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Sam Rohrer:       Well, hello and welcome to this week’s midweek edition of Stand In The Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’m going to be joined today by Evangelist Dave Kistler and Pastor Gary Dull. We have a packed program today, a special guest, not new to Stand In The Gap Today, but it’s been a while since he’d been with us. His name is IQ al Rassooli and he is calling in from an undisclosed location. In the United Kingdom, I’ll give you that, but undisclosed beyond that. And I’m telling you, someone who has lots to say. If you’ve been listening to the program for some time, you will recognize this guest.

Sam Rohrer:                      With the Trump defense team having now concluded their presentation and constitutional arguments to the U.S. Senate, who, as we now have learned, sit as both judge and jury in these impeachment hearings, and the Trump defense team’s recommendation that based on the evidence the Senate needs to acquit the president, the Senate now moves to two days of question and answer whereupon a vote will be taken. That vote will determine whether further witnesses will be considered, and I’m going to say here, in violation of the constitutional procedures for impeachment and the role of the Senate as judge and jury. Or, the other hand, whether they will vote to acquit the president or to convict him based on, again my opinion, the flimsy and the partisan case presented by the Democrat House managers where their stated motive is to remove Trump from the U.S. presidential 2020 ballot.

Sam Rohrer:                      Now, we’ve covered this event and we’ll do so in the days ahead. One thing is obvious, and we discuss it regular on this program, one’s worldview and one’s perspective shapes one’s view of life determines what’s perceived to be true or false, what’s acceptable or unacceptable and much more. We’re going to see these worldviews manifest themselves, I believe, in the Q & A phase and the ultimate votes as they come up in the next days.

Sam Rohrer:                      That being said, on the program today I’ve made the theme, truth from afar. Now, our focus today will be to get a view of not only impeachment process from the eyes of someone who loves America but lives abroad, and that is IQ al Rassooli. He’s the author of three-part trilogy entitled Lifting The Veil. IQ’s truth from afar perspective as a person living now in an undisclosed location in the UK. We’re going to get his take on these things; the impeachment saga, we’re going to ask him to handicap the Mideast peace plan just unveiled yesterday, we’re going to ask him what it means to Israel and the Middle East now that Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, controls the government of Lebanon, and we’re going to get his take on the developing Corona virus scare, particularly now that the UK has just canceled all flights to and from China. The U.S. has actually shunted a couple of flights to [Millenbright 00:03:06] Bases. Now, all of that being said, a lot’s going to go on today on the program and I want to go right now at welcoming IQ al Rassooli. Thank you for being with us.

IQ al Rassooli:                   Thank you for having me.

Sam Rohrer:                      Let me get right into it, IQ, we need to get your response on this. The impeachment hearings, they are dominating the U.S. Media. Those who love truth and justice are following this saga carefully, yet the polls indicate that the public’s position, at least in America, on impeachment basically tracks their view of the president. If they like what he’s doing, they favor acquittal. If they oppose the president’s policies, they favor conviction. My question to you, what’s being reported around the world, IQ, and what is the perception from the standpoint of those who love freedom? On one hand, what are they perceiving, at least from your vantage point overseas in Europe, and what are those people think who favor globalism and don’t like Donald Trump?

IQ al Rassooli:                   First of all, America’s got to understand something. In Europe they’re more interested in what’s happening with Brexit. They’re not very much interested in what’s happening in America, only people who are interested in America, such as myself. I watched all the proceedings from the day the Democrat walked from the House to the Senate, it was like a dead man’s walking, till the last minute of the defense of Donald Trump by his people. The first two hours of the defense were enough to destroy everything that was from the House, the first two hours. Why? Simple. First of all, in their haste, especially Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, in her haste to convict, she didn’t go through the process which was delineated in the constitution. That means, to have a vote in the House, all the House, to appoint a group of people who will represent the House, to put the impeachment documents in front of the Senate.

