This transcript was taken from the Stand in the Gap Today program originally aired on Nov. 20, 2019

Sam Rohrer:                      Agreeing with Kanye West’s recent statement, and maybe you didn’t hear this, ladies and gentlemen, but pay attention to this because Kanye West made a statement that Black Americans should not vote Democrat. Well, Vince Ellison, another Black American, he’s also author of the book, The Iron Triangle, he’s a conservative columnist, and a 2000 Republican candidate, in the year 2000, Republican candidate for Congress from the sixth congressional district in South Carolina, and our guest for the first two segments of today’s program. Now, Vince Ellison said this, and I’m going to quote this, we’re going to talk to him about it, he said this, “The Democrats have infiltrated, compromised, and betrayed the Black church, intentionally turning Blacks away from Christ and Biblical teachings while creating stumbling blocks to our return.” Now, that’s a bold statement, both from Kanye West and even bolder by our guest today, Vince Ellison.

                                             So today on Stand In The Gap, we’re going to talk about the charge that the Democratic Party has taken Black Americans hostage, and why that has happened, how it has happened, and what we can all do to correct this travesty. Our theme for today’s program is this, Black America to the Democrat Party, “Let My People Go.” And with that, let me welcome you, in that little bit of a short roadmap, welcome you to today’s program. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m going to be joined today by cohost, Evangelist Dave Kistler and Pastor Joseph Green, who is a pastor of Antioch Assembly in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and of course, as I mentioned, our guest for the first two segments, Vince Ellison, the author of the book, The Iron Triangle, he’s also a former correctional officer at the Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina, as well as a candidate for Congress in the year 2000. With that, let me welcome you, Vince, to our program right now. Thank you for being with us today.

Vince Ellison:                     Thank you, Pastor Rohrer. I’m happy to be here. Thank you so very much. And I’m happy to speak to your audience. I know you have a great audience of intelligent people because they are listening to you.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, I don’t know about that, but I would like to think that is true, but we’re glad to have you on here. So let’s get right into this, because we’ve got a lot to cover in these two segments. In the moments we have, Vince, I want you, in between Dave and Joe and I as we pose questions, to answer the questions of what, who, why, and how as it comes and relates to the Democrat Party strategy against Black America. And again, I’m going to restate what you said just so we’ve got it established here. You said, “The Democrats have infiltrated, compromised, and betrayed the Black church, intentionally turning Blacks away from Christ and Biblical teachings while creating stumbling blocks to our return.”

                                             You also said this, “For 220 years, through slavery, succession, segregation, and now abortion, they, the Democrat Party, have murdered Black people on an industrial scale.” Now, that’s quite a statement. I want to go to you here, right off. What, answering that question, what, you’ve identified infiltration of the Black church, you’ve mentioned abortion in this quote, but expand on the what of the Democrat Party. What have they done to the Black family? What have they done to the Black church? What have they done to freedom of Black Americans?

Vince Ellison:                     Okay, well there are three things I want your audience to take away from this conversation we’re having. Number one is the Democratic Party is the most perpetually evil group and organization existing in the world today. That’s one. Two, the Democrats cannot hold power without 90% of the Black vote, and they do this by employing the iron triangle to keep Black and White Christians divided. Now, the iron triangle consists of three entities. One, and this is not all, most, not all, most Black preachers, most Black civic organizers, and most Black politicians. Not all, most. And the third one is that we have to reconcile. Black and White Christians have to reconcile to stop this. This is the only way it’s going to be stopped. Their goal, and as you know, Jesus Christ, His last prayer before He went to the cross was for unity, for us to be unified because He knew that Satan going to come and break us apart.

                                             Now, let’s start at the beginning. Down South, when they had Black people enslaved, history tells us, and in this book by, there’s a writer by the name of Gunnar Myrdal, of The Negro Problem in America, he stated how the slaveholders would use itinerant preachers, mostly black to keep the slave subdued and under control, and that the whole system was designed to keep Black people under control of the master. Let’s go to the Civil War. They fought the Civil War, and all of them were Democrats, the whole Southern plantation system from Jeff Davis, Robert E. Lee, all were Southern Democrats. They fought for slavery. 600,000 people died, trillion dollars in damage. Bam. They almost destroyed the country for slavery. They lost.

