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Sam Rohrer:                      Hello, and welcome to this Friday edition of Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’ll be joined again by Pastor Gary Dull. The title for today’s program, and I’m starting out with this right off so you get an idea of where we’re going. It is this. The Cult of COVID, the New Global Religion. In just a moment, we’re going to address this question with returning guest, Leo Hohmann, author, researcher, and independent investigative journalist, with a host of published articles in many places, but all of them posted on his website at, and I encourage you to go there for regular new articles, timely all of them.

                                             Now, at the close of yesterday’s program, which I entitled The Forever COVID Specter, Panic, Truth Suppression and Coercion, and our guest then was medical doctor and an attorney, Past President of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Marilyn Singleton. I encouraged all of you then to not miss today’s program, which actually work in tandem with the program emphasis yesterday. I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed, but if you didn’t catch that one yesterday, listen to that. Listen to this one. Obviously, stay with us throughout the program.

                                             Now, on Stand in the Gap Today, we choose headline news or key issues of greatest importance to God himself, our freedom, our families, and our future, as indicated in the scripture. Now, yesterday, we presented how the COVID panic policies are literally designed to be forever, and how key globalists are manipulating it worldwide, keeping the specter of COVID, or literally specter, meaning the ghost of COVID alive through these main strategies, perpetual panic, the suppression of truth and coercion. But as we’ve all seen, there’s something odd and peculiar about the COVID panic policies and the unfolding narrative that’s overtaking the entire world, the United States, and sad to say, much of the church in America.

                                             A complete analysis of this strange influence is not possible in just a point in time, although its genesis was born in lawlessness, it is operating today in yet suspended law, lawlessness driven by deception and evil minds and evil policies that does give us many reasons to be concerned and to evaluate. That’s what we’re trying to do. Now, to me, what’s happening demands serious consideration in light of such passages of warning, as Jesus did in Matthew 24, where he tells his disciples that the lead mark of the end days, he said, is great deception marked by the rise of false prophets and teachings that will lead many astray.

                                             Then there’s a verse the apostle Paul spoke to the church at Thessalonica in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-10. I’m going to pick up just a couple of portions of these verses, but he says this. “Let no one deceive you in any way, for that day will not come unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness revealed, that son of destruction who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship. For the mystery of lawlessness,” he said, “is already at work. Only he who now restrains,” we’d say the Holy Spirit, “he will do so,” he’ll restrain, “until he,” the Holy Spirit, “is taken out of the way.” We’d say that’s the rapture. “And then that lawlessness one will be fully revealed.” The coming of the lawless one, Paul says, is by the activity of Satan and with all power and false signs and wonders and, get this, and all wicked deception.

                                             So since the rise of the man of sin, the lawless one, the antichrist, is accompanied by a one world government and a one world economic system, and all of it’s couched in a one world religious system leading to forced worship coercion, the advancement of this COVID specter, which hinges on panic and fear and the suppression of truth and coercion, it leads me to the consideration of whether the COVID policies also reflect the elements of an emerging religion.

                                             Well, that’s the subject of today’s program. We’re going to define some terms. Segment two, we’ll talk about the evidences of sacraments associated with this religion. Segment three, we’ll consider the component of punishment, always a part of any religion, and then we’ll consider the aspect of future rewards and the promise of paradise or something. All this and more today here on Stand in the Gap Today. All right, well, that’s a lengthy introduction, but I need to set it up there. Leo, let me go right into it with you right now, and welcome, first of all, to the program.

Leo Hohmann:                  Yes, absolutely. It’s good to be on with you, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:                      Leo, you wrote in an article, the title you gave it was this, The New Global Religion Demands the Allegiance of Every Human Being. And then you asked the question, will you fall for its deceptions? And Leo, I’ve considered what I’ve laid out here and what you wrote during this entire time of panic policies as a potential candidate for meeting the definition of religion. In the article, you use the word cult as well. I think it fit., First of all, define for us the words, religion and cult, and why it’s appropriate for all thinking people to back up and consider the bigger picture, perhaps what’s happening right now.

