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Gary Dull:                           Do you really understand the importance of the upcoming election? Do you? Well, ladies and gentlemen, today we want to make you think. In just 13 days from now, that would be November the 3rd, 2020, American citizens all across the nation who have not yet voted will be going to their local polls to vote for the next president of the United States, as well as other significant positions from the federal and local level, and we must remember that there are some significant votes to place there as well. The outcome of this election will determine the way our nation will go for generations to come. I want to repeat that. The outcome of the election will determine the way our nation will go for generations to come. Now, I know that we probably say that around every election and it is true, but the issues and the personalities that are before us at this election are much more significant than at any other period in our lifetime. And we better not ignore that fact. I’ll say that again. We better not ignore that fact. Do you really understand the importance of this upcoming election?

                                             Well, hello there everyone and welcome to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Gary Dull, and along with me today are two of my pastor friends, Dr. Denny Mallonee and his nephew Dr. John Mallonee. Yes, that is a nephew and an uncle. And they’re with me today to discuss our very important theme, and practical theme I believe, which is Facing the Most Crucial Election of our Lifetime. How Can We Prepare for It? And folks, whether we think about it or not, each of us are alive right now under the providence of God for such a time as this. Think about that. Each of us are alive right now under the providence of God for such a time as this.

                                             Our founders were alive 240, 250 years ago for such a time as that to bring this nation into existence under the direction of God, and you and I who are alive today are here under the providence of God to stand for God and his truth today. And God wants those of us who are born-again Christians to properly prepare for and represent him in the upcoming election so that godly principles will prevail in our nation. In other words, it’s important that we approach the election of 2020 with a guidance and direction of biblical truth. And that’s what we are going to be talking about today. Do you really understand the importance of the upcoming election?

                                             Denny and John, it’s a delight to have both of you with us on the program again today. Denny you’ve been on from time to time. John you’ve been on in the past. But I’ve invited you to be on simply because of the fact that you’re from two generations basically. And brother Denny, you are a member as I am of the senior generation in America. And if you could please just briefly describe why you think that the election of 2020 is the most crucial election of your lifetime.

Denny Mallonee:              I thought you were going to say we were in the younger generation. But several decades we’ve been watching our country degenerating morally and spiritually. Socialists have been taking over the public education system, the media, the courts, much of our representation in government. We now have a president who’s putting the brakes on that and putting the brakes on the nation’s slide toward destruction. This election is about preserving our freedom, the right to life, and it’s between good and evil. It’s that crucial.

Gary Dull:                           Well, I would agree with that, that it’s between good and evil, and it is. And I’ve said on this program before as well as in personal conversations that we’re not just looking at a political difference here, we are looking at a spiritual difference. We are in a spiritual battle, and it is the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, righteousness and unrighteousness. I believe that 100%. And I just pray that Christians across the nation will recognize that.

                                             Brother John, you are the younger one with us today. Denny was hoping I would call him the younger one, but actually he’s the oldest one in this whole circle today, so he needs to face reality. But, John, you’re a member of the Millennial generation. What do you think about the upcoming election, and why is it the most important election in your lifetime?

John Mallonee:                 Well, thank you, Gary. And I am thankful for the quite a few Millennials that are not falling under the stereotype of what we think about many Millennials who actually, I believe we heard a statistic a few years ago 55% admit that we are lazy, and I reject that. But I think from a Millennial’s point of view that every election is increasingly important because truth is becoming really more and more scarce among the younger generations because false ideas are becoming more and more readily accepted. And I wonder how long it will be until our nation’s founding principles are completely unrecognizable. You may remember Ronald Reagan said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. And every four years we’re more and more polarized. And how we vote is extremely evident of how we, in any generation, apply God’s words and principles to our daily lives. So, seeing what’s at stake, there has never been a more important election than 2020, I believe.

Gary Dull:                           And I agree with you 100% that you said that truth is becoming scarce. Why do you think truth is becoming scarce today and that perhaps many Millennials don’t follow the truth?

John Mallonee:                 Well, we know how readily available media is and many media platforms are either censoring truth or calling it false. And we know the Bible says woe to those that call good evil and evil good. And we are right there and evil is being purported as good. And many people were buying into that because we know, of course, they’re blinded by the devil.

