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Sam Rohrer: Hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’m going to be joined today by Dr. Gary Dull, and today is our regular constitutional update. That’s what we’re referring to it. We do it every other Thursday, and I’m going to be talking in just a moment with historian, author, and constitutional attorney David New. Our theme today is this, what in the world is constitutional secularism. What in the world is constitutional secularism. If you haven’t heard of that phrase before, frankly, I didn’t either until yesterday.

But yesterday on our monthly cultural update feature with Dr. George Barna, I briefly introduced elements from a 28-page document just sent from 14 Democrat U.S. congressmen identifying themselves as members of the Congressional Freethought Caucus. They did that on behalf of a national organization identifying itself as the Secular Democrats of America. This document was sent to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with a request to essentially undo every policy, every law, and every initiative initiated by Donald Trump. In that document, they said this, quote, “The Secular Democrats of America PAC has prepared this document for the Biden-Harris campaign to provide recommendations that will not only reverse the damage done by the Trump administration, but boldly restore a vision of constitutional secularism and respect in the land for religious and intellectual pluralism,”.

Well, if you wonder what is meant by constitutional secularism, we’re going to share that with you today here on Stand in the Gap Today. But before I bring in David New, I want to welcome in Mr. Eric Elder. He’s a member of Samaritan Ministries International. He’s an author. He’s a speaker. He’s a pianist. He’s a pastor, and Eric is an amazing man with a tremendous testimony, just recently became aware of him, but really is a testimony to how God works and how Samaritan Ministries, Samaritan healthcare sharing, was able to participate with him in a very significant time in his life.

We’re doing this because we not only want to bring you his story, and let you hear him for just a moment, but we’re doing that also because Samaritan Ministries is a sponsor of Stand in the Gap Media, this program, and we want you to know more about them. We want you, as you’re considering who can provide healthcare sharing needs for you that you think of Samaritan Ministries.

So with that, let me welcome in right now, Eric Elder, thanks for being with us.

Eric Elder: Hi, Sam, good afternoon to you.

Sam Rohrer: Eric, you’re an ordained preacher. God’s allowed you to write. You play the piano well, you speak, but you’ve also gone through a very difficult time in your life. And out of that, I believe to the glory of God, there is now a movie that is coming out built around your experience. The title of that is St. Nicholas: The Believer: A New Story For Christmas Based On The Old Story Of St. Nicholas. Now, I’m not quite sure how that connects to your experience fully, but I want you to take just a few moments and share your connection to Samaritan Ministries, your experience, and, perhaps, how that is connected with this movie which I believe comes out aptly tomorrow.

Eric Elder: It does. Tomorrow night online you can watch it on YouTube. It’s a [inaudible 00:03:41] It’s actually a ballet movie, and it’s a project that my wife and I had conceived of 25 years ago. She thought that it would be great to tell the true story of Saint Nicholas, the real man, Nicholas, who lived back in the 3rd and 4th century. And he really loved Jesus with all his heart. So there’s not really a competition between our current day Santa Claus and Jesus. Saint Nicholas loves Jesus with all his heart, and I think if people knew the real story, they would then be able to incorporate it. Nicholas isn’t just the patron saint of shopping malls. He really should be restored to what he was, which was a beacon of light to give hope to the world and point people to Jesus.

So that’s been my heart for 25 years. I was working on this project. We were getting ready… We had written a book called St. Nicholas: The Believer, and then we’re getting ready to film a movie about it, of a ballet company down in South Carolina who was going to perform this when I had a health crisis about a year and a half ago and woke up and had a heart attack that put me in the hospital, in quadruple bypass, and almost derailed me from Ministry completely let alone this project. And I can’t say enough about Samaritan and I offered to talk to them sometime and just say, could I just say, thank you. And they invited me to come talk to their staff.

And I just got to tell 400 of them that I so appreciated them because every time I called them about an insurance question, it was a downtime in my life, but they would pray with me every time I called. And when you have heart surgery and heart issues like that, a lot of times it takes an emotional toll too. And it wasn’t that I wanted to commit suicide, but I definitely didn’t want to live after that. It was just so hard. And I’d never been through that before. And I just asked God, if he could give me one more [inaudible 00:05:27] with my wife who had passed away seven years prior to that. And if we could meet at her place. I was just done. But when you have no hope, even the smallest glimpse of it will light up your whole world. And that’s what Samaritan provided for me. And they really walked me through all the insurance stuff, but also they walked me through my emotional support as well.