IQ al Rassooli:                   She didn’t do that. She wanted to cut corners. She went directly. So, all these opinions that they were talking about were illegal. I want Americans to understand something, I am a foreigner. I know more about the constitution than most Americans, which is sickening actually, really sickening. Because you don’t need to be a genius to figure out what is right and what is wrong. Remember one thing, all of you please, whether you’re a Democrat or not, from the day before Donald Trump went into the House, the White House, from the first day in 2016 and, in fact, in 2015, they wanted to impeach him. So, this impeachment is a [inaudible 00:06:07]. It’s got nothing to do with law and order. It’s nothing to do with the constitution. It’s pure hatred of the man. Why? He’s draining the swamp. Donald Trump is destroying 70 years of the swamp, and they don’t like it. I don’t blame them, but what they’re doing-

Dave Kistler:                      IQ, let me…

IQ al Rassooli:                   … they’re trying to destroy America in the meantime.

Dave Kistler:                      IQ you are reading my mail. The things you have said are some of the things that I’ve stated on social media that we’ve talked to men on this program as well. But I want to ask this quick question before we have to go into the break. Obviously impeachment is a process that the constitution of the United States allows. It should be based on very, very serious charges, neither of which the two articles, as you’ve so accurately and eloquently stated, neither of these articles really rise to that level. But I’m curious as someone who’s living outside the United States, people in the UK that are paying attention to this, do they see the constitution as being weakened by this process? Maybe even more importantly, how do people from outside the United States that are paying attention view American leadership right now in light of this entire impeachment fiasco?

Sam Rohrer:                      I’m going to ask you IQ… IQ, hold that answer. We’re at a break right now. I don’t want to cut you off in the middle. I want you to come back and answer that question that Dave just posed to you. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to find out from IQ what are the rest of the world thinking about what’s happening? Are they being encouraged to buy our constitutional form of government, or are they being discouraged by what’s happening? I think it’s a key question.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, welcome back to Stand In The Gap. I’m Sam Rohrer. Our special guest today, IQ al Rassooli. Our theme, as we’ve set it up, is truth from afar. That’s simply said for reason that we’re trying to get a perspective of someone who is not a U.S. citizen, is calling in from overseas, but who is a friend of the United States and freedom. Again, his name is IQ al Rassooli. Before we left the break, IQ, Dave asked you a question in simple terms. Keep it short because I want to move right into the Trump peace plan and your thoughts on that. But in general sense, as people overseas, Europe, England or wherever you speak from are watching the impeachment hearings, is the view of what the United States stands for and freedom here being helped by what is happening, or is it being harmed by what is happening?

IQ al Rassooli:                   There’s neither harm or advantage in it, because for simple reason, ladies and gentlemen, the news media in Europe reflect exactly what the U.S. media in America is doing. Are you with me?

Sam Rohrer:                      That’s a good point.

IQ al Rassooli:                   It’s a one-sided thing. Everything that Donald Trump does is pictured as a negative, no matter how good it is. And everything that he doesn’t do, also is pictured negative. So, it’s a reflection of the news media of America. If you’re asking me what does the ordinary man and woman in Europe think, they don’t think. They’re absorbing the garbage that the news media is telling them.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s why we talk about truth, because if you know the truth, you perceive what’s happening one way. If you don’t know the truth, you’re basically perceiving it another way. I’m going to say, as what we’re seeing by the House floor managers in the impeachment case, that’s an example. I’m going to shift gears right now.

Sam Rohrer:                      Yesterday afternoon in the White House, President Donald Trump was joined by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his political opponent, Benny Gantz. The president unveiled his long awaited Mideast peace plan. Among other things, that plan calls for the United States to recognize Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem, over the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria. Now in addition, President Trump’s, and this is the name of it, Peace to Prosperity plan. That’s the name of it, Peace to Prosperity plan, and this is the rest of the title, A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People. Now that’s the full title of what the president unveiled.

Sam Rohrer:                      That plan is, without dispute, the most detailed plan for peace offered by anyone thus far. You can find the link and you can go down through it. It’s interesting reading. It offers a two-state solution, while at the same time not requiring Israel to give up any current settlements, nor does it force any Palestinians to relocate. Under any estimation, it is quite a plan, yet the Palestinians, they’ve already rejected it. Netanyahu already announced he’s planning to move swiftly next week to work with his cabinet to proceed with the annexation of the Jordan Valley. Thus firming up the Eastern boundary of Israel, which is an objective of President Trump’s. Necessary, he says, for the security of Israel. But, can there be peace? What will the Arab world now do?

