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Sam Rohrer:                      With many primary elections now behind us and completed, and perhaps the greatest high stakes presidential election approaching on November 3rd, it’s time to consider the latest information. What we know about those things that perhaps could threaten an honest election, and present to the people of this country, a potential voter related fraud. Yes, that’s what we’re going to talk about today, because it’s a real issue. And with that, I welcome you to this important Thursday edition of Stand In The Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and today I’m going to be joined by pastor Joe Green, who hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He’ll be in the cohost position today and he’s been on the program before, but he and I will be holding the program down today.

                                             We know that the issue of voter fraud has been an increasingly serious issue. I think you probably do as well. We’ve discussed it multiple times over the years on this program. Now in 2020 though, our entire nation, it has been subjected to an unexpected impact. We call it the COVID-19 scare. And with it has come a range, wide ranging policy changes that have already dislocated and changed normal voting patterns and voting access patterns across the country. In addition, even if nothing else arises out of the developing violence that we’re seeing on our streets, and it well could, as we’ve talked about another programs. But even if nothing else happens relative to that, voting in November has already been affected and it will be affected just because of the COVID stuff. Now that’s a given, but to what extent is still unknown, but the potential for significant fraud is coming into focus.

                                             And I submit however, that any time there are major changes, even minor changes in the way the voting process works, it will introduce unknowns and variables that all provide perfect opportunity for widespread fraud, including lengthy legal challenges and charges, encountered charges regarding voter fraud and all of that. I think, you know what I mean. But the push is on, it really is. The push is on to debunk the fear of voter fraud. And the Deep State, I’m going to use that word and broadly, you know what I mean. The Deep State is doing their best to suppress any discussion relative to that. For example, over a year ago, the Washington post ran an article entitled Voter Fraud is Not a Problem in America, Low Turnout is. Another article back after the 16 election, was debunking the voter fraud myth. And it said that the facts make it clear fraud is vanishingly rare, as they said, and does not happen on any scale even close enough to necessarily rig an election. But I disagree with that, and I think others do.

                                             So today I’ve asked in Tomi Collins, she’s the CEO of Right Hook Op, LLC, she’s also the executive director of America Restored, to be with us. She discussed with us over a year ago on this same issue on this program, the theme. She’s a business entrepreneur, regular guest on multiple media, and an authority on the matter of voting integrity and the scope of the problem and what can be done about it. Our program theme for today is this 2020 voter fraud, potential, strategic and serious. And I want to get right into that right now by inviting in to the program, Tomi Collins. Tomi, thank you for being with us again.

Tomi Collins:                     Well thank you for having me. It is my pleasure.

Sam Rohrer:                      Tomi, we have an awful lot to cover. I wish we had a three hour program, but we don’t. So we’re going to move right into it. Let’s get right into this issue with you right off. Tomi, in objective terms, measurable, verifiable, as best as you can, to what degree has the risk for potential voter fraud increased in the United States since we talked about a year ago? And as we are moving toward this scheduled November 3rd election is the potential increasing, and if so, by how much, and why do you say that?

Tomi Collins:                     The potential is definitely increasing on multiple levels. I think people can see what’s been going on. If they’re getting some of the good media, like Judicial Watch just sued LA County alone, there were 3 million what they found ineligible voters on the voter rolls. They settled out of court for 1.5 million of them to be removed. That leaves the 1.5 million of like, “Why are they still on there?” It was in a settlement. This is happening across the board. The voter rolls are stacked. We see in the Nevada situation where they mailed out ballots, they were found in garbage cans all over. One mail lady said there was tons of dead people on there. This narrative that they have, trying to say that the voter rolls are okay is just completely idiotic. And the frustrating thing is it’s a very, very easily solvable problem. So we have a method that we could solve this problem in 30 to 45 days, nationwide.

Sam Rohrer:                      We’re going to get into that in a minute, at the end of the program, Tomi. And Joe, I know you’ve got to get a question in here before we go to the break. What is it?

Joe Green:                          Yeah. Tomi, this is the age old strategy we’ve seen. But as soon as anyone begins to talk about an organized approach for voter fraud, as an example that the Deep State is at work, the term conspiracy theorists comes up. You’ve spoken on this issue before. Can you identify the source of that strategy, that’s used so frequently to scare people away from speaking truth?