Sam Rohrer: Eric, that’s quite a story. We have had other members of Samaritan on here and they all tell the same story. When the times of need come, and they come to us all, the Samaritan staff, the Samaritan people, and the sharing that goes on by the nature of Samaritan, they give the same kind of testimony that you do. What caused you to actually choose Samaritan when you did?

Eric Elder: [inaudible 00:06:10] I was actually drawn to help sharing like this 25 years ago. It was a different organization that I had signed up with my family and we really enjoyed it just… It was more like a family and we just provided for each other each month and helped each other with our needs. [Inaudible 00:06:25] our needs were all covered, and we had several children under that program. And then I switched to a couple of different jobs where I had a different kind of insurance, but I came back three and a half years ago to decide that I really wanted to jump back into the health sharing plan because I just liked it so much better. And so I found Samaritan as just a great alternative. What I really loved about them was that you send your money directly to the person who has the need each month.

And so if someone has a broken leg, or trouble breathing, or they just had a baby, Samaritan lets you know that and tells you the amount to send, and you send that in. And then you send it straight to them with a card and a prayer. And I just loved that. I used to think that paying insurance was a drudgery, but I really loved… It’s like a blessing every month because I get to help someone in need. And I’ve been on both sides, the giving and the receiving end, and definitely believe me that Jesus was right. It’s better to give than to receive. I’d rather be giving and sending a check every month to somebody in need. So it [inaudible 00:07:26] just been beautiful for that.

Sam Rohrer: And, ladies and gentlemen, that you can go to. And Eric that movie again, St. Nicholas: The Believer: A New Story For Christmas Based On The Old Story Of St. Nicholas that can be found tomorrow night. Where do people go to watch it?

Eric Elder: Tomorrow night, if they just go to my YouTube channel, E-R-I-C-E-L-D-E-R,

Sam Rohrer: All right. With that I’m going to have to say goodbye, Eric. Thank you so very much for being with us today. What a testimony. Praise the Lord for all of that. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back in just a moment. Constitutional update with David New. What in the world is constitutional secularism.


Welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and accompanied by Gary Dull. So all of you who [inaudible 00:08:10] listening to us. You know this combination, don’t you? You know Gary, you know me, and you also know our guest today David New. David New, I’m going to bring you in just a moment.

But I will say when we hear from listeners, sometimes they mentioned our guest by name, actually often they do, but David New is one of those who comes up often. So we’re going to get right into this because this is our constitutional update. On this program, ladies and gentlemen, we talk about biblical worldview a lot from a biblical perspective and a constitutional perspective. Let me just state for a moment why. A biblical perspective is fundamentally the foundation of moral truth. We have to go there if we want to know what God’s plan and order is for life and living, for society, for government, and family. So we regularly talk about biblical principles because that’s the lens through which we look, but we talk about constitutional as well because in America, in this nation, we are in a constitutional republic governed by laws, that is the Constitution.

So we talk about both because between God’s moral law, underpinning it, and the Constitution, that’s the framework that governs all of our life, all of the laws and policies that govern us. And so that’s why we do that. So I just want to make that connection just in case we say biblical and constitutional perspective, the why for it, that’s the why. All right. Our theme here, constitutional update, what in the world is constitutional secularism. On this program and throughout all of our Stand in the Gap Radio and TV programs, we emphasize over and over again that God’s plan for society, for life and living is the only one that can assure peace and safety from the enemy, good weather, prosperity, and blessed families. It’s the only one. It has been that way. And this benefit that we’ve had here though and God’s plan, it’s always been under attack.

It’s under attack right now. And I’m going to say that it is significantly and aggressively more under attack. And it comes from those who not only reject the God’s plan, but reject God himself. Deny God as creator, and giver of natural rights, and repudiate God as the author of truth and the judge of the universe before whom will all one day bow.

