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Sam Rohrer:                      On 9/11, 2001, God sent a wake up call to America. America sat up then, and then went back to sleep. Since that time God sent many other wake up calls. They’re walking in defiance and arrogance to the God of heaven. America, as a nation, has followed the same path as did Israel, God’s covenant nation. And today, just a few days later than 19 years after that momentous event on 9/11, America sits as did Israel. I’m going to say it in the Valley of Decision. I submit that the question posed by Elijah to the people of Israel on the Mount that day is the same question for us today. First Kings, 18:21 says, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the Lord is God, then follow him. But if Baal, then follow him.” But it says the people did not even answer him one word.

                                             They were quiet. Well that is always the choice for individuals and for nations, events and the alignment with God’s sovereign plan for nations has today come into divine convergence. And such is that time, I believe, in our nation. And with that, let me welcome you to Stand In The Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’ll be accompanied today by the original Stand In The Gap Today team, evangelist, Dave Kistler, who also leads Hope Ministries. And pastor Gary Dull, who is senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Altoona, Pennsylvania. And in just a moment I’m going to bring in a very special guest, frankly, known throughout the world by God’s grace. And one that I first met in the Capitol in Washington, DC at a special event a couple of years ago, where he called attention at that time to the plight of our nation. He is the author of a well-known book called The Harbinger.

                                             And now just released, the second time on September 1st, a second part called Harbinger II. And he’s the person who is going to be co-leading a prayer event in Washington, DC this weekend entitled The Return. Our special guest Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Our theme for today’s program is God’s message to America, wake up and return to me or perish. And this is a 52 Tuesday prayer emphasis. It’s another emphasis on preparation for prayer on our 52 Tuesday prayer emphasis that we began here 46 Sundays ago, designed to bring and prepare ourselves to pray. And to pray for our nation every Tuesday, knowing that God only promises to hear the prayer of the prepared, and he does promise he also won’t hear the prayers of those who hold iniquity and unconfessed sin in their hearts.

                                             And with that, I welcome to the program today, Jonathan Cahn. Jonathan, thank you for being with us today.

Jonathan Cahn:                 Oh, great to be with you, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jonathan, God’s anointed you, we believe, in giving you an ability to speak biblical truth and connect the dots of biblical truth with the events of the day. And in a bit we’re going to talk about your book, The Harbinger II, in the next segment. And in the third segment, we’ll talk about what’s going to be happening, and why, on this event this Saturday entitled The Return. But to start this program out, as you look at America and our history, Jonathan, have we ever been at such a critical time as it relates to the future of our nation, our freedom as we have known it? And because you always draw such a parallel between the United States and Israel, as we do as well, make any comparison there that you think is appropriate.

Jonathan Cahn:                 Yeah. I mean, the only thing I can think of is a civil war. But the thing is, at that point America wasn’t falling away rapidly, precipitously away from God. And we are now. So I believe this is the most critical time. I mean, we are standing at the gap. I know we’ll talk about it, The Harbinger is the warning that we are following the same template that was followed by Israel, ancient Israel in its last days. And the same signs have appeared in the land that were warning of judgment, and calling the nation back. But we have not gone back. And in fact, we’ve accelerated as a culture away from God. And now we’re watching these shakings happening that are actually part of this template, or part of this mystery. So I believe it has never been more crucial. Because every single thing is converging, and unless we see… We need revival, and if we do not see revival, America is gone.

Dave Kistler:                      Jonathan, let me ask you this, Deuteronomy 30, God says, “I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore, choose life that both you and your children may live.” If you could comment on this. In your book The Harbinger, you deal with this in great detail. But did God’s warning to America, like his warning to Israel to make choices for life and for God’s blessing, did that warning from God start on 9/11, or did it begin much prior to 9/11, in your estimation?