Gary Dull:                           Well, they are blinded by the devil. And, of course, brother Denny, we understand that the truth is found in the word of God. And one of the problems today is that the word of God is not prime even in the lives of many Christians and even in the pulpits of many churches today.

Denny Mallonee:              Right. I believe there are many pastors who are failing in the responsibility to teach their people biblical truth. I mean, we like to divide and have a sacred and a secular, but all ground is sacred ground for a Christian and Christians need to understand Bible truth; what our convictions are, what our beliefs are, what we stand for.

Gary Dull:                           Yeah, I think it was Dr. Bob Jones years and years ago who said for the Christian there is no difference between the secular and the sacred because, as you said brother Denny, everything that we do is sacred. And that’s why it’s important that as Christians we consider this election. This election that we’re dealing with that is very important for the ongoing of our nation is not just a political issue, it’s certainly not a secular issue from our perspective as Christians, it is a real spiritual matter.

                                             And folks, that’s what we are going to be talking about throughout the course of this program. This upcoming election of 2020 is the most significant election in our lifetime, and we should be concerned about the election and what we can do about it. We’re going to be talking about that throughout the program, so stay tuned. We will be back right after these messages.


                                             Well, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s a delight to have you there by the radio or the phone or the computer, however you might be listening to us. And we always love to hear from you folk and we would encourage you to write to us or to give us a call. We even like to meet many of you, as many as we can face to face. I think I mentioned Monday that last week I was in the Seedline International Conference out in Brazil, Indiana and had the opportunity to meet some folks out there that listen to the program on a regular basis. And we are just thankful for the ministry that God has given to us. We would encourage you to continue to pray for us and let us know how the broadcast is being used in your life as we go forward because we do try to bring the issues of the day to you from the perspective of biblical truth, and there’s not many radio programs that do that across the nation today.

                                             Well, I am Gary Dull, and along with me are two of my pastoral friends, Denny and John Mallonee. And in the last segment of the program, we indicated that we believe the presidential election of 2020, that’s just 13 days from now, is the most significant election of our lifetime. And we say that almost all the time about every election because that’s the truth. But the main reason why we say that this time is not just because of the political aspect of the election, although that plays a great part in the mix, but the greater concern is that of the spiritual aspect. There are many spiritual matters to be considered in the upcoming election that most people across the nation, including Christians, do not even take into consideration.

                                             I was in a prayer meeting last night for the election and I asked a question, how much do you really think that Christians across the nation care and understand the significance of this particular election? And I believe that the answer to that is that many Christians don’t see the significance of it. Maybe some of them don’t even care. But Christians play a huge part in any election and particularly the one that’s at hand. Yet, there are those believers in Christ who do not see their personal significance, and thus they’re not prepared spiritually for the election. There are at least three personal matters for Christians to take into consideration as they approach the election that we want to discuss at this point.

                                             The first is the matter of personal spiritual revival. The second is the matter of personal wisdom. And the third is the matter of personal action. The Bible tells us that we are salt and light, and if we don’t put that into action every day of our lives, and particularly as it relates to this upcoming election, then, ladies and gentlemen, as Christians we are failing God.

                                             Brother Denny, I want to begin with you in this discussion, and I would like for you to talk to our audience about the significance of personal revival as it relates to the upcoming election. I firmly believe that if Christians aren’t in touch with God, brother Denny, that they’re not going to be able to even make the right choices as it relates to this election, not only in relationship to the presidency but in relationship to all of the other folks who are running for office right down to the local elections. Why is spiritual revival important? Why is it important that Christians be walking with God and making certain that they’re right with God as they approach the polls on the 13th of November?

Denny Mallonee:              Well, it’s obvious our nation needs revival. I believe our nation was born out of revival. We had a historical period called the Great Awakening, which was followed by the American Revolution and freedom and liberty abounded. Our nation needs revival. Our churches need revival. We use this verse in 2 Chronicles 7:14 quite often. God gave us a promise. If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves, pray, seek my face, turn from their wicked ways. And we haven’t done that. We need revival in our churches, but we’ll never have revival in our churches until we have Christians that want to have personal revival.

                                             I’m convinced we don’t have revival because we really don’t want revival. We’re afraid to give up our habits, our comfort zone, things like that. If I’m not right with God, my fault process will not be right. And the great revivals of history were results of personal brokenness, personal confession of sin, personal sin, and a genuine desire to behold the glory of God. Moses with a broken heart prayed when he saw the sin and the wickedness right in the camp of Israel. He prayed God show me thy glory. And that’s what we need to see individually. Then we can have revival in our churches and that could result in revival in our country.