Tomi Collins:                     Absolutely. A lot of people don’t understand that that term conspiracies theory was coined by the CIA, I believe in the late 60s, with regards to anybody who went against their narrative. So now it’s become so blatant that if we see something that looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck, we’re like, “Oh, it’s an ostrich. My goodness, we better not call it a duck.” Now as all around us, we see we look like a third world country. Because for so long we’ve looked at these situations and we see the problem, but we’ve been programmed pretty much to not call a spade a spade. You know what I mean? To not call out what we see.

                                             And so with that said, the last time I was on your show and I gave some information and there was a big hit piece that was done on it. And they run these narratives where they call names. And apparently I am an antisemitic, globalist, conspiracy theorist. And which is really interesting since I just found out I’m actually a Jew. I co-lead tours regularly to Israel. I love the Jewish people. So unfortunately, as a history will show, George Soros is Jewish. However, he was involved with the Nazis and confiscating the goods of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. So that is a problem, but we have to understand how George Soros fit into this scenario with the voting machines.

Sam Rohrer:                      Tomi, we’re out of time. We may be able to get into that. I know you discussed that on the last program.

Sam Rohrer:                     Welcome back to Stand In The Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by Joe Green today and our special guest, Tomi Collins, executive director of America Restored. Our theme 2020 voter fraud potential strategic, serious. Regardless of what many in the left say or the right even say about voter fraud or other election irregularities, as I quoted in an article from some time ago, as it was stated, “Vanishingly rare,” as they said. The mere fact that the Deep State and the globalist behind the Russian scandal hoax, remember that? They were willing to suggest then that a foreign power could literally skew an entire us Presidential election. The fact that they said that should alert all Americans to the reality that it just might be possible to skew an entire Presidential election. Particularly as I would say, particularly when the country appears to be so evenly divided, it does make a difference sometimes, a thousand votes, a hundred votes, two votes, one vote.

                                             As we approached the November election, just over a hundred days from now, the introduction of COVID-19 policies alone have already potential election fraud. The question comes down to what do we know? What are the facts? What’s logical to project, perhaps at this point? With that, Tomi, I want to go back and continue on this theme now, as we try to identify some of the strategy. On this program in the past, we talked about the all too familiar irregularities that we’ve seen come out of Florida and the governor’s race down there in the past. Ballots were impounded to be recounted. We all remember hundreds of ballots, mysteriously showing up, being found in the trunk of a car, as an example. We remember the hanging chads and the prolonged, lengthy legal fighting that was going on.

                                             But now we’ve got COVID-19 policies, and have an emphasis on, as an example, mail in ballots. You’ve already referred to some of that in this first segment, but let’s just take this example right now of mail in ballots, and the potential for fraud increase that that produces just by itself. And I actually saw something that you wrote where you actually use the word, not mail in ballots, but mail out ballots, versus absentee ballots, as an example. Talk to us about how mail in or mail out as you define it, ballots increasing the potential for voter fraud this year.

Tomi Collins:                     Okay. Well, it goes back to the voter rolls. It goes back to voter ID. We have over bloated voter rolls. That is an indisputable fact. Anybody can look into it and will see that’s a fact. With that said, you have all of these dead people on the rolls. Just using LA County for an example, we know we had 1.5 million removed. Had they had mail out ballots to those folks on the rolls, they would have had 1.5 million that we know for sure in just LA County that would have been floating around somewhere. So that’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s a fact. When the President said that they would send them out to anyone, what he means by that is their roles are so over stacked they would send them out to anyone. And they try to flip the narrative based on one little misspoken word or whatever.

                                             The fact of the matter is it’s the roles. So now here we have a bunch of people on these roles that shouldn’t be there, and they’re dead, they don’t live in the state anymore, whatever. And now these ballots are going to go to their former address. This is moronic. This is just more moronic, like anyone with a brain of common sense would know we cannot do that. So now absentee ballot, that’s a different thing. For instance, I’m a North Dakota voters. So I would go to the county over here in North Dakota, show them my identification, pick up an absentee ballot or send in for one and get an absentee ballot sent to the address, and that’s a different story. There are solutions to this we could use and we’ll get to that towards the end. We have a very, very common sense, easy solution for this whole thing, that’s not rocket science. So yeah, I mean, but mail…

                                             And then you have a RealClearPolitics article that I came across last night and it’s source says 28 million mail in ballots went missing in the last four elections. And now we remember Hillary won what, by like 2.8 million in supposedly in the popular vote. Well, come on 28 million over four years. I mean, we have a problem. We have a problem here. We have to be able to have free and fair elections, and we haven’t been getting that for years. Not just during COVID, but this is where the rubber meets the road. We either stand up and come together with one loud voice and put our foot down as Americans, right now together.