Leo Hohmann:                  Right. Yeah. Sam, any religion has its major tenants, right? These are the things that are non-negotiable. For evangelical Christians and many Christians on the earth today, it’s that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he’s the God man, he’s fully human, but fully God, he died on a cross for our sins, he rose from the dead. He conquered death and reigns at the right hand of the Father today and will return at some point. Again, those are the non-negotiables, right, of the Christian faith. So any religion has its non-negotiables. It also has certain things that may not be 100% provable, but have to be taken on faith. Even if sometimes what we see in the physical world might lead us to believe they’re not, they might not be true, we know them to be true, certain things, on faith. So you have the non-negotiables and then you have the things that you take on faith. This is what any religion has.

                                             Now, when you get into the world of a cult, you start turning up the heat a little bit. Things become more deceptive, and there’s that element of coercion that you spoke about. When you walk in the door of a cult on a Sunday or a Saturday or whenever they meet, they don’t throw the entire belief system at you. They roll it out a little bit at a time. And it’s also very personality driven. There’s usually a personality at the head of the cult, the face of the cult so to speak, who manages things, who manipulates the feelings and the emotions of the cult members. Before you know, it, it doesn’t happen immediately, it’s very gradual, the member becomes almost robotic in his obedience to the cult leader.

                                             That’s what we’ve seen with this whole COVID thing. A lot of the science has proved that what they’re telling us to do related to COVID is not accurate, does not make sense, but when you’re a member of a cult, objective truth does not exist. You are simply being manipulated by the cult leader. And so if he says, for instance, two plus two equals five, then you’re going to believe, you must believe two plus two equals five.

Sam Rohrer:                      And ladies and gentlemen, I have to jump in, Leo. Stay with us. We’re going to go into this further fleshing out now. We’re going to talk about the sacraments. Every religion has some things that you’ve got to do. Well, this cult of COVID, the new global religion, question mark. Does it also have some of those required sacraments? We’ll talk about what those are.

                                             Our theme today for the program is this, The Cult of COVID. And then this question, the new global religion? Our special guest is Leo Hohmann. He’s an author, researcher, independent investigative journalist. He’s with us often on the program. One of the best, in my opinion, research journalists out there. You can find all of his articles on Leo Hohmann dot com, one word, H-O-H-M-A-N-N. He’s independent, so he needs the help of those who like and appreciate what he writes. And we have him on because I appreciate the thoroughness of his research.

                                             We’re looking at something today, the cult of COVID. Now, the program yesterday that I did was entitled The Forever COVID Specter, panic, truth suppression, and coercion as the tools of these COVID policies. But now we’re kind of describing more of what’s perhaps underneath them, raising this in a form of a question, because we want you to think, because we are told by the Lord himself, the apostle Paul, I quoted from it in the first segment, talked about the end days before the Lord’s return being marked by deception, being marked by false religion and lawlessness.

                                             Well, when considering the aspect of religion, it’s defined in our contemporary culture as the pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance, right? But under a Biblical worldview, religion and definition as defined by Webster’s in his 1829 dictionary, it says this. Religion holds a belief in the being and perfections of Jehovah God, not just any supreme being, Jehovah God, and the revelation of his will to man and man’s obligation to obey his commands in a state of reward and punishment, and in man’s accountability to God. Now, those are the elements of true religion.

                                             But then as we know in scripture, the purpose of mankind told in Ecclesiastes 12:13 is to all mankind, fear God and keep his commands. Part of the commands of God given in the scripture involves observing sacred days and events. In the Old Testament, they often revolved around feast days. In the New Testament, the observances are two major events, we call them ordinances in most churches, baptism and the Lord’s supper. From the beginning, though, in the culminating of end days’ false religions, the deception will be marked by counterfeit religions, all observing pretty much the same elements of a supreme deity, a system of rewards and punishments, and ongoing practices or sacred observances, it could be a sacrament or something under another name.

