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Sam Rohrer:                      Hello, and welcome to this Wednesday edition of Stand in the Gap Today. An historic day, as you all are aware. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m going to be joined today by Dr. Gary Dull, and a bit later, just a moment, by our recurring guest, former 25-year Jerusalem correspondent, and host of Prophecy Today, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. As we began this program, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have just been sworn in as the new United States president and vice president. This transition of power, and what it means is still very uncertain.

                                             Ultimately, the outcome of today is uncertain, and tomorrow, and the impact on the future is clearly not fully known and uncertain, but one fact we do know is that the world watches with the enemies of freedom, the enemies of the United States, the enemies of the God of heaven, the enemies of our Constitution, they watch gloating and arrogant. And those who love freedom and despise totalitarian governments around the world today are grieving as the world’s protector of freedom is seemingly moving off the stage to be replaced with something totally different.

                                             And those aren’t just my opinions. The commentaries from around the world are clear on that, but I will tell you that just as we’ve done in the past years on this program, we’re going to continue to cover the news of the day however it develops. And we’re going to continue by God’s grace to do so into this year. And we’ll continue to examine the headlines of the day through the lens of the word of God, through the lens of a biblical worldview, and through the filter of biblical prophecy.

                                             And that being said today as our regularly scheduled Israel and Middle East update, our theme for today is this. An Israeli rabbi, “As the U.S. collapses, Israel must rise.” Now that’s what the rabbi said. In the program we’re going to share why that top Israeli rabbi says, “That it is the time for Israel to rise and to become the New World superpower.” And what he means by that.

                                             Then important to biblical prophecy in the Middle East just last week there was literally I would term a dress rehearsal by Russia, and others for what will be an eventual war against Israel. And then the last segment an amazing project is underway in Israel to bring water and life, to what is believed to be the original Garden of Eden. Great information that we’re going to share with you. All of that and more on Stand in the Gap Today, but I want to do this before we begin this program.

                                             We always close the program in prayer, but because of the significance of this day and all that we’re talking about. Gary, I want to go to you right now and ask you to open this program in prayer. I want you to pray for our new leaders who have just been sworn in because we’re told to do that biblically. We want to establish that model right off as we begin this program. So if you don’t mind, go ahead and pray for our leaders, pray for our nation, and for this program as it unfolds.

Gary Dull:                           Happy to do so, Sam. Folks, let’s pray. Father in heaven as we come to you today, we thank you once again for the privilege of prayer. We also thank you for the responsibility of prayer. As Sam has already alluded to, we know that your word tells us in 1 Timothy 2, that we have the responsibility to be praying for those who are in authority. And, today, Lord, even as we speak, we are seeing a new presidential administration coming into the United States of America. It’s not the administration that we would have chosen, but it’s the administration that you’ve chosen because Romans 13:1 tells us that you are the one who ordains those who are in power.

                                             So, Father, I pray for Joe Biden. I pray for Kamala Harris. I pray for the senators. I pray for the representatives that as we go forth from this day here in the United States of America that they would seek your direction and wisdom. And, Father, I pray that you would give them a clear path to your wisdom, and what needs to go on here in the United States of America. Father, we are praying for the unity of our nation, but we know that unity only comes when there is unity united around truth. And that, of course is the truth of your word.

                                             And so, Father, as we go forth from this place, we do pray that you’ll strengthen our nation. We do pray that you’ll give the new administration the wisdom to lead us according to your truth, that through it all you might be glorified and that our nation might become stronger than ever because, Lord, we do know that you can work through us as individuals to fulfill your purposes. And we know that you’ll do that. And we just pray, Father, that you’ll strengthen our nation as we go forward. And we’ll give you the praise for it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sam Rohrer:                      Amen. Thank you so much, Gary. And right on the heels of that prayer for the nation, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, I want to welcome you to the program. We want to shift gears now and we’re going to continue on with that which God loves. And that’s Israel and the Middle East. Thanks for being on with us.

