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Sam Rohrer:       Hello, and welcome to Stand in the Gap Today and this Wednesday edition of the program, where we on this program always to the best of our ability try to take what one says, that newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other, and from a biblical worldview perspective we seek to bring clarity from the confusion of the day and biblical order from a God rejecting world in disorder. With that I welcome you, I’m Sam Rohrer. I’m going to be joined in just a moment by Dr. Gary Dull. Today is a security and prophecy update, that’s our general theme. My returning guest is JR McGee, strategic leadership and counter-terrorism specialist. JR spent 33 years teaching electronic and information warfare, training Navy seals and Delta force and Spyware operators, but he’s also the founder and CEO of the group that he leads X-Stream Leadership Group and really well experienced with a great perspective, particularly for the subject matter we’re dealing with today.

Now, in my discussions with people from all walks of life, wherever I meet folks and talk with them some in print, some on phone and some in person. By far and away, the most recurring question I’m getting these days is, what’s happening to us? Or maybe this, it just feels like the ground is shaking with no solid place to stand and in short my answer to that when they ask is, well, if you think the ground is shaking, I think you’re right but, God does provide for us solid ground on which to stand. And really truly events are happening at breakneck speed. We’re all seeing our lives challenged and our livelihoods in many cases threatened as we increasingly get right down to it. Frankly, our ability to practice our Christian faith as we have as protected by law, enjoying the rights of life and Liberty and the ownership of private property as our declaration recognize, these are all under attack and that’s why people are raising the question.

So, it’s ever more important I believe for those of us who are citizens of the kingdom of heaven or I would say truth seekers, God fearers to be regularly recalibrated by the word of God and the knowledge of biblical prophecy in order to know the right, the courage to do it and the faith to carry it through. Well, the events of 2021 have been incredible, haven’t they? The disaster of the Biden Afghanistan cut and run decisions and the implications of this decision are frankly only beginning to be felt.

So, focusing on this event and looking at how it is impacting us, how it’s impacting the United States and the world through the biblical lens of prophecy, I’ve entitled today’s program based on these things, Prophetic Dominoes, The Afghanistan Fallout and Nation Alignment. We’re going to deal with four areas today. The Afghanistan sinister exit and we’re going to talk about how it’s impacting nations of the East. We’re going to talk in the third segment about how the decisions with Afghanistan are creating a new alignment with US allies. And in the last segment we’re going to talk about Afghanistan prophecy and the days ahead. And with that I want to walk them into the program right now, JR McGee. JR, thanks for being with us.

JR McGee:           Sam it is always a pleasure to be with you and Gary and your listeners. It’s an honor to be here with you thank you.

Sam Rohrer:       Well, thanks for being with us. About three weeks ago JR, you and I on the program here discussed the Afghan betrayal and retreat, we talk then how that decision as we saw it about three weeks ago was already precipitating and advanced by the enemies of not only the United States, but of Israel and freedom generally and since then, boy has it only increased. So, let’s start here. The Biden administration, to exit Afghanistan, a cut and run fashion is increasingly disastrous, news reports from just last night told of multiple planes sitting on the tarmac in Kabul with people fearing for their lives literally being prevented from leaving in a reality creating a real life hostage situation, yet the Biden White House, the state department all brag about the level of bold and courageous decisions being carried out. So JR, something’s not right in this equation, set the stage for us today by filling in pertinent highlights of what I’m calling referring to as the sinister Afghanistan exit. What is happening that we should know about but perhaps we’re not?

JR McGee:           Sam, there’s a lot that’s going on and unfortunately most of it is being filtered out of the news. The state department in particular has been catastrophically bad in all of this, both secretary of state Blinken and Samantha Power, who you may remember from the Obama administration, has specifically been involved in preventing these aircraft from leaving. Let me help our listeners understand what’s going on. America pulled out officially, we left with the military, we left with the planes, we pulled out who the government said were all the people that wanted to go. Clearly not the case, there were hundreds and I believe up to a couple of thousands American passport holders and SIVs that were left in country. In response to this, at least two different groups of former special forces people some of them that I know very well have been actively going in and rescuing people.

