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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, hello and welcome to this Monday edition of Stand in the Gap Today. Hard to believe it’s a new week already, but it is, and we have a great lineup of great guests for the entire week, as well as very carefully selected themes that we think are some of the greatest importance to all who fear God and love freedom, and so we have a great week ahead of us. Hope that you plan on being with us every day.

                                             I’m with Gary Dull today, I am Sam Rohrer, and we’re going to be joined in just a moment by a returning guest. He is author, researcher, and independent journalist, and is the author of the 2017 great book entitled Stealth Invasion. His name is Leo Hohmann and you can find him at

                                             The theme for today’s program is this: The second American Civil War: Act one in process. Act two just around the corner? That’s how we’re phrasing it: The second American Civil War: Act one in process. Act two just around the corner? Well, we’ve considered in multiple previous programs aspects of who’s behind the rebellion on the streets of America that we’re seeing, who’s hijacked this racial issue, and the goal for what’s happening, because very clearly, what we see unfolding before us is not just spontaneous. It’s important to understand what’s happening. We’ve tried to deal with that before. We’ve talked about the underlying spiritual problem that resides in the soul of America and the need for the church at large and the pulpits of America, specifically, to wake up, to stand up, and to speak out.

                                             But in my opinion, this is a message that must be stated. What I just stated there about standing up, speaking out the church, being reinvigorated, and so forth, it’s got to be restated and stated again and acted upon, or we will lose all that God has given this nation, and so today, prompted by an article written by our guest, Leo Hohmann, entitled Revolution Phase One: A Campaign of Diabolical Disorientation, that was the title of the article, I thought it was important to revisit what is happening on the streets of America and so much more as we see even over the weekend in light of so much what was happening.

                                             I think this is particularly important, as I mentioned on the program on Friday, last week’s Rasmussen poll findings that show over 34% of Americans, generally, these are voters and 40% of registered Republican voters are saying that they believe the US will experience a second civil war within the next five years, so this is serious, we’ve got to talk about it, and that’s what we’re intending to do today.

                                             With that introduction, let me welcome in right now to the program again, as he’s been with us before, a writer, a submitter of a lot of material to WorldNetDaily in the past and now and beyond that and so much more. Leo Hohmann, thank you for being with us.

Leo Hohmann:                  Thanks, Sam. It’s my pleasure to be with you today.

Sam Rohrer:                      Leo, I want to start right out here, your response generally, if we could, and then we’ll get into more detail in the balance of the program, but as a significant contributor to many publications, I mentioned WorldNetDaily in particular, but many others, you’re used to researching and writing on matters of cultural importance and from the standpoint of critical times in our nation’s history, using the time of the War for Independence as an example at our nation’s founding, and then the Civil War during the days of President Abraham Lincoln. How would you compare this time right now and where we’re finding ourselves with Black Lives Matter and Antifa and increasingly open rebellion in the streets of America? Compare, contrast these, if you don’t mind.

Leo Hohmann:                  Yeah, Sam, I see this in a historical context. If people read my articles at my website,, a lot of time goes into these articles because I’m not just trying to break news. In other words, something is happening right now here in Seattle. This is the hard news of it. No, what I’m trying to do is connect dots and put these events that we’re seeing play out in some type of historical context and offer some analysis, usually at the end of the article, how I see things playing out, and the way I see things playing out right now is we have had 50 years or so of a cultural revolution going on in this country. It’s been very quiet, it’s been behind the scenes. Everyone who sends their sons and daughters off to university exposes them to these revolutionaries. They sit in offices in ivory towers at every major and not-so-major public university in this country and it’s been going on for 50 years or more. They’ve been getting their people in place, they’ve been indoctrinating two generations of Americans, and now is their time. Now is their time.

                                             Right now, it’s playing out in our major cities. In real-time before our eyes, we’re seeing it going on in the Democrat-run cities across the country and this first phase that we’re talking about is similar to what we’ve seen in other revolutions. The French Revolution, Robespierre, he had the Jacobins, which caused chaos and fear, right, leading up to and into the French Revolution. Eventually, we can talk about what that leads to, but the first order of business is to create chaos, fear, and confusion in the population. The same thing went on in the Russian Revolution with the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks only made up a small percentage of the Russian population, less than 5%.