Jimmy DeYoung:              Oh, my joy. And I do say an Amen to Gary’s prayers. We lift up these new leaders of the United States. That’s a command from God’s word. So I think you did very well beginning the program that way.

Sam Rohrer:                      And, Jimmy, we want God’s blessing. And we emphasize all along we’ve got to identify the truth as Gary talked about. Embrace that truth, and then act upon it, and stand in the gap for that truth, but that truth is the word of God that’s found, inculcated, and put right into Jesus Christ who is the life, the way, and the truth. Now let’s go right into here because the Biden administration we know he’s already telegraphed is a friend of Iran, of Islam, and globalism, and that all is opposed to Israel. Israel knows this, too. So the entire framework of the Abrahamic Accord, the Peace Treaty as an example, the annexing of Judea-Samaria advanced by the Trump administration is also opposed by the Joe Biden people, and this new administration. So question here to begin us. How is Israel responding to this? They’ve got to be reading this as well, and particularly, Judea and Samaria territory?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, I have to say, as we begin to answer that question that the Israelis, Sam, are rejoicing with what President Donald Trump did for them over his four years. In fact, they’ve named a city after Donald Trump. There’s a train that will be going from the airport up to the Temple Mount so that when it’s completed they will be able to fly into Israel, and then go right directly to the Temple Mount, the Jews will, to be able to pray. And that train stop there at the Temple Mount named after Donald Trump. The Sanhedrin, of course, remember, minted a coin, a half-shekel, which would be the temple tax. They declared that Donald Trump is a major hero for Israel and for the preparations to the next temple. And most Israeli leadership is trying to be as diplomatic as they possibly can. However, the prime minister to do what he believes would be evidence of the sovereignty of the Jewish state has approved 1,000 new homes.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right. And with that, I’m going to have you hold it right now. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us because we’re going to be getting into some very specifics. We’re going to talk about the implications by the administration, Israel, government, Temple Mount. We’re going to put that together, and move into the balance of our program here today on Stand in the Gap Today.

                                             Well, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. This is our Israel update program. We do it every other week where we talk about prophecy, the Middle East, and Israel, and we do it because, well, that’s frankly what God that’s what his plan revolves around that part of the world, and Israel, and his people, and his covenant nation. And so that’s why we do that because God emphasizes it that way. Our theme today is this. An Israeli rabbi says, “As the U.S. collapses, Israel must rise.”

                                             Well, around the world, people who love freedom, they pray for America and our nation, many pray and work hard for freedom. We started this program with prayer. Many of you listen, you are prayers, and that’s a good thing. And in the end, except for the enemies of God and God’s plan, God has made mankind to yearn for freedom, and for the ability to speak and to worship God, and to work and provide for our families, and to enjoy the blessings of God. It’s what drove our nation’s founders to this New World, right? And here formed the framework for this holy experiment in freedom. All of this was in God’s plan. We are still in God’s plan. I hope you understand that. And those of us who have a personal relationship with God, our creator, through Jesus Christ are very much in God’s plan.

                                             And we are seeing God’s plan unfold. And that’s what we must really remember. Our prayer to God must never be my will be done, O God, but your will be done, O God, because we know God’s ways are above our ways. His thoughts are above our thoughts. And we also should remember that we’re told to be still, and to know that God is God. And on that fact, we must consider that in God’s plan, he’s moving the world’s attention to the nation of Israel. And it was this week that a well-known Israeli rabbi recognized the changes taking place and made a significant pronouncement, but, Jimmy, I’m going to go to you.

