely different set of values and culture in the Middle East. I’m not over here trying to be racist or bigot because this is my background. You grow up, there is a huge big difference between Islamic culture and Judaeo-Christian culture. When you are going to be mixing those two together, it takes some time to assimilate if there is any effort on both sides to assimilate and I don’t see any.

Sam Rohrer:                  Okay, you just brought it up. I’m going to go right now to Leo. Leo, I wanted to ask you that. You’ve done a lot of investigative reporting in Europe and around the world and I want to ask you about that. Is there assimilation taking place? Is the problem, open borders, Leo, or is the problem open borders coupled perhaps with the strategic aims of Islamic migrants who have a goal far different than normal immigrants, meaning that they don’t ever want to assimilate? Put these pieces together and tie them up with what Mark is here if you could.

Leo Homann:                Absolutely, yeah. Let me just give a few examples to show the lay of the land. Female Muslim students at the University of Kansas, Sam, are given separate cafeteria so that they can unveil while they are eating their lunch and not be in the presence of male students. They get a separate dining hall. They’re accommodated in this way. Students at the University of Michigan, the University of Minnesota provided Muslim students with special bathrooms outfitted with rich wool foot baths so that they can say their daily prayers and not have to leave campus. High schools and colleges across the US are installing special Muslim-only prayer rooms, while some are also acknowledging Islamic holidays.

                                    Middle schools in our country, and this is America, I’m sure we would see the same thing in Western Europe, but this is how far it’s gone even in our country. Middle schools are now teaching non-Muslim students in the seventh grade the five pillars of Islam. The first of which is to recite and memorize the [Shahada 00:16:25], which we know as the Islamic prayer of conversion. We have had a recent court ruling in the United States at Detroit, Michigan that says female genital mutilation, a federal law which we have against that, which is one of a tenet of Shariah law, this court, this judge ruled that that is an unconstitutional law. We should not ban female genital mutilation.

                                    We’ve seen horrific Islamic crimes in places like Minnesota covered up by the media and law enforcement. Any member of the media or education establishment who balks at these things that I’ve been talking about is immediately labeled an Islamophobe and fired. Now, we can blame Muslims for not wanting to assimilate, Sam, but I believe there is something more going on here. This is all part of the globalist elites plan to use Islam as a battering ram against the last remnant, the last vestiges if you will of traditional Western Christianity. Now, why do they want to do this? Christianity is the one thing that stands in the way of global governance. 

                                    In the UN, we see it in their most recent document Global Migration Compact on safe, regular and orderly migration. I think the key word there is regular. They want nations to codify open borders policy. This is where the Obama administration was a leading, driving force in this global movement, he is now gone. Pres. Trump is standing against this movement, and that’s why you see all heck breaking loose against this man as he … he has kept aside of these global agreements, he’s trying to build a wall at our border, and he is standing against this diversity is our strength mantra that you hear from these global elites.

Sam Rohrer:                  I tell you, gentlemen, we’re just about up to a break here, right now. Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to Stand In The Gap Today, I’m Sam Rohrer. Our special guest, Dr. Mark Christian, he is an Egyptian-born, former Muslim Imam. He knows that religion personally. He also knows now by being a Christian and living in the United States, he has a great perspective. Leo Homann, investigative reporter filling in some of these details now. We’ve talked about Europe but model is the Europe that’s being followed here in the United States. Globalists are leading it. 

                                    My guest today, Dr. Mark Christian, who you can find his website at Leo Homann that you can find at That’s Homann with two ‘n’s. You can find their websites and things that they are involved in with their articles on their sites, I encourage you to go there. Now, we talked about Europe, Mark’s trip to Europe and what he found there, and Leo and what he was saying, it’s not just that Islamic migrants don’t want to assimilate but they’ve got a lot of people helping them. In this country, you’ve got a lot of them right now who are opposing any barrier, any border control are of the same mindset that are actually participating in this effort. Mark referred to it not as immigration but as an invasion. Important to understand this, now looking at our southern border and we’re going to talk about what Mark found by his trip to the Middle East.