What I just described there, God as creator, God as giver of all rights, God as judge are some of the essential elements of a biblical worldview, which I just described a little bit. But if you take out God, what do you have left? Well, as this has happened in America, into this godless void which many like, you have those who refuse God and his plan and they are emerging aggressively. And they’re seeking not only to throw off all vestiges of a biblical worldview, a Judeo-Christian approach to life and living, but destroy anything of those foundational principles and such is the case with that Biden-Harris administration. They’ve already telegraphed it. Biden is already telegraphing it by appointment of people who he would like to have if he ever becomes the president.

Well, such as the Secular Democrats of America and the roadmap that they have given to Biden and Harris, with their recommendations for what they do to undo what’s left here in America of our biblical worldview.

David, I want to get right into this. I gave a little longer introduction then, but boy I’ll tell you what. We introduced this yesterday a little bit on the program, but this group, democrat congressional caucus known as the free-thinkers caucus that gets us off going right there. But I’m going to spend a number of programs on this document. It should be a wake-up call for all American patriots, I think, and especially American Christians. And so to that end, I think you’ve read the document over. Let’s go to the primary focus today. That is what in the world is a constitutional secularism, which they cite is one of the first things they want Biden, Harris to begin to implement across America. So I’m going to go right here, first. David, define secular or secularism, and then we’re going to get more into what this means.

David New: Well, it’s so nice to be with you and blessings to you and blessings to the members of our audience today. The word secular has been around since the 13th century, and all the word simply means is this present world or of this world. That’s all it means. But several hundred years later, an addition was made to the word secular called secular-ism, secular-ism. And if we look at the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. This is what it says about what secular-ism is, it is indifference to, or rejection, or exclusion of religion and religious considerations. This phrase that these folks are using here, the Secular Democrats, is something that I haven’t seen before. They’re using the term constitutional secularism. So what they’re basically saying is that within… They’re merging those two together. They’re saying when they… that the word secularism, exclusion of religion, and the Constitution that they are one and the same thing. That secularism is inside the Constitution. That the Constitution is indifferent towards religion.

It excludes religion, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So that’s what they mean when they say constitutional secularism. This is a phrase I haven’t seen before. I read it yesterday when you said this to me. I loved the program yesterday. It was really great. And there are some contradictions. There’s a little bit of hypocrisy going on because when they use this phrase secular-ism, they’re claiming that that is what the constitution means. Well, as you know, these people will attack people like Gary Dull, and Sam, and everybody. They’re saying, “Look, the Constitution is godless because the word God does not appear in the Constitution. This is one of the age-old arguments that they make. Fine. Here’s the contradiction, the word secular does not appear in the Constitution, but it’s much worse than that. The primary constitutional documents that are used by scholars, and lawyers, and judges to analyze the Constitution.

There are just a few. One of them is Madison’s Notes on the Constitutional Convention that is over 700 pages long. Nowhere in that document does the word secular appear. The second document that’s very important is the one written by John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, the Federalist Papers. This was written and published in the newspapers of New York to persuade the citizens of New York to vote for the Constitution. Well, the word secular doesn’t appear anywhere there either. Then if you wanted to… And you can download all of these documents for free on the internet, ladies and gentlemen.

The next one that’s very, very important is Jonathan Elliot’s notes on the debates by the various states that went through and ratified the Constitution. There was about 1700 people that voted on whether to ratify the Constitution or not. 1,739 signed the Constitution. 1700 voted whether to ratify it, to make it the supreme law of the land.

When you look at Elliot’s notes on the constitutional conventions of the various states, what do we find? We do not find the word secular there either. When you look at James Madison’s appointee to the Supreme Court, Joseph Story and his Commentaries on the Constitution, the word secular doesn’t appear there either.

Gary Dull: David, I think this is some good information that you’re sharing, but our time is about out in this particular segment. And so I want to bring this question to you as we’re going to be getting into the concept of constitutional secularism more in the next segment of the program, but why do you think these people have chosen the concept as secular to define themselves and their goals? And what do you think has motivated them to do so?

David New: The primary thing that they are… The reason that they want to [inaudible 00:17:10] this business of constitutional secularism is they just don’t like America. When you take it all and you boil it down to its barest essence, that’s what their problem is. America is about religion. It starts with the Mayflower Compact and it just goes on, and on, and on, and on. You get your first president, George Washington says that America has a duty to obey God. You have his farewell address where he says religion is necessary for popular government, and it just goes on, and on, and on. They don’t like it. They think religion is out of date.