                                             Because if we don’t do it together, no one will hear us. Or I believe this is going to be the end of our country as we know it. It’s that bad. And I think people look around and see that from what we’re seeing in our nation right now, that we’ve never seen anything like this. And we turn over the reins and Deep State is not like Americans. Okay, guys, that’s a global cabal and it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s all sources of information to track. So we have a real problem that we have to solve.

Joe Green:                          Tomi, we’ve talked about, you’ve discussed the mail in ballots and the problems with that. And we’ve talked before about known problems of the voting machine programming fraud or counting fraud. To what degree is machine tampering or other likely changes in voting increased the likelihood for voter fraud this fall?

Tomi Collins:                     Okay, let me just give you folks all in example, there’s something called [Opti-Tech 00:13:45] . It’s a software that was designed by which I would call Soros’ crony, I don’t know what else, Lord Malloch Brown. He is the vice president or vice chairman of his open society, vice president, vice chairman of his investments funds. They work together, Smartmatic has been involved across the board. They continue to switch their ownership around through shell companies. But we see evidence that like in a hostile takeover, that Smartmatic still owns the intellectual property. So this Opti-Tech, one software has been put in every single machine and it does this fractionated voting count. It can be manipulated by the producers. Now, how did the American… What I mean by the creators, okay? So Malloch Brown, Soros. We see that we have Mitt Romney coming on the scene, working very closely with Soros. And we see Smartmatic first comes back on the scene in the USA, right before Romney’s primary in Utah.

                                             So these machines are completely rigged. They have been rigged for the last, how many ever presidential elections. They set margins in these machines. And this is so crazy. Hacking Democracy received an Emmy nomination in 2006. We’ve known about this for years. You know what I mean? They’ve been doing this for years and we are just sitting here going, “Oh, well. We know you’re doing it, but…” No it’s time for us to stand up and say no more. We need to do something about it. And so with that said, all of these machines are connected together. All the software’s connected together. As I said in the last program, I seen screenshots in a ranking member in Congress. I’ve seen the screenshots that the numbers changed. They went in and manipulated the numbers.

                                             We see from these different tech hacking conventions, DEF CON and stuff, they can hack these, kids can hack these systems. And people are like, “You can’t do them one by one.” No, it’s not one by one. It’s the whole entire software. We cannot use the machines. And I want to add one more quick thing. Technology moves so fast. Everybody knows it. Day by day, it’s doubling, tripling, whatever the statistics are on it. There is no way in America that we could keep machines up to date. We can’t use them. It has to be a paper ballot system. There’s no possible way to keep these machines up to date and keep them from being hacked.

Sam Rohrer:                      And that’s interesting, Tomi, because I was going to ask you, where are you going? You’re talking about paper ballot, but let’s just be realistic here. The country’s not set up for paper ballots or is it set up for paper ballots? Is that even a possibility as we get into the fall?

Tomi Collins:                     What’s that?

Sam Rohrer:                      Is that even a possibility as we move into the fall?

Tomi Collins:                     Oh my gosh, it’s such a possibility. You guys think about this, carbon copy publicly audited voting, simple, simple. We go, we get carbon copy, like a service ticket. Our ballot has a carbon copy. Every ballot has a number. Nobody knows your number, but you. You go in, you vote. You tear off your carbon copy. You send it through a PDF machine, which should be very easy to do. It takes a picture of your vote. You have the carbon copy of your vote. At one given time, it gets shot up to the internet and every freedom, loving American validates their own vote. This could be handled in 30 to 60 days, if you got…

                                             A business person could. A business person could have ballots made, with random numbers nationwide. We need to give our President the support he needs from us to say, “Call a state of an emergency. We want carbon copy, publicly audited voting. We want a carbon copy of our vote. We want to see our vote online.” It’s not rocket science, no machines necessary. No baloney. It’s there. Watchdog groups can download it. I mean, it’s just too easy. We don’t need to make it complicated.

Sam Rohrer:                      But, Tomi, it is complicated because people have made it complicated, because when it becomes complicated, you need an “expert.” And those experts happen to be aligned many times, some of what you have just described.


Sam Rohrer                       Well welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. We are at our midpoint right now. There’s this much time ahead of us as there is behind us. And we’re going to move quickly into the second half. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by Joe Green and our special guest, Tomi Collins, executive director of America Restored, which a website you can find at And we’re talking about 2020 voter fraud potential, strategic and serious. I’ve talked about this issue before on this program. Tomi’s been on, but I’ve had other guests on here as well. The issue is real. And so we have to understand it sufficiently to deal with it.