                                             So with that, Leo, in the article that you wrote, which are picking up a lot of what we’re talking about here off of some things you did there, but you did identify some leading sacraments that you say could legitimately be ascribed to this new global COVID religion. And before we get there and ask you to, for those two things we’re going to pull out, I want you to identify for us who it is that’s the supreme being, or that perhaps that supreme importance as defined by the regular definition of religion that is a part of this COVID cult, perhaps, we’re talking about.

Leo Hohmann:                  Well, every country in the world seems to have its mouthpiece, its public front man, so to speak, who is considered the supreme architect of scientific knowledge on how we should respond to the COVID threat. In the United States, I think it’s clearly been Dr. Anthony Fauci. In Germany, there’s another. They’ve have their equivalent, Dr. Christian Drosten. Every country has their own Dr. Fauci, and this man or woman has been set up on a pedestal as the definer of truth, the definer of science. Remember in my last segment, I finished up saying that in George Orwell’s 1984, the all powerful party was the definer of truth, and if they said two plus two equaled five, then you better believe that two plus two equals five. And they could tell if you were faking it. You needed to be a true believer.

                                             So I think that we have set up similar structures in the different Western nations, for sure, that COVID seems to be trying to be targeted towards. I do believe COVID has been targeted towards the Western free world as we know it, as well as India, because India is also a competitor of China. So basically the West and India, the main competitors of China, if you look at the world map, those are the nations that have been hit hardest by COVID and have had the most COVID propaganda targeted towards them. And this propaganda is coming from these talking heads like Dr. Fauci.

Gary Dull:                           Leo, it’s a delight to have you with us again today, and this article is tremendous. And folks, I would encourage you to try to get it and read it. It’s called The New Global Religion Demands the Allegiance of Every Human Being, Will You Fall for its Deceptions? It’s a very intriguing article. And Leo, in your article, you identify several potential practices inherent within the COVID panic policies that you believe could appropriately qualify as sacraments using religious term. What is the first one of those sacraments, and why do you think it’s the case?

Leo Hohmann:                  Well, it started off with you had to sanitize all the surfaces in your office, in your home, right? We’ve lived with viruses for thousands of years, Gary, but suddenly this one was able to penetrate the walls of every office building and every home. And it was able to live on every solid surface indefinitely. We had to sanitize our hands, wash our hands repeatedly. That was one of the very first sacraments to show that you were a true believer. Then came the mask. It started off voluntarily, like all of these things do. Remember we talked about cults being gradual. They don’t throw the entire belief system at you when you walk in the door. If they did, they know that you would run for the door and never come back. They reveal it incrementally. And so it went from washing your hands repeatedly to wear the mask. And first it was voluntary, then it became mandatory. It’s very deceptive, another central theme of any cult.

                                             Then we went from the mask proving that you’re a believer by wearing the mask. Now it’s the shot. You have got to get this so-called vaccine shot into your shoulder to prove that you’re a true believer and you’re one of the good and the righteous ones, okay? And now what’s going to come after that is you’re going to have to prove you’re among the clean and the righteous by what? Showing your certificate. If you’re a part of the Christian religion, you would show, to prove you’re a member, you would what? Show your baptismal certificate. Now you’re going to have to show … Bill Gates said early on last year, an interviewer asked him, “What is the way forward to get out of this crisis?” He said, “We’ll have to come up with some sort of digital certificate, digital vaccine certificate to prove that you’ve been vaccinated.” And that’s what we’re seeing now coming down the line. So it’s one step at a time, it’s incremental, and it’s very, very deceptive, all aimed at you proving that you are a true believer in this religion.

Sam Rohrer:                      I want to be the devil’s advocate here. I don’t like to use that word devil’s advocate in this time we’re talking about deception, but I think people get what I’m saying. Some would be listening right now and say, “Well, Leo, that’s an interesting comparison. Yeah, but are you making fun of washing your hands and disinfecting, because isn’t that just normal, good hygiene? Talk about that and the element of that, okay?