Jonathan Cahn:                 A great question. Well, I believe the Lord is always calling, and he always has voices. And before he does anything, he warns and he calls. So I believe the Lord has been calling. 9/11 was a shaking, and that is the pattern. The shaking for a nation that is deafened itself to the voice of God. Then the only thing that can get through is a shaking. And that’s the first sign of biblical judgment. The pattern is it always begins with a strike on the land. The nation said your protection is lifted temporarily, it’s a temporary limited strike. But it’s, an enemy makes a strike, it’s a shaking to call the nation back. But instead of coming back, they said, well look at where we were 2001 and where we are now, we have grown further.

                                             And it’s September 11th that began the appearance of the nine Harbingers, or the nine warnings of judgment that appeared in the last days of Israel all appeared in America, beginning with 9/11. And that’s what I wrote in the original book, The Harbinger. But I knew when I wrote it, that it was not the end. I mean, that was the beginning of the mystery, not the end. So what has happened, I knew that there was always going to be another book or another word to go out, but it could only be at the right time. And since then we just have been going free fall.

                                             And so I was praying last year in September, Lord, what’s the next book? And I got, it’s clearly it’s this. And also I got very clearly, and I shared this publicly, that about this year, 2020, that it was going to be a year of shakings. Great shakings. And that was going to be the resuming of this mystery. And that’s why I had to write The Harbinger II. And so when I started writing it in January, and then by March everything began, came upon America. So I believe this is so much that this is the most critical time. God is warning, but if we don’t listen, the warnings get more severe.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Jonathan, we’ve talked a lot about that on this program as well, because I think it’s all through the old Testament. And you talk about shakings. We’ve talked about that here. That actually is the book of Hebrews talks about that, which will be shaken. And I think we are seeing that. And ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to go further into some description of what those shakings actually are.

Our special guest today is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. He is the author of the book that many of you have written, The Harbinger. And now a second one coming out Harbinger II. Our theme today is this, a serious theme on this our 52 Tuesday prayer observance. It’s God’s message to America, wake up and return to me or perish. When we come back, we’re going to talk about The Harbinger II book. It’s 19 years from 9/11. That happens to be significant. We’re going to talk to Jonathan, find out why that’s significant and the core message of that book and what it should say to us now. We’ll be back in just a moment.


                                             Well welcome back to Stand In The Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied by the full team today, Gary Dull and Dave Kistler, and our very special guest, Jonathan Cahn, New York times bestselling author. Newest book, The Harbinger II. And we’re going to talk about that right now. Following 9/11, in 2001, and the wake up call to America, God led Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to write a book entitled The Harbinger, which millions of Americans have read, including myself. The parallels between that event in New York city, that warning to America, tracks in remarkable ways the warnings to Israel. Harbinger one ended by speaking of what was yet to come. Now, 19 years later here in 2020, those things have been coming true.

                                             And like the pattern in Israel, it does bring America to the momentous nature of our day. That’s the focus of Harbinger II, just recently released by Jonathan, and the subject now of this segment. Jonathan, 19 years, as you call out, is biblically noteworthy in regard to the lessons of The Harbinger. It makes 2020 and the reason for The Return scheduled for this Saturday in Washington, DC so significant. So if The Harbinger was to establish a biblical pattern of warning and judgment for America, that was showcased there at 9/11, what is the core message of Harbinger II?

Jonathan Cahn:                 Yeah. The Harbinger, as we were beginning to say, is the beginning of this biblical template. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning. Because it’s the first shaking. And that is what led to the judgment, more than once of Israel, of a nation. And in some cases, destruction years later. But the warning comes years before the greater shaking has come on the land. And so with America, that corresponded to 9/11, that was the first shaking. The same pattern in all these, in The Harbinger, the nine harbingers, these eerily precise recurrences of these manifestations that happened in the last days of Israel. These harbingers appear in America, in New York city, in Washington, DC, and all of them. And so that is the beginning. But I always knew that there was going to come a time when I was going to reveal, or had to write the next part, because this was going to lead somewhere.