One of them is called the Pineapple Express, and that doesn’t make a lot of sense to some people, but in Afghanistan and in some parts of the Middle East, the pineapple is almost a sacred symbol and they use the pineapple as a visual symbol that says, I am in distress, I need to be rescued. So, as you’re going through this, if you see the pineapple sign, that’s an indication that these are some of our people. So, The Pineapple Express are former retired and military operators who’ve decided on their own with their own money to go in and try to help get these people out and they’ve rescued a lot of people. And in fact, this goes back even before America formerly left. One of the American generals on the ground had the temerity and audacity to tell one of the British generals to stop going out and rescuing people because the British were making the Americans look bad because they were rescuing people and we weren’t.

You said something’s not right with this, you couldn’t be more right, this is the very definition of wrong. The number one purpose, the number one responsibility of the president of the United States is the safety and security of the American people. To protect and defend Americans, no matter where we are, no matter what we’re doing, to defend and protect Americans and they have utterly failed in that. And now, they’re actively keeping some planes on the ground where these people have rescued people and I am absolutely convinced based on conversations that I’ve had with people and things that I’m seeing, that they don’t want these people to come out because they don’t want that story to be told. This is the very definition of a cover up and they’re gambling with people lives in order to not look bad politically. I’m sorry Sam, but that pains me to my very core and it makes me ashamed for the first time in my professional life I find myself being ashamed.

Sam Rohrer:       And JR, I am too, and I think all those listening to us right now who whether they’ve served or not served in the military or served in office like I have or not served in office, this is the absolute worst type of thing, it’s not leadership, it’s terrible. Ladies and gentlemen we’re going to come back and we’re going to talk about now how these effects are rippling in the East. The Afghanistan fallout and nation alignment.

Sam Rohrer:       I’m Sam Rohrer accompanied by Dr. Gary Dull today and our special guest at JR McGee, who is the founder and the president of X-Stream Leadership Group. He’s involved in 33 years of teaching electronic and information warfare to some of our best Navy seals, Delta force and others and well suited for talking about what we’re dealing with today. The implications of the Biden retreat and betrayal of Afghanistan is undeniable.

The world watches and as it watches, the nations of the world are right now as we speak, they are reconsidering historic alliances with the United States as reliable and trustworthy and well knocking out saying we are not reliable now and we’re not trustworthy and they’re retreating from a relationship with the United States. Now, in actuality a wall street journal article some time ago, first paragraph of that read ‘The Taliban seizure of power in Afghanistan while swift and dramatic is neither the first nor the sole challenge to the US and its allies taking place in and around the region. Iran is mounting another no less significant push behind both offenses and has the perception that the regional order is failing, and the US is retreating’.

I actually quoted that three weeks ago when we had the program with JR McGee because it was true then, it’s even more true now, because right now with the Taliban in control of Afghanistan, the rise of Iran’s influence with the Taliban and worldwide Islamic terrorist and apparent deal-making with China and Afghanistan and the Taliban now fortified with you’ve seen this, this group is now fortified with the latest in US military technology. They have our planes, helicopters, night vision, artillery and trucks by the thousands and it appears that the US under the direction of globalist Marxist and Islamic sympathizers in the Biden administration have not only now trained enemies, but we’ve equipped them and provided cover for the enemies of not only the United States but Israel and all freedom loving people around the world.

That’s what makes what’s happening so significant. JR in your opinion, the implications of the Biden Afghanistan betrayal and retreat are many, but one major one being the aligning or realigning of the nations of the East, I mentioned Iran, but there are others. Describe the realignment who and how is this realignment being evidenced as we consider now what we’re terming in this segment, the Afghan ripples in the East?

JR McGee:           Sam, you’re exactly correct. And the answers for that could eat up most of the day, but really quickly, the Taliban are absolutely the de facto leaders of the terrorist organizations centered in Afghanistan and that now includes ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Haqqani network and Lashkar-e-Taiba, those are now consolidated under the Taliban. But, what a lot of people don’t realize is Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic jihad, those are normally associated with Palestine, Lebanon and Israel. They have rushed into Afghanistan for a couple of reasons, it’s now becoming very quickly the center of terrorist activity and they’re dividing up $85 billion worth of American military hardware to equip themselves for targets of opportunity. It gets much worse, I can confirm to your listeners that China is now moving very swiftly to occupy Bagram Air force Base that we abandoned in Afghanistan, both of their military and their administrative support and I strongly suspect that China is going to occupy the American Embassy and Kabul. They’re doing this to maximize the embarrassment and the humiliation of America, both in the region and across the world. But China is moving into Afghanistan in a very big way.