Gary Dull:                           Amen. And I’ve often defined revival as when God’s people get right with God. And, Denny, you addressed that and that certainly is needed today. But there’s another issue that relates to this concept of personal matters and that has to do with personal wisdom. And not only do we have people on the federal level running, such as president, vice-president, and then the Congress and so forth, but we’ve got people right down to the local dog catcher, I suppose you could say, running for office. And it’s important that we have personal wisdom as we approach the polls. So what about that, brother John. What about personal wisdom in approaching the election. How does that come into play in our lives as we approach November the 3rd?

John Mallonee:                 Well, brother Gary, the Bible tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We live in a nation that, on a large scale, seems to have no fear of God. But in order to vote properly, we must be aware of the issues and how God’s word speaks to them because it does. We must be in the word to be effective in the world. And we see more and more elected officials taking advice from [inaudible 00:14:04] contemporaries rather than seeking the advice of the older generations who have been through it all and have seen what God blesses and what kind of behavior brings about a curse from the Lord. The ones who glean the wisdom of Solomon and were aware of the recipe for a nation to continue in God’s blessing it seems like they’ve been rejected.

                                             But if we would return to fearing the Lord and walking in wisdom, we would see the older and the younger generations moving forward in the ways of truth. We’d see a nation that returns to the biblical principles upon which it was founded. And I see the political parties are so far apart on issues that November 3rd will reveal if we are voting according to God’s heart by using wisdom to choose leaders who most closely align with what scripture teaches. And if we’re paying attention and in tune with the Lord, I believe that it’s not a hard decision this go around. Of course, we’ll talk about that later in the program, but that’s how I see it.

Gary Dull:                           And of course, James 1:5 tells us that if we lack wisdom and ask God he gives it to us. And therefore, John, it’s very important as we approach this upcoming election that we all as Christians go to the Lord and say give us the wisdom as to who to vote for. I mean, again, I’m concerned about these lower offices. We talk a lot about the president and the Congress, but you know the lower offices are just as important and we need wisdom as we approach them as well.

                                             But, brother Denny, the third matter I think that we are faced with these days as it relates to the election is that of personal action. What personal action must believers apply to the upcoming election?

Denny Mallonee:              Well, you mentioned local representatives, state representatives, our congressmen. We here enjoy a born- again believer. David Rowe is our state rep, and John, his good buddy he homeschooled with, is in your district. We need kind of people like that. Our congressman, Mr. Fred Keller, is a believer. And it’s just a wonderful privilege that we have. We have Senator John Gordner. These people all profess to know Christ as savior. That’s the kind of government leaders that America started with.

                                             Obviously, we need to have a biblical worldview. We as Christians must put the priority of principle in voting. Also, the priority of practice. 15 million born-again believers are not registered to vote according to statistics that I just read. We have a responsibility to find out what each candidate believes and his practices, his voting records, et cetera. We must not vote for personality or party. We must vote on principle and practice and their performance. How would Jesus vote? I can assure you he would not vote for anyone who would deny the right to life for the innocent unborn. Our freedoms are at stake. The right to life is at stake. We must vote. And I say vote in person. Don’t let the pandemic scare you out of being at the polls and exercising your right to vote. Help good candidates get elected. Get out there and be counted and do something. Put what you believe into action.

Gary Dull:                           Well, that’s absolutely true. And that’s why being right with the Lord in personal revival and having God’s wisdom, which is practical insight to Christian living, plays into this as it relates to our personal action. And, brother Denny, I appreciate what you said there about how important it is for us to get to know the candidates and where they stand on all the issues. And anybody can go out and get a voter’s guide and find out what the party platforms are all about. And I would encourage people to do that.

                                             But you know, it’s important don’t you think, brother Denny, for us to build relationships too with those who are running or would want to run in the future and reach out to them. You know, even as we speak today, already this morning I spoke to our congressman here in this part of Pennsylvania, Dr. John Joyce. Tomorrow morning at eight o’clock I’m going to have breakfast with my state representative, Jim Gregory. And it’s important for us to reach out to those who are in office, to those who are running so that we can portray to them biblical truth.