                                             Unfortunately, fraud has been around for a long time and I can’t get into it now, but I have shared on this program before how at the very highest levels of both parties, fraud was known and information delivered to attorney generals of states and the federal government on silver platters, but a refusal to deal with it. So it goes that high, and it just has to be said because it’s true. But evidence of election and voter fraud, like I said, it’s been around for a long time. And as long as depraved humanity, which we talk a lot about on this program. Because from a biblical worldview perspective, we’re not dealing with perfect people. We’re talking about mankind, who at their heart is sinful and that’s the bottom line. And as long as that’s been that way, people, groups of people decide that it’s better for them to lie and steal and cheat, rather than to work hard and to uphold integrity and duty and be honest.

                                             Now in the 2020 election, the effort to commit massive voter fraud, we’ve talked about it, it is increasing. It’s greater now than it was even two years ago. And in fact, the left, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but I’m going to share something with you. The left has already planting the seeds of a narrative to attempt to set up President Donald Trump, to look as if he is the threat. As if he is some King Tut who is determined never to office. And they’re already using words like that. And to not allow for a free election. Think about that. In a July 3rd, Newsweek editorial, just a couple of days ago, for example, the title reads How President Trump Could Lose the Election and Still Remain President! We’ll talk about that in just a minute. But, Tomi, I want to go directly to that issue. Some would say that’s a sensational topic you’re talking about. And in fact it is, I mean, but it’s real. That’s the difference between sensational lies and sensational truth.

                                             The consideration of whether this election is viewed as so important to the left and the Deep State that they will do whatever they think is necessary to steal the election, as some have said, and prevent the President from winning again, it’s just true. Tomi, before I ask you for your comment, and I want you to talk about this if you could. Let me read just a couple of lines from this Newsweek article. And it’s not that it’s this article, but this type of language has occurred all over the press. In part, it starts like this. It says, “The President seems more and more out of step with the national mood. From his handling of the pandemic, to his response to racially biased policing, not to mention a wide array of other issues, even in key swing States, Trump is losing ground that will be difficult for him to make up.”

                                             And it goes on and says, “For Trump, there are two broad pathways to maintaining power.” And then they go and they talk about him leading the way and suppressing voter turnout, suppressing mail in ballots. Those their words, all of which they are wanting mail in ballots, because they’re easy for fraud. But the President’s spoken out about it, so they’re talking, he’s guilty of suppressing mail in ballots and people having an option to vote. And they go, and they talk about even putting into effect, they’re talking “A reelection apparatus that is training 50,000 poll watchers for the purpose of challenging citizens right to vote on election day.”

                                             And then there’s other stuff. And really what they’re talking about is poll watchers are something that’s a part of what ought to be done as a part of the law. Poll watchers are allowed, and they are there to help maintain honesty. But they’re saying the fact that they’re putting that in effect, means that they are challenging a citizen’s right to vote. So you get the idea, Tomi, you know quite well. But I share that for those who are listening today, to say it’s heavy, it’s rampant. And when you see this happen, you know something’s up. So, Tomi, what do you say about this type of propaganda? It’s clearly some kind of a strategy. To what degree is it a strategy and how do you speak to that?

Tomi Collins:                     Well what we know now about these machines, this Op-Tech, is it runs fractionated. And so basically what they do, is they go set margins in these machines, they use their best guesstimate. So with this said, they missed the mark. I don’t believe they’re going to allow that to happen a second time. I think they’re going to be extremely brazen in their cheating efforts. And so they’re creating a narrative now, I believe, so when the President stands up and says, “You cheated, I’m not leaving.” They’re going to say, “See, see, see.” But what we need to understand, and if we look into this, dominion voting systems out of Canada again, the last we see Soros’ crony, Lord Malloch Brown still owns the intellectual property. Actually, we seen it, I believe transferred to Bain Capital. There’s just shell companies everywhere.

                                             With that said, those machines have now been moved into the swing states in those areas where the President won. They’ve moved them in since 2016, they were implemented in ’18. And we lost the House, really nefarious situation there. So they’re just setting this narrative up, but they’re coming full force in multiple ways. Now what a lot of people don’t understand and know in addition to that, is this avid ISIS leadership software funded by Lord Malloch Brown, is what is giving all of the media stations their live information. A Pew research study was done on this, showing that people are easily manipulated. That’s another way that they’re doing it. So they got a full core press to cheat, and they’re just basically setting, I believe, the President up so that when he stands firm and says, “You cheated, it’s blatant,” and doesn’t leave office, they’ll call him on it.

