Sam Rohrer:                  Well here it is, ladies and gentlemen. This is the day after primary day for many states and big elections. I’m here in Pennsylvania as well as co-host today, Gary Dull is in Pennsylvania. We had a couple of key races that the president was here for stomping for and they were won in good fashion from the standpoint of pro life, pro constitutional candidates. But it’s a good time as we have these primaries and as we have a major high stakes presidential election coming up in 2020 next year, that we look at the issue of voting, voting fraud in particular, and election related fraud and or corruption. Now I ask a question to you, do you think that voter fraud is an issue? If we had callers on this program, and I’d give time to open the lines, I think we’d hear from people saying you’ve experienced it directly.

                                    But I ask some questions, which we’re going to deal with in this program. Is that possible to orchestrate a broad based fraud or is this whole idea just a ruse to create more fake news or sensational news? Well, a year ago, just a year ago after the election last year, an article ran in the Washington Post. It’s title was this Voter Fraud Is Not A Problem In America, Just Low Turnout. Well that’s interesting. Another article that ran just after the 2016 general election, this was a January article that I found the title was Debunking The Voter Fraud Myth and part of that article that a professor wrote, he said this, “The president, President Trump, has continued to claim voter fraud was a problem in the 2016 election. But a look at the facts makes clear that fraud is vanishingly rare and does not happen on a scale even close to necessary to rig an election.” But on the other hand than there are others who disagree with those statements, and I’ll put myself among that.

                                    Now we’ve dealt with this issue before on this program, but I felt that it was necessary to focus again today in light of just passing this primary in many states and looking forward. So I’ve invited a guest, a first time guest to the program. Her name is Tomi Collins. She is the CEO of Right Cook Op LLC. And she’s also the executive director of America Restored. She’s a business entrepreneur. She’s a regular guest on multiple media and an authority on matter of voting integrity and the scope of the problem and what can be done about it. Our theme for today’s program is this, preventing voter fraud. It must be done and it can be done. With that I welcome you to the program today. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’ll be here with the whole team, Dave Kistler and Gary Dull, here on this program that brings to you headline news from a Biblical and constitutional perspective. And with that I want to welcome to the program today, our special guest, Tomi Collins. Tomi, thank you for being with us.

Tomi Collins:                 Well thank you for having me. It’s my privilege.

Sam Rohrer:                  We’re glad to have you on. You could go a lot of different directions and you speak on a lot of issues. Throughout the program we’ll have you talk a little bit more about what America Restored is all about, but on this program as you know, we’re going to focus on this matter of voter fraud. Let me just jump right into it from this perspective, Tomi. In objective terms, when I’m saying objective, from measurable, verifiable, how big a problem is fraud? I’m going to put it into that, we’ll define a little bit later, but election fraud, voter fraud in particular, how much of a problem is it? To what degree does it really threaten the integrity of American elections? What do you say?

Tomi Collins:                 I say that I’m not only is it a huge problem, but I believe it’s been affecting our elections in the past as well from the deep, deep investigation that we’ve been doing with senior level former intelligence officials. I don’t think we really realize how bad it is. I would say from what we’re looking at right now, from the voter rolls to the ballot harvesting across the board, to the voting machines, if we do not get a handle on this before 2020 we could be facing some serious, serious problems with losing our nation. I’m not saying that lightly. While we go around about our everyday business, what we’re seeing is these enemies to our sovereignty, these globalists are working day and night on rigging these elections and we have seen this happening firsthand with machines, with voter roles, evidence of it, and anybody can do a basic Google search and see all of the fraud and when you begin to add that all together in an investigation, it’s overwhelming.

Sam Rohrer:                  Tomi, it is great to have you aboard the program today. Yesterday’s program, we talked a little bit about how our faith affects, or should affect, our voting. So it’s appropriate we have you on today to talk about this. I know we’re going to get into a lot of things, but could you do this? Could you define a couple of terms because they are different things and I’m talking about voter fraud and election fraud. They’re really not the same. Can you give us the definitions for both and what the distinctions are between them?

Tomi Collins:                 Well, when you have voter fraud, you have an actual voter going to commit fraud, meaning voting in multiple precincts, you know what I mean, turning in ballots that maybe don’t belong to them, going in and voting under somebody else’s name. But then you have an elections fraud, which is a way broader form of fraud. That would be the ballot harvesting. A lot of people don’t understand really what that term is. I know as a regular person, when I began to look at this, I didn’t really understand this, so I’m going to break it down a little bit. The ballot harvesting that people don’t realize what’s happening, is folks are literally going out and picking up multiple ballots from people’s homes and they’re taking them in. I mean this is happening across the country where you even have candidates in North Carolina that were going to folks’ homes and blind people’s homes and coming in with ballots and these are reports across the board.