                                             Now let’s go into Jim Crow and segregation. After 1865, they decided they wanted to take the South back, so they decided to go on a systematic state destruction, killing, hanging, lynching. And if you look at history, you’ll see that in 1876, the South went Democrat. Again, how did the South go Democrat if you had White people not voting, but Black people voting? How did it do it? It did it because we had this thing called Stockholm syndrome. It is a mechanism that everybody uses to survive. It came from what happened in the 70s when this bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, and these bank robbers had these people captive, and by the end of the captivity, the people were fighting the police to help the bank robbers. They’ve called it Stockholm syndrome.

                                             Now, we’ve seen it here in America a lot. We see it when it comes down to when women abuse women to save their husbands, in hostage situations, but it definitely happened in slavery. Malcolm X talked about it, about how we identify with our master. He said that back in slavery, the slave would see the master sick, and he said, “What, boss, we sick? Master, we sick?” We identify with him. Now, let’s fast forward. We finally get to vote in let’s say 1860. Well 1960, after Civil Rights Movement, the amazing thing, everybody thought, even the South thought that Black people would want to vote Republican. That’s why they kept us from voting for 100 years. They were amazed to find over 80% of Black people voted for the Democrat Party down South. They didn’t even understand it. The Republicans called it The Great Betrayal, but they did not understand Stockholm syndrome.

                                             Even now, Black people hate Republicans, because their White masters hated Republicans. It’s just that simple. It is a defense mechanism. And cognitive dissonance comes in because we have decided that it’s too much mental pain to change. It’s basically pride. Fear, incompetence, and pride. And why would these Democrats want the Black community? For the vote. It’s just that simple.

Sam Rohrer:                      All righty, well, Vince, boy, you’ve laid out a lot of information there. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about something very specific here. Kanye West recently said, “Blacks, you cannot vote Democrat Party,” and Vince Ellison, our guest, is laying out some of that history. When we come back, we’re going to talk about the issues. We’re going to answer why, and how, and who with our guest today, Vince Ellison.


                                             Well, welcome back to Stand In The Gap Today. Our theme today is this, Black America to the Democrat Party, “Let My People Go.” Where’d that come from? Well, didn’t actually say quite those same words, but Kanye West said Blacks cannot vote the Democrat Party, and our special guest, Vince Ellison, who is the author of The Iron Triangle, has gone way beyond that. He said this, “The Democrats have infiltrated, compromised, and betrayed the Black church, intentionally turning Blacks away from Christ and Biblical teachings while creating stumbling blocks to our return.” And he actually was saying that before Kanye West made his statement, so it’s even more significant in some respects.

                                             Vince, as the American Pastors Network and Stand In The Gap Radio and TV, we’re focused on the church, the role of the church, the purity of the church, the true church, which I want to say, just so everybody understands, we all know on this program the true church is neither White nor Black, Brown or otherwise, but in Christ we are one in Him. And our guest referred to that earlier. So when, Vince, you talk about the church, the Black church specifically, you’re talking here, being infiltrated, it caught my attention. So answer me this question first, if you don’t mind, just take a couple of minutes because we got a lot to ask you here. You’ve identified the Democrat Party as leading in this subterfuge, but if you can name some names, identify people if that’s appropriate and you can to our listeners, some they may know, maybe some they don’t know, but who are those entities that have been infiltrating the Black church on behalf of the Democrat Party?

Vince Ellison:                     Well, it started, and this is going to shock a lot of people, it started during the Civil Rights Movement when they brought politics into the Black church. If you look at, if you read Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech, you see that when they went to Washington, D.C., King said that 100 years after Emancipation Proclamation, the Negro is still not free. That wasn’t true. I was born free. I have unalienable rights that cannot be taken away, it cannot be transferred. God gave me my freedom.

                                             He said we had to come to government to ask them for our freedom, for our unalienable rights. It’s in the speech. That’s not true. God gives us our rights. So when Dr. King and Civil Rights Movement told Black people through the Black church that government was the guarantor of our rights, government, not God, he destroyed the Black church and he destroyed the Black community. It came in through the Civil Rights Movement. It was a communist movement. It was a liberal movement. It was an anti-God movement. It was a movement of pride and envy, and the Black community has flat-lined and gone backwards ever since.

Dave Kistler:                      Vince, this is Dave, and it is a blessing to have you aboard. What you’re saying, Vince, are things that I’m sure a lot of people have not heard, and it may shock them, but it is the truth that you’re communicating. I appreciate it so much. I want to ask you this question. You’ve named Dr. King. You’ve mentioned what’s going on within the Black community, the Black church. I want to ask you this. What are some other names that you can give? And why are the Democrats and their emissaries for this particular strategy of subterfuge, why do they continue to do what they’re doing to try to keep the Black community where they want to keep them?