                                             And so, first of all, there were a lot of things, Sam, that I did not put in The Harbinger because there was just so much back then. So what’s in The Harbinger is actually a piece of the mystery that began then that I couldn’t put in, but it’s affecting us now. So one part of The Harbinger II, the new book, is called the unrevealed. And that is those things. Secondly, because the mystery didn’t stop, it continues, and so therefore there are things that didn’t… The harbingers haven’t stopped. There have been more harbingers, more manifestations. And we have been continuing on this road of judgment, this path, up to the present day. So the next part is that, what’s happened since The Harbinger? And that is the next section.

                                             The last part is, what’s happening right now? Is behind what is happening, what is shaken America, is that part of the mystery? Is that the continuing advancing of this progression of judgment? And it is. And that is what The Harbinger II is opening up. And then where are we, and where are we going? Where is it leading to? And how are we going to be prepared to know, or what to do and what to know in the days ahead? So it’s all that. And that’s why I’ve never held off on writing a book, I mean, like this for years. I mean, this is the one book I’ve held off on. And I’ve never, I believe, had to get a book out at the exact time, which is now. That I knew I had to get it out. Before all this happened I knew I had to get it out. So that is a quick overview of The Harbinger II.

Gary Dull:                           Well I’m glad that you have it coming out, it’s before us. And you mentioned that Harbinger II opens up with mysteries that you could not put into The Harbinger. And one of them has to do with the Pentagon. Can you tell our audience what that’s all about, Jonathan, please?

Jonathan Cahn:                 Yeah. This is, again, one of the things that I couldn’t do then, but it ultimately has a message, it’s a warning for now. And that is, when judgment came, in the Bible, to ancient Israel, the powers of the nation were shaken. First of all, they were shaken. And God brought the nation back to its foundation. It was a warning. Well, on 9/11, what was attacked? Well the Pentagon, this is a symbol of American power, American military power, American superpower. And so it was struck on that day, as in the biblical template. But it all began, the Pentagon was actually built when America’s rise to military superpower began, that was the year 1941 when we entered World War II. That’s when they began building this building symbolic of it.

                                             Well, what was the day that the Pentagon was actually begun and born? The Pentagon was born on September 11th. The exact day. Everything comes back. See, before 9/11 was the day of calamity, it already was the day of the beginning of America’s rise. But the warning, it’s a warning that if we do not come back to God, then the rise will become a fall. And all that power we have will crumble, because only God can give that. And the thing is, and just to throw this in, what’s the other great power of America is the economic power. That began actually, it was when New York, always centered on New York city. So what was the other part that was struck? New York and the towers, the symbol of that economic power.

                                             Well, when was New York begun? It was when Henry Hudson came and discovered it. Well, what day was it? America, New York was born on September 11th. The rise of September 11th, its economic power, all the blessings. And the warning is for now, that if we do not return to God, if we keep on warring against him, that power, that prosperity will also crumble.

Dave Kistler:                      Jonathan, one of the interesting things is this, years ago we were able to conduct a crusade in the Pentagon. And the fact that you just mentioned about when the Pentagon was built and when it was begun being September 11, all of that was shared with us. Most of America, unless they’ve read your book, will have no clue that that’s the case. So it’s very, very interesting. I want to ask you this in the couple minutes we have before the break. Before 9/11 unfolded and all that happened to America on that day, there was another ancient alarm that was being sounded. If you could, I’d love for you to share that with our listeners.

Jonathan Cahn:                 Yeah. Well the ancient alarm in the Bible is the shofar, is the watchman’s trumpet. That was a sign that an attack is coming on the city. Well before, and that morning on 9/11, before it even began, before it was ever known, before anybody knew, that ancient alarm of God in the Bible started sounding throughout the Northeast. It started sounding where the events were going to be. And actually, it sounded one after the other, in order, where the terrorists were. First it started sounding in Maine, as they approached the airport. Then it started sounding in Boston. So the terrorists went there. Then the alarm started sounding in New York city, and then it started sounding in Washington, DC. In order.