                                             We see the same thing here. People say, “Don’t worry about it. These anarchists with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, it’s such a small sliver of the American population, this’ll play out. Don’t be so sure about that. Don’t be so sure. If we don’t rise up and make our voices heard, the loud voices of these radicals will make incredible political headway, I’m predicting. Not just because they’re violent, because politicians want to avoid violence, so then what do they do? Out of fear, they compromise and they start peaceably bringing in the agenda of the so-called Bolsheviks right here in America. Mao Zedong had his Red Guard and he instilled incredible fear in the Chinese population in the 1960s in that cultural revolution where people were literally held up to public ridicule if they did not agree accede to a certain whole basic agenda of what China should be, what the new China should be.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, and I’m going to have to step away right now, Leo Hohmann.


Sam Rohrer:                    Well, welcome back to stand in the gap today. I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by Dr. Gary Dull and our special guest, Leo Hohmann. He’s an author, researcher, independent journalist, and the author of the 2017 book, Stealth Invasion. You can find out more about him at his website at Leo Hohmann, H-O-H-M-A-N-N, Our theme today: The second American Civil War: Act one in process. Act two just around the corner?

                                             The anarchy that we’re witnessing on the streets of America today is perhaps unmatched only by the complicity and the enabling of certain elected officials, ranging from governors to big-city mayors to the silence of state attorney generals and many within local law enforcement itself as they take a knee or agree to turn over entire sections of cities, such as what we’re seeing in Seattle, Washington.

                                             What’s particularly telling is the remarkable similarity of the pictures of the anarchists that rampage and destroy with upraised arms and clenched fist, threatening, swearing, and defying authority. You’ve seen the pictures and the ones that they pick and they show, I’m going to submit, are not accidental.

                                             On the other hand, the anger, the clenched fist and the complicity of many elected and appointed public officials that appear to be spontaneous or coincidental, going to submit, are not, but they really come right off the pages of a larger playbook, and if we compare what we’re watching to in this real-life docudrama play, what is act one all about and how does it lead into act two? We’re going to talk about act one a little bit in this segment and then act two, what it could be, next.

                                             Leo, in your article, Revolution Phase One: A Campaign of Diabolical Disorientation, your first paragraph reads this: “What we have been watching play out on the streets of America’s cities the last two weeks are textbook revolutionary tactics. The problem is too few Americans have read the textbook.” Now, you referred to some other revolutions around the world, that may be what you’re talking about, but be more specific. What textbook, Leo, are you referring to and why did you use that word “playbook” or “textbook” in this regard?

Leo Hohmann:                  Because it’s all written out for those of us with just a little bit of curiosity to peel back the facade, get behind the slogans and the buzzwords of “social justice” and “systemic racism.” Where did all this stuff come from? You would think the average American might think from turning on the nightly news that this just organically appeared, these problems with “racial injustice” and “social injustice” and “systemic racism.” They’re all using these words. You can turn on CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, it doesn’t matter. Washington Post, New York Times, they are all using the same words. Words matter. Where do these words come from? I believe there are textbooks or playbooks that we can refer to, and if we do that, we find that these things have been around for quite some time.

                                             Karl Marx talked about social injustice. If we go to the Neo Marxist playbooks, we go to the Weather Underground and we find a document that was published in America by the Weather Underground movement, which was very active in the 1960s and ’70s, and they have a pamphlet called Prairie Fire. In that pamphlet, they talk about exploiting two things above all else, the racial division, “The racial wounds of America fan the flames,” they say “of those because America has a history.” With the Civil War, slavery, all that, civil rights movement, all the things we’ve been working to get beyond for years and now decades, they don’t want us to get beyond those, they don’t want to heal those wounds, they want to reopen them and pour salt in them. It says that in the Prairie Fire document. It also talks about tapping into police brutality and police racism. That’s exactly been the linchpin of this current revolution act one that we’re seeing play out right now in 2020. Isn’t that interesting?

                                             This document was written in 1974 by the Weather Underground and this was a group that was headed by Bill Ayers and a few other folks who firebombed, Sam, over a thousand buildings, most of them federal buildings in the late ’60s, early ’70s. Firebombed them. They were terrorists, communist Neo Marxist terrorists, and now you see Antifa is today’s a reemergence of the Weather Underground and the Black Panther movement, which operated in the same period as the Weather Underground, the Black Panther movement, which was also communistic, has re-emerged in the form of Black Lives Matter. If you go to the Black Lives Matter founders, they admit, they admit, Patrice Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matters, this is a quote from her in a recent video: “We actually do have an ideological frame,” Cullors said. “Myself and Alisha,” her co-founder, “are particularly trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories.”