                                    So that’s one thing, ballot harvesting where you have somebody go to the door and get the ballots and take them in and they can ditch them our fill them out any way they want. I mean, where is the chain of custody in that situation? California just made that legal. There’s only 16 states that actually have regulations. I believe Montana just put something in place to prevent that and so did Arizona. So ballot harvesting is one huge issue. We have over bloated voter rolls and the fact that people say, “Oh, it’s so tiny.” Come on when you have 140% voting in precincts, we’ve seen 300% voting in counties. In this last house race, we’ve seen the numbers. We’ve seen the numbers change. We have screenshots of that, which that will be coming out very soon. We’re trying to protect the data in that from not being erased because the bottom line is we have to be wise and make sure that we’re not… Like president Trump says, “I love it. Don’t let them know everything you’re doing.” Right?

Sam Rohrer:                  Well, Tomi, we’re going to stop right there. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to share a lot of information on this program today about voter fraud. But I will say there’ll be a lot of things that we will not be able to share for the reasons that Tomi Collins, who’s executive director of American Restored, just shared.

                                    Our program today is focusing on preventing voter fraud. It must be done and by the end of the program we’ll give some indication of the fact that it also can be done. We defined last segment voter fraud a little bit different than election fraud. Election fraud is a broader issue. We’re not go in repeating that. Listen to the program again, Go back and listen to this and forward it onto your friends. But in a second, we want to talk about the scope of it, because regardless of what many in the left say or write about voter fraud or other election irregularities being as the one quote I just mentioned, as the professor quote said, vanishingly rare. I say, isn’t it amazing that the deep state, these same people, these globalists that are behind in opposing all of that and saying it’s vanishingly rare and it never happens, were the same ones who raised this whole conspiratorial thing that the Russians were involved in and actually skewed an entire presidential election when their goals were upset.

                                    Now it’s interesting. So let’s come back to facts here. What it comes down to is this, what do we know? What are the facts? In this segment we’re going to examine now, as I said, the scope of the problem. We want to identify later in the next segment, we’re going to get into identifying specific people and specific processes that we know that are in fact have been identified as confirmed evidences in the fraud issue.

                                    So our special guest, Tomi Collins, she is CEO of Right Hook Op, LLC, and she’s also the executive director of America Restored. Tomi, on this program a year ago, I shared information about the irregularities in the Florida governor’s race where people would remember, actually there were ballots were impounded to be recounted. There were actually were hundreds of balance that mysteriously showed up in the trunk of a worker who was working in a precinct. We say how in the world. We remember the previous election in Florida where they were hanging chads and the legal profession got involved and who knows what actually happened with that. But sufficient to say we’ve seen evidences, we’ve heard evidences for a long time. I’d like you right now give an example or two if you could that would be an example of confirmable election fraud, voter fraud, where it was involved, and perhaps in election recently, however you want to go, that would give some indication of a truly contested race that maybe the answer is not even resolved today, for instance. But define the scope, please, for us.

Tomi Collins:                 Well, when defining the scope, we’ve really got to look at, there’s some really major things that have just happened. We have 21 state voter roles that have been released to the dark web and we have this narrative being run in the main stream media, like you said about Russia. And when folks go to, they can see forensic evidence that that’s a lie. But with that said, we have all of these narratives that this is a hacking. When you go on the dark web… Excuse me, let me back up a little bit. 21 state voter rolls are on the dark web. When you go onto the dark web, they’re claiming that they’re updating these every month. They’re claiming that they have contacts on the ground in these states. So across the board they’re not saying these are things that we have hacked. They’re saying these are relationships that we have built and were updated monthly or we’re updated weekly and the evidence is looking like that’s exactly true.

                                    I mean this isn’t conspiracy theory. You’ve got mainstream Forbes and other folks that have reported on this. The scary thing about this is it’s not just the voter data. It says the last time they voted as well, which means if somebody hasn’t voted for five or 10 years, while we, as I said before, go about our everyday business, the enemies to our sovereignty are out there getting access to these ballots by maybe changing the addresses and doing whatever and this is a real problem for the access that they have. So that right there is a huge example. Then you have a Pennsylvania where you had Jay Christian Adams and his lawsuit that he has going on with massive stacked voter roles. Again, we can see it. Across the country when you begin to bring all this data together, there’s no way, I mean in a court of law investigators laying this out, there’s no way to say this is a minimal or a minuscule problem. This is a huge problem and it escalates every day that goes by.