Sam Rohrer:                      With that, IQ, the Israelis are praising the president’s plan, Palestinians already rejecting it. In the end, will the Arab world accept it and force the Palestinians to accept and live by the proposal? If yes, why? If not, why not?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Well, two things. Most Americans don’t realize that the Arabs could have had a two-state solution in 1947, with UN Resolution 181. They rejected it because they truly believed they can exterminate the Jews of the State of Israel by war. They lost. Had they not gone to war, they would have been no Arab refugees and no occupied lands. Before I answer your question about Trump’s Middle East peace initiative, and other religious questions, I must point out that not a single politician, historian, scholar of Islam and/or Middle East has addressed, for the last 70 years, the following: Why are all initiatives for peace in the middle East failing? Dear listeners, the Arab-Israeli conflict has absolutely nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with land or territory or occupied or otherwise, but only, and I repeat, only to do with Sharia.

IQ al Rassooli:                   Why do I point this out? Because it is the elephant that has filled the room of the Arab-Israeli conflict centuries before 1947. Because the battle between Arabs and Jews, like the conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims called Kufr Infidels, is based entirely upon a belief system of Islamic Sharia, and has zero relationship to do with anything else. Sharia is what determines and controls the lives of every follower of Mohammad, from birth to death. Each and every one of one and a half billion of them, representing 20% of current humanity, are controlled theologically, socially, economically, legally, educationally, politically, and militarily. Dear Americans, 1400 years ago Muhammad instituted Sharia on his followers. Sharia is based upon two pillars of Islam; Muhammad Quran and Muhammad Sunna. Sunna means the traditions about Muhammad’s personal life. Muhammad does declare, 1400 years ago, totally war against all the human beings who do not believe in his Islamic Sharia.

IQ al Rassooli:                   He divided the humanity into two distinct and irreconcilable groups. That is Islam. The territory of the Muslims where Sharia is applied, and that’ll help the territory of war where non-Sharia compliant, infidels Kufr, non-Muslims reside. That is why for 1400 years, and for as long as Sharia-compliant Islam he exists, we, non-Muslim Kufr, will forever suffer the terror and war from Muslims, forever. So, when people speak about making peace, it cannot be done. Why? Simple. Sharia forbids it. Sharia forbids that a Christian, or a Buddhist, or a Jewish, or a Hindu entity, can exist among Muslims. Do I make myself clear. Is it difficult to understand?

Gary Dull:                           No, you are very, very clear with that IQ and I appreciate you bringing it up because it really fits into this concept of peace being discussed there in the Middle East. We, as Christians, believe that it will not ever be completely peaceful there until the Lord Jesus Christ returns. And so I think that that is a very good explanation because it explains to our listeners the whole concept as it relates to the Muslims.

Gary Dull:                           But, let’s go back to the matter with what took place there in Washington D.C. yesterday with regard to the peace plan from President Trump. Since Prime Minister Netanyahu says that he will move quickly to annex the Jordan Valley, and of course, that will include sovereignty over the City of Jerusalem and its area as well, do you see that this experience will push back Hezbollah, Iran or Hamas, or will it not have too much of a response, just like what took place whenever the United States Embassy was moved to Jerusalem?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Similar to what’s happened with Jerusalem. Look, I want to understand people are listening. If somebody wants to kill you, what are you going to give them? More ammunition to kill you? More land to kill you? What? They want the Jews dead. They want the Christians dead. By the way, as we speak, people don’t realize, even in America, that the most persecuted people on the planet in the 21st century are Christians. By whom? By Muslims. From Indonesia to Malaysia, to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and all of North Africa, Christians are being exterminated. It’s genocide. Yet, nobody in the Western Christians societies, not the Pope, not the Anglican Church, nobody is mentioning it on the news. Can you believe that? But it’s true. It’s a fact.

