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Joe Green:                          This is from a recent article in Out Magazine. “LBGTQ+ American scored what they believe to be a major victory when mainstream media designated Joe Biden as the 46 president-elect. The win was not just symbolic. Biden’s record of support for LGBTQ+ citizens goes further than any previous president-elect in history. The victory makes him the first U.S. President to openly embrace a full spectrum of queer rights, including transgender equality. Biden has made a slew of promises for his first 100 days on the campaign, but of them, he promised to push forward the Equality Act, which has stalled in a Republican controlled Senate. If passed, the set of legislation could add legal protections for LGBTQ+ community in various aspects of life. Whether or not Republicans will maintain control of the Senate will be determined in a set of runoff elections in Georgia slated for January, the 5th.” We will be talking more about that and the Human Rights Campaign in the last segment.

                                             My name is Joe Green and I’m hosting today on Stand in the Gap Today, along with my co-host, the honorable Sam Rohrer. Our guest today is administered Dr. Randy Lancaster Short. Dr. Short is a Washington D.C. native and a scholar, historian, human rights defender, social commentator, anti-eugenics advocate, freelance journalist, writer and social action, social justice missionary affiliated with the African Orthodox Church. He’s informed and an excellent researcher and speaker. Short is regularly featured on FM, AM Radio blogs nationally. Since 2011, Short has been a featured commentator on RTE Radio 1, Mississippi SuperTalk, Roland Martin WJLA News Channel 8, Belarus National News, InfoWars, DC Cable Vision and a host of other things. Dr. Short also serves as the Washington D.C. Aide-de-camp to Reverend William Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, 7,000 in number. Thank you, Dr. Short and welcome to the program today.

Randy Short:                     God bless you. Good afternoon. And God bless the audience. And of course, God bless America.

Joe Green:                          Amen. Amen. Dr. Short, on the surface, the Equality Act sounds like something positive or good for the nation. Can you briefly explain the Equality Act? Randy Short:      In a nutshell, the Equality Act interjects all of the LGBTQ foolishness into the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which basically provided federal protection for women, blacks and other people who have immutable things that would make them different from the most dominant demographic, which is white and male. We have issues in this country but we still have a great country. What these people want to do is, say that if I am queer and queer means everything that’s not straight. That includes with animals, with the dead, with body fluids and body waste, it goes on and on. They want to be recognized as a minority. The foundation of this comes from a queer pedophile communist by the name of Harry Hay, who’s one of the inspirations for NAMBLA, the National Association of Man/Boy Love. Okay? All right. So, what you’re looking at is taking whatever filth people can put into their imaginations and do, to give it the protection of what goes to women, blacks, and others.

                                             And then it goes to the extent where it would cancel out religious liberties. It would equate any person with a perverted inkling to persons who may have truly, as a group or class, native Americans, blacks, Japanese-Americans, whatever, or women, to what you cannot change. “I can’t help what I look like. A woman can’t help being a woman. She may not want to use the men’s restroom.” They’re talking about getting rid of Title IX, getting rid of all of that and making everything everything. And the foundation of this whole non-binary sexuality is by a woman by the name of Dr. Judith Butler. And it’s non-binary movement basically says that you aren’t really what you are, male and female exists because you imagine it so.

                                             If you stop saying you are a man or a woman, you wouldn’t be one. And so, and to show you how insane this is, there a minimum of 218 gender identities that this law is going to have to accommodate. And there also will be federal protections and federal penalties against Christians and people with any religious belief, as well as businesses and schools and institutions, will all have to accommodate a Judith Butler’s insanity.