Gary Dull:                     It is a huge problem, and I have always been amazed Tomi, to hear people who’ve denied it. It’s usually, at least from my experience, it’s the leftists and the liberals who’ve been denying it. That’s absolutely amazing to me because the evidence is out there. But when it comes to voter fraud, without getting into the actual process or people involved at this particular juncture, where does the greatest incidence of confirmable fraud occur? Is it at the voting booth? Is it the machines? Is it the paper ballots? Is it in the counting? State elections, national elections? Where would you say is the greatest incidence of confirmable fraud occurring today?

Tomi Collins:                 Well, it’s so massive in each sphere. So you have your voter rolls, we know that that’s massive. It actually depends upon who you ask, but I’m involved in all the aspects of it. It’s massive in the voter rolls. It’s massive with these voter machines. This is something that every freedom loving American can go and investigate themselves. Folks look at Snopes, which I believe is not a good source, and they say, “No, George Soros is not involved in these voting machines.” I’m sorry. It would be Smartmatic. Look it up. Everyone write this name down. It’s important. Smartmatic, who the chairman is, Lord Malloch-Brown, former deputy director of the UN, Soros’ vice president for his investment funds, and I believe it’s vice chairman of his open society that he just placed the majority of his 18 billion or $17 billion of wealth in.

                                    So these guys are bad actors. We see that this Lord Malloch-Brown and Smartmatic, the last time that we see, they still own the intellectual property, which is A.K.A. software to a huge percentage, close to 50% of the voting equipment in our nation. They control the software, meaning there doesn’t have to be a hack. Whoever creates that software. Then you can go in and look at Professor Fulton from Princeton University’s study on Diebold equipment that has now been changed to Premiere. Look at this Dominion Voting Systems out of Canada. Since President Trump was elected, they have now, and I know you have listeners in Wisconsin and maybe even Michigan, folks, you better be on alert. Since the last major election, they have installed these machines from this Dominion Voting Systems in many, many, many, many counties throughout your entire state that were not there before.

                                    Again, the last time we see who has the intellectual property, it’s this Lord Malloch-Brown who is Soros’ bud, best guy. I mean, it’s crazy. So as freedom loving Americans, we need to wake up. I started this being the average person out there just like you until I began to see, oh my gosh, if I do not wake up and make this a priority, we very well may lose the very sovereignty of our nation and be globalized. It’s not time for that yet. We’re believing God for the great harvest that’s promise prior to anything like that Biblically being able to happen. So we’re called to subdue the earth. We need to get subduing.

Dave Kistler:                 Tomi, let me say this, we had some situation with the voting machines right here in my area of North Carolina, so I know there is a reality to this. We could talk a lot more about that. But let me just ask you this. I’m assuming because we’re having the conversation today, there has not been any real serious effort to investigate the scope of this problem. If I’m wrong, tell me. But if there has not been an investigation like I’m assuming, why has there not been?

Tomi Collins:                 Well there is right now ongoing, and I can’t tell you guys where it is, but we’ve seen massive fraud in this last house race, you guys. We have screenshots. We have the numbers changing, 300% voting in some counties. We have some counties that actually had only ballot initiatives and early voting and only candidates on the day of voting. That can happen. So we have this and then we went and cross referenced it with every Republican House candidate across the country that lead in the polls and should not have lost. We cross referenced it and guess what? The same equipment, the same company is in those states and it so happens, the person who is the chairman of that is a guy out of Canada that has 24 felonies, has served prison time. I think it’s securities fraud. I mean these are the people that are in charge of the software and running the machines on the ground.

                                    So we’ve cross referenced it. Every race that we thought shouldn’t have been lost had those same machines except for one. And that was Georgia and the machines they had were this Lord Malloch-Brown software that, like I said the last time we see he’s still in charge of that intellectual property and that’s Dominion Voting System, Sequoia and Diebold machines. So I mean this machines is a real problem because you can see that you can do it very quickly. The voter rolls are also a huge problem because they haven’t been cleaned up.