IQ al Rassooli:                   In my country, Iraq, in 2003 we had 1.3 million Christians, the oldest Christian community on planet. Today, as I’m speaking to you, there are less than 180,000 left, and they’re leaving. Why? Because Iraq has implemented Sharia. Indonesia has now Sharia. Every single Muslim country on the planet, now they’re implementing Sharia. And under Sharia, by the way, the infidels are not the second class citizens. Yes, they’re just one little step higher in the ladder of evolution than domestic animals. I know it sounds obscene and outrageous to say these things, but I’ll tell you what, I challenge any listener to prove me wrong, any. You can’t challenge me based on what the Quran says. You can’t. Nobody can. That’s exactly what the Quran says. “Unbelievers are beasts.” That’s what Quran says. We are beasts. According to Islam, we can be plundered, raped, enslaved, butchered, everything. Don’t take my word for it, read Muhammad’s Quran. It can be mandatory education in the military, in politics and universities. Mandatory.

Sam Rohrer:                      IQ, we are not just having to take your word for it because we’ve had many guests, including you, who have been former Muslims, one even a former Muslim Iman who has been with us regularly. All say the very same thing. So, ladies and gentlemen, what IQ just said about what is the likelihood for a Palestinian or Arab embracing of any peace plan, particularly that which is now on the table, put there by the president. He basically is saying it’s not going to happen, and it’s because of the presence of Sharia. As long as Islam is Islam, they cannot make peace with the West plan or with Israel. Major point to keep in mind.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, welcome back to Stand In The Gap again. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by Dave Kistler and Gary Dull today, and our special guest IQ al Rassooli. He is an Islam expert. He’s an author of the trilogy of books entitle, Lifting The Veil, exposing the many faces of Muhammadism and the Quran. He’s a speaker, he’s a Middle east strategist as well. Great to have him back on the program with us today. We’re trying to get his perspective. I’m calling this program today, truth from afar, and the reason for that is that IQ is calling in from this location overseas, and so he has a perspective. Not as a U.S. Citizen, but as I former Iraqi who knows what living around and under Sharia is all about, and goes to the heart of what’s the conflict is in the Middle East. He’s already given us his thoughts on the peace plan, and why, because of Sharia, it will be, effectively, an impossibility to produce peace.

Sam Rohrer:                      But we’re not going to go any further on that at the moment. I’m going to shift gears. Now, in the Middle East, because just recently, or we could go, Hezbollah, as a prime proxy of Iran, and really poses next to Iran, the greatest security threat to Israel. Hezbollah has now officially been recognized as fully governing or controlling the government of Lebanon, which gives them, not only a geographical power base, but really control of a sovereign state with military powers and rights. It sits immediately right there next to Israel. The question is if they will use this power against Israel, and what might be expected in the days immediately ahead of us, particularly as they work in alignment with Iran.

Sam Rohrer:                      Now, IQ, before we get your opinion on the potential impact of Hezbollah now officially controlling the Lebanese government, we’ve not had the benefit of your view of President Trump authorizing the killing of Iran’s Soleimani. This we’ve talked about a lot. Clearly it was a game changer in the conflict between Iran and the United States, but the question is, to what degree? As a former Iraqi yourself, what message did this action by the president, what message did it send to Iran, to Iran’s proxies, and perhaps frankly, maybe to the entire world? Something happened, what do you think happened actually there?

IQ al Rassooli:                   With his single action of exterminating Soleimani, he completely destroyed the aura that the Ayatollahs have had for 40 years. That there are reasonable people and that people can talk to them and that they’re not a terrorist organization. With one single act, all the fear that they instilled in everybody else around them was gone. Now, they are afraid. Believe it or not, the Ayatollahs now are afraid. Because at the same time, by exterminating him or eliminating, assassinating, whatever you want to call it, he empowered all the young people in Iran who hate the mullahs. So, it’s a double action.