Sam Rohrer:                      Randy, what you’re describing is really for, I suppose, many who are listening, they’ve said, “Uh-huh (affirmative), I’ve heard some about this.” But boy, the way you’re describing it, is just unbelievable. When you’re talking about trying to grant federal protection to all of these 200 some plus different gender variations and so forth, but you did make a reference. I want you to build on it just a little bit here as we get into the program today, and that is this, you said that there would be particular dangers for those who would be Christians perhaps, but those who hold to a worldview, as we describe in this program, a Judeo-Christian worldview that stands in contrast to this. Lay out if you could a little bit, what some of those penalties perhaps, may be for ideological groups, Christians and others, who would say, “I don’t want to support or embrace these kinds of varied mentalities of human sexuality and all of that, that’s a part of the Equality Act.” What would be some of those punishments or discriminations that would be on people who wouldn’t hold to this?

Randy Short:                     Well, look at it this way. And anyone that reads the gay Equality Act, the sentence that introduces it, it’s to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, blah, blah, blah. Then there’s a, “comma, and for other purposes.” So, there is no bottom or end to what this is supposed to do, in the first sentence of the law. And for other purposes, could that be pedophilia? Could that be incest? Most people are not aware that they’re literally… The country of Haiti has literally began to try to put laws in for incest and all of that, and this is to appeal to the Biden administration if it should become the government. Just so you know that this thing has no limits. Let’s start off with that. Now let’s deal with the church, in particular. Christian faith that does not endorse the craziest of conduct would be considered bigotry. Racism-

Joe Green:                          Dr. Short, if you can hold that thought, we’re going to go to break. We’ll be back with Dr. Randy Short and please hold that thought. I would like for you to finish that when we come back from the break. We’re here with Dr. Randy Short, my name is Joe Green. I’m here with Sam Rohrer and we’re talking about the dangers of the Equality Act and how it will affect our community and our children.


                                             And we’re back with Dr. Randy Short. And my name is Joe Green, along with Sam Rohrer for today’s Stand in the Gap Radio program. And we’re talking about the dangers of the Equality Act and how it will affect our communities and even our children. Dr. Short, you were finishing a thought. I want to let you finish your thought before I go to our next set of questions.

Randy Short:                     What I was trying to say, and there’s a simple way to do it, gender and discrimination are two words most people think they know what they mean. And we throw these words around constantly based on our ignorance. First and foremost, gender is not the same as sex. Gender is whatever person imagines it to be. So when you say gender imagination or sorry, gender discrimination, you, you may think a woman’s being discriminated against or whatever. And you’d say, “Oh, I’m against that.” And gender discrimination to that person could mean, “You don’t like me because I’m heterosexual and I’m interested in children.” Gender to you, mean something else to the next person. It’s a Pandora box of confusion and discrimination from the mindset of a person that has an ungodly, abominable state of mind. Discrimination to him could be, or her, “I can’t have intercourse with your children. You are being heterosexist.” This whole concept makes heterosexuality and anyone that thinks like that, the equivalent of a racist bigot Nazi.

                                             And so the problem in society is, you have to get rid of people that think of a family as a man and a woman. A man, woman, and child, that’s bigoted. A family could be a dog and two kids and two dudes. And so, anyone that tries to promote scientific, as well as biblical concepts of what sex is, become monsters, become enemies of the state. And in order to fulfill people who have such base and deviant needs, you would have to destroy the fabric of everything to please them.

                                             So, this is what the Equality Act would do. And the greatest enemy of the Equality Act and those pushing it are Bible-believing Christians, which means that if you read the Equality Act, if I want to have a tailgate party on your church parking lot, you would be discriminating against me if you said “yes” to the school football team, but you said “no” to the transgender-are-us club and the courts would come after you. I would be able to come into your church buck naked. And if you didn’t like it, you’re discriminating on me because of my gender and you’d be sued. And trust me, they are not like minorities that get discriminated against, that don’t have cash. These folks are loaded. They will destroy this society.

Joe Green:                          And you know I think one of the problems is, a lot of times we don’t think long-term on the implications of what happens when we pass these types of legislations. But there are people that have agendas that they already have a certain direction they want to take it to. And along those lines, one of the greatest weapons that the enemy uses, or people that want to deceive you, is the use of euphemisms and clever phrases that can be used to cover wicked agendas and intentions under themes and sayings. Like for instance, we’re talking about the Equality Act. Now on the surface equality sounds like a good thing and most people would say, “Yeah, you know, people should be treated equal.” But when we begin to drill down to what it actually means and the implications of what they mean by equality, they’re basically saying everything is equal.