                                             And so this is the [inaudible 00:15:08], I won’t have to go through why. But it did on that morning all over these places. And the thing is it started at 6:30 in the morning, it was actually ordained from ancient times to be sounded on that day. 6:30, that’s when all these things, the terrorists began. And it stopped at 10:30. The last event of 9/11 was the fall of the North tower, that happened just about 10:29. And then the trumpets went silent. The warning of God was already there, and the trumpets are still sounding now.

Sam Rohrer:                      And these are the kind of things, ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening you say, wow, is it at all possible that these things are actually, these dates, these events are actually there? It is. It’s an amazing thing, they’re not made up. Jonathan, the shaking that you’ve referred to, we’re talking about now, that’s happening in America, part of the ancient pattern, and really the pattern that happened in Israel, that’s what you’re pulling out. And then that’s what Harbinger II is talking about. How does this connect and say about why it is happening, these things are happening in America? And where is all this heading?

Jonathan Cahn:                 Yeah. The last section of the Harbinger II is all about that. What is happening now, and where is it going, and why? Well there is a biblical mystery behind it. Let me [inaudible 00:16:20]. Well actually, when I look back at The Harbinger, the original book, and there’s this chapter called Things To Come, I said, “Whoa, all this is coming to pass.” And that’s what’s opened up in Harbinger II. So an example, actually the question was asked in The Harbinger one, and that is that, how long is it between that first strike and then when the greater shakings come upon the land biblically? The template. Well in ancient Israel it was 605 BC when Babylon first struck Israel, then the greater destruction of the shaking of the nation came in 586 BC. That’s 19 years. It’s a 19 year mystery, 19 year pattern from the strike to the greater shakings.

                                             When did 9/11 happen? 9/11 was our first strike. It was in the year of 2001. So when is the 19th year? Would that be a year of shaking? That points to the year, pinpoints the year 2020 as the year of the shakings beginning. And that is why for years I was looking at this year and saying, Lord, I mean, not that you have to do it. Lord can do whatever he wants. But if it follows this pattern, it’s going to pinpoint 2020 as a year of shakings. That’s one of the reasons why I had this strong sense that this was going to be a year of shaking. And not only that, but the very things, the very kinds of shakings that are in this biblical template that are actually mentioned in the Harbinger one and things to come, and that are fulfilled in the Harbinger II, are actually happening.

                                             The kinds of shaking, the dividing of the nation, the civil unrest, the economic collapse, the breakdown of infrastructure, and more is happening. Even the plague. One of those things in the 19th year, Jeremiah prophesied that one of the shakings in the 19th year of Israel’s template was going to be that a plague or a disease was going to come up on the land. Well it’s come. I mean, exactly. In fact, even the name of the plague has the number in it, COVID-19. Even the number. So it’s all happening. And where is it going? Well, if we don’t turn back, I don’t believe it’s over. I believe the shaking, there’ll be greater shaking. And we are heading to judgment unless we come back. That’s why the return, I believe, is so crucial that we turn back to God now.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to go into a break. We’re going to talk about the return and what Jonathan has just said. And we’ve said many times on this program, when we refer to second Chronicle, 7:14, I think Jonathan will go to that. Often say, we’ve got to know what first Chronicles 7:13 though says. Because that’s where God says, “When I withhold the rain and/or pestilence. And I do those things that only God can do, then if my people really hear what and see what I’m saying, and then they humble themself and come.” And that’s why we’re talking about this now. Do we understand what is happening in the context that it is God’s voice of mercy saying, wake up before a next step of judgment come? Well, we’re going to go there in greater detail when we’re back.