The key ingredient to modern secularism is the theory of evolution. That’s the key ingredient. That’s where the word secular changed from being of this present world to being ungodly, or ungod, or godless. That is the difference between the two. It’s when you interject the theory of evolution into the concept and merge it with the word secular. Then you get an ungodly concept for the Constitution.

David New: And ladies and gentlemen, you may be listening and saying, “Eh, David, is that just your opinion,”. Well, if you read this document, which you can go there. Just google Secular Democrats of America, you will find it. However, they say this, “Whenever possible, we urge you to reference and quote the original United States motto E Pluribus Unum. Don’t say anymore In God We Trust because that’s a relic of McCarthyism,”.

Sam Rohrer: All right, well, you got the idea. Dave just didn’t make that up. They actually state it for themselves. When we come back, we’re going to move next into basically what this constitutional secularism and this document, the Secular Democrats of America, urging Biden and Harris to implement quickly. If they’ve assumed office, what that actually would look like.


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All right, that being the case, to suggest that the U.S. Constitution can remain the U.S. Constitution as we know it, which as those of us who know what it is. It’s a guarantee of the God-given rights as identified in the Declaration of Independence. We don’t get our rights from the Constitution. We don’t get our rights from government. We get our rights from God. The Constitution enshrines those things. But I submit that if you attempt to say, we’re going to make a secular constitution. I think it’s impossible. And we’re talking about that now.

Yet the philosophy of the Secular Democrats of America, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their whole team. And those two could become the next U.S. president and vice president. I hope that it doesn’t happen. It may not happen. We need to pray that it does not happen. That [inaudible 00:21:41] that group… Literally what they believe contradicts in reality every foundational truth and right protected by our various state and U.S. Constitutions.

Mutually exclusive would be a term that I would actually use to describe constitutional secularism. It’s kind of like light and dark put together. I don’t know what that looks like. But, David, let’s move into this now because this group, they have defined and they have a whole long list of things of what they want immediately [inaudible 00:00:22:10]. I said at the beginning, part of it is to remove every reminder of what the Trump administration has done across every agency. It’s an amazing thing, but I would like you to describe right now what this nation would look like. What would we look like if the concept of constitutional secularism actually would be fully, I’m [inaudible 00:22:33] to say fully put into place as called for by the Secular Democrats of America and these 14 congressman who are a part of the Congressional Freethought Caucus.

David New: Yes, it not only includes this group, but it also includes the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and basically the ACLU, and the People For the American Way. Now the most important sentence in this entire document, and it’s a very frightening document because if they get… If president Biden, if that happens. If they get what they want, this country will not be the America that we know. It is very scary. The most important sentence in this entire document is in the second paragraph. Go to the middle of the paragraph which they describe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this way… Listen carefully to the words because they’re loaded with meaning. It says as people of private religious faith and public constitutional faith. That is a mouthful, and that is scary, and that is un-American. That’s what they want. They want religion put behind four walls. They don’t like the public expression of religion.

That’s why they call it private religious faith. So they don’t want to hear Jesus in the public domain, for example, they wouldn’t like what Benjamin Franklin did during the Constitutional Convention where he called on prayer during the Convention. Uh-uh (negative) these people don’t want that. And here is the contradiction. This is the contradiction of these people who think religion should be strictly a private matter and should not be in the public domain. They say they believe in the separation of church and state. They do not. They do not believe in the separation of church and state. I believe in the separation of church and the state, these groups do not. What they really believe is that the government should regulate and police religious speech and religious activity. That’s really what they believe in. They believe that the First Amendment empowers the government to police religion in America. We believe the First Amendment empowers the people to have religious freedom. There is the difference in a nutshell.

Gary Dull: David, I’m glad that you drew attention to that. And folks, you need to get this document and read it if you can because it’s just amazing to see that this information or this document is being given to Biden and Harris. For instance, in this document, they are asking President Biden to remove In God We Trust from the United States currency. They want to repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. They want to deny free speech and religious liberty to select Americans based on their religious beliefs, and we can go on and on. You need to get the document and read it. But in addition to that, in section four of the document, they specifically call for a major rewriting and defining of major definitions, for instance, they call for the reframing of patriotism and the inclusion of non-atheists. For instance, they go on to say, “This entangled the conflation of faith and patriotism in public statements,”.