Vince Ellison:                     Well, they want power, number one. They are an anti-God, anti-Christian party, and they’re like a cancer, they just want to destroy. They want to see the world burn. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. They’re just like Lenin, they’re just like Castro, they’re Marx. This is an ideology that has always been in the world. It is pride. It is destruction. C.S. Lewis called it the anti-God concept, the concept of pride, the marching, the rioting, “I want what you got,” the envy, the hatred, the refusal to forgive.

                                             The reparations argument now, right? Refusing, refusing to forgive. 150 years ago, and I’m still arguing about getting money that my great, great, great, great granddaddy was supposed to have had. This is just who they are. They came into the Black church because the Black church was set up for them. The Democratic Party controlled the Black church, and when they decided that they needed the Black vote, they just went in and asked for it, and they got it. And it is nothing, right now, that the Democrats can do that’ll make the Black church turn, or the Black preacher turn away from them.

                                             We have a guy by the name of Buttigieg that’s running for president right now, and we all know what he stands for. We know the Democratic Party stands for abortion up to the ninth month, we know that they stand for running God out of the public school system and the public square. Yet the Black preacher, or the Black civic organizer, and the Black politician is completely behind that. And the only way you can explain it is greed, it’s pride, and it’s satanic. And we all know that if the devil is coming, he’s not going to be coming to the strip joint and to a drug den, he’s coming in the church. Jesus told us how to recognize them, by their fruit. Not by their works, by their fruit. Look at the Black community and tell me about the fruit. The fruit is rotten, and that’s because they’re rotten.

Joe Green:                          Those are some great points. This is Joe Green, and I just appreciate everything that you’re sharing, and some great information is out there, and I think a lot of people really need to hear that. Vince, you’ve written a book, as you stated, The Iron Triangle, available on Amazon and elsewhere, and we talked about the infiltration of the church. I think it’s really important for people to understand that. Can you talk about, specifically who, you did mention the church and you did mention … can you give us some other examples of how they’ve infiltrated the Black church?

Vince Ellison:                     You know, every time you have an election, you see the Black churches open up their doors, and the politicians come in. Also, the thing, I have it written in my book, called Souls to the Polls, where every Sunday, before the Tuesday election, George Soros and a bunch of liberal atheists, they fund buses to go to the churches and pick up the Black parishioners to take them to the polls to vote, because they know that most Black people are going to vote for the Democrats, and they pay the pastors per head for each person that votes.

                                             Also, we found that even the check cashing places, these people that charge 400% interest for a loan, they have used Black pastors to go to the state houses when the senators get ready to put some type of regulation on them. They send the Black pastors down to lobby, to tell them that the Black community needs these loan sharks. These people go … And also, we know about Margaret Sanger, who when she started the project called the Negro Project, designed to destroy Black children before they were born, to kill them in the womb, the first people she went to was a Black preacher, and he was the one that helped her go through the Black community to convince Black people to sign on to this project that was going to kill up to 30 million Black children since 1972. And those are just a few of the examples.

Sam Rohrer:                      What you’re saying there, Vince, I mean, this is just, I mean it’s astounding. I know Joe and Dave and I, we’ve known a lot of these things because it is history, it is fact, but it’s an amazing thing to me. And I want to ask you this in the concluding moments … Again, ladies and gentleman, you can find Vince’s book, The Iron Triangle, I think you can find that on Amazon or on other places, but just remember the phrase The Iron Triangle.

                                             But let me come back and ask you a difficult question here, because you made it clear at the beginning, Vince, that not all Black pastors, certainly, because we’ve got brother Joe right here on this call, and he’s not one of those who are leading his people astray. So they’re not all there, but why is it that the more Black pastors who understand the truth and understand what you are saying are not stepping out and stepping away from this deception that is affecting so many people? Because this kind of a lie and deception is not just affecting the Black community, it’s affecting the White community, slightly different ways, but it’s the same thing. It’s deception, and we’re being divided, which is not what God would intend. What do you say about that?

Vince Ellison:                     You are exactly correct. There is a tremendous amount of pressure to conform in the Black community. We developed this concept in the 60s called connected fate that means that we have to stick together because we are a minority, and nobody’s allowed to leave the plantation. Du Bois had this concept called The Talented Tenth. He said that 10% of the elite Black people were supposed to lead the rest of us, and we were just supposed to follow. We were supposed to fall in line. Well, that 10% are liberal Democrats, most of them are part of the iron triangle, and we’re supposed to fall in line.