                                             But we don’t have to go there, President Trump has the ability to call a state of emergency. And I know constitutional scholars will argue desperate times call for desperate measures. I believe that if President Trump doesn’t call a state of emergency on this election, he is derelict in his duty. And I’m going to tell you why. I love the President, but if he doesn’t, he’s derelict in his duty. We have a statistics showing that 72% of Americans say it is likely that Russia or other foreign governments will attempt to influence the November elections. While the majority in both parties say this, the view is more wide spread among Democrats than among Republicans. So we have to pull any type of cheating apparatus away from the foreigners, away from Deep State, away from… I mean, heaven sakes, people in the Republican party, we see that there are Deep Staters there.

                                             So the bottom line is we have to pull away their ability, and that’s the President’s job. He swore to uphold the constitution and protect this company against enemies foreign and domestic. It is his job to call a state of emergency on this election. And it is his job to put forward the most transparent nationwide, even if it’s temporary for this one election, carbon copy, publicly audited voting. Where every voter sees their own ballot and nobody can come and turn around and say, “Oh, he’s a dictator. He cheated,” because the process is too transparent. And then want to get into one more thing, very important, these voter rolls. DHS, Cybercom, NSA all have the ability within a very short period of time. If I was leading that team, it would be 30 days and they cross reference the voter rolls with social security and the census data. And without a shadow of a doubt, there’s no monkeying around or suppressing, “This guy’s dead. This guy’s an illegal. This guy’s registered in six states. This guy voted in 10.” It’s-

Joe Green:                          Tomi, if I could jump in real quick and I thank you, that’s great information. One quick question, how do you address the fact that each state individually governs their own elections? You mentioned the carbon voting and some of the other things, how would you address that narrative to make sure that we would have a certain level of uniformity in whatever voting processes that we use?

Tomi Collins:                     Well, so that’s where constitutional scholars come in and they start talking about… This is unprecedented clearly. And so constitutional scholars come in and start talking about what do the President’s authorities allow in a situation where we have a state of emergency. And there is enough sourced, piled, mega amounts of data and proof to prove that there’s no way. I mean, we’ve always had cheating from the beginning of time. We understand that, but this is rampant in every single area and there’s enough source documentation to prove it. I mean, just having an investigative team whittle down on these foreign owned voting machines. They’re all owned by foreigners, by the way, cloaked in secrecy. You can’t see who owns anything. You can’t see the agreements.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right. And, Tomi, I’ve got to break away here. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to go into a break here at the moment. We will come back and we’ll talk about a solution or two.

Sam Rohrer                       Well, we’re going to try and bring this big topic to a conclusion here now. A lot of things have been shared on the program. I want you to walk away, if anything with nothing else, with the understanding that in this area of focus today, voter fraud, voter fraud has always been real. The extent of it though has grown. And as we have demonstrated, and Tomi Collins, our guest has said the reason to believe that it will be more magnified going into this election even than in the past, that evidence objectively, is there. Solutions? Well the solutions are, as Tomi has put forward, perhaps a paper ballot. She’s laid out an idea, something that can be not hacked through the electronic voting system, which the machines are all connected now. All of that, you have somehow to avoid that.

                                             But frankly, at the end of the day, the process of voting, just like the process of law is one of the primary responsibilities of government. That’s why we have a justice department, and it’s why it’s so dangerous if the justice department becomes the department of injustice. And that can happen, and we’ve seen it happen, has been exposed through these last years, have we not? When you have FBI former director and CIA former director, all involved in a coup attempt. And that’s all out there, I’m not just making that up. You know that to be true. You have a subversion of justice. The Bible talks about that. And when that occurs, it brings a time of great danger to the people. So we need now, those who are in positions of authority and government, to use their positions for the furtherance of truth and justice. And certainly this area of voting, which we see so much hangs on it, has got to be one of them.

                                             Now fraud and corruption, as I’m describing, is a violation. It’s not only a violation of civil law, and at one point, people went to jail for doing it. Not so much now it seems, but they used to, because it’s on the books. One of the worst violations of public trust and constitutional oath are those things that result out of that fraud and corruption and bribery all tied together. And it’s a direction, not only a civil but biblical commands to not lie, steal, covet, cheat, uphold justice, all of that kind of thing. So all of that is coming together. The difference is, is that if the nation falls headlong into corruption, bribery, fraud, and that which is right, justice does not pursue those and bring to justice those who break the law, then you forfeit freedom, as we have known it under a constitutional Republic. And you step right into a God rejecting government despotism and dictatorship.