Leo Hohmann:                  Absolutely. Great question, Sam. That’s actually not true. If you wash your hands repeatedly … obviously it’s good practice to wash your hands if you’ve done something exceptionally contaminating, or if you’re about to eat a meal, your lunch or dinner, breakfast, whatever. After you’ve gone to the bathroom, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands, but that’s not what we were talking about here. We were talking about repeated hand washing, like every hour, and also not just with regular soap and water, but with these alcohol laced sanitizers, which we later found out were all carcinogenic. They almost all, except for the natural ones, contain items in there that have been proven carcinogenic and to cause cancer. So no, this was again, it was flying in the face of science and what the data actually says is healthy for us. But the leader of the cult of personality told us to do it, so we had to do it to prove, again, that we are a member in good standing.

Sam Rohrer:                      And as a cult or a religion looking at it, would you say that there was a high degree of faith that had to be placed in this regimen in order for it to go forward and be adopted?

Leo Hohmann:                  I would. If you recall, there was a run on hand sanitizer and Clorox bleach. You literally could not find it in the grocery store because everybody was rushing to obey these orders from the cult leader. And so, yes, it was very widespread and obedient, like sheep being led in a certain direction. Whoever the main cattle prodders were, they, I believe, were very skilled in the psychological manipulation of human populations.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, we’re raising some questions and some observations about where we are, and I think that as you’re looking at the same things we’re looking at, all of these things impacting us in this country and the entire world, these things we’re identifying here, you’ve got to back up and say, all right now, do these evidences actually relate to the definition of religion and cult and allegiance and sacraments and rewards and punishment? Think that thing through. That’s what we’re asking you to do, because I think we need to be wise. When we come back, we’re going to talk about the punishments aspect of this whole idea.

                                             We’re dealing with a very big issue today. Yesterday’s program was The Specter of COVID, how it’s being continued through suppression of truth, panic policies, and coercion. Those were the tools of how it happens. Today, we’re talking about and raising the question of are really what we’re seeing an unfolding of this international, really it is this effort embraced by world leaders and policies that continue to unfold, the day by day, chapter by chapter based on not facts, but changing whims of whoever it is that sits at the top and makes the rules and asking the question of this. It really sounds more like a cult, which is by definition, a system of devotion directed toward a particular figure or object or a misplaced excessive admiration for something or some person. That’s a cult. In religion, I find it interesting, in the original language, religion came from the Latin word religio. It means to bind anew. It means an oath or a vow to the gods or an obligation to somebody. And then allegiance, which our guest, Leo Hohmann, has brought into the equation.

                                             The allegiance is that’s loyalty or a commitment to a superior of a subordinate, but it comes from the Latin word oligo, which also means to bind. So allegiance, to bind, religion means to bind anew. Any religion will demand conformity to something that it lays out as the truth. Of course, we’re talking about counterfeits and false religions and deception, but it mirrors the real, which is what God lays out in the Bible.

                                             Now, as Jesus and the Bible makes very, very clear, every false religion that’s ever existed is marked by deception. And prior to his return, this deception would increase. The apostle Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:1-5, that in the end days, that he said they’d be perilous times marked by people, think of this, loving themselves, loving money, proud and arrogant, unholy, lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God. And the apostle Paul went on and said this time would be marked by people possessing the appearance of godliness, but denying the power of it. That means that false religions, like their father, Satan and antichrist, are deceivers. They are good counterfeits. They will look good, but they’re evil. And the better the counterfeit, the more compelling the deception.