                                             So, me marrying my wife and we have children is equal in their minds to any other type of definition. And this day in time, it seems like any other definition other than that, is acceptable. Now, along these lines and with the Equality Act, there’s another part of this equation that we want to talk about, because as we talk about euphemisms, one of the euphemisms that has become very prominent, is Black Lives Matter. Now on the surface, everybody would pretty much agree. There’s not too many people that would disagree with that particular statement. But when we drill down a little bit more, we see the Black Lives Matter, the organization, has publicly stated that their goal was to dismantle the nuclear family and to do away of what they coin as “heteronormative thinking.” Heteronormative thinking is the belief that heterosexuality is the only normal way to view intimate relationships.

                                             They have stated that they believe that this way of thinking is wrong. The Black Lives Matter founders also stress that they are queer affirming and transgender affirming. Now, this may not seem like an issue to most people, but understand they have also developed a school curriculum and the school curriculum is geared towards indoctrinating school-age children, to believe that the biblical definitions of family and gender or sex, are wrong. The implications that this curriculum has masked under the guise of social justice, should be very troublesome for Bible-believing Christians, trying to raise their children with biblical Christian values. The most alarming part of the current attack on our children’s moral values, is that much of this legislation that is being proposed, takes parental consent out of the equation. Which means that if adopted as proposed, parents will have no legal rights to teach biblical morality to their children. Dr. Short, you shared with me a Black Lives Matter coloring book, is being given to our school children, can you talk a little bit about that book?

Randy Short:                     Yes. The writer of the book, Ms. Garcia, mentions in her writing to the readers, she tells the children that a lot of times, grownups, adults, really don’t know anything, and they really aren’t with what’s happening and that they need to find other people to talk to as in their parents. I mean, that’s in the book and they show all these images of family. There’s never a man and woman together. All this stuff is confusion. The only males in it is a communist male. There’s a communist male, there’s a pedophile male, [inaudible 00:14:19] is a pedophile male. And then there’s a trans male. And then there’s a male with the word on it that says, “More than a score.” Which is gay language is, “More than someone that you just have sex with.” This is the men in the book. And the women in the book are harsh looking and they have these nice terms, “Empathy,” but then they… It’s all pointed towards getting children to not think that they’re absolutes. And what people need to understand, this movement that claims to be tolerant and understanding and empathetic, has harsh words like “TERF.”

                                             A TERF is a Total Exclusion Radical Feminist. Do you know these radical feminist women who are often lesbians, are targeted for violence by drag queen males who resent women, not wanting them in their restrooms and violating spaces protected under Section IX? They want the Section IX protections taken away from women and alongside this curriculum, there are two movements. One movement is the Minor-attracted person movement, MAP. And then the companion is the Adult-attracted Minor movement. So they’ve got a movement for adults that want to be involved with children carnally and they’re developing a movement for children to encourage them to be involved with adults and to teach them, “You were born this way. Of course you wanted to be with grandpa and grandma. And it’s those awful people in the church talking about Jesus and Leviticus and the 10 Commandments and rules, that are oppressing everyone.”

                                             Judith, Mill, and other folks, I won’t say what faith they are, but they aren’t Christian. You will see a plethora of people who come from another religious group, that the people hate and are hostile to the gospel. And at some point, people who believe in Jesus Christ are going to have to be realistic when they look at this whole ecumenical movement where we’re just embracing and kissing everybody, instead of standing for Jesus Christ.