                                             Before we find out what that pronouncement was I want to go back and ask you a follow-up question to what we started with in the first segment, and that is relative to the Biden administration relative to Israel. And here’s the question. With the Temple Mount that you mentioned, and a railway, actually, being set up to take people from the airport to the Temple Mount, naming it after Donald Trump, or whatever that name will be it’s actually located in Judea. And with Joe Biden opposed to new Jewish settlements, which he has in that area in particular, it would appear that the framework for conflict of some type is significant between the new Biden administration, and what he says, and what he stood for, and what Israel is wanting to do. How great is that potential conflict?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, I’ve got to tell you the conflict between Israel and the Biden administration goes back to the late ’70s, and that was a time when Menachem Begin was then prime minister of Israel. He visited Washington, D.C. and as was his custom all prime ministers visit and meet with some of the senators. And one of those which was in that meeting was a new senator from Delaware named Joe Biden. And in the conversation, Sam, Joe Biden told Menachem Begin of his total opposition to the settlements. And, in fact, to emphasize it he even banged on the table, banged his fist on the table. Well, this very much upset Menachem Begin. And, actually, Begin said, “That he was there for a discussion, not to be told, or demand what Israel, as a sovereign nation had to do.”

                                             Begin at that point, and you know he was a pretty tall, strong man, great personality, led the underground, et cetera, Begin proceeded to chew Joe Biden out. And that’s the tone I think for the Biden administration. It could only get worse it seems to me from this point, and from the background with Biden and the people of Israel, and the plans that they have for their nation.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jimmy, I think you’re right because both sides are very clearly established. It’s not coming in unknown territory. They’ve already marked their territory, which I think underscores what you are saying. Let me go into this next area, the rabbi. The world watches our nation. I talked about that. It is happening. Our media has been very deceptive. And I think because of the same principle that it’s hard to be objective, and sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees. We don’t see so much how the other world is looking at us, but this Israeli rabbi has made some kind of a comment about America appearing. I’m saying, “Appearing to collapse.” And saying, “It must mean that Israel must rise.” What did he say? And why is he saying it?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Sam, the rabbi is a man named Shmuel Eliyahu. He is the rabbi that is a very key player among the leading rabbis of the State of Israel. He says, “That as he looks at America,” and for example, regarding the election results, he said, “That is what we see unfolding.” That’s the division he sees from his perspective in Israel as a dividing point for the entire nation of Israel.” He said, “It’s much deeper than the December 6th event there at the Capitol.” He says, “It started when the Democrat party actually denied Trump that he had won the election.” And they went after him for a four year period of trying to take him down from that leadership role.

                                             The rabbi also mentioned that there was a lack of trust now by the Republicans in the election process. He mentioned that when he’s thinking about all the major empires of the world, the Egyptian, and the Roman Empire, both fell because of a lack of values. And the rabbi says, “It’s a very sad day, but this is what he is projecting as he is in contemplation with all of his other rabbis that this is a sad day, but it looks like that’s the case.”

Gary Dull:                           Jimmy, this rabbi’s observation of the state of America then actually leads him on to focus on Israel. And he sees Israel as the hope and the protector of the freedom of the world. So my question to you, why does he believe that Israel is in the best position among nations to achieve this world superpower role?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, Gary, the rabbi had a number of reasons for making that statement. He says, “Israel, for example, can rise through that superpower status because of the Jewish family values,” which he believes is the foundation for any nation. You look at the birth rate in Israel for the family unit, not individuals, but to the family unit it’s the highest in the world. You think about the fact that each and every one of the young people serve in the military, which cements a relationship with the entire nation, everybody’s ready to go to war to defend the nation. They do just exactly what their family has done in the past. He thinks about the technological advantages that Israel has. 40% of all software in the world produced in the Silicon Valley, which is there in the city of Jerusalem in Israel. He talks about a powerful military, maybe the top one or two military organizations in the world. And those are just some of the reasons the rabbi made the statement. There are many others, but I think that will suffice for the conversation.

Sam Rohrer:                      And, Jimmy, great answer to that, but that leads me right into this question. Israel, the Middle East, God’s plan brings us as I’ve earlier alluded to right to the concept of prophecy. When you talk about rise of empires, the fall of empires, the rise of nations, Gary, prayed at the beginning. God raises up those in positions of authority and he takes them down. That’s what prophecy is all about all through scripture. So tie into that a little bit, perhaps about what we’re seeing now, Israel, when it started diminishing throughout all the years, the raising up of it now. Are we seeing that continue, and fit that together with key passages of scripture and prophecy please?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, Sam, when you stop to think about the Jewish State of Israel they look at a 4,000 year history as all one unit, and they know that God does have a plan for the Jewish nation. And that’s because they can read that in God’s word. It says that continually. They begin with Genesis 15, the Abrahamic covenant, where the Lord promised the Jewish people they would be a nation forever. They look at Deuteronomy, chapter 30. It’s a land covenant that promises a piece of real estate to the Jewish people, 10 times what they have today, that will be forever. And then, of course, the Davidic covenant. There’s going to be a kingdom forever. Jesus Christ will be King of Kings and Lord of Lords there in that temple that he will build on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. God’s promise to King David was that city of Jerusalem will be the Jewish people residency with him for ever and ever.