                                    Historically, ladies and gentlemen, immigration into Europe or the United States was the hope for people seeking a better life in a Western culture, society. Most often in the past people came from totalitarian world cultures to get to Europe or to United States. Over the past years, the welcoming attitude and policies of Western nations toward downtrodden, freedom-seeking people has been identified by some as a tool for strategic manipulation. Those are by ideologies who have no desire to assimilate or rather to invade and collapse their host countries. in effect, the goal for totalitarian ideologies, be it Marxism or communism or Islam or globalism, has been to capitalize on the ignorance of the Western societies and to exploit this ignorance and infiltrate their enemies like the Trojan horse of history past.

                                    To discuss and share some breaking news on just how much this strategy is involved, I want to welcome back in right now, Dr. Mark Christian. Mark, let me start again now here with you. As a former Islamic Imam, you were born in Egypt, you’re now a Christian as your name implies, you visited Europe, you shared some of that in the last segment. You also visited certain key nations in the Middle East from where many of these migrants to Europe came and to the United States came from. Where did you go? What can you share? Why did you go there?

Mark Christian:             I didn’t even touch the surface of my experience in Europe. This 13, 14 days trip in Middle East and Europe has lots to share. One thing that I want to highlight is this. You talk about assimilating and so forth. We are not doing any effort whatsoever to demand assimilation for whoever is coming to America or even those who are going to Europe. We are not doing anything to demand that. Definitely everybody is going to default to their culture in what they are doing and this is when we have a clash of civilizations taking place and the demise of the nations taking place in Europe and hopefully, it will never happen in America, but this is the path that you are taking. 

                                    One experience I would love to highlight from my visit is what I have seen over there in Emirates. Arab Emirates is a country of ex-pats, the majority of people over there are from different countries. The city of Dubai, for example, is around 4 million people, 85% of those are from different countries. This is a the text message as an image that goes around almost every day that goes to the people who are over there working coming from different nations, most of them are Muslim countries, encourage them to come to seminars to listen about how to emigrate to the United States and how to emigrate to Canada. 

                                    I was shocked by that. I didn’t even believe what I have read, what I was reading, so I started looking into this and I wanted to get more information about that. The more I dig into this, those are different groups and different business people who are trying to exploit our immigration laws and the immigration laws in Canada, trying to break in the southern border. To sum it up very quickly, what they do is they encourage people to come to seminars, recruit a couple of them, take money from them and then bring them into South America by getting VISA to Brazil, to Mexico, to different nations. They stay over there for a couple of days, strip them from all the paper work that they have, and they start marching to the southern border in America. When they cross into the southern border, they do not reveal their real identity, but they give different identity. They put in jail for 21 days. They submit the paperwork for asylum and then here you go. 

                                    Then they start helping them through the system in America to get their citizenship and to exploit our refugee and asylum situation. You could not believe that this is true. You cannot believe this is true until you see, the text messages, the email that goes around, and to go to a hotel, so that they host those events openly in emirates. 

Sam Rohrer:                  Mark, are these just businessmen that are doing this because they want to make a buck? If so, where are they making their money from? Is this like Muslim brotherhood? Who are these people who are putting on this big push?

Mark Christian:             I don’t know.

Sam Rohrer:                  Do you know?

Mark Christian:             I don’t know any of that stuff. When I went to the hotel, I did not go into the meeting. What I know is those people are trying to break the law and trying to make money doing it. They charge people. They make their money from the people who are, wants to come to the United States or to Canada to have a a better life, better than the Middle East. What I have seen over there, people from Kuwait, people from Afghanistan, from Bangladesh, from Pakistan, from different countries attending those meeting that I went to. I did not go into the room because I didn’t want to speak about more than I should but I waited outside and talked to a couple of people. How they give the money? Somebody wants to come to the United States pay them. When they come over here, they help them through the process. This is what I’ve seen.