Sam Rohrer:                      Randy, what you’re laying out there, again, I believe is probably a real eye-opener for a lot of our listeners who are very, very informed, audience of people. Let’s go back to one aspect of it, that Joe set up. And that’s the idea of parental consent. Everything that you’re describing is an attempt to take and turn upside down, what we would say biblically, is God’s view in order of society. Male, female, father, mother, children, and then out of that, there is a construct of appropriateness and fidelity within the relationship we call morality, and all of those kinds of things you’re describing, a complete overturning of all of that. Let’s go back in and talk about the attack on parental consent and the role of moms and dads as they relate to framing the concept of life and all of that for children, because what you’re talking about, it has to undergird, somehow to tear out, this concept of parental responsibility as well. Talk to us about that, please?

Randy Short:                     The whole sexual revolution, Wilhelm Reich, Judith Butler, Harry Hay, it goes on and on, want to destroy the nuclear family and the church. In particular fatherhood, they want it destroyed. It needs to go. All right? And I don’t need to go anywhere further than say, Washington D.C. where I live, where just last week, they passed law, “B” as in boy, 230-171. It is now legal in Washington D.C. for children up to the age of 11 and above, to get vaccinated without their parent’s knowledge or consent. It is the law of the capital city of the United States of America. And by the way, I think my mayor is gay and much of the city council are gay.

Joe Green:                          Hey, we got to go to break. We’re here with Dr. Randy Short. I’m Joe Green with Sam Rohrer, we’ll be come back, we’ll talk a little bit more about the Equality Act and the dangers that it poses to our families and the Human Rights Campaign. This is Stand in the Gap Today Radio, and we’ll be back after these commercial messages.


                                             We’re back, I’m Joe Green and I’m hosting with Sam Rohrer with our special guest, Dr. Randy Short. Where the original Civil Rights Act of 1964 furthered equality by ensuring that African-Americans and others had equal access to public accommodations in the material goods, the Equality Act would further inequality by penalizing everyday Americans for their beliefs about marriage and biological sex, similar sexual orientation and gender identity laws at the state and local level have already been used in this way. And a lot of people may say, “Well, I don’t think that they’ll actually implement it.” But we see it already happening. The most high profile example involves Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, whose case went all the way to the Supreme court after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission accused him of discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation when he declined to create a custom cake for a same-sex wedding. He is not the only victim. Other cases involving disagreement over the meaning of marriage, feature florists, bakers, photographers, wedding venue owners, videographers, web designers, and so on and so forth.

                                             Now citizens are being punished for their views on biological sex. Shortly after the Supreme Court ruling, Jack Phillips found himself in court again, after an activist attorney who identifies as transgender, requested that Masterpiece Cakeshop create a gender transition celebration cake. Dr. Short, can you please talk about the legal ramifications? You know, we talk about the fact that people have free will and they’re going to do what they want to do, but it takes it to a much more devious thing when we talk about laws being passed, that aren’t just to give equality, but actually to punish those who disagree with them. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Randy Short:                     I’m going to go for the jugular. There’s a thing called Abnormal Psychology. People who have super wicked or deviant or insane ideas and we have a whole culture, this whole gender movement of Judith Butler and others is to promote insanity as normative and what is normative, as criminal. And so it used to be, not too long ago, that some of this stuff was listed in the DSM as being insane. Things like people who deliberately spread HIV and AIDS as gift giving and bug chasing, where you try to get it. That’s not normal, but it is now.

                                             And so, when you get enough people with money and folks behind them, where the inmates take over the prison, is what we’re looking at. And for most people who think normally, it takes a lot for them to wrap their head around what we’re trying to tell them, but they better get there with the Holy Spirit and recognize that we were told in the Book of Timothy and Timothy 2 and 1 Timothy 2, and then I’m sorry, 1 Timothy 3, and then 2 Timothy 4, about perilous times and the age of the apostasy. And that this kind of foolishness, if I can quote Leviticus 19 and 29, not to put your children into harlotry or the land would become corrupted.

                                             That is what we have as believers and that is inevitable. If the Bible is true, we would come into times where there’s a great falling-away. There would be great wickedness. There’d be great deviance and we’ve got it in your face, in real time. And the enemies of, what is evil are the righteous, does not it say in the Book of Job, that the righteous are an abomination to the wicked and the wicked are an abomination to the righteous.