Not just locally and geographically but Lebanon, Syria, and Qatar are now working to actively defeat the economic sanctions that the United States has placed against Iran and is rapidly replacing America as the dominant power in that part of the world. Saudi Arabia just last week signed an agreement with Russia, both for military equipment and strategic involvement. That’s huge, they’ve now decided to replace America because in the Middle East, they’re referred to as the strong horse and America is clearly not the strong horse. Jordan and Egypt are rapidly realigning their security strategy to ensure they’re not dependent on the US for any security issues. Last but certainly not least Iran, they see this as a huge defeat of America and a tectonic shift in the geopolitical issues of the region. They have just since May quadrupled, that’s an increase of 400% of their uranium stockpiles to a 60% enrichment level. What that means is breakout now the time it would take for them to make a nuclear bomb is foregone conclusion, they can do that at their convenience. There’s a lot more, but I think you and your listeners get the picture.

Gary Dull:            Thank you JR for that and I just want to throw this out briefly, to all of our Jewish friends this is Yom Kippur and of course actually it begins at sunset tonight and it’s the holiest day in the year for Jerusalem, it’s the day of atonement and so, to all of our Jewish friends we want to say you are in our prayers today. JR, as it relates to this particular alignment that’s taking place, this new alignment. If you can, describe to our listeners the real strategy behind this alignment and from a geopolitical perspective, why is it occurring and what objective do they have in mind, is it just to do away with the United States completely?

JR McGee:           If you talk to 10 different people, you’re going to get 15 different opinions on this Gary and ironically, most of them are going to be based on some degree of accuracy. I think that the strategy behind this realignment is ultimately every country is looking for two things. They’re looking for security and to foster their national interests. And for many years, in fact, since the end of world war two, the majority of countries in the world have looked to the United States to provide an umbrella of security so that they could then be able to pursue their natural interests in peace and security. That umbrellas gone, no if ends and buts about it, I don’t care who you are. No one can seem to think or believe that the United States is capable of providing security to anybody, that’s been destroyed. That illusion of strength and security is now gone and everybody’s trying to figure out where is the security for their country? Where does it lay? In what alignments and what alliances? And they’re trying to figure out who is the best partner.

It’s very similar to if you’re playing a game and all of a sudden you get to choose different partners. You want to go with the person or the country or the organization that can help you the most and cost you the least. And ironically, China’s going to cost them the most, but China is positioning itself as is Russia as a dominant umbrella of both security and economic stability and I think that’s what’s driving most of this. And in the absence of America, you’re going to find people trying to figure out very quickly, do I align with China as the dominant partner or with Russia as the dominant partner? Because, there’s really no other options out there.

Sam Rohrer:       And JR what you’re describing there, you left out the prophetic element because ladies and gentlemen, that’s the part we’re going to tie in on the last segment. But, what you described JR is the normal, logical, pragmatic approach of people just saying, “I want to be a country, I want to have some security.” Let me ask you this question here and I really don’t know what you’re going to say in this regard but, did the Afghan Biden retreat that we’re talking about, did that create the scenario that we are now seeing or is it possible that the Biden administration actually is enabling some of these Eastern strategies already in place, China’s already been wanting to take over the world so has Iran, are we just playing their game or did this just come out of the blue and they just jumped into an opportunity?

JR McGee:           That’s an interesting question Sam and I think I’m going to have to answer it this way. It was unexpected in both its severity and significance and it created options and opportunities, that were unexpected. The options and opportunities are enabling people to do some of the things that they wanted to do but couldn’t do when America was the dominant strategic partner. So, I think the answer is both, there are some things that are happening that were only being held back because America was a strong strategic partner that was there to keep the peace and make sure that bad players didn’t gain ascendancy but, nobody expected this to happen this quickly although in one of the shows we had a couple of three shows back, I was telling your listeners pay attention to this because the Afghan government is not going to stay at stand. I think a deaf, dumb, blind man could have seen this coming so, when the American government officials tell you that nobody could see this coming, that I’m sorry that’s a bald faced lie.