                                             Welcome back to Stand In The Gap Today again, I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied by Dave Kistler and Gary Dull, and our very special guest, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. He is the author of the book, Harbinger one, and Harbinger II now. And he’s also going to be, and is a co-leader of what is being termed The Return, a national and global day of prayer and repentance that will occur in Washington, DC this Saturday, September 26th. And we’ll learn more about that in just a moment. But I will tell you upfront, if you’re not there in person, you can participate and watch all of it online, particularly Jonathan’s presentation, and others, beginning at nine o’clock in the morning. And Jonathan will be speaking at 11:00 AM, and you can find it all at The, you’ll find information there about that. Very important, and let me say, timely event.

                                             We know that scripture holds the answers for all issues of life. Does it not? We say that all the time, we believe it. We know that God works sovereignly in the affairs of nations. He works through nations. We know that. We know that he raises up leaders and he puts down leaders of nations. But in the end, all of those nations and all of the things that mankind does all work together to fit into a puzzle that comes together as a part of God’s grand plan to further his plan of redemption, and his promise to his nation of Israel, and his eternal city of Jerusalem. And that’s why the world’s attention has been increasingly moving to that part of the world.

                                             Well we are in such days where a converging of these pieces and events are literally coming together in remarkable speed and accuracy. And where America sits in this equation is enormous. And the response of God’s people in this nation, though, is pivotal to our next steps. And that’s what we’re focusing right now. Jonathan, again, thank you for being on with us today, and thank you for your ministry and your bold speaking. You’ve written of the biblical pattern of our nation in danger of judgment. We’ve been talking about that in the last two segments. How does that relate and fit into now The Return that I just talked about that’s scheduled for this Saturday, September 26th in DC? Relative to the timing of this event and the purpose of this event.

Jonathan Cahn:                 Yeah, Sam. Well ever since The Harbinger, I’ve been really calling for this. This is the only way that we return to God. And it’s often done in a sacred assembly. So I’ve been speaking with a great man of God, Kevin [Jessen 00:22:00], who also had this burden. And we’ve talked for years, and we’re praying about it. And then we were led to set it for this year, 2020, before everything happened. This is last year that everything is set for this year. And then everything happened. And I believed, and I told Kevin that a year ago, I believe there’s going to be shakings before this. So the thing is that we’re seeing all these signs of judgment, and we’ve been following this template. And we haven’t stopped this template of ancient Israel heading to judgment.

                                             Well, there’s a window of time. The template is that when the first shaking comes, then there’s a window of time given to that nation years, a span of years, as we spoke last time, it was 19 in one case. That to come back to God, or head to judgment. And I saw signs of this window coming to an end. Of course, we’re coming to an election too, which is also critical which way America is going to go. So listen, but even regardless of the election, without revival, that’s the only hope. So the thing is that, here all these things are converging. Plus, it’s the 400th anniversary of the spiritual existence of America, that the Mayflower voyage happened during these days. That will be the return. So all these things are happening. Plus on the Hebrew calendar, this is the time of from trumpets to Yom Kippur.

                                             It’s a time of repentance. So all these things have come together. And so then there is that scripture, as you said, “If my people are called by my name,” that’s the hope. And you said it rightly, “If they humble themselves, pray, seek my face, turn from their evil ways, repentance, I’ll hear from heaven. I’ll forgive their sin. I’ll heal their land.” Though that’s the promise of God. But the thing is, the question is, if and the people are my people is us. So the thing is that you said this, you said, well people are looking at 7:14, but there’s a verse before it. You said, “If I shore up the heavens.” But it also says, “If I send a plague on the land”, well we got it. It’s now.

                                             And it even says, “If I said locusts.” Well 2020 is actually the year of the locust’s greatest plague in generations in the world. So it’s all converging. So that is why, even if that didn’t happen, we know this is the critical moment. If we don’t come together now as God’s people, that’s why we set the return for this Saturday, September 26th. If we don’t come together now, if we don’t rise to this promise, that we may pass the point of no return. That’s why it is so crucial. So it centers on the National Mall, but it’s going to be all over America and all over the world.