                                             And what we see now are people who are into abominable activities, using the law and using politics and hiding behind metaphors like blackness. All lives matter. Your co-host life matters just as much as yours, what black people and others were marching for wasn’t to be superior, but to be a part of the society in which they lived, pay taxes and served in the military. What these deviants want is supremacy, special rights and they’ll use anybody, including, forgive me, gullible foolish black folks who are not looking to God but they’re looking to a cheap, easy funding pool from these people.

Joe Green:                          I think that a lot of people don’t understand the gravity of it. And like you said, a Bible-believing Christian should not be surprised that these evil and wicked days have come. And we also are equipped to resist evil and to bring awareness. Sam, as a former legislator, can you speak to how a Bible-believing Christian can fight to combat this type of dangerous legislation and these movements that we see really taking root here in America?

Sam Rohrer:                      Joe, actually, yes. In a couple of different ways. Number one, again, we’re right in the midst of an election, right? I mean, and this one’s not settled yet, but we know that there is of great importance that those who hold to what we would call a “biblical worldview,” that God is, that God created, that God has established a moral structure for this world, and father and mother and children come out of that in marriage, all of these things we’re talking about now. If we believe that, the Bible says we should have interest in and work towards and praying for those who would be in office, that they in fact would be righteous. When we follow and say, “We will do what God says, in our families, in our churches, in our civil law as judges or as the attorneys, or as those who make the law in office.”

                                             If we do those things that God says, then God says, “I will bless that nation.” And when those people are there, the Bible refers to them as the righteous. And when we know when the righteous are in positions of authority, making those decisions, there is great joy, the people rejoice. But the opposite, exactly, begins to happen. That when we do not communicate these things of truth, as mothers and fathers to our children, as teachers in the classroom to the pupils, as pastors in the pulpits to those in the pew, if that truth is failed to be communicated, you very quickly get to the point where you have the unrighteous, which is what Dr. Short was just talking about, become those in positions of authority. And they actually become an abomination. And when the ungodly are in authority, then the people mourn because everything has been turned upside down.

                                             So, what do we do about it? Well, we as those who hold to a view, a Judeo-Christian worldview, a biblical worldview, we have to understand these things, embrace them, live them, teach them, filter all that we are seeing around us in light of those things, defend the truth, articulate the truth. And we try at best to get into office those, in fact, those who are going to uphold those things. For those who are in office, like I was for so many years, those folks have to be encouraged to actually act upon what they believe, because if they set aside their moral beliefs, their belief in God and who He is, and the fact that we’re accountable to Him and will be, if they set that aside, then what you end up with, are abominable laws.

                                             Those kinds of things that Dr. Short is making so very, very clear here today. So, it’s a matter of a choice. We either hold to that which is true and defend it articulately and consistently, or we walk away from it. If we walk away from it, we walk into abomination. If we walk towards the truth, then in fact, it takes us forward to a place where we can be blessed with good laws and good people and God’s blessing. It’s not a whole lot more complicated than that but we tend to make it far too complicated.

Joe Green:                          I want to turn it back over to you, Sam, but one of the things I think that we mistake as the Body of Christ, is I think we mistake righteousness for moral perfection. There is nobody morally perfect, except for Jesus. But righteousness, when we think about righteousness as right standing, it means the beginning of righteousness is we at least have to agree with God’s Word and God’s Will. So, people I think, in this last election cycle, sometimes they looked at how they dislike maybe President Trump and they equated that for maybe his moral imperfections, as opposed to understanding that the beginning of righteousness, because all of our works are like filthy rags, no matter how good we think we are as people and we’re all sinners saved by God’s grace. But the righteousness part is that we at least have to agree with God’s word, which means marriage, life, sexuality and all these things, we have to at least agree with what His Word is and our laws have to line up with that.