                                             Wonderful verse to think about, and maybe our listeners might want to go to it sometime today. Jeremiah 31:35 and 36, where the Lord has just given the new covenant, Jeremiah 31:31 to Israel and Judah. And he says, “Look, this is going to be the case. The Abrahamic covenant, the land covenant, the Davidic covenant, the new covenant for ever, unless you can take the sun and the moon out of the heavenlies, stop the waves of the ocean from hitting the beaches of this world.” Jeremiah 31:35 and 36, a key passages of scripture, a commitment by God to doing what he said through these covenants. Many other prophecies we could talk about, but the State of Israel relies upon the covenants, the promises that God made to the Jewish people.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jimmy, those promises to the nation of Israel, ladies and gentlemen, God makes promises to us. If you are a part of God’s family, he makes promises that he as the bridegroom will soon be coming for his bride, right? That’s called the rapture, or the second return. Those promises, absolutely, are as certain as the name and the word of God itself. We can count on those things, and I hope you are. When we come back, we’re going to continue in our theme today, “As the U.S. collapses, Israel must rise.” The comment of a leading Israeli rabbi. We’re going to look a little bit further now and bring it to date on what actually was a dress rehearsal by Russia in the Middle East.

                                             Well, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today, our midpoint. And if you’re just joining us perhaps today for the first time on this program, welcome aboard. We’re thankful that you are with us. I certainly ask that you, and if you’re on a station perhaps that’s new, just newly carrying this program, we want to welcome you aboard, encourage you to go to our website as some of the announcements in the breaks talk to about, go to As an example, you can sign up there to become a part of our email list. We do not inundate you with information, but we do want to keep you up-to-date so that you can be as equipped as possible to act upon the information you hear on this program, and then to carry it out and to execute, and to also stand in the gap for truth.

                                             We encourage you also to pray for us. We’re entering into a new year. We started this program in prayer that was not accidental. We know how important it is. I hope you do as well and hope you understand how important your prayers for this ministry are. So I encourage you to be a partner with us in prayer, and also consider to be a partner with us financially in order that this program and the proclamation of truth can go forth as it is, and as you’re hearing it today even on this program.

                                             Our theme here now is our Israel update. Every other week, we do this on Wednesday, and we are looking now and I’m going to go to a most interesting event that occurred just recently in the Middle East. One of the most compelling aspects of the authority of scripture, these are my words here, is the preciseness of biblical prophecy and the precise fulfillment of biblical prophecy, impossible by the plans of mankind, or men around the world in times past. Man cannot plan and execute and predict what God lays out in broad terms, but he does.

                                             And God has stepped into history multiple times, major transitions in history, and is divinely entered into history to produce major transitions related to his plan of redemption from creation to the flood. Didn’t he step in, in the flood? To dispersion of mankind at the Tower of Babel, to the creating of the nation of Israel, the exodus from Egypt, the birth of Christ in his first coming, all precise in fulfillment, but next is the rapture his second coming then. The focus has always been on God’s people and God’s plan. And so it makes sense to look at what else we see in scripture that will happen very precisely.