Sam Rohrer:                  Mark, when we’ve been looking at the caravans coming into Mexico, lots of discussion about, obviously they’ve been coached. We’ve talked about on this program before, so many of them had the same backpack. Somebody gave it to them, and they’ve been coached along the way. What you’re talking about, it sounds like quite an organized system where these people are, they’re getting from the Middle East, somebody is transporting them over. You say they’re going to some Latin American countries, and then they’re making their exit right to go north, that’s what’s you’re saying.

Mark Christian:             This is what I’ve seen. It’s not even a secretive operation, Sam. It is just a text message that goes publicly and then they have their meeting. I wanted to see if this like a hoax or real, and there is a conference that was taking place. Two hours conference where they have people coming in and then they send them what’s going on. I did not sit down to listen. What’s all have been said in the meetings because I’ve not want to go into the meetings but I have seen people getting in and out. 

                                    What I heard about what they do, they offer them assistance into getting visitor VISAs into South American countries and then over there, they start going and marching towards America. I don’t know what they do into Canada but this is what I have seen going into America.

Sam Rohrer:                  That’s significant information. Leo, let me go to you right now. In your article that you wrote, the title was French Muslims threaten Green Vest protests if demands for Islamization not met. There, you specifically quote that article, strategy to the Muslim brotherhood in Europe, and their utilization of the open borders and their mindset there to advance an Islamic takeover. Do you find that they are involved? Reply any of what you found in Europe to what you know perhaps to be happening here.

Leo Homann:                Absolutely. If you look at the Muslim brotherhood explanatory memorandum that was published in 1991 and seized by the FBI in 2004, it lays out their entire plan to, as they say, infiltrate and destroy the Western society from within. How would they do this? They said that as well in the document. They said that they would form strategic alliances with sympathetic, non-Muslim entities within the North American culture. Who is this? You’ve got the entire Democratic Party now on board. Isn’t that interesting? The Democratic Party used to be for closed borders. Why? Because they knew that it protected the American worker, the working man which was their number one base of constituency. Isn’t it interesting that in the last 8 to 10 years, we’ve seen them flip that policy to mirror the exact interest not of the working American man and woman but the interest of the Islamic infiltrators as laid out in this document.

                                    Not only them. We see the labor unions. Sam, we have over 800 community organizing, left-wing community organizing organizations operating across this country that are trained in the tactics of Saul Alinsky. If that is not playing right into the hands of the versus Muslim brotherhood plan, I don’t know what is. 

Sam Rohrer:                  As we now move in through our final segment today on the program, again our theme has been the high cost of open borders. Our special guest, Dr. Mark Christian, with his website at, and our special guest Leo Homann, who you can find his website at Leo Homann, HOMANN, The question is where do we go from here? The reality of the high cost of open borders while being downplayed by those wanting to weaken and destroy Western culture and the United States as we know it, it should be obvious to people who are truth-seeking and observant that what they are saying is not true. 

                                    The on the ground experience of Dr. Mark Christian as he just came back from Europe, what he found in Denmark and a lot of other cities that were over there, as well as what he found in the United Arab Emirates where they are actively looking for people and giving training sessions to find people to come over and join the caravans to come into the southern border all are the truth. It does make a difference what’s happening. We need to look at this. We want to find out what do we do? The question is what can we do in light of what’s been becoming so obvious on the European continent and the great divide that’s becoming even wider as we know here in the United States on this issue. We’re going to try to conclude with these final thoughts on this program.

                                    Leo, let me go to you here. You’ve written a book, it was a 2017 book and was called Stealth Invasion, Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad. You’ve also talked about what’s happened in Europe. You clearly said that what’s happening in Europe is a very, very clear model that we’re now seeing carried out in the United States. You’ve connected a number of other things as well. How far long is this stealth invasion in our country? In your opinion, what will it take to awaken not only American people, although we know by the polls that the majority of American people do understand there’s an issue. They may not understand the extent of it, but they do know there’s an issue, more importantly how do we awaken the American Congress who are dragging their feet and wanting to oppose any effort for border control under any circumstance. What do you say to those who asked this question here?