Sam Rohrer:                      Absolutely. And I think what you’re describing there, Joe, again, is a truth standard. I mean, here it is. We are in a time where judges are making determinations and saying that life does not mean life and that you can kill the baby in the womb if you want to and you can redefine human sexuality and redefine marriage. What is that? Well, what that is, is those are people who have said God’s standard of truth, “I’m going to disregard it.” And when we throw out God’s moral standard, which is the underpinning of law, you cannot have justice, you cannot have consistency or equality before the law and you cannot have law that reflects or will get God’s blessing. So again, we’re talking about a completeness of viewing of life, a worldview. We either have a worldview that has God in the center and we hold it and we move towards it as a standard or we take God out of the picture and we move away from him where there is no standard of truth.

Joe Green:                          Absolutely. And you know, these are definitely perilous times. And I think that as you say, all the time, and as Dr. Short alluded to, it takes the spiritual leaders, the pastors in the pulpit to begin to articulate these things and to be able to define to the people exactly what is God’s Will and His Purpose and His Word. When we come back, we’ll be talking about the Human Rights Campaign and what Joe Biden has promised in his first 100 days in office. This is Joe Green, along with Sam Rohrer and Dr. Randy Short. And you’re listening to Stand in the Gap Today.


                                             Welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m your host, Joe Green, along with Sam Rohrer and our guests, Dr. Randy Short. Dr. Short and Sam, I must admit that as an African-American, I feel offended when people equate race or skin color with sexual orientation. Therein to me, lies the difference in real civil rights in my estimation, because race, ethnicity, and skin color, even biological sex, are simply descriptors or categories that describe human attributes. A person can not choose the color of their skin, nor can they change their ethnicity or country of origin. They simply are what they are. Sexual orientation is a behavioral lifestyle. Aside from the fact that the Bible describes male and female relationships as the only recognized intimate and marital union, sexual orientation is a lifestyle.

                                             You can choose who you want to marry or be intimate with. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ended segregation in public places and ban employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, is what we’re talking about and what is being attacked here. I like to give this a tangible example of how that worked. During the Jim Crow South restaurants, bathrooms, water fountains and even certain neighborhoods, could openly promote the fact that black people were banned from using their facilities, eating in their restaurants, or even buying a house in those neighborhoods.

                                             Before the Civil Rights Act, if I went into a restaurant to order food that was designated as Whites Only, the manager or owner could call the local authorities and they could have me arrested for trespassing. After the Act, if I were denied service simply because of the color of my skin, I could call the authorities and the restaurant owner would face legal troubles. This speaks to the impact that certain legislation has on people’s everyday lives. And we understand that from this Equality Act, it means that if you disagree with their lifestyle, then you could face criminal charges and even legal troubles. Sam, in our opening segment, we mentioned the Human Rights Campaign that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are pushing. Sam, can you talk about the campaign and whether or not we should be concerned about it?

Sam Rohrer:                      Joe, I actually can. Anybody can Google this. I’d encourage them to go to Human Rights Campaign and they’ll find their Blueprint for Positive Change, 2020, it’s a Human Rights Campaign. They’ll find a document. That document is very, very precise. It starts out here by saying in January, 2021, the Biden Administration will inherit a Presidency and Executive Branch. And it goes in, talks into it. It is all about, and this is the front line, “The blueprint for positive change here to take effect in 2021, is a comprehensive list of 85 individual policy recommendations aimed at improving the lives of,” exactly what we’re talking about, “LGBTQ people.” Recommendations include a number of things. Now in this document, they walk through and are very precise on making changes what Biden, if he becomes president, will make in these first 100 days of him being there, White House executive actions and inter-agency actions, are one of them.