They want us to avoid phrases like God and country. Another point that they say is, and I quote, “With the rise of Christian nationalism, there is an urgent need to reframe public discourse surrounding patriotism,”. Another place they say that they want Biden to instruct the Department of Defense to ensure that humanist and non-atheist chaplains serve in each branch of the military, and it goes on, and on, and on. It’s going to change what the United States of America is all about. It’s going to change the direction that our founders and the framers of our constitution had in mind. And so, David, when we take into consideration all of this information that this group, the Secular Democrats of America, by the way when you look at their document, you see that the subtitle is restoring constitutional secularism and patriotic pluralism in the White House, very interesting but concerning statement. But, David, can they make all of these changes without a complete gutting out of our constitution as we know it today.

Sam Rohrer: And, David, before you answer that, I want to make one clarification, ladies and gentlemen, Gary read a couple of times. He said non-atheist. He means non-theists. They don’t-

Gary Dull: Yes, non-theists-

Sam Rohrer: They want atheist. They want non-theist.

All right, David [crosstalk 00:00:27:47].

Gary Dull: Non-theist.

David New: Yes, what’s going on here is that they are going to merge government and religion in a way that’s never been done before in American history. The government is… The government… They want to give the government the power to control religion, and to make religion a strictly private matter requires enormous government intervention in the marketplace.

And that is what is scary. So what these people want to do is they want to change the definition of words because the old definitions don’t line up with their views. So what do you do. You do what the Soviets did. You just redefine the word.

Sam Rohrer: And, David, what you just said right there, I’m going to use this as an example, ladies and gentlemen, go back to, I believe, December the 7th program that we did with Dr. Marlene McMillan on the power of words, because what we described there was what is known as the Hegelian dialectic. That is what’s being thrust upon us through all of the COVID panic policies. That’s what this document is literally built upon. And that is to take words that mean one thing, in this case to Christians and to patriots, which are the target of this document, and they want Biden and Harris to begin to attack, persecute and eliminate that’s effectively what the document does, and take and redefine those words.

So you redefine constitution. You redefine patriotism. You redefine faith as we just talked about from public faith which is what a Christian you believe… religious freedom allows you to have public faith, but to take and put it in the back corner and define it as private faith for Christians, but public faith for the second. This what we see happen. When we come back, we’re going to tie this agenda into the broader globalist agenda that is really behind really all of this, and there is a connection. We’ll make that connection in the next segment.


From an historical perspective, liberty has always been attacked by the lawless, right? Those who don’t like liberty. The God-rejecting have always attacked the God-fearing. No, the God fearing don’t attack the God-rejecting, and those who love liberty don’t attack the lawless. Now they will prosecute them under the law because that’s what it is, but that’s a different matter. But those who think that they or government is God, which is what we’re seeing today. They’re always seeking to destroy God, to redefine the truth of God, to kill and persecute the people of God, and to oppose the plan of God. It just goes together. As Christians, we know this is true because the Bible records it and predicts it. History proves it and our current culture is certainly confirming it.

Yet we know how it all ends. We know that coming soon and I believe really soon, Jesus Christ will return, and [inaudible 00:30:58] he is going to rule the world with a rod of iron and implement God’s design for civil society. We know that the people in the nations who have rejected the God of heaven will be physically humbled and they will be brought to justice on the plains of Megiddo in the Middle East. We know that at one point that all deniers of truth, all arrogant and proud defiers of the God of heaven will bow low and confess that Jesus Christ is lord to the glory of God the father. How do we know that. Because the Bible says it. Yet we can and we must not be caught unaware of the events and the circumstances as they come around us and bring this mentality to us. And certainly this document, this letter 28-page document, Secular Democrats of America, that they wrote as a roadmap for the Biden-Harris administration to effectively purge this nation of everything that’s left in reference to God.

This is what we’re talking about. We know how it all ends, but we’ve got to be aware of it because it’s presenting itself to us. David, we know what the Bible tells us is true. We know that ultimately the things that I just said are true, but we know that the word of God also talks about ultimately there will be a global government which tries to usurp the role of God. And we know that there’ll be a charismatic figure who will rise in a time of chaos. He will oppose the God of heaven. And we know him as the anti-Christ.