Gary Dull:                           It’s a tremendous thing to take into consideration, Jonathan, that we serve a God who has everything in mind. He puts all the pieces of the puzzle together as it relates to the time and the people and the place to fulfill his purpose. And I don’t know how people can deny the existence of God when we can see how God puts everything together. And I just want to say that I’m looking forward to being down there on Saturday. We are taking a bus load of folks down from our church, and maybe have to take another one from what I was just told this morning. So we’re looking forward to a great time. But in The Harbinger II you unveiled a mystery that has to do with judgment, of which America is a part of. And I’m wondering if you can share that. And you mentioned some hope here just a moment ago, please relate to our people specifically what that hope really is, and how it can come into fruition.

Jonathan Cahn:                 Yeah, yeah. That is, the pattern and the mystery here from the Bible, of judgment, is that there’s two courses. If the nation, after being warned continues on its course, it’s going to head to judgment and greater shakings are going to come. Well the greater shakings are coming. Or have come, to begin with. And I believe it’s not over, by a long shot. So we have a plague, that’s one of the biblical signs of judgment. We have economic collapse. We have a lockdown, a paralysis of life. We have the nation being divided. We have riots, we have fires. We have all these things, these foundational things in danger of falling. And the warnings that have come from The Harbinger, and then actually in the next part, what’s happened.

                                             In the new book, Harbinger II, it’s also what’s happened since. All these things are warning of the fall of a nation if we don’t come back. So the only hope we have is to come back. And there’s something, listen, well I didn’t know this. When the date was chosen, I had no idea. And just a few weeks ago I found that out. And that is, that the date of September 26th, this Saturday, it turns out, The Return, it turns out that is actually a sacred day on the Hebrew biblical calendar. And a special day. And it’s called Shabbat [Chuvon 00:26:26]. Now this is from ancient time, Shabbat Chuvon. Now Shabbat means the Sabbath, it’s Saturday. But Chuvon is the key word. What does Chuvon mean? This is the day of The Return. Chuvon means, in Hebrew, the return.

                                             So literally the day was set in the biblical account as the day of return. And specifically set for the return of individuals to God, return of a nation to God. And so it’s all there. And the appointed scripture for that day, it’s going to be read all over the world on the day of The Return, on Saturday, is from Joel, which it says, “Blow the trumpet,” or blow the Chuvon, “consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly, and gather together and come before the Lord and plead for mercy for the nation.” So it actually is the scripture saying, for this day ordain the solemn assembly.

                                             Well, that’s what The Return is. And we had no idea. In fact, we’re following that scripture. And it turns out, all over the world, in all the synagogues of the world, it’s going to be read and chanted. And we’re going to open up with a sounding of the shofars, just like in Joel. So it is so appointed. I mean, for this hour, this is God’s day. This is not our choice. It’s God’s appointed time, and this is the chance we have. We can’t miss it.

Dave Kistler:                      Jonathan, yesterday Gary, Sam and I were on a call together off radio. And we were talking about what’s happening this week leading up to this Saturday. And the phrase was used, which I think is very appropriate, we’re being swept into the vortex of something that God is doing. And I can sense it in your voice. Obviously, when I found you were doing this and saw your video, we wanted to be a part of it. So we’re looking forward to having our entire ministry team there, and a lot of our ministry partners. Can you describe very quickly, before we have to end this segment, what a little bit of The Return on Saturday, September 26th, starting at 9:00 PM, going to about 6:00 PM. What is the day going to look like?

Jonathan Cahn:                 Yeah, it’ll start at 9:00 AM, so come in the morning. We’re going to meet between the Washington Monument and Capitol Hill. It’s going to be a sacred day, so a solemn assembly. We’re going to come together with all the biblical things that we’re going to be coming first to come before God to repent for the church. First our own, then we can intercede for America. We’re going to then intercede for America. At 9:00 AM it starts, there’s going to be worship, there’s going to be prayer, there’s going to be words. Then from 11:00 to 12:00, in that period I’m going to give a prophetic word to America, to the nation. And then we’re going to come in to intercession for this nation. Then for the nations, we’re going to have people from all over the world [inaudible 00:00:29:00].