                                             And then they go into and they cover everything from changes in the Department of Defense, to Department of Agriculture, to the Department of Commerce, to the Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, all the way down to Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development. This is so extensive that when you look through here, that everything, from all the way to massive changes in the military, to restoring favored housing for transgendered individuals in the military, as an example, that would be a requirement to prohibiting as example across the board, any kind of counseling for people, young people who would be transgender or LGBTQ or whatever. And they say, “You know what? I’ve gotten trapped in this way of living. I don’t like what is happening to me. I want to consider getting out the thing called conversion therapy counseling. The idea that there is another way, this whole thing would make all of that, throughout all of these different departments, illegal.”

                                             So it goes exactly to exactly what Dr. Short was talking about, is that this agenda, he was talking about the Equality Act, would be followed up with the Human Rights Commission and together these two would absolutely change all the laws in this country. And a Joe Biden, that’s is talking about in this article, has already identified with it and he would aggressively go after it. And again, turning the laws upside down, all the way around, but aggressively doing so. So it’s an incredible thing, but this is an issue. People can actually Google to it. I would encourage them to go there because within this, Joe, are going to be a lot of major educational policies, which are going to find their way into universities and in high schools. It’s called Blueprint for Positive Change, 2020, Human Rights Campaign. Somebody can look it up and they can find this information. It’s very, very alarming.

Joe Green:                          Absolutely. And you know, for him to say within the first 100 days he plans on implementing, it means he has a sense of urgency to get this. This is one of the priorities of this proposed administration. And so we have to be very concerned by that. I’m going to ask you a question, Dr. Short, then Sam, I’d like to, in the few moments that we have, asked you to start us in prayer, as we pray for the nation and about the things that we’re talking about. Dr. Short, all this that we’re discussing, really feels like it’s been brewing for a long time. We know that this just didn’t just happen all of a sudden. Can you talk about how much this relates to Marxism or socialism or some of these ideologies?

Randy Short:                     I’m going to go quickly, but I want to say quick. Also regarding the term “pos” or “positive,” is a gay slang for people having HIV. So positive change, what does that mean to a person with an reprobate mind? Let’s do this very quickly. There’s a thing called the “Frankfurt School.” It’s out of Germany, a bunch of communists who combine the sexual deviancy and foolishness of Sigmund Freud to Marxism and out of it, you get a cult for Marxism. And what these people want to do, is take down the church, take down basic morality. And they believe that instead of, along with Gramsci [inaudible 00:36:17], who came up with the concept of hegemony. That’s what they’re pushing for a gay hegemony, where everything is the way that they say it. So, just like you had the communist run the schools or the fascist people run the schools and tell the kids what they have to think and have children be against their parents, you now see this in America.

                                             But, whereas you would try to get the workers paradise under communism, under this Frankfurt School, this Freudian, sexual confusion, combined with Marxism, Judith Butler and all these people are into, if it either the Frankfurt School or the commies. I’m going to just say it like it is, their Utopia is where there’s no family, no heterosexuality, no church, no God, an irreligious body, sex, pleasure, gratification. That is the paradise of Sodom and Gomorrah with no holds bar.

Joe Green:                          Yes. Hedonism will rule the day if they have their way. Sam, could you give us any final remarks and then please close us in prayer as we pray for these things that we’re talking about?

Sam Rohrer:                      Joe, absolutely. And Dr. Short, thank you for being with us today and being so very clear. Truth is clear. We just need to be clear on truth and with that, then God can take and apply it. And I’m going to pray right now. Heavenly Father. We thank you for the opportunity to communicate across the country today. We thank you for Dr. Short, for his clarity, for the communication of these things, God, which are at the antithesis of truth, the opposition to God Almighty, who sits above and looks down on these affairs of men. We pray that we do know the truth, would be not ashamed of it, but embrace it, articulate it and live it because truth does prevail. And thank the Lord that You are The Truth, The Way and The Life. In Jesus’ Name, amen. Joe Green:           Amen. Amen. Thank you again, Dr. Randy Short, Sam Rohrer and myself, Joe Green, for this edition of Stand in the Gap Radio Today. Please keep your eyes and ears open and understand the times that we live in so that we can be the beacon of hope and light to the rest of the nations.