Sam Rohrer:                  Tommy, what we’re going to do, cause we’re just about at a break here… Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to come back after this next break coming up. We’re going to continue this discussion with Tommy. We’re going to talk a little bit more about, she’s mentioned certain people, she’s mentioned Soros, she’s mentioned this Lord Malloch-Brown as an example, talked about former, Diebold, this former voting machine maker from Ohio, Dominion Voting. She named a few of those, but I want to build those out a little bit more with our special guests in the next segment so you have a better idea of who. And we’re going to break out the process a little bit more about actually how that is being done so we have an idea of how it’s being effectuated and again give us a better understanding of why this is a major issue, where it must be prevented from going into 2020. It really must.

                                    Let’s go back into the fraud issue. We’re going to talk about more about the process and the people because the evidence of election and voter fraud’s been around for a long time. I’m going to submit that it’s been around as long as depraved humanity has existed because it really comes down to the issue of who… Is truth going to prevail or is deception going to prevail? Is freedom going to prevail or as totalitarian dictatorship going to prevail? I can assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that the Socialists, the Communists, the atheist, the Islamists, the globalists all share one thing in common, they don’t agree with God. They reject the Bible and they are not at all given to being concerned about Biblical truth or morality. That’s why it’s so important that we understand what’s taking place. At the end of the day, all of those I mentioned, they’re dictatorships. They control people and if they could, they will control their very actions and their very thoughts like we’re seeing happening increasingly in China.

                                    But I want to come back around right now with our special guest, Tomi Collins, she is the executive director of America Restored. Tomi, I want you to answer a question that Dave asked that you didn’t get to in the last segment and that is if in fact the evidence for voter fraud and the things that we’ve talked about are so well known, if you can Google, as you’ve said, and anybody can, you can Google and find incidences. If that’s the case, then why hasn’t had been thoroughly investigated? Why are we still dealing with this kind of an issue today? I’d like to hear your answer to that.

Tomi Collins:                 Well, as far as I’m concerned, I see some thorough investigation and that’s freedom loving Americans and God loving Americans like us and your listeners. We have to be diligent. So the investigation is happening because the information is out there, which is wonderful. But what I see the problem is, is a lot of us, we think, oh, the left, the Democrats. But we have to recognize, and I think a lot of people do that, a lot of the problems stems in globalists. Some people might call them RINOs in the Republican… They’re globalists. They’re folks that would like to see the collapse of the United States of America and us to have a one world government and they’re embedded in power positions throughout our government. So when we bring these things forward, I believe that the last prior to President Trump, all the last presidents were partaking in this from the investigations that we have done.

                                    With that said, if you’re a president that partook in it, you’re not going to want to fix it, right? A lot of folks will say, well, there’s so much fraud. How did President Trump get elected? Well, what we can see in these machines is the one number when they’re in the software and they’re setting these margins that they cannot ascertain, is how many people will come out to vote. We must come out in droves, wake up church, grab your friends, grab your neighbors, everyone be diligent. Because we came out in droves and voted for President Trump in unprecedented numbers, we actually got him into office. If that wouldn’t have happened, we are seeing that this election, previous election was rigged in Hillary’s favor and that’s why they were so surprised that President Trump was able to pull it out and we did this. You know what I mean? God’s people, freedom loving Americans. We must do it again. So I believe it’s not being investigated because there are folks on both sides that are enemies to our sovereignty and want to see a global, one world order or whatever you want to call it.

Gary Dull:                     Well, we know Tomi, that there’s going to be fraud out there all the time because Satan is the one who’s trying to destroy everything that is just and right and true. Obviously if he can do it in the area of voting, he is going to do it. It’s interesting, just yesterday I voted here in Pennsylvania and as I was voting, a fellow came in to register to vote and one of the workers behind the table said, “Do you want me to go to your voting booth with you, your machine with you, and show you how to vote?”

                                    And I thought, hmm, I’m sure that she was just giving some instructions to somebody that maybe didn’t know what they were doing. But I thought, I wonder how many times that occurs where a worker will go and say, “Let me show you how this machine works.” And before you know what they put in, they vote for the person that they want rather than necessarily the person who the voter actually wants. I mean this kind of a thing is just interesting. But based on what you know, what is the process for voter fraud in the most prevalent areas now? Is it with the voting machines themselves and if so, how does that fraud really work?