                                             So, these people aren’t so concerned about black lives. If you go to their website and you click on the tab that says What We Believe, you find very little about concerns about black lives. You find a lot about warring against the traditional nuclear family and how that must be undermined. You find a lot about pro-abortion rights, you find a lot about LGBTQ rights, not so much about black lives. In fact, if they were concerned about black lives, they would be very concerned that 40% of all abortions in America today are what? Black babies.

Sam Rohrer:                      Yep.

Gary Dull:                           Leo, let me just jump in, if you don’t mind-

Leo Hohmann:                  Black babies, so that the black race is being exterminated.

Gary Dull:                           … Let me just jump in here, Leo, because our time is rapidly going by. As you indicate, we are in act one of this revolution, and I want to ask you as we cut to the chase here. What’s the target of this anger and actions like we’re seeing up in Seattle, where portions of the city are actually turned over to the militants as if they were some sovereign entity within the nation, and how long do you think this act one is going to go before we get into act two?

Leo Hohmann:                  Well, I’m not convinced we will get to act two yet. That, as I said in my article, is a 50/50 chance as I see it, but if we can talk about act one for just a second more, the targets, good question. There are three main targets: capitalism, God, and our history. If you look at the targets that have been hit during the riots in Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and all these other cities where we’ve seen the rioting break out, they have been, what, smashing glass and looting the stores in the downtown areas. That’s the symbol of capitalism.

                                             They’ve been burning and defacing, vandalizing churches, putting horrible, horrible words on these churches in the graffiti, just blasphemous and even demonic symbols on the churches and some of them have been lit on fire so there you go, that’s number two, target God, because they talk about in these textbooks we referred to earlier, they talk about dethroning God, the Weather Underground did: “Dethrone God in a society in order to take it over.”

                                             You’ve got capitalism, number one target, you got God, I’m not saying in any specific order here of relevance, but I’m just naming them off. The three targets were capitalism, the stores, God, the churches, and history. The monuments, they’re toppling monuments and lopping off the heads of the statues of that represents our American history. Before you can take over a country, you must erase its history. This is what gives people a sense of place and a sense of patriotism.

                                             You’ve seen even crusaders against slavery and crusaders in favor of civil rights, even statues of some of these folks have been dismantled or lopped off. I don’t know if that’s out of ignorance or some ulterior motive, but there seems to be little discrimination in the types of statues and monuments that have been defaced or destroyed. We had a museum in Columbus, Georgia that was burned down. It was a naval museum that had all sorts of wonderful American history of the American Navy and all the different battles. You see monuments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson being taken down. You’ve seen all kinds of abolitionist, even, monuments being attacked.

Sam Rohrer:                      I saw yesterday, Leo, what really caught my attention was they pulled down the statue of Francis Scott Key, who wrote our Star-Spangled Banner, so it’s basically what you’re saying, trying to excise history and linked to racism, which obviously, a lot of these things are not at all. That’s why you’re saying it’s cutting ties to capitalism, ties to God, and ties to our own history, right? That’s what you’re saying.

Leo Hohmann:                  Exactly.

Sam Rohrer:                      And that is very, very significant. We’re just about time for a break here, ladies and gentlemen. You’re listening to Leo Hohmann again. If you want to find out more about him and what he’s writing you can do so by going to his website at Leo Hohmann, H-O-H-M-A-N-N, two N’s on Hohmann, dot com, and find some more information. He wrote a book in 2017 entitled Stealth Invasion and I hope that in just this very brief, quick overview of the second Civil American War, we’re in this act one, without a doubt, that’s what Leo is describing, whether or not we go to act two, we don’t know for sure yet, but we know where they are wanting to go in this play.


                                             Well, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. This is midpoint in the program. Gary Dull is co-hosting. I’m Sam Rohrer today and our special guest Leo Hohmann and our theme in case you’re just joining us is this: The second American Civil War act one in process. Is act two just around the corner? We’re trying to bring some focus and some help to what we see happening on the streets of America today. We’re putting us in the context of a play because that was how our guest, Leo Hohmann has positioned his article that we’re looking at and I think it’s a good one. Like most plays and dramatic presentations, even football games, there are definite structures to which a play goes. A lot of plays aren’t something that a lot of people go to these days, but they are there and they’ve played an enormous role throughout history and picturing to people in their times how things happen.