                                             But not only does every false religion counterfeit the one true God, they will counterfeit the truth, they will counterfeit the systems of sacred observances, which we just talked about in the last segment, and they will also counterfeit heaven and hell, rewards and punishment. So Leo, in your article, you went on, again, citing these comparisons of the definition of religion. You said they had the sacraments. You talked about those in the last segment, but you also cited some examples of punishments and coercion is the word I’m using, that are observable in relationship to the COVID sacred requirements. You’d mentioned masking, you mentioned the shot, you mentioned the vaccine passports as an example. So let’s just start with mask right now. How are you seeing that sacrament tying in with some form of punishment?

Leo Hohmann:                  Well, everywhere you look with the mask, there’s been punishments. Not allowed to go into certain stores that are strictly enforcing mask mandates. We’ve heard about people cannot go into certain arenas if they are not masked to watch a sports event. I think the most scary one, Sam, is that people have been denied healthcare if they don’t walk into the doctor’s office or the hospital with a mask. It sometimes is as innocuous as getting a physical or getting your eyes checked or the dentist appointment. Obviously a dentist has to take your mask off in order to look inside your mouth, and yet you can’t walk into the waiting room without a mask, even if you’re socially distanced. So there’s definite punishments going on there, and have been going on there over the last year to 14 months, with regard to this mask.

Gary Dull:                           So people are being punished because of the fact that they’re not wearing the mask, and that’s a sad thing. I’ve heard a number of different stories myself. But what about the other sacrament, that is, as it relates getting the COVID injection? What kind of punishment are people facing if they don’t have the injection that should cause us great concern?

Leo Hohmann:                  Well, that’s where the idea of these vaccine passports, digital health certificates, whatever you want to call them, basically it’s show your papers and prove that you’ve been vaccinated. This is coming into play with students returning to college campuses. Over 400 universities in the United States have sent out notices to their students that they cannot return in this coming fall semester to on-campus learning, unless they show proof of vaccination. I saw an article this week that coaches in the NFL, professional football, are not being allowed direct access to their players on the field in practice if they don’t get the shot, and they were given a hard deadline, I think it was the end or middle of this month, to get the shot or you lose direct access to your players.

                                             The New York Islanders hockey team. You cannot sit in the main seating area unless you’ve been vaccinated. They have an area segregated off into the distance, where you can’t see the action very well, and that’s the place where they have designated for non-vaccinated hockey fans. So everywhere you go is similar to the mask. We’re now seeing, especially in certain blue states, we’re seeing how they are segregating the society, Gary, according to whether or not you can show that you’ve been vaccinated. And the people being discriminated against are the ones who refuse this shot.

Sam Rohrer:                      So Leo, these are examples. These ones that you have just given, they could well qualify as the requirements, the obedience, the bowing to the demands of this, as we’re saying, meets the definition of a religion. So then we come to the aspect of this punishment part. Now, this is a real difficult issue, ladies and gentlemen, because we’ve all been hit by this. It’s been some degrees incremental, Leo, as you talked about. That’s a cult type thing. You can’t do it all at once, so you kind of do it along the way. And every step of compliance with it, you end up getting deeper into this trap. That’s what a cult is.

                                             But speak a little bit about this aspect of … we have people who are listening, who, because maybe they didn’t know, or maybe they didn’t check or they didn’t read. I mean, part of this whole strategy has been to deceive and to make people believe that they can’t trust anybody except the guru god of Fauci or some of the others. So we’ve got a real difficult aspect here for many people. How do they respond, for those who perhaps are already into this and maybe have made a decision or two, that now they know the truth, but they’re saying, wow, I’m in a little bit too far. What do you tell them?

Leo Hohmann:                  I would tell them to, number one, turn off the TV. Stop going to internet sites that are sponsored by major U.S. corporations. You know, 90% of the media in this country is owned by six major corporations, many of them with interlapping boards of directors and interlapping investors, so it’s all the same people who own 90% of the mainstream media. And these are your globalists, these are your elitists, these are your people who have nothing but disdain for traditional Christian values. And these are the people who are cooperating with that talking head, that mouthpiece, that propaganda mouthpiece, Dr. Fauci. And even now that he has been tied to that lab in Wuhan China, where this virus originated from, they’re still trying to defend him. They’re still trying to protect him.