                                             And there is a lot of pressure, and you will get punished if you walk out of line. Ask Kanye, Bill Cosby, Ben Carson, they come down on you like a ton of bricks. That’s why it takes so much bravery to do it, and that’s why when we do it, we look to our conservative friends, White, Black, Asian, to come and assist us, because they’re coming after us. It takes bravery, and you take your life and the life of your family in your hands when you do it. So I’ve written this book, and I hope your listeners will buy it, The Iron Triangle, and you can go to, that’s my website, and look at many of the things, the blogs I’ve written.

                                             But this is why, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure to conform. Also, when you deal with cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome, part of the problem is that you will fight violently anyone that tries to come and rescue you. I think we’ve seen the situations of a woman that’s been battered by her husband, and the police come or somebody comes to try to help her out. When they grab the guy, the woman turns on them and starts beating them up. It’s the same thing.

Sam Rohrer:                      That’s an amazing thing, Vince. I have to tell you, we’re going to have to have you back, and we will have you back on this program, but our time is up at the moment. But thank you for being with us. Ladies and gentlemen, again, The Iron Triangle, is where you can go, you can get that book, and you can hear more of what our special guest, Vince Ellison is saying. Vince, thanks for being with us today.


                                             We’re going to continue on in this theme right now, and we’re going to shift to the discussion and the comment by Kanye West because the recent rise in public awareness of this individual, Kanye, and his statement about Blacks not voting Democrat, I’m going to say is notable. But his, Kanye’s, statement about his conversion to Jesus Christ, I’m going to go far and say is even more so.

                                             Now, in a recent interview, Kanye West also described himself as an instrument of God to help in his words, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. And this is what he said, I want to quote it. He said this, “Now that I’m in service to Christ, my job is to spread the gospel, to let people know what Jesus has done for me. I’ve spread a lot of things. There was a time I was letting you know what high fashion had done for me. I was letting you know what the Hennessy had done for me. But now, I’m letting you know what Jesus has done for me. And in that, I’m no longer a slave. I’m a son, now, a son of God. I’m free.”

                                             So in this segment, we want to comment on Kanye’s statement, what he’s saying, what he’s now doing, and how we should respond to him and what he is saying. I want to go to you, Joe Green. You are a pastor. I don’t know if you’ve ever met Kanye or not, but his statements about Democrats, and we just went over that with Vince, is significant but it doesn’t hold a candle to what he’s saying about being a son of God, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin because even though Kanye is Black, and he’s able to say some of these politically directed things relative to our divided culture, as Vince did in the last segment, and I’m going to say most White Americans couldn’t say what he’s saying, I’m going to say that his statements about conversion to Christ, anyone who knows Christ is going to say just what he said. Whether they are whatever color, it means nothing, they may get equal pushback.

                                             But I want to ask you, as a pastor, and you’re pastoring a blended congregation, you’re in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. How are you responding to what Kanye is saying, both politically, and particularly, as to his conversion? And how are you advising your people to respond to him? Because this is rather significant, he’s gotten a lot of attention. I think we ought to … helping people to think about this. But how do you address this, Joe Green?

Joe Green:                          Well, and it’s great because we’ve had several conversations in our congregation, and some of the other people that follow the ministry. So first, from a political perspective, I appreciate what he said, because what he says is be open minded, don’t just be completely given over to one political party over another. Because we know that identity politics is one of the tools that the enemy uses, especially the globalists use in order to separate and divide us, and to kind of put us in a box, and make us like we’re monolithic as Black people, which we aren’t at all. I always say we have to put principles and platforms over people and personalities because what they do is they give us personalities that we like and we attached to, especially when they’re Black, and so we kind of lose focus on the actual principles and the policies, and especially the Biblical principles. So that’s the first thing, I appreciate him saying that we got to open our eyes and not just be beholden to one party.

                                             But from a spiritual standpoint, I try to remind the congregation of three primary things. The first one is that God doesn’t love Kanye’s soul any more or less than any other soul. He’s a soul just like anybody else. He just happens to be talented and has a huge platform. And so we have to pray for him that this is a true conversion, and everything he’s saying and doing right now has all the signs of a true conversion.