                                             And, Jimmy, we’ve talked much about the significance, for instance, of Ezekiel 38 and 39. A lot of that fulfillment has happened in the past four years under Trump administration and Russia coming into the Middle East, as example, really happened during Obama administration, but the nations continued to align in an eventual attack against Israel. It appears that there was, in fact, I’m going to call it, you’re calling it a dress rehearsal by a couple of the key players. Tell us about that dress rehearsal. Who are the players? And what were they doing?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, the dress rehearsal was a part of what you just said about God interceding in the affairs of man personally here on the earth. And it’s a part of the plan that he has set as it’s foretold for us there in Ezekiel 38 and 39. On that way the times of the days of the Lord is used 72 times in scripture. And that definition is anytime when God intercedes in the affairs of man personally here on the earth. Now let me talk about the players that were there. Syria, of course, because it was taking place geographically in Syria. Russia was there. They have a major presence in Syria today. Iran, they have a presence there.

                                             The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is a key military unit that is stationed in many different locations there in Syria, and Lebanon with Hezbollah representing Lebanon coming in to help be a part of this exercise. They had a full dress rehearsal we’re calling it with the latest weapons that Russia has produced. Remember, Russia would be providing the weapons for the Hezbollah from Lebanon for the situation there in Syria. And, of course for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as well. The exercise they used live ammunition, it was as real a war, or exercise in war as you could possibly have. And, of course, you’ve got to remember this took place at the northern border with the Jewish State of Israel.

Gary Dull:                           Jimmy, it’s interesting that we’re using this phrase, dress rehearsal. It’s just quite interesting. And I think it’s very appropriate. Sam asked you to talk about the who and the what of this dress rehearsal by Russia, and the others mentioned there in Ezekiel 38 and 39, but why are they conducting this dress rehearsal as we’re calling it, and why now? Why are they conducting it? And what was Israel’s response?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Gary, I think the why is Russia wants to make sure that their presence, and their power in the Middle East is known by every single person in this world. Vladimir Putin has often said, “That Russia, his military might there in the Middle East stationed in Syria is there to stay.” And he means they’re going to be there into the future. We know, of course, Ezekiel 38 and 39 says that is the case. Ezekiel 38:2 talking about Magog, which is modern-day Russia. And now they are there. They’re to be the leaders of a coalition of Islamic nations.

                                             Russia at the same time wants to show force, and alert the world of the power that they do have. Russia also was able in this dress rehearsal to test their latest weapons. They did this to display this weapon power so that they could go into the arm’s marketplace and sell these weapons. Weapon sales is a very major component of income for Russia, for many other nations, including Israel itself, but Russia wants to keep that level of monetary gain by selling these weapons, and they put them on display there in Syria in this dress rehearsal.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jimmy, we like to stay current on this program. I just had a listener send me a note talking about the very same thing we’re talking about. We just talked about a rabbi. We’re just talking about that right now, right? Here is one. This came from the Biden-Harris, it’s a Facebook post, but there is a rabbi who is making a pronouncement. There’s a picture of Biden and somebody standing beside him here, but the whole thing says, “Rabbi declares Biden ‘Our Moses'”. And at the bottom of this, “And Kamala, ‘Our Aaron.'” I think that is most remarkable because if I recall correctly there were those who actually when Obama came into power referred to him as the Messiah. Jimmy, we are in days of confusion. It’s important that we go to God’s word for interpretation of who the Messiah is, and who Moses and Aaron are. And I find it interesting right now, this guy is referring to them as Moses and Aaron and the current Israeli folks referred to the president as King Cyrus. It’s incredible. What’s going on?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, it’s interesting. The reason for all of this, Sam, is you could look at the local church. I know you’re the president of the American Pastors Network. And I think one of the things that should be encouraging each and every pastor across this nation is to spend time teaching their congregation the study of the prophetic word of God. I was reading in my quiet time this morning, 1 Chronicles, chapter one. You know what that is? That is a genealogy. I said at the beginning of that devotional that I wrote for people, hey, I’m knowing that you don’t want to read a genealogy, but within that genealogy there in 1 Chronicles, chapter one was the record of the children of the sons of Noah. They were grandchildren for Noah. Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, Togarmah. Hey, that’s Russia and Turkey. And then he continued on Persia, that’s modern-day Iran. Ethiopia, and Phut. Well that’s Ethiopia-Sudan. It’s also Phut, which is Libya.