Tomi Collins:                 With the voting machines across the board, we have seen for sure. I’ve seen a information with a company by the name of ESNS where they’re voting numbers have changed. That is another company that you want to put on your radar. I mean, at what point did we as American citizens allow foreign actors to come into our country and be in control of these voting machines? I mean we’re talking about was a thorough investigation done? Go look at Princeton University study. They tore these Diebold machines apart. They’re still in our country. So, I mean the machines are a prevalent problem, but the voter rolls are also a prevalent problem. We’re looking at it going, “Okay, what area would be best to hit hard and what could we actually clean up or expose, remove and replace is our goal, before 2020?” The voter rolls are a real serious problem because they’ve been released to the dark web.

                                    Like I said, the last time folks even voted is on there, all their voter information. So that’s a problem. But I mean, when you look at the bad actors that are running the software in these machines, I mean, you just got to look at their profile to say, hey, you know what I mean, what’s going on here? Then you see the cases where you have these machines reverting back. I mean, we see a lot of cases where the machines… Folks are reporting like, “I voted for so and so President Trump, but it reverted back to Hillary.” I mean, that was reported throughout the election. We need freedom loving Americans to go to, report anything you see, you know, it’s time that we have to come together on this because we’re working onsie, twosie, threesie, foursie, across the nation and each person has a pile of data and we’re working really diligently to bring all those folks and their expertise under one banner, America Restored, so we can really get as much information as possible and expose this in a way that is undisputable.

Sam Rohrer:                  Tomi, I’ve got two questions for you before we have to wrap up this segment. Number one, are the right people, I’m talking about the people that are responsible for overseeing the voting process, are the right people aware of what’s going on and have just chosen to do nothing about it? Or we have the wrong gatekeepers, overseeing this? Then if you could, if you have time, if you could very quickly explain how voter fraud occurs with a voting machine. Because right here in the precinct where I vote, we use those Diebold machines. So I’m very curious about how that works.

Tomi Collins:                 Okay. I can get into that. Okay. So with regards to your first question, repeat that to me real quickly.

Sam Rohrer:                  The gatekeepers for the voting process, are they aware of what’s going and just chosen not to do anything?

Tomi Collins:                 Okay, I got it. Okay. So with regards to that, the gatekeepers, the person who counts the vote, you guys, are your secretary of states. One of the most important elections in our country are secretary of states. You know who recognizes that? The George Soros and his cronies, his friends, they know that. So they’re going after secretary of states, attorney generals, and we just overlook the secretary of state. Don’t think because you have a Republican secretary of state that you’re in the clear, because we’ve been trying to work with some of these Republican secretary of states, and to me, they’re just left Democrats in disguise. They don’t want to solve the issue with the problem. So it’s very, very important that we drill down in 2020 on secretary of states. Last night I was just devastated because-

Sam Rohrer:                  All right Tomi, I’m going to have to step in. We’ve got to cut away for a break here.

                                    Well we’re now moving into our final segment. Very fast program, but I hope ladies and gentlemen, this has been informative and that you walk away from the program saying, hmm, big problem, voter fraud, corruption. We know we have a lot of corruption around us in this process. We need to be aware that it is happening. We also need to have some solutions. We need to pray about it and Gary’s going to talk about that. We also need to talk about some practical aspects of the, I would say the civil justice side of the equation, the part that is to make sure that truth standards are upheld, that justice is done. There’s an element of that that has to be involved or corruption or fraud is never brought to the fore and dealt with, but we’ve been talking here today, fraud, corruption.

                                    It’s a violation not only of civil law, because it’s a tremendous violation of the public trust. It’s a violation of the constitutional oath for everybody who’s involved in civil government side, but it’s a major violation of Biblical commands, the commands to not lie or steal, covet or responsibility to uphold justice. It is the difference established corruption and fraud as we’ve said, will bring an end to freedom. If it’s left uncaught and undealt with, it will result and totalitarianism. That’s just the way it is. That’s why it is so important. So if we want God’s blessing on this country, we had better be out doing what He talks about and that’s just not only voting and voting properly and understanding what’s going on, but where we know there is corruption and fraud, we’ve got to do our best to blow the whistle and to encourage those who are in positions of authority to bring it to the light.

                                    Now, Tomi, I’m going to ask for a solution from you now from what can be done from your perspective and from the standpoint of your organization, America Restored. But I want you to just take just a few seconds wherever you take here, David asked you a question as an example of Diebold machines as you mentioned them, but there are other ones. Precisely, if you could be more precise, how is it actually technologically or technically occurring? Where does the fraud occur in the process, when somebody pulls the lever, on the recording mechanism? How’s that actually happen? Answer that first and then go ahead with solution please.