                                             But this is part of the structure: There’s the prologue. If you put it in this context of a football game, it’s kind of like the pregame show, so to speak. You get the idea of what’s going to happen is going to happen. It lays it out there. In context of a play like Romeo and Juliet, for an example, that old play, in just the first 14 lines, it sets the scene for the entire dramatic presentation. You catch it all almost right there where it’s headed.

                                             In plays, there are acts. In the football analogy, there are quarters, and there are scenes within each act or quarter. The contest shifts back and forth between the strategies and the tension and the offense and the defense, the good and the bad as the play is built.

                                             The conclusion is often not apparent until the very end. And such as the real-life drama unfolding in America, where act one is in process, that we cannot deny, with act two designed, the playbook we’re talking about written, but we’re not quite sure when it actually will begin.

                                             We want to go a little further now with Leo Hohmann as we talk a bit about this aspect here in act two. Leo, in the last segment, Gary asked you how long you thought act one would last and we know that the playbook, the Marxist playbook that you’re laying out, the communists and their playbook, you talked about the Weather Underground and what they did all the way back in 1974 and they laid out where they were going. This is basically a newer version, but the same thing.

                                             In your article, you quoted from a communist leader, Vladimir Lenin, that I thought was interesting. Lenin said this: “There are decades when nothing happens and then there are weeks when decades happen.” That is a pretty significant thing. It’s almost like what we’re seeing now, quiet for a long time, and then all of a sudden, a lot is happening. History is falling by the day as monuments are taken down across the country. Anarchists in Seattle, an example, are doing what they can to push the government and others and the people. To some point, there’s going to be pushback, and that’s kind of like what you’re talking about. We don’t know some of those things.

                                             Here’s the question as you begin this segment: When we talk about act two, what are the options in how this defiance that they’re pushing this tension here in act one, what determines perhaps of whether or not act two comes forward as the Marxist playbook participants have laid out?

Leo Hohmann:                  I think the defining factor, Sam, is whether what we’ve seen in act one spreads. I almost could divide it into act one part A and act one part B, with part A being what we’ve already seen, the uprisings and upheaval and racial tensions flaring and looting and rioting in the cities, in the urban core areas. If we see that spread to the suburbs, that would be what I call act one part B and if we see act one part B, start to play out, Katy, bar the door, because that will be a sign that we are heading for act two. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed, but it is a sign that we have just upped the chances from 50/50, which is what I put it at right now, a 50/50 chance of us going to act two.

                                             If you see what we’ve seen in the cities spread to the suburbs and we see Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesting in the suburbs, smashing windows in the suburbs, attacking God-forbid, residential areas in the suburbs, either if they do that, I would think it would be by self at night, targeting homes with American flags and things like that, if we see that, then hold onto your horses, because we’re more than likely I would up the odds to about 80/20 that we’re heading for act two.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay.

Leo Hohmann:                  If act two… Go ahead.

Sam Rohrer:                      Gary’s got a question for you. I just want to insert this just very quickly, not a big answer, but when you make that projection, is that just based on what you feel, or does that tie into the history that you’ve done in other Marxists revolutions that you sided with, Mao or in Russia and a couple of things? I mean, is it based on those?

Leo Hohmann:                  Absolutely. If you look at the Russian Revolution, yes, it started in the city centers and it fanned out from there eventually all the way out to the countryside.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay.

Gary Dull:                           Well, it’s interesting to watch all of this develop and one of the things that we are seeing take place all across the country right now, Leo, is the strategy to neutralize or weaken or even totally disband local police departments and that’s wicked, that’s very sinister. When something like that happens, for instance, when the local police department is abandoned, when it is disbanded, whatever the case, from the Marxist playbook, what would replace the police? I mean, with what we see and have seen take place out there in Minneapolis with all of the Muslims in that area, likely Sharia law would come in and take its place there, take the place of the police, but across the country, what do you see would take place of the police departments if they were disbanded?