                                             But this is why some people, a lot of people are starting to wake up, even if, like you said, they may have taken the first shot, they may have had both their shots. And now they’re saying, “Wait a minute. I was listening to this man for my advice and my guidance on what to do with regard to this virus, when he actually had a hand in creating the virus?” And so he has got the ultimate conflict of interest, and he’s being exposed, but in order to not be further deceived, you have got to realize who you’re listening to. The mainstream media, owned by six major corporations, all spouting the same line, the same lies as if they’re all reading from the same script. There was no deviance, none, from this script that was actually rehearsed at Event 201, two months before coronavirus was found in Wuhan in late November, early December 2019. On October 19th, these elites were practicing how they would respond to this virus at Event 201 conference, sponsored by Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, John Hopkins University, and the CIA.

Sam Rohrer:                      Leo, I have watched a lot of those same conferences because they were posted online and people could go and listen to them, and it’s exactly as you said. So ladies and gentlemen, as we’re walking through, we try to present the truth. Well, truth, as we talked about yesterday, is the only antidote for deception, but it is the antidote for deception that will work, and truth can always get us back on track in our thinking and our actions. And that’s what our hope and our prayer is, that we would know the truth, we’d embrace the truth, and then we would live it out. When we come back I want to talk about one final component, and that’s the punishments and the rewards. We’ll talk about the rewards.

                                             Our theme for today’s program is this. The Cult of COVID, the New Global Religion. Our special guest is Leo Hohmann, and we’re considering this aspect of something that’s much bigger than what we may perceive. And we need to always back off and look at the bigger picture. It’s what we’re trying to do right now. So we’ve defined COVID, we’ve given examples of the cult pieces of it, we’ve defined the terms of cult and religion and allegiance, which goes with it. We’ve talked about that. We’ve given some examples of the sacraments, the things that must be obeyed. Every religion requires some obedience to something. Well, we’ve seen those unfold, the mask, the shots, the passports, so forth. But every religion, every counterfeit religion has involved with it punishments and rewards. We’ve talked about some of the punishments that have come in the way that things are happening here, but I want to give just an example of something here, because in this title we’ve said the new global religion.

                                             Now, most of us are thinking about what we know here in this country, but I had a listener who, just listening to the program live right now, got a hold of me, and he said, I just want to remind you. He said, what you’re talking about is exactly the way things are. He said there was a podcast that actually had on it a Holocaust survivor. And the woman was talking about, from Israel, saying about how the Israeli policies on this have actually produced in Israel, this is a Holocaust survivor, used the terms apartheid because they are making it so that those who don’t get the shot can’t eat in a given restaurant. And she compared it to having to wear the Jewish star during the days of Hitler. That’s an amazing thing. Now that’s an Israel.

                                             And then my friend just told me that he was talking to a fellow yesterday, was driving a tanker truck through Canada, and he was told he was not allowed to talk to any Canadians. He had to drive straight through without stopping, from Canada to Alaska. But he stopped at a restaurant to get some food. He went in the restaurant, and this fellow’s saying the COVID police came in almost on cue and fined the restaurant $850 because not everybody there was wearing their mask. I say that because that’s Canada, but it’s happening around the world. That’s the global aspect of it, and I just want to bring that to bear as we go into the last segment here now.

                                             So Leo, we’ve talked about false religions and I’ve talked about particularly the end time one world religion is going to be marked by a counterfeit god, a counterfeit system of compliance or obedience, a demonstration of allegiance. And then it’s got to be marked by a counterfeit offer of hope, or in a biblical sense, it’s going to counterfeit the hope, redemption of heaven or paradise. Every false religion has that. The ability to present these elements, all constituting the definition of religion in a convincing way, is really the essence, ladies and gentlemen, of deception. The distraction from a focus on God and the true worship of him and obedience to his will and his expectations is what constitutes the definition, from God’s perspective, of idolatry or false religion.