                                             Well folks, we’re just really getting started on this program again, and we’ve got two more segments to go. We don’t want you to leave the radio. Stay tuned. After these messages, we’ll be back with talking more about this upcoming election and why it’s practical for us to be involved. Stay tuned.


Gary Dull                            Welcome Ladies and gentlemen, to Stand in the Gap. And today we’re talking about this upcoming election and how significant it is. We believe it’s the most significant election in our lifetime, at least up to this point. And we’re going to be looking at some practical matters to address as we face the upcoming election. But before we go any further, I’m going to ask our executive producer Mr. Tim Schneider to come in and give us some updates and interesting news about Stand in the Gap Today. Mr. Tim.

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                                             So the election is less than two weeks away. And I’m going to go back to you, Gary, and allow you and Denny and John to continue the conversation about the importance of this upcoming election.

Gary Dull:                           Thank you, Tim. And folks, yes, please send in your gifts because we pay Tim Schneider a huge salary.

Tim Schneider:                  Yeah. Well, I’ll talk about that later.

Gary Dull:                           Okay. Thank you, Tim. We appreciate it.

                                             Well folks, in the last segment of the program we were talking about the personal matters as it relates to this upcoming election. And in this segment, we want to talk about practical matters. And when we’re talking about practical matters, we’re talking about the direction our nation will go after the election from the perspective of public policy. That’s very, very practical. All elections always make a difference, but the presidential election in just 13 days has the potential to make a huge difference in our lives and in the lives for generations to come.

                                             So, John, I want to go to you first of all because we need to realize that this upcoming election is really a spiritual battle with Satan and his forces will do all they possibly can to destroy the foundation of our nation. And that is very practical. So, please talk about some of the significant practical issues that are at hand relative to public policy. In fact, you may want to give a list of four or five significant issues that are at stake at this upcoming election for our people to consider.

John Mallonee:                 What I’m about to say is not an exaggeration. I believe we are at the point where we may no longer have the freedoms that we’ve enjoyed for many years now, the very freedoms that men and women have died to preserve for generations. But the number of issues, it’s likely in the dozens, perhaps even more than that, but I want to give five main issues I see as we are facing as a nation and that will likely make us or break us.

                                             The first, of course, is the sanctity of life. God already settled this matter in his word, Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1:5. Long before there was ever a United States of America, God told us what his heart is on life. The Supreme Court, certainly the talk of many, and it’s very crucial in this election, perhaps now more than ever in recent elections. Of course, the second amendment is a very personal one to me. It’s always very special, but yet it’s in danger. And we know the reason for that is for us to protect ourselves as free people from an encroaching government and those that would want to rob us of our freedom.

                                             Another issue would be our view of Israel. I’m thankful for the stand our president has taken in support of Israel. Very important as how we treat Israel. If we do not value God’s chosen people, we will not enjoy the blessing that he gives to those nations who stand with Israel. And finally, freedom to express our Christian faith in the public square. And we see more and more each day that that’s being taken away. And if anybody’s been paying attention these past four years, President Trump has done more to support Christians. And I know with the whole Johnson Amendment thing we looked at four years ago or so, he’s done more to support Christians, specifically pastors than most other presidents have done.

Gary Dull:                           Well, he has. And, John, I don’t know if you heard the other day talking about Donald Trump and how he supports the expression of God in public spaces and so forth. Somebody basically had said to him that he is the most famous person in the world. And he said, “No, I am not. It’s Jesus Christ.” Did you hear that?

John Mallonee:                 Did. I have the video saved on my phone.

Gary Dull:                           Yeah. I mean, when else have we heard a president say anything like that? I mean, in my lifetime and you’re half my age, what about you? Have you ever heard that in your lifetime from a president?

John Mallonee:                 I have never heard that in my lifetime from a president. I was really, really delighted to hear that.

Gary Dull:                           Yeah. And, brother Denny, I think John really touched very well on some of these serious issues that are before us. And my question to you is with these issues that are before us, these serious issues that John talked about as well as other issues, how really will our vote impact the generations of Americans to come? In other words, in just 13 days we’re going to have an election. Talk about the matter of the sanctity of life, the matter of the Supreme Court, the matter of Israel, some of these things that John talked about.

Denny Mallonee:              Okay.

Gary Dull:                           Where will the election in 13 days take our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren should our Lord tarry?