Leo Hohmann:                  Right. I don’t believe this country is anywhere near ready for Sharia law. There’s not enough Muslims here yet to enforce something like that outside of perhaps heavily Islamized areas, such as in the Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis, or perhaps Dearborn, Michigan, certain other pockets. What I see is more of a general likelihood is the insertion of some sort of international police force, it could be the United Nations, it could be NATO troops. More likely, it could be anything like that than Sharia cops patrolling the neighborhoods, although that’s possible in some of these pockets.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, the point being Leo, there, and I think what Gary mentioned is that if you eliminate your local law enforcement, which are based under our constitutional republic, you create a void, and something’s going to move into that void. In this effort that’s talking about here, is it a conditioning move? Because even up into Minneapolis, I mean, some of the folks were talking about, “Hey, we’ve got a better way.” Well, they didn’t say what the better way is, but in any regard, that’s part of the preparation because the Marxist have a strong arm. It’s not like they don’t like police, they do, but they like really terrible ones, and the same thing with Islam, so there’s a lot of parallels in the replacement if you get rid of the kind of law enforcement we have based on the justice system, at least that’s underpinning us right now, right?

                                             And with that, we won’t be able to have Leo back. For some reason, he dropped off. Gary, let’s just go back and we’ll just continue the balance of the program. He was going to have to get away for another interview, anyway, but at this point, his answer, Gary, to you… Leo, you’re back. Okay, you joined us. Something happened there. Did you get that question? Can you answer it?

Leo Hohmann:                  Yeah, I lost you. I’m back.

Sam Rohrer:                      So, if-

Leo Hohmann:                  I lost you. I had to hang up and redial the number.

Sam Rohrer:                      … Okay. All right, we had a technical problem. Sometimes that happens on live radio, but a void is created when something happens to the police. In the case of Marxist or Islamist, they both, it’s not like they don’t like police, they do like police, but it’s a whole different type of police, right?

Leo Hohmann:                  Exactly. All of this malarkey we’re hearing right now about defund the police, abolish the police departments, that’s nothing but propaganda. Marxist and Neo Marxist organizations love police. If you look at every state that has ever been taken over by a Marxist government, it becomes what? A police state. So, don’t listen to this. What they’re about is replacing the police, not abolishing the police. They just don’t like our current police because our current police swear an oath to serving and protecting Americans and American property, okay, the sign of capitalism. You protect property, you protect life, and you take an oath to defend the constitution, and so these are things that these Marxists are entirely 100% against.

Sam Rohrer:                      And with that, we’re right up against now the break. We’re going to have to say goodbye to you, Leo. Thank you so much for being there, putting this kind of information together. I think as you put this article that we’re reading from here today and referring to in the term of an act or a play, part one, part two, is something that people can get a hold of and grasp. Thank you so very much, so bless you on your next interview that you’re going to do, and ladies and gentlemen, you can go to his website, Leo Hohmann, H-O-H-M-A-N-N, dot com more information there. Thank you, Leo.

                                             When we come back, Gary and I are going to talk about the fact when you lead up to and deal with, as we’re seeing, civil anarchy, lawlessness, again, how did we get there? Is there another anarchy that comes first? I’m going to submit to say yes, there is.


                                             Our guest today has been Leo Hohmann. He’s now left us. Gary and I are going to try and conclude the program now. Again, this theme has been built around the idea of the second American Civil War. A war was fought at the very beginning of our country. We call it the War for Independence. It was encompassing, it was large, it was extensive, but the factors that led into it, the reasons for it had everything to do with following biblical principles, opposing injustice by those who pursued it, and with pastors actually leading the way. The Black Robe Regiment and so forth at that point was something.

                                             It’s totally unlike what we have now. The Civil War came along. A lot of factors involved in that, but an extensive one. Over 600-and-some-thousand Americans lost their lives in that war and Abraham Lincoln oversaw that conflict. Again, people on both sides, there was a mortality, even though there were things obviously relative to slavery, we understand that, but that war was really led with the intent of moving towards the elimination of that kind of bondage. It was not anarchy as we are seeing today and in defiance of authority and so how we look at this, which our guest Leo Hohmann was telling us, he said, “This bears all the earmarks of Marxist,” I’m going to put it theology because it does, but “Marxist mentality,” because these are the ones that are involved in Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they are communists, they are Marxists, by their own words.

                                             With that, there is some history and the history of their conflicts are like the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the Mao Zedong revolution in China, where freedom was destroyed, capitalism was targeted, God was targeted, and the history of the nation at that point was wounded, attacked, and tried to change. That’s the mentality of Marxism and that’s what Leo was saying. What we’re seeing unfold on the streets of America today is act one of their playbook and act two may follow.