                                             And I thought about this. Since the days of the rise of Barack Obama, what did he offer? People voted for him on the back of hope and change, and that deceived many. Well, we certainly have change. That’s happened. But hope, well, I would say hope’s been redefined and it’s being redefined again. So it’s the component of the reward portion here I want to conclude the program with in this definition of religion.

                                             So Leo, every person is born with a desire for better things. God’s made us that way. Hope is a part of it, but hope without God is bondage. Better things are only better if defined by God. So in this consideration of the cult of COVID, the new global religion, what do you identify as the promise being offered? What are the leaders of this new world religion saying is the promise, the paradise, the counterfeit to redemption?

Leo Hohmann:                  Absolutely, Sam. Punishments and rewards, exactly. One punishment, just to backtrack briefly, that we forgot to mention, one of the very powerful punishments if you do not comply with this new religion, is your voice will be silenced. You will have your social media censored or shut down. I was kicked off of Twitter for two, three months. When they let me back on, my thousands of followers were taken down to zero. So I was punished by having my voice silenced. Just one of thousands of people who spoke the truth, or even just questioned the prevailing narrative coming from the cult leader, and you had your voice silenced.

                                             But now back to the rewards. They promise basically a heaven on earth, a heaven here on earth in the here and now without God. It’s an earthly utopia. The globalists call it the Great Reset. The World Economic Forum, which is the promotional leader of the Great Reset, has said famously that when our system is in place, you will own nothing and be happy. You’ll be very happy in this utopia. Just turn over your mind, your heart, your very soul to us and get your marching orders on how to live your life, because they say openly that their goal is to transform the way we live in every way. Nothing will be excluded, they say, not your work, not your social fabric of your country, the way people conduct their everyday lives. It’ll all be transformed, but you will be happy in our coming utopia which we now call the Great Reset.

                                             But the Great Reset is nothing different than what we’ve seen on smaller scales throughout history, right? Mao had his cultural revolution and he had his little red book where you had to follow his rules. It could have been two plus two equals five, but if you follow it in China, you follow the dictates and the orders of the appropriate anointed leaders, you’re rewarded. You can get rich in China. It’s a communist country, but you can get rich there if you are a good, little, obedient subject of the state and follow all the rules.

                                             Lenin, he took over with the same type of thing. He had the war communism, and the Cheka secret police. If you followed his rules, you were rewarded and you became allowed to go into the hierarchy of the party. If you did not, you might have a knock on the door from the secret police. It’s the same throughout history. The only difference with this Great Reset that we’re confronting now is that it’s on a global scale. This is worldwide that they’re trying to change and transform the way that we live, and turn it from a freedom-based society with a constitution that tells us we have rights given to us, granted to us by our God, our Creator, inalienable rights. They’re trying to do away with that and set themselves up on the throne, and they get to define what rights we have.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Gary, I don’t have much time for it because of this length, but describe Biblical hope and redemption and what truth can do for a person who sees all of these things. What should it cause the true believer to do, and the person who has no hope right now, what should they do?

Gary Dull:                           Well, we know, Sam, as we study the scripture, that our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one who has come into this world nearly 2000 years ago to suffer, bleed and die for our sins, and then come forth out of the grave to give us eternal life. And it’s interesting to note that in 1 John chapter two, it tells us that we know that we are in the last time because there are many antichrists. That’s not the main antichrist. He is yet to come and will be revealed after the tribulation, but there are many antichrists now. Our hope in the midst of all of this is in the Lord. We need to turn to the Lord for all things. And Father, I pray that you will lead us all to do that for your glory, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Sam Rohrer:                      Amen. Thank you, Gary. Thank you, Leo. What a lot of information in the program. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being with us. Go to our website, Listen to this program again, forward it to your friends, or go to the website of Leo Hohmann for the entire article at Have a great weekend, and Lord willing, we’ll see you back here on Monday.