                                             The other thing I’d like to remind him is that he is still a novice. He’s a baby in Christ, and so because of that, as the Bible tells us, we shouldn’t elevate him too quickly onto a platform. That’s the biggest danger because of his wealth and his influence, and because he has opened doors to go to like Joel Osteen’s church or someplace like that. We have to be very careful of that because if it’s not a true conversion, he could lead many people astray, or to harm many people in the process. So as a pastor, I wouldn’t put him on a platform as a minister. Of course, he can do whatever he wants to do, and he can express whatever he wants to do.

                                             But ultimately, we have to pray for his soul and hope it’s a true conversion. But at the end of the day, it has to be based on Biblical principles. And because of his past, you know, he had some mental health issues, and because in the past he has actually referred to himself as Yeezus or Jesus, and so there should be a certain level of skepticism, but not pessimism, but just skepticism that this is a true conversion. We’re seeing him mature before our eyes. We have to continue to pray for him, and that he has someone discipling him so that he doesn’t fall astray.

                                             And you know, like I said, the Bible is very clear that if it’s a novice, you shouldn’t elevate them too fast in the ministry because the threat is that they will fall, and if he falls, someone like him at that level, not only could many people be led astray. But it also can be a black eye in Christianity because you know like I do, Sam, when a famous pastor falls, a lot of people, they don’t look at it as that person being a human falling, but they look at it as an indictment against Christianity, and the whole born again experience.

Sam Rohrer:                      Joe, that was a lot of words of wisdom there, personally I think very, very well stated and well-balanced. Dave, let me go to you. You may have some additional thoughts to add to that. I know one of the examples in scripture, the Apostle Paul talks about whether the gospel is preached, and he talked about Apollos, and some were saying, “Well, I’m of this guy, and I’m of that guy.” And he said, “Look, wait a minute. If the words that are given, are given, let that stand on its own because God, in His sovereign plan, has a way of communicating truth to people, and sometimes from the most unlikely sources.”

                                             So you may have some thoughts additionally to that, because you work in Washington. I was in office. Guys who were in office, the same thing, got a big platform, some can make big statements and they can appear to be true and then they end up being false. So offer some thoughts into this as we approach and think about Kanye, or really anybody else who were to arise and have a platform, and again, looking at it, and follow up on what Joe just said.

Dave Kistler:                      Well, I think Joe said it very, very well. In fact, it’s very wisely and eloquently stated. Skepticism but not pessimism. Wow, that’s a mouthful, in and of itself. And I use this phrase, Sam, professionally suspicious. Anybody that’s been in ministry, anybody that’s certainly worked in Washington, D.C., develops a little bit of a nature that is just professionally suspicious. You don’t take everything at face value. However, let me cite a Biblical example. There was a man of great notoriety in the Bible who professed faith in Christ, and the church did not want to accept him initially, and that man’s name was Saul of Tarsus, later to become the Apostle Paul. But one man, by the name of Barnabas, saw enough and believed enough about the genuineness of Saul’s conversion that he went and took him in, brought him to the apostles, declared unto them the scripture says how Saul had seen the Lord and the way, God had spoken to him.

                                             So I think what we need to do is, because up to this point, now again, up to this point, and I’ve watched pretty much every interview Kanye has done up to this point, what he is saying is the right thing, what he is saying is the truth, and all he is doing is declaring what Jesus has done for him. Is their immaturity there? Is there a novice nature there that Joe cautioned about? Absolutely. The words of Joe were so well-stated, so wisely stated. But I’m seeing right now would scream to me that this man has experienced genuine conversion. Until I hear something otherwise, I’m going to believe him.

                                             The other thing I would say is this. The gentleman that’s discipling him is a guy named Adam Tyson, he’s from California, he is a pastor. I’ve looked at his website, read his doctrinal statement, listen to some of his preaching. It is as solid exegesis of the scripture as you would want to find. So if a man like that is discipling Kanye and vouches for the fact that he believes Kanye’s is conversion is real, then I’m going to accept that until I hear something to the contrary.

Sam Rohrer:                      Wow, Dave and Joe both, I think, really good responses. Ladies and gentlemen, Dave was saying we, on this program, as you know, we initiated a week ago here now our 52 Tuesdays Prayer Initiative, and that is our call for Americans, the remnant in America, those who know how to pray to enter into pray using every Tuesday as a reminder that in November 3rd, 2020 there will be an election from which point we’re going to have to decide who we’re going to vote for for president and others. We’re saying we need to use that, let’s use that as a reminder every day, frankly, every Tuesday at least, that we need to be deciding what we’re doing in regard to God, our obedience to Him, and like Joshua, have we said, “As for me and my house, we’re going to serve the Lord”? We have to do that as preparation for it in all of this.