IQ al Rassooli:                   He took out the fear, which is so important, because three days after Soleimani was killed, Jewish Arabs killed another commander of the [inaudible 00:22:42], which are the terrorist groups used by Iranians to suppress all opposition. They killed him right in front of his house. The fear element is gone now. It’s past. Done. They can threaten from here to eternity. Okay, they throw some rockets on Iraq, but they made sure that they don’t kill any Americans, because they knew Trump is not Obama. When Trump says, “You kill an American, I will destroy you,” they understood the language. How is it possible to send 15 missiles and not a single person is killed. True, they damaged a few. Some people have traumatic experiences because of the attack, but nobody was killed. When they attack the embassy in Baghdad, trying to do a repeat performance of the Iranian hostage taking, nothing happened. Nobody was killed. He empowered 100 more troops to take care of the embassy and he held both the Iraqi government and Iran completely personally responsible if anybody dies. We’ve got nobody in 40 years, since 1979 when the ayatollahs took over, nobody in the West was ever able to stand up to them and tell them off. He’s done it. They are now afraid. They are literally afraid and it’s a matter of time, a very short period of time I hope, a year, maybe two years, they will be overthrown.

IQ al Rassooli:                   He has done a remarkable job. It doesn’t matter what the media thinks. It doesn’t matter what his opponents say. I said it many times on your show, and in every talk show, Donald Trump is a three-dimensional chess player. Not two dimensional, three dimensional. Those who underestimated him, every single one of them has lost. If they think this charade of the impeachment would work, it won’t work. There was nothing to impeach and all the items of impeachment, had nothing to do with the four items that are put in the constitution. Not one of them.

Dave Kistler:                      IQ, let me jump in and ask you this… By the way, I agree with you completely. I believe this president is a three-dimensional chess player while the other folks are probably just playing checkers. They’re not even playing chess. But the president, obviously, is trying to crush the head of the snake here, so to speak, in the Middle East, that being Iran, but he’s also trying to deal with the rest of the snake, and I’m talking about in Iran’s proxies; Hezbollah, Hamas and others. My question to you really is a two-part one and it’s two distinct questions, I guess really. Is the president’s plan working with respect to Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and so on? And then I want you, if you could, to back up and just give us your opinion about the peace plan the president revealed yesterday. Obviously there’s a lot of disagreement here in our country with respect to it. I’m hearing some people saying the president’s plan makes too many concessions with respect to Israel. Do you see anything weak in the president’s peace plan toward Israel, or do you see it as a continuation of the incredibly strong position the president has maintained thus far with respect to Israel?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Look, to talk realistically, there has to be quid pro quo between the Iranians and Palestinians. You’ve got to give and take, there’s no question about that. By the way, the so-called Palestinians were given 98% of their wanted under Barack, the previous prime minister of Israel, and [inaudible 00:26:41]. Again, 98 they gave them, but every time they refused, they got less and less and less. These plans that the president have put forth will have to be discussed most internally [inaudible 00:00:26:54], and by the so-called Palestinians. But the Palestinians already rejected everything, preemptively. They reject everything preemptively. As I said, they could have had a state in 1948, but they failed, in 1967 they failed, in 1973 they failed when the president of Egypt and [inaudible 00:27:21], when he went to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and he talked to the Israelis, they gave him the Sinai, 21,000 square miles of territory with oil and gas without shooting a bullet.

IQ al Rassooli:                   He told the Palestinians, “Give me the right to talk on your behalf.” They refused. He told the Syrians, “Give me the right to talk on your behalf. I will get to the Golan.” They refused. You see, we are not dealing with rational human beings. So, we’ll see. [inaudible 00:27:55] is threatening Israel. I mean, really, realistically Israel could wipe out the whole of its neighbors completely and utterly. I’m not talking about evasion by land forces. We don’t need invasion nowadays in modern technology. With modern technology, you don’t need land invasion. You need missiles. You need rockets. You need good missiles. You need aeroplanes. It can be done by air. They can wipe them out completely, but they’re not doing it because of world opinion or so-called world opinion.

IQ al Rassooli:                   But if somebody is attacking them to destroy them, forget about world opinion. If I’m going to be killed and have to defend myself, they will do that. That’d be certainly in there for 72 years. It’s not going stop. They’ve been threatening the world for 1,400 years, Islam. It’s not going to stop. The only way to stop it is to stand together. If we stand together, that means the West with… Even with Russia. Russia is not there we are good to ask the question, maybe. Russia is not the enemy of Europe. Russia is not the enemy of America. The only people who will not allow Trump to be friendly with Russia are the Democrats. That’s the only people. He could have got on with Putin beautifully. Why? Russia has nuclear weapons, thousands of them. They have the delivery systems, thousands of them. But they have no intention of invading anybody. Somebody will say, “What about Ukraine?” What about bloody Ukraine? So, what? The territories that the Russians took from Ukraine had a majority of Russians in them.