                                             So we’re not learning from the pulpit in the congregants of this world what Bible prophecy is all talking about. To make a statement that Biden is Moses, and Kamala Harris is Aaron, last I remember Aaron was a male, not a female, that’s number one, but number two, they led the nation of Israel out of the bondage into freedom. Well, we’ve got to understand what Biden’s policies are as it relates to freedom in the future. And many are questioning that possibility. I think it goes back to the pastors in the pulpits, Sam, they need to be preaching and teaching the prophetic word of God as you do every other week, right here on Stand in the Gap Today.

Sam Rohrer:                      And, Jimmy, you did actually answer a question that I didn’t pose, but you went there, and that is the purpose for the preaching of prophecy. You got about 30 seconds left. Emphasize that again. Why is it important that our pulpits preach prophecy?

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, one reason it’s 30% of the entire Bible. Number two, it’s in every book, all 66 books of the Bible. Number three, Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, Revelation 19:10. Number four, it has to be that we need to understand why all of these things are happening as they are. And when we look at the prophetic word of God, we can see all the players mentioned in the prophetic scenario of God’s word alive and well today, working at doing what God said they would do. By the way, there’s one nation missing. That’s the United States of America. We may well be on the demise of America very, very soon down the road.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, ladies and gentlemen, when we consider these things, again, the news of the day from the pages of scripture, then everything makes sense. Without it, what you see doesn’t make sense, but we try to make sense because God wants us to understand so that we’re prepared and active about the work he has us here to do.

                                             Well, in Genesis 2:8 through 14, I’m only going to read just some portions of those verses, but it pertains to what our theme is here in the last segment as we are looking at significant events that are happening, or unfolding in the Middle East, and specifically revolving around God’s covenant nation, Israel. Again, this is what we are witnessing, ladies and gentlemen, in our lives is something that believers throughout time, since the time of the disciples who walked with Christ looked ahead to. They could read it in scripture, but they could only imagine what it looked like. We now see it. It’s happening before our very eyes. So for us to have our eyes closed, to have our ears covered is to be extraordinarily biblically disobedient, but to be aware of what’s happening, and be looking at the headlines of the day and the news of the day happening around the world because everything does not revolve around us in this nation. It doesn’t.

                                             God’s used this nation in an extraordinary way and still is, but the attention biblically is on Israel because that’s where Jesus Christ will return to one day, and reign physically from the city of Jerusalem, and that is no small matter, but the pieces are coming. Let me read to this because I think the focus of this segment here will be interesting. Here’s from a few of the verses Genesis 2:8 through 14, just a portion of the verses. And the Lord planted a garden eastward in Eden. And there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life also was in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from thence it was parted and became into four heads. The name of the first is Pishon. The name of the second river is Gihon. And the name of the third river is Hiddekel.

                                             Amazingly, ladies and gentlemen, work is being done in Israel to bring life and water to the site of the original Garden of Eden. The effort is significant, the potential impact enormous, Well, Jimmy, I thought this was just an amazing piece of information. I want you to take and describe so folks understand where is the geographical location of the Garden of Eden, where I believe the case is that both Jews and Muslims seem to agree on that. And share the details of this historic project underway in Israel for, actually, I think over nine years now.

Jimmy DeYoung:              You’re absolutely right. It’s been a nine year project, Sam, that the Israeli government has been working on. And I think that statement you just made before you came to me that this belief that the Garden of Eden is the city of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the center of the Garden of Eden extending all the way over to the Jordan Valley. This is an amazing statement because the Jews and the Muslims both agree. It’s about the only thing they agree on. That location is in Jerusalem as I said, the entire city of Jerusalem. The Temple Mount, the center of the Garden of Eden where God was, as you look at that passage there in Genesis, chapter two, and also what happened in Genesis, chapter three. Hebron, when you think about it, which is about 30 miles that would be northwest of the city of Jerusalem is the entrance to the Garden of Eden.