                                             When we come back in this next segment, Dave and Joe are going to be closing this program in prayer, and praying for these very things that we’re talking about on this program today, for our nation as a whole, and even Kanye, certainly, that he would grow in grace.

Dave Kistler:                      Well ladies and gentleman, welcome back to Stand In The Gap Today. This is Dave Kistler, joined today by Pastor Joe Green and Sam Rohrer, who was on the program just moments ago, and in the first three segments has had to step away because he has to catch a flight. He has not been kidnapped, I assure you, but he’s got to catch a flight for another obligation. So we’re going to wrap up the program today, and I want to thank you for joining us, Vince Ellison, wow, in the first two segments, powerful information communicated. And then in the last segment, the discussion about the conversion of Kanye West, equally powerful.

                                             And Brother Joe, I want to thank you for being on the program today. We have been taking this last segment over the last several weeks to just literally go to the Lord in prayer and pray for our nation, pray for our president, pray for the upcoming 2020 elections, which are now just about 51 weeks away. And so we’re going to do that. If I could, Brother Joe, I want to ask you just to make a comment, if you would, just to kind of encapsulate everything we’ve discussed today. We’re talking about the Black community, the African American community, what the Democratic Party has done, or perhaps maybe better said, not done to try to keep them enslaved. And of course, Vince talked about that powerfully. But anything you’d like to say about that? Then we’ll go to prayer.

Joe Green:                          Absolutely. And I really appreciated Mr. Ellison’s comments, and especially looking forward to reading his book, The Iron Triangle. But I think, in this time, that it is so important for us, especially as people of color, for us to come out of this identity politics, just bound to one party because we’ve seen, at least over the last 50 years, that the effects on us just being so loyal to one party has meant the destruction of our families, our communities, and major cities are in very much disrepair. Instead of us looking for solutions and principles that can help to rebuild our community, we’re engaging in this identity politics that just has us loyal to one party.

                                             And so I really appreciate people like himself, and even Kanye, who is saying, “Hey, we got to take another look at this. We got to look at what are the principles that we need to stand on to help our community? And it doesn’t matter which party it is, but whatever party is supporting those principles are the ones that we have to stick with.” That’s so important because that is how you rebuild a community. And also, in keeping with his newly professed Christian faith, that the principles that he is espousing are principles that are kingdom principles, they are based on the Bible. And we know without a shadow of a doubt that when we stand on the principles of God and on the word of God, there’s reconciliation, there’s healing, and there’s restoration. That’s what we need not only for Black people, but for this nation as a whole. In this time, we need reconciliation, we need restoration, we need healing, and we need God’s connection, if you will, His intervention in the direction that this nation is going.

Dave Kistler:                      So well said, Brother Joe. And ladies and gentlemen, if I could just echo something that Brother Joe alluded to, either in segment two or segment three, he was talking about our voting. And my father said it very similar to the way Joe stated it, and let me just say what my father said to me. He said, “Son,” and this was before I voted the first time in 1980, he said, “Son, don’t vote party, don’t vote person. Don’t vote because you like the person, whether it’s their looks, or their ability to communicate, or whatever it is. Don’t vote party, don’t vote person, but vote principle. Vote for those people who espouse principles that are most closely aligned with the word of God.”

                                             Ladies and gentlemen, if we do that, because there are no perfect candidates, there’s never been a perfect candidate, because Jesus isn’t on the ballot. And by the way, Jesus will never be on the ballot because He is not elected, He rules by divine fiat. And so every person that is on a ballot is a person who is very, very imperfect. We sometimes say, “You know, we have to vote this time for the lesser of two evils.” Can I say it? I don’t like that phrase. I word it this way, we vote every time for the better of two very imperfect people. But we vote based on what their principles are, and the policies they espouse. So you’re going to need to get thoroughly acquainted with the party platforms as we move into the 2020 elections, and then you ask for God’s direction, and leadership, and wisdom. And I promise you, if you genuinely want that, He will grant that wisdom to you.

                                             Well, ladies and gentleman, thank you for joining us today. Pastor Joe Green, thank you so much, my friend, for being on the program. Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you’ll join us again tomorrow for our next installment of Standing In The Gap Today. And until then, do what we all should do, and that is stand up for truth right where you are. We’ll see you tomorrow.