Tomi Collins:                 Okay. We have a very deep study on the Diebold machines, which he was talking about and you can see that they can put a memory card in there that can come from the manufacturer, anybody. Once that memory card infects the machine, these memory cards get switched to different machines. It infects the machines. These machines are set up to know when they’re being tested. So just because you’re getting a printed receipt, you don’t know what’s going on in the backend of the calculations. Professor Fulton from Princeton University, his study showed that to be the case. So that’s the answer there.

                                    Solution, there are obtainable solutions. We need resources, resources, resources. We’re working with an unparalleled technical team. Some of the folks that have built out modern day intelligence agencies, like a third of them built out a third of some of these agencies. These are the guys that are working with America Restored. They’re freedom loving, former senior level intel guys. We have a solution. It’s a technical solution that can actually be implemented very, very easily before 2020.

                                    We are at a stage right now where I’m praying right now there’s angel donors listening because if we expose in a crowd funding effort, what the plan is, then basically the enemies that be will try to hold us up in court, stop us from achieving it. We can do this, we can kick the feet right out from under them guys in a very short period of time before 2020, but we do need your help. We need resources. So with that said, we’re kind of on the fence right now. We’re waiting for a little bit longer for like I said, angel donors to come forward and if that doesn’t happen, we’re going to have to put it in the lap of the American people. But when you go to, you’ll see some of the amazing Patriot heroes that we’re working with and we do have a solution for sure very quickly that we could clean up the voter rolls or at least expose them for what they are. These 21 state voter rolls, we can expose them for what they are very, very quickly.

Sam Rohrer:                  Tomi, I appreciate you saying that. Ladies and gentlemen, that website is This effort, as you’re saying, it fits very well with our whole effort on trying to bring forward a Biblical worldview and truth applied to the issues of the day. This is an issue we’re talking about. Truth has to be applied to this issue and has to find its way into action within civil authority. Romans 13, civil authority has the sword. The sword what? The sword of justice. That’s what brings forth that effort that exposes corruption and brings to light and to punishment the deeds of those who are doing evil. That has to happen.

                                    But there’s another side of it as well. That’s the role of the church. That’s the role of those who know the truth. Most of you listening would be in that category and that’s why I want to go to you, Gary, here now in the last couple of minutes. We’ve talked in this program, you and I have talked on programs on this issue before, but let’s go to the matter of truth. Let’s go to the matter, perhaps if you want to tie it into the pulpit, you want to tie it into people who are listening, but the matter of truth. Truth prevails, and truth is what brings to light the deeds of evil. Give us some principles about what people can do in regard to that.

Gary Dull:                     Well, it’s interesting to note as we read scripture that God requires truth in every situation, Sam. No matter what the situation is, God requires truth. And yet mankind is subject to fraud simply because of the sin nature. As it relates to what we’re talking about here today, voter fraud, a culture based upon fraud will be a destructive culture that in and of itself will advance corruption. So this is something that we as Christians really need to be praying about simply because of the fact that so many times when we go to the voting booth, we are voting for moral and Biblical issues and we know that the enemy will do everything that he possibly can to keep Biblical and moral issues from coming out on the positive. You know, the book of Zachariah chapter eight and verse 16 comes to my mind where it says, “These are the things that you shall do. Speak ye every man, the truth to his neighbor. Execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates.”

                                    You know, as Christians, we need to make sure, first of all, that we are executing truth. The Bible tells us that as the church, we are the pillar in the ground of the truth. And so it’s up to us in our own personal lives and connections and associations to make certain that truth is that which we practice. We need to pray for that. Psalm 101 in verse seven says that, “He that works deceit shall not dwell within my house, and he that tells lies shall not tarry in my sight.” So we know that God does not like lies, deceit, fraud. Therefore, as Christians, we need to make sure that in everything that we do, we are telling the truth and pray the truth prevails even in the situation as it relates to voting.

Sam Rohrer:                  Excellent. Ladies and gentlemen, embrace the truth. We talk about it, and can I even be more personal? Embracing the truth is not just an action or a thought. Embracing the truth is really a person. Embracing the truth. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” That’s where it starts. Do that. Speak it, live it within your family, your personal decisions, and then help in every regard like this, go to the website, and pray for this effort to help bring forth the evidence in a conclusive fashion about voter fraud so that can be prevented from coming in to the 2020 election. It’s very critical.