Sam Rohrer:                      And with that, IQ, we’re going to have to break away here for this break. When we come back, just because of the emphasis here, we’re probably not going to go back on that. We’re going to let those comments stand.


Sam Rohrer:                      Right, as we swing now into our final segment, I just want to remind all who are listening that you can go to our website, either, or the site, or off your app. But when you’re there, the topics section allows you to take and sort out and bring up smaller pieces of programs that have run on key themes within each of them. For instance, I just brought up on my iPhone that’s in front of me, on my app. I went to the topic section at the bottom of the screen and I scrolled down until I found the word Islam, as an example. Our guest, IQ al Rassooli wrote the trilogy of books, Lifting The Veil. He’s spoken about Sharia on this program and what’s really at stake and how that is affecting and directing much of what’s happening in the Middle East. But if you go there, you’ll find, for instance, two categories of Islam; Islam one, Islam two. Under one of them there are about 35 entries, and on the other I just roughly counted probably 300, maybe, that are there. So, an awful lot you can find. Take advantage of it. Pieces of this program, for example, will find their way onto that, but take advantage of that. Lots of information.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, shifting gears here. One last topic we want to get a little bit of perspective on before we close this program in prayer today. It’s official now, the United Kingdom has stopped all flights between China and Great Britain, or the United Kingdom. The U.S. has diverted at least one flight and may cancel all. That’s in discussion. 50 million people now, at least this is what’s being said by China, are quarantined in China. Multiple cities, train traffic and others between the cities have been stopped. It’s affecting their economy dramatically because people are afraid to go to meetings or go to work. It’s a big deal. The Chinese communist government, which is what’s there, have been offered help, as an example, by the United States Centers for Disease Control, the CDC. They were officially refused yesterday.

Sam Rohrer:                      On economic fronts, the expanding Corona virus has been labeled a potential Black Swan, meaning that it could, if it continues to grow, become an event to collapse some national economies that are weak, perhaps impacting the entire world. As I would say, while much is known, it appears that there’s a whole lot more unknown, as this fast mutating virus has reached literally now around the world. With the communist Chinese leaders refusing assistance, and being viewed by most experts as lying about the impacts thus far, the question is, perhaps, what are we expecting? IQ, really you’re not a doctor. I’m not asking you to give any comment on that because that’s not your area of expertise, but I am just kind of wondering, out of curiosity, how is this issue being covered right now on the European news scene, in Great Britain, and particularly now that the UK has canceled? What are they saying and what are you hearing about this development?

IQ al Rassooli:                   Well, they think it’s very seriously. It’s not a joke. By the way, for the Communist Party in China to refuse the CDC offer is a big mistake. Absolutely catastrophic mistake for them, by the way. They’re making a huge mistake in this, because this is a global problem. This is not an issue to do with China alone. I’m sorry to hear what you said, that they refused. Well, that is unbelievable. Wrong move, I’m telling you. A catastrophic move for them. They will beg later on to have help, because this is going to turn into a pandemic, the way it is moving now. It’s transmitted by coughing, literally by air. Like all of these types of viruses, this one mutated in such a way that it jumps from animals to humans, and then from human to human. No, it’s frightening. It’s spread already in many parts of the world. In Europe, in Latin America, in Israel. We don’t know if any of the Muslim countries because they wouldn’t know A from B until somebody dies. But it is. It’s a serious situation. Extremely serious. The Chinese are making a mistake by keeping it only to themselves. They have definitely not told the truth, no question. They have not told the truth. They are hiding the truth. It must be more extensive than they said. What do you think?

Sam Rohrer:                      I think that’s the case, IQ, by what we’re saying and as it unfolds. I just wanted to get a comment. I want to see what you were sensing from the media in Europe, the UK in particular, and you have given that.