                                             Got his quick summary. He said his own opinion, history would indicate, “50/50 chance,” he said, “of whether or not act to the final conclusion of that revolution would actually occur,” but he said once you began to see events happen in the suburbs where damage to property was occurring by Black Lives Matter organization or Antifa, then he said he think he would up it to 80%. Now, that’s his opinion, whether or not act two would come forward, but even in that break, a listener to this program texted me and said in his area of the state, here even in Pennsylvania, a local sheriff has warned the people that these kinds of things, in fact, could appear. At this point, doesn’t appear to be damaged, but certainly protesting by these people. Well, it’s something of a serious matter for which we need to know and pray.

                                             Gary, let me go to you for your thoughts on this, because we’ve talked on this program a lot. I’ve often said that you can’t maintain civil freedom unless you have people righteous who have first tasted a spiritual freedom. Unless someone has a fear of God, there’s no way they’re going to implement truth or justice according to God’s word, which is the only thing that brings blessing and peace. But Leo used a word in his article, talked about physical anarchy being preceded by spiritual anarchy. I thought that was interesting. I’d like to know your comments on putting some of that together as we conclude in looking at cause for how we got to where we are and then as a way of bringing it back.

Gary Dull:                           I would encourage everybody to go online and read that particular article that Leo Hohmann has put together: Revolution Phase One: A Campaign of Diabolical Disorientation is what he calls it. Sam, the very last paragraph of that particular article relates to this spiritual anarchy that you’re talking about and he basically says, “We need to pray that we never get to act two,” and then he says, “Let’s pray for more time.”

                                             Well, what should we do in this time that we have starting right now? We don’t know how much time we really do have, but listen to what he says here. He says, “The root cause is none other than the spiritual anarchy that was allowed to flourish beneath the surface and out of the sight of everyday Americans. We sat in our churches singing nice-sounding hymns while the spiritual anarchists infiltrated and took over every segment of our society. We took a knee, in a sense, when we refused to apply our Christianity to life outside the church walls.”

                                             Sam, that’s something that we have talked about many, many times on this particular program. What is taking place today in the world around us is exactly what he said there. We are refusing to apply our Christianity to life outside the church walls, whether it’s the matter of evangelism and the lack thereof or the matter of being the pillar and the ground of truth. That’s what the church is, according to 1 Timothy 3 in verse 15: We as Christians and sometimes we as pastors are more content to stay inside the four walls of our church rather than getting out into the community around us and proclaiming and standing forth biblical truth and when biblical truth is not proclaimed or stood for, then what sets in? Well, spiritual anarchy, and so you see, it goes right back to the pulpit, it goes right back to the pews. What are we doing? Sam, we’ve got the answer to all of this. It’s in the word of God. All we need to do is get about the responsibility as being representatives for Jesus Christ that God expects us to be.

Sam Rohrer:                      Gary, so well-said. In that same ending conclusion article that you read from, Leo said this, he said: “Taking a knee in effect to keeping Christianity inside the walls of the church invites judgment from God,” and he said, “At the very least, God walks away from every nation that no longer welcomes Him as the central figure of its national life.” And Gary, isn’t that the truth? I think as we look around at what we’re doing, the nation as a whole, ladies and gentlemen, will never make God again a central figure until those of us who say they know who God is makes Him truly the central figure in our lives.

Gary Dull:                           Yeah. It’s interesting and we’ve talked about this before, Sam, you go back, I think, what was it, the 2012 Democratic National Convention? They basically said they didn’t want to have God anywhere in their platform and we all heard that. We looked at that and we said, “How sad,” but just look how that has evolved to use a term from 2012 to where we are today in 2020. It’s not only in the democratic platform that you don’t find God, it is so many other places within our society because when you take God out of the picture, well, just take a look at Romans 1. When you take God out of the picture, those who do that, God gives up to a reprobate mind, meaning they cannot think righteously. That’s where we are today and if this thing is going to be changed, the church needs to be occupying and being about our Father’s business. Perhaps we ought to do a program on that one of these days.

Sam Rohrer:                      I think this is just the first part of it. The program is up, ladies and gentlemen, but I hope that we’ve covered what is happening, the cause for why we’ve gotten to where we are, and also the solution, if we’re not going to enter into act two of this revolution that’s actually underway in America. Let it be a spiritual revolution in our lives first. God will then take and change what we see. Thanks for being with us today.