                                             That’s what we’re talking about, and so we have to put it in that perspective. So let’s get back to here right now. Tomi, take just a couple of minutes if you can. As part of the efforts of America Restored, you are offering a solution in addition to what we’ve said. You’ve [inaudible 00:32:47] to help perhaps identify potential voter fraud, as we get into this year, as a way of helping to prevent it. But summarize, if you could quickly, one, two or three solutions that you are recommending that our listeners can embrace.

Tomi Collins:                     Number one, America Restored’s entire purpose is to bring freedom, loving Americans and existing like-minded groups together, so we have one loud voice. We are individualist by nature, where the enemies to our sovereignty and our existence are collectivist. We must have one place that we can house disseminate information and mobilize. So mobilization is the key term here. So with that said, we have to let the President know he has our support. We have to let them know we want paper ballots, carbon copy. We want to audit our own vote. And so to do that, he has to hear from us. So we are recommending, and guys, please, if we don’t do this and set our alarms on our phones, we could lose our country. It’s that important if every one of you grabs 10 people you know, and commits to free and fair election Friday, commit to call, write, scream, picket, whatever you got to do, outside the White House.

                                             Call the white house switchboard at 202-456-1414, and tell the President, we support him. This is the only man I think that other than maybe President Lincoln, that would have the get up and get it, that it would take to do something like this. It would be an extremely bold move, but I am truly convinced it is the only move to call a state of emergency on these elections to save these United States of America. So every Friday, set your alarm, pass it on. Groups, get ahold of us at Our job is to help you. Our job is to help you, connect you with a bunch of other people who are like-minded in your sphere that you’re fighting for, so that we can begin to mobilize. So that is the solution right now that we have, the action plan. We try to never do shows or do a keynote speech without saying, “Hey, here’s all the problems, possible solutions and then bye.” We have to have an action plan.

Sam Rohrer:                      We do actually, Tomi, we do need that. And I thank you for giving that. And before we get away, I’ve got to go to Joe. Because, Joe, I want to ask you, because at the heart of all we’re talking, we’ve got a spiritual problem in America. We’ve got people who are not fearful of God. They want to do whatever they want to do. From a pastoral perspective, what should the pulpit be doing? How should those who understand the truth and fear of God, what can and should they do in this window to help, in this case, prevent voter fraud and be the kind of salt and light we ought to be?

Joe Green:                          Well, and that’s a great question, Sam. The first thing I always like to do is remind people that we have an obligation as citizens of the kingdom of God, to let our voices be heard. So how do we do that? We do that first and foremost by participating in the electoral process, right? That’s a way that we actually are declaring the kingdom and looking for people to govern from a biblical worldview. We have to teach the people that are members of our congregations, how important it is that we help to advance the kingdom agenda by participating in the voter system, the election system. The other thing we have to do is we need to be prayerful and look for justice. Justice means that we want things to be done right, to be done with equality, with consideration. And so instead of a lot of times on both sides, we get involved in identity politics, instead of that, we should want a fair and just electoral system and process. So that even though it may not be the person that we want in office, we want it to be done fairly.

                                             So we preach and we teach against fraud, against lying, against all those types of things. We want to be engaged in the system. We want to promote leaders that are going to help to advance the morals and the values of the kingdom of God. And we got to stand up and speak out for justice, for righteousness and for those types of things. We want to make it so that the people that are doing the fraud and the back alley deals or all those types of things, that they don’t feel comfortable, that they’re not the norm. And I think that when we don’t engage in the system, we allow those people that don’t have those same values to rule, right?

                                             What does it say? When the righteous are silent, then evil men rule, right? They gain power. And so as a pastor and someone in the pulpit, I think it’s so important that we understand that this is an important part of our obligation as citizens of the kingdom of God, that we are engaging in this system, that we’re looking for righteous leaders, that we want a fair and just system, that everyone is able to exercise their rights. And that we teach people what the kingdom biblical world view looks like-

Sam Rohrer:                      We’re out of time. We’re out of time everybody. Thank you for being with us. You go to the website of Tomi Collins, at And apply these principles, you’ve heard from Pastor Joe Green and us on this program. End to the day, ladies and gentlemen. Know the truth, stand in the gap of truth in every way you can. See you back here tomorrow.