Denny Mallonee:              Well, you mentioned the sanctity of life. And, John, you mentioned the sanctity of life. I believe abortion is murder and murder is sin. As simple as that, that’s Bible truth. Somebody made a comment to me yesterday and says, “We’ll, a baby in the womb really isn’t human yet.” I said read the Bible. Yesterday, our Bible reading on the radio and my personal devotion from Luke chapter one twice we’re told John the Baptist as a babe in his mother’s womb leaped in the womb at the sound of cousin Mary announcing the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. You know, for several, quite a few years I’ve been praying about what I believe is one of the worst national sins in America. And that is the senseless killing of unborn babies. I’ve been praying. I believe God is answering the prayer. Our president has put forth three great constitutional judges to sit on the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. I make no bones about it, I believe Roe V. Wade should be overturned. It should not be called legal to kill innocent life.

                                             Freedom to protect our homes, to own weapons. A well-regulated militia is what will keep America free from foreign invasion and from corruption in government. I know the Japanese ruler said they would not invade the mainland of America because he said, in his words, “Behind every blade of grass was a gun.” That’s why we’re still free as far as that goes. And then we have a president right now that stands for law and order. The immoral, the vile, the lawless are the ones who hate our president. I have never witnessed or heard so much hate in my life. But look at the crowd that hates our president. Abraham Lincoln said, “You can test the character of a man by the character of those who oppose him.” And look at the rhetoric, the vile, the vulgar things that come out of the mouths of those who hate our president.

                                             America has stood as a shining light for liberty and freedom. More missionaries have been sent to give the light of the gospel around the world from no other nation other than the United States. I mean, the United States has sent more missionaries around the world than any other nation. The devil doesn’t like that either. He’d liked to stop that ability and our freedom of worship. Back to you, Gary.

Gary Dull:                           Okay. Well, I want to build out on that, and we only have a matter of seconds in this segment, but I do want to go to John. John, I’m going to hold it until the next segment. I’m going to ask you this question, John. If the liberal left gets in in this upcoming election, what will that do to the generations to come? That will be my question to you, John, when we come back. Folks, I want to hear what he has to say, and so I’m sure you do too as well. So, stand by. We’ll be back right after these messages.


                                             Well, when we left the air to go to some of those special announcements, I asked John how he thought this upcoming election would affect our children and generations to come, that is our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren. John, I know you’re not a prophet, nor are you the nephew of a prophet, but what do you speculate? How will this upcoming election affect our children and the generations to come?

John Mallonee:                 Well, Gary, I think we’re going to go down a path that will be nearly impossible to reverse. And future generations will eventually think that whatever is embraced, socialism, communism, all these different isms, they’ll think that’s normal. And that’s how important this election is. You may have read it as well, but I recently read a quote on social media. It said, “A dog had his chain reduced one link at a time every few days until his chain was so short he could barely move. He never resisted because he was conditioned to the loss of his freedom slowly over time.” And that’s what’s happening in America.

Gary Dull:                           Well, it is and it’s very concerning. And that’s why we need to pray, pray, and pray. I want to encourage pastors to lead their churches in prayer in these next 13 days. And then, of course, we encourage every Christian to get out and vote.

                                             When it comes to dealing with the political matters that face us today, we begin with the political parties. We’ve talked about that somewhat here in the program. John, if you can just briefly share the distinctions between the two major political parties and their platforms in America that truly contributes to the significance of the upcoming election.

John Mallonee:                 Sure. I don’t think the contrast could be any more obvious. Now, we know that God is neither Republican nor Democrat, but based on the issues the two parties are so far apart that I believe one of the two is embracing a platform that grieves the heart of God. And if we look at God’s word, use it to address the issues at hand, even just one or two of the main issues, and take that knowledge into the voting booth, the choice will be very clear. If we really value human life, if we embrace the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, and deliberately reject the immorality that is threatening to take over, and is very rampant, we will have the confidence to cast our vote for leaders on every level from the president all the way down to the janitor in the dog catcher’s office, the vote for leaders which will defend our freedoms and restore the law.

Gary Dull:                           Well, that’s absolutely true, John. And folks, I would encourage you to do what you can to find out what the political platforms say. And you can do that. I know that the Family Research Council, it’s FRC Action, actually, they’ve put together a comparison of the two political parties, and I would encourage you to go to their website and get that. It’s important that you do.