As we’ve discussed today, this push we’re talking about with this document. This push for the destruction of our constitution and the complete purging, I’m saying, of all vestiges, and they’ve referred to it, of Judeo-Christian foundations of our nation that literally this comes right front and center and they say it. They call about the religious right. They talk about those who support Trump. They talk about patriots. It’s very clear, and it sounds amazingly like the globalist agenda that we see also being pushed around the world. I know you have some thoughts on this. Make the connections in whatever way you can between what we’ve been talking about today. The globalist agenda which we know the Bible says is coming. Put them all together for us, please.

David New: There is absolutely no question that there is a very, very strong link between removing God out of the public domain, making religion strictly a private matter, and the ultimate goal of these people who think that the secular state is the almighty God. And it is people who believe in world government. The most explicit statement for world government that I have ever read in my life that you could read for free and download it was made in 1950 before the Senate Subcommittee on the committee on foreign affairs in the United States Senate. Between February 2nd and February 20th, 1950, the United States Senate considered different proposals for world government. You can download this document for free. And one of the proposals would involve Resolution 56, which any fact says the United States Congress believes, it didn’t pass but this is what they were trying to get passed, 20 senators signed onto it.

We believe we must have world government and it goes through and talks about all kinds of things they want to do. Here’s one of the most explicit quotes by one of the people who testified for world government. His name is James Paul Warburg, W-A-R-B-U-R-G. James Paul Warburg. If you want to read what the Senate was doing in 1950 in the month of February, 70 years to this day, this man gave this quote and it is absolutely frightening.

James Paul Warburg used to be a member of the Roosevelt… Under FDR administration, he was a financial adviser to President Roosevelt. He was also for nuclear disarmament. He was also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, and his father was one of the architects of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Listen to what this man has said, “The past 15 years of my life,” and he said this in 1950, “The past 15 years of my life have been devoted almost exclusively to studying the problem of world peace,” then he goes on and says, “These studies led me, 10 years ago, to the conclusion that the great question of our time is not whether or not one world can be achieved, but whether or not one world can be achieved by peaceful means,”.

And this is the killer paragraph, he said, “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest,”. Now, thankfully in this 923-page report by the United States Senate Subcommittee, there were Americans loyal to the constitution that said, “This is a lot of nonsense and we don’t want world government,”.

This is frightening stuff that’s going on, ladies and gentlemen, and these groups like these Democrats and a lot of these secularists, they don’t want America as it is. They want to surrender sovereignty of the United States to a new world order.

Sam Rohrer: And, David, I’m going to step in because we’re close, but what you’ve described again is a biblical worldview. Those who have it, us, understand what the Bible says, why the Constitution is important, why it’s important to put these things together as we’re talking today, and those who have rejected it and said, “We want not God as God, but government as God, and the best way to do it is one world government,” which we see playing out before our eyes. Gary, we’re just about to end with the program. I want you to take and lead us to the Lord in prayer and incorporate within your prayer anything that you would like to state as a reminder to all of our people as we leave this program today.

Gary Dull: Well, Sam, I’d like to encourage everybody to get this document and read it because another one of the things they say is, and I quote, “We urge you,” as they write to Biden, “to avoid invoking the phrase Judeo-Christian values as it has been weaponized by the religious right to advance an agenda,” and they go on.

The Judeo-Christian ethic is what this nation has been founded upon. So you see, they want to change America fundamentally, folks. You need to get the document and read it and you need to stand up for Jesus. You need to stand up for constitutional truth. You need to stand up for the word of God. And father it is my prayer that you will give us as Christians all across this country the wisdom, the strength, the courage, the boldness to stand for the principles upon which this nation was founded, and we will thank you for it in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sam Rohrer: Thank you very much, Gary. Thank you, David, for being with us. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us. You can go to our website, again, Pick up this program. Forward it to your friends. Let them here. Again, you can find information about this document just by simply going and looking up Secular Democrats of America. [inaudible 00:38:49] google that and you’ll find or go to their website. All right. Hopefully you’ll be back with us tomorrow we have a health freedom update.