Leo Homann:                Sam, that’s a multi-faceted question so you may have to prompt me to get through all of it. I do believe that we need to awaken the people first by awakening the pastors. I believe that’s a key, key element of our society that is asleep. By asleep, I don’t mean that all of them are 100% asleep on every issue of importance to Christians, but what I do believe is that they’re almost 100% asleep on this one issue of Islamic values being contrasted against Western values and they need to explain to the people how this is going to destroy America and destroy our way of life as Bible-believing Christians who have full rights in our society, because we’re already seeing those rights being eaten away at and they’re dropping like flies, I’m sorry to say. Freedom of speech, being the first one, it’s almost already gone. 

                                    No corporate official, no media person, no educator can say anything about Islam now in America without being disciplined, or possibly losing their job. We cannot publicly make a statement against Islam. As far as the Congress, they’re going with the money, it’s simple as that. Islam pumps a lot of money into this country. If you look at the Arab oil states alone, it is … Mark could tell you this, it is 8 billions per year being pumped just into the Universities, let alone all the different investments and business interests in this country. I don’t know … I think we’re a long way off, long way off from ever influencing Congress on these issues. I know that’s a sobering message but it’s the truth. 

                                    I think this key, Sam, to what we’ve discussed today in terms of Europe and America is the word destabilization. The ultimate goal of these globalists we know is to set up global government. How do you do that? You first have to destabilize, you have to eliminate national interests and nations, and the only way to do that is to first destabilize the nations. It really does go back to the old Marxist theory of conflict by divide and conquer. We have to recognize these principles, we have to get the pastors educated because this stuff is in the Bible. 

Sam Rohrer:                  Leo, you’re exactly correct because you’re talking about as Marx’ strategy, years ago they targeted media and they targeted education.

Leo Homann:                Exactly.

Sam Rohrer:                  You mentioned both of those and both of those were to really rip out the foundation of Judaeo-Christian principles that undergird our Constitution and what we have in the United States. You throw into that the globalists who want to get rid of all borders and Islamists. The thing I look at, Leo, when I see all of these together, they all want world domination, at the moment they are working together, at the end they’ll fight with each other.

Leo Homann:                This is true. They’ll either fight with each other or they’ll work out some sort of agreement where the secular globalists will handle certain aspects of this global monster. The more political aspects and the Islamists, they’ll have a seat at the table as well, but focusing more on the one world religion. There could, as well, also be some grand conflagration at the end like you were hinting at. We don’t know but we do know that the Bible says that there in the end times, there will be a movement towards a creation of a global superstate, a godless, lawless superstate. This is an issue of incredible Christian interest and yet the pastors are basically silent about it. The pastors are the one people who still would have the freedom to speak out without losing a job or at least I would hope.

                                    As I said, you cannot do this in the media anymore. I personally have been blackballed from the mainstream media. I worked 30 years in local newspapers, and I can no longer get a job at a newspaper, no matter how small or big because I have written about this issue of Islam and it’s available on the Internet. I know from personal experience that it is too late. Our rights are already gone as Christian journalists and Christian educators in the public school system.

Sam Rohrer:                  Ladies and gentlemen-

Leo Homann:                Pastors are the ones who are silent and need to speak out.

Sam Rohrer:                  Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you’re hearing very, very clearly what Leo Homann is saying. Mark had to step away from us and so he’s not with us here right now but he would be saying the very same thing the pulpits of America must be speaking out. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are listening now in you’re hearing these things and these comments and these recommendations resonate with you, I’d ask you to do two things. #1, you would need to be praying. Pray for those who are in authority. Pray for the President, pray for all of those who oppose this global order because this what we’re talking about. 

                                    Number two, go to your pastors and ask them, urge them to speak Biblically about these things that we’re talking about and bring them back to this program. Have them to go to the website and listen to it again so that they can hear what we’re talking about. Thirdly, I would urge all of you who are listening to call your congressman right now, your congresswoman, whoever represents you. call them and tell them that this is a matter of emergency and that they should support, you want them to support what the president is asking for. 

                                    All right. We’re at the close of the program. Leo Homann of, thank you for being with us today, and Dr. Mark Christian at, [inaudible 00:37:25] go there, fine man. Thank you, gentlemen, for being with us today.