                                             And then we’re going to come before the Lord and pray for revival and his spirit and his will with worship. And people are part of it, Pat Robertson, Dr. Dobson, Michele Bachmann, Ben Carson, secretary… And all leaders all over the church body. So it’s going to be an awesome… But it’s such an important time. This is a sacred time. We’re going to come, everyone who comes, you’re not an audience. You’re going to be participating for the changing of history. To find out more information, if you can make it, I’ll see you there. If you can, just go online, you can live stream it. Go to and you can do it in your church, in your home, or your family.

                                             But do it wherever you are, devote that day. It’s, that’s all you need to. And also just, if I could throw it in, if you want to get the book that we talked about, The Harbinger II, it’s available everywhere, online and every store. So that’s that, but this is a crucial time. I encourage all of you, this is the set time. God says, “Return to me, and I will return to you.”

Sam Rohrer:                      And Jonathan, what a way to close out this segment. Thank you. Thank you so much for being with us today. Our listeners will be praying for this. Many of them will be there. May God have his hand upon you, and may you speak the word of truth on Saturday as well as others who are there. Again, thanks for being with us. Ladies and gentlemen, a lot’s been on the program already. When we come back, Dave and Gary and I are going to do what we’re talking about, and we are going to pray for our nation. And pray for what we were talking about.


Welcome back now to Stand In The Gap Today. This is, again, our 52 Tuesday prayer initiative. As I said at the beginning of the program, it’s hard to believe that there’s only six Sundays left between now, if I’m counting right, between now and the Sunday prior to the November 3rd election. We started this a year ago. And the reason was that we knew that the election, that the events of 2020, this goes all the way back to when we first were discussing this on our team here in October of 2019. We knew that 2020 would be a year of great significance. That the election would in fact be a part of it. And that because of the date of the election, it would drive the discussion, that doesn’t take any real brilliance to figure that out.

                                             But we really said, it is going to happen. Now we didn’t postulate that there would be such a thing as COVID, but we’ve only had more and more things to pray about. Not just the election through this year. But we said, let’s do it, 52 Tuesdays a year ahead. So that whenever a Tuesday rolls around, and when we’re being bombarded about the election, the importance of the election, and all of that kind of thing, which is obviously happening, that we would stop as God’s people. And our emphasis has been that we would look in the mirror ourselves, and not just pray, but look in the mirror and say, “What’s my relationship with the Lord like?” Because as I mentioned early in the program here today, when Jonathan Cahn was talking, introducing him, is that the Bible does say that there’s great power in prayer. There really is.

                                             And we don’t pray enough. But far too many times, I believe we leave out the requirements that God places upon us in prayer. We are to pray according to his will, not our will. James says we’re not to pray selfishly according to the lust of our flesh, but for the purposes that are right. We are to pray with faith, believing. Because if we don’t, then why are we going to God and prayer to begin with? So we need to have faith. But Psalms talks to us about that if we regard inequity in our heart, meaning we have things in our life that keep us from being right with God. It may really start with the fact that we’re not even true believers in Jesus Christ. So it assumes that prayer to God is coming from someone who has a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, by faith.

                                             And then if that’s the case, that person, if their eyes and ears are open and they are walking as best they can in the spirit, and walking obediently, making sure that sin is confessed, that they are not harboring sin in their heart, regarding inequity, as Psalms talks about. Then God will hear us. But if we hold idolatry in our hearts, if we have some other God, if we are engaged in sin knowingly and not at all trying to turn it over and get victory over it in our lives, if those things are present, God said, I’m not even going to hear you answer when you pray.