                                             Denny, we’ve talked a little bit about this, but let’s drill down on it just a little bit more. Let’s say that Joe Biden wins the presidency in 13 days. And let’s say that both the House and the Senate in Washington, D.C. go to the liberal left and so that they take over Congress. Where do you think we will be in the United States of America in one year from now?

Denny Mallonee:              Boy, that’s a good question. And that’s a very serious question too. I believe if that would happen one of the first things they’d want to do is pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices that would vote against anything that would be godly, Christian, decent, have anything to do with freedom, or the right to life. I mean, we see that the liberal left is having a real fit because of the candidates and the nominees, I guess we’d say, for the Supreme Court bench. And Amy Barrett is a great, wonderful lady, very wise, sharp, very well-schooled. She’s going to vote with principled convictions based on the Constitution.

                                             We just had in our own state here with the challenge about the State Supreme Court extending the deadline for mail-in ballots, which is not in their authority to do. It went to the U.S. Supreme Court. That tied four to four, so it left this stand because John Roberts joined the liberals and they refused to uphold the Constitution. And I believe it’s so important. The Supreme Court is a real issue. The right to life issue. The right to keep and bear arms.

                                             I mean, Biden/Harris campaign’s already said that they want to make more strict gun controls so Americans can’t really have more freedom to defend themselves as need be. And I think these are some issues. And then the right to worship and practice our faith. That is going to be called into question. I think we’re going to see a lot less freedoms. Churches are already being fined in California for meeting against that liberal government’s edicts. And they’re going to test everything they can to take more control away from God’s people. I think our freedom to worship is really at stake and we’re going to see, hopefully, that Biden/Harris don’t get elected.

Gary Dull:                           Well, I agree with that 100%. And, John, we just have a minute or two left here. We are on over 400 radio stations. We reach into every state in the union. I want you to speak to America today like your life depended upon it as it relates to this upcoming election. What will you have to say to them as a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

John Mallonee:                 Well, first and foremost, we are citizens of heaven and we must keep that at the forefront of our minds, but also God has placed us here in this country, an amazing country I’ve been so blessed to be able to live in. Certainly I don’t deserve it, but we’re so grateful for that. I am. And we really need to vote like this, like our nation depends on it. I don’t believe this is just any ordinary election. I believe this is make or break and we’re going to choose, and God will honor if we choose life, if we choose freedom, if we esteem him over our own wants and desires. And if we turn away from that, I believe he could turn his back on us and we will go down in history as a nation that gave up all our freedoms.

Gary Dull:                           Well, I agree with that 100%. And I really wonder what it’s going to take to bring this nation back to God. Folks, I believe God wants revival. The question is do we as Christians there’s a song that we sing from time to time entitled Do You Really Want Revival? We talk about it a lot, but do we really want it? And it’s high time, and Denny mentioned to us earlier, 2 Chronicles 7:14. It’s high time that we as God’s people humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked way so that we might see his revival in our life. Do you want to see that revival personally? Do you want to see that revival in our nation? It’s very important that you get right with God and I get right with God so that we might be a witness for God in this nation.

                                             Keep in mind that you and I are alive right now. We are here. I said this at the beginning of the program. We are here for such a time as this. But the question is what are we going to do about this election? What are we going to do about it? Are we going to pray? Are we going to properly represent Jesus Christ? Are we going to go vote. Last time, in 2016, between those who were registered to vote and those who were not registered to vote as Christians 45 million Christians did not vote. Wow, that’s sad. If 45 million more Christians vote this time, we could be voting for righteousness and we could see a foundation being strengthened in this country for biblical things. So, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to vote? Do not neglect what God may want you to do that can be positive and can make a positive impact on society with the truth of almighty God as it relates to this upcoming election. You are important.

                                             And Father, it is my prayer that you’ll use each of us as Christians to properly represent you in this upcoming election for your glory. Amen.

                                             Well, thank you folks for joining us on Stand in the Gap. I trust the program has been informative to you and for you. And on behalf of Denny and John Mallonee, Tim Schneider, and the entire Stand in the Gap team, I’m Gary Dull praying that God will give you a great day, the Lord willing. We’ll be back with you in just 23 hours from now. Until then, God bless you, keep looking up, and remember the best is yet to come. Amen.