                                             You might remember, and I said it extended to the Jordan Valley, remember, Lot and Abraham were having a conversation and Abraham said, “What piece of real estate do you want?” And he said, “I want that.” And he was looking at the area of Sodom and Gomorrah, but he said, “That looks to me like the Garden of Eden.” Well, it was a part of the original site of the Garden of Eden. Now, as it relates to the tunnel, Hezekiah, if you go back into 1 Kings, the last part, I’m sorry, 2 Kings, Hezekiah was the one who built a tunnel to bring water, actually, into the area of the Garden of Eden, the pools of Siloam. If you’ve ever been to Israel, you’ve probably been down to that location there in the City of David.

                                             And now Israel is bringing desalinated water from the Mediterranean all the way to this same area. And that’s a lot longer than Hezekiah’s tunnel. You can walk Hezekiah’s tunnel in about 15 minutes, but from the area of the Mediterranean where the desalination plants are located, they had to build a tunnel through those Judaean Hills to get the water. They have pump stations all across the way because Tel Aviv and the shores of the Mediterranean are at sea level you’ve got to go 2,800 feet above sea level to get into Jerusalem. So they’ve been working on this project for the last nine years. It’s just about complete. They’re getting ready to have a major celebration. Because the water is needed in Jerusalem it’s the fastest growing city in the State of Israel so many of the new immigrants coming in want to live in Jerusalem.

Gary Dull:                           Jimmy, because of the innovation of the Jewish people to produce drinkable water from salt water, of course, we know that that’s a very, very dry part of the world, and it would seem to me as though that good water from bad water would be a valuable asset. And so what degree you think that this innovation to put good water into this river would be a reason to start a war? I mean, that’s on my mind.

Jimmy DeYoung:              Well, first of all, the Jews would be controlling the Garden of Eden. So the Muslims would be upset about that, and putting more water in there, and helping to build up the population of the city of Jerusalem would be very much a concern to the Muslims that could start a war very easily. Water is a key component, Gary, in the Middle East. Israel has their technology, which the rest of the Middle East could get ahold of, and they could water the Middle East because lack of water in the Middle East is of much concern. I don’t know if you know this. 80% of the Israeli drinking water is this desalinated water that they use coming out of the Dead Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. The next war could be because of water.

                                             Just remember, Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan shut up the Euphrates River, which supplied Syria and Iraq with water. At that time when he did that, Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq, they went livid. They were ready to go to war because there was a way that the Euphrates River, which is the water supply for everything that would be east of Turkey, everything was shut down. They knew where they were and the harm they were in that could indeed sparked a war in the Middle East.

Sam Rohrer:                      And, Jimmy, we’re just about up in time. Gary started the program in prayer. I want you to close it, but when you talk about the Euphrates River and drying up, well, that’s a bit of prophecy, too, but we don’t have time to go there right now, do we? So I want you to take, if you don’t mind, close the program in prayer taking all of the different things that have been prayed for, if you could, Jimmy, on the program, bring that to the Lord. Let’s start this program, and let’s close this program before the Lord.

Jimmy DeYoung:              Lord, I know that you know exactly what’s going on in Washington, D.C. And this is major as far as the world is concerned, but you’ve put these people there in charge at this point in time, but they, according to Romans 13 help us do good, not to do bad. So remind them, and I know you put in their hearts and minds, Revelation 17:17, the political decisions that can be made to help your will be accomplished, your prophetic scenario to be fulfilled. We’ve been thinking about Israel. Indeed, they will become the superpower. Not at this time. The rabbi may be off in his timing, but the thought is absolute, and Jerusalem will be the center of the world as Ezekiel 5:5 says, that’s where our Savior, your son, Jesus Christ will rule and reign for from forever. Lord, I pray that everybody thinking about what’s happening today in Washington and what the Middle East report has been today, will make certain they’re prepared for that next event, the rapture, and as we live out be pure and productive until the rapture does take place.

Sam Rohrer:                      In Jesus’ name, Amen, to follow-up on Dr. Jimmy’s prayer. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being with us today, and join us tomorrow, please. We’ll be back. A great program planned right here on Stand in the Gap Today.