                                             So our emphasis has been, prepare to pray. That’s what it’s really been about. And that’s why when we talk about the return coming in DC this Saturday, the emphasis of it, and being actually connected in some respects by people participating and watching around the world, it is a momentous thing. So I’m going to stop pontificating right now, but I needed to say that because that’s the context of which we focus the program today. Yesterday, Dave and Gary and I had a meeting. And when we concluded, the three of us prayed. And it was powerful. And we prayed, and I’m going to ask us to pray right now. I’m going to reverse order, Gary, why don’t you go first, from what we prayed yesterday. Why don’t you go first. Dave, why don’t you follow. And then I will conclude if there is time. But lots of things to pray about. The urgency’s there, certainly. Why don’t we do that right now and lead people across the country together in prayer, right here on this program. Gary?

Gary Dull:                           Okay, Sam. Father, we thank you that in your word you teach us a lot about revival, sin, and what it takes to get back to you. And I think so often in the book of Hosea, being a book of revival, because in that tremendous book you were speaking to your people, Israel, and telling them that they were destroyed because of the lack of the knowledge of you. And you say that you will reject them simply because of the fact that they have forgotten your law. But in the midst of that great judgment that you were giving them, you also encouraged them to return back to you. In the 14th chapter of that great book that you gave us, through your prophet Hosea, you say, “Oh Israel, return unto the Lord, thy God for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity.” And later on in that chapter, you led Isaiah, or Hosea to write.

                                             “I will heal their backsliding. I will love them freely.” And Father, one of the things that we recognized throughout the pages of your word, is that when we, as your people, sin and turn back to you in repentance, you do restore and you do revive. And Father, I pray not only for this coming Saturday, but even before and beyond, that your people, who know you through the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ would invite you to search our hearts. And if there’s any unconfessed sin, that we will confess that sin, that we will turn back to you and allow you to revive us, that that might be extended to the nation. Lord, I pray that you restore our nation to the biblical foundation upon which it was established. And as you do that, we’ll give you the praise and thanksgiving for it in the name of your dear son, Jesus Christ, I pray.

Dave Kistler:                      Have mercy upon us, oh God, according to your loving kindness, and according to the multitude of your tender mercies. We ask that you would blot out our transgressions. Lord, would you wash us thoroughly from our own personal iniquity? And then Lord cleanse us from our national sin. We acknowledge our transgressions, and our sin is ever before us. And Lord, it’s against you, and you only that we’ve sinned and done evil in your sight. And Lord, you’re a God who’s totally just when you speak, and you are crystal clear when you judge. And so Father, we’re asking, Lord, that you have mercy upon us. Lord, we confess again that we have transgressed against you greatly. And Lord, our sin has piled up before you, Lord, individually and as a nation. And Lord, we confess that to you, calling it exactly what you call it. And Lord, ask for your forgiveness.

                                             And then Lord, we pray for our country. Lord, we believe this nation was both birthed and has been blessed by you. That is why America has lived. And we have enjoyed, been the recipients of things, Lord, that really no other nation on the face of the planet has enjoyed. But Lord, it’s because you have blessed us. And Lord, we have forsaken you the fountain of living waters, and we feud out broken cisterns, Lord, and pursued things that can bring no satisfaction. And we admit that. And oh God, we ask that this coming Saturday, this solemn assembly that is being called, Lord, at the very seat of power in the United States of America. Lord, would you take note of your people falling collectively on our faces before you in repentance and asking, oh God, for that which will be the answer to America’s ills, and that’s revival.

                                             God, would you be pleased to send it? And Father, we’ll thank you and praise you for what you do. We lean completely upon you. We trust entirely in you. Lord, our confidence is not in the next election. Our confidence is in you. And so God, would you hear our petitions? And would you respond, Lord, in your greatness, in your majesty, and in your power. For it’s in the name that is above every name, the name of Jesus that I do pray. Amen.

Sam Rohrer:                      And to that I say, amen and amen oh Lord. Guard us as a people. All of those who are listening, may they fall on their face before you. And Lord, may we rise up together, call you blessed and stand in the gap for truth where you put us. In Jesus name. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us today. Take this program to heart. May it encourage you.