Sam Rohrer:       So, we just have to hold it right there. So, ladies and gentlemen choices have consequences. God fearing choices have good consequences. When you throw God out of the picture and truth out of the picture, choices have really bad consequences. The timing of this unexpected but not the pathway of the choices, right? And we’ll talk more about it in the next segment. Stay with us we’ll come back, we’ll talk about how US allies, not just the Eastern nation, but US allies are changing Alliance.

Sam Rohrer:       Before we get back into this really timely subject today, Prophetic Dominoes, The Afghanistan Fallout and Nation Alignment, which we’ve talked about so far on this program we’re going to get in here next how the Biden Afghanistan cut and run decision is actually forcing a realignment of the nations of the world. We talked about the Eastern nations, Iran, China and others.

We’re going to talk in just a minute about how though the historic allies of the United States are also realigning as we speak, it’s an amazing thing but it makes me think of a letter I just got from a listener. This was South East Pennsylvania this individual, let me read you if you don’t mind what Larry shared because it’s really encouraging. He said, dear APN team, I cannot thank you all enough for your informative broadcast. It is so refreshing to hear the other side of the story. He says, thank you for promoting CTT, which is critical thinking theory. He said, due to the humid and the yucky weather of late, that we’ve experienced much of August, I would take the 1400 to 1500 hours, that’s two to three o’clock. I would take that inside to catch your program. You so often raise many valid and reasonable questions and comments, you are real watchman on the wall Isaiah 21:6.

You all have backbone. The dare to be the Daniel type of leaders needed in these days of deception and darkness. He said, enclosed is a cheque for the furtherance of this critical ministry, I sure hope and pray that you can expand and expand to even more areas of the country. That was from Larry and he enclosed a very generous gift. Thank you Larry for that. But, I share that because he also included a verse. Isiah 46:10. Let me read that. Isiah 46:10 says, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, talking about prophetic things, God saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure. It just fits perfectly for the discussion here today on this program. So, I would encourage all of you are listening take Larry’s pattern, his model, write to us, pray with us, stand with us financially so that we in fact can communicate the truth as long as the Lord gives us the strength and to other places across this country. would be the reference I’d go to there or on your app, just put in the phrase stand in the gap. All right, I got to get back into it but I had to share that because of its timeliness. But the implications of the Biden Afghan departure is only beginning to be felt. I mentioned earlier, the seeming incapacity of the Biden administration to see what is happening is dangerous enough, but the attitude that continues, listen to what they’re saying, they declare they’re taking victory in the midst of defeat. They’re claiming to have courage, when in fact it’s cowardice, they are trying to assure security in the midst of this chaos that’s even more alarming, but here’s the point- not only are the nations of the East falling like dominoes in realignment, the Biden decision is forcing a complete realignment of US allies.

We’re not trustworthy any longer, they’re not looking to us, JR just made that clear. The impacts are nothing short of historical, they’re earth shaking and they are prophetical and we’ll talk about that piece next, but JR let’s talk about US allies now because, the allies that have been established as a result of primarily World War I and World War II were the freedom oriented nations of the world had to align against the demonic and evil forces of communism and Islam going all the way back to the Ottoman Empire and World War I. These decisions now are really amazing. So, lay it out here for us, what nations, allies perhaps are reconsidering and most significant right now to you at this point?

JR McGee:           It’s really shocking, Sam, the rapidity with which this is happening and the severity of the implications, the most obvious is NATO and Western Europe. When Biden got up in front of people during press conferences and said that he’d gotten positive support from the European allies that nothing could have been further from the truth. Britain was livid, we basically abandoned the British and the Australians in Afghanistan, they had to rescue their own people out. That had huge implications for NATO. Germany and France, and ironically France is leading on this, which having lived in Europe, I was program manager of Top Gun when we first re-introduced the program to NATO in the 1980s, I worked with French fighter pilots, German fighter pilots and almost all of the NATO fighter pilots. France is leading in this area to form a new Alliance with what was formerly NATO.

They’re questioning the very need for NATO. And I think that you’re going to see very quickly NATO is going to dissolve or change into an ineffective organization and we’ll talk in just a moment about what’s going to take its place. In the far East you’ve got Japan and Taiwan. Ironically, they’re seeing this is hugely significant. Japan and Taiwan are actively working to see how they can support and secure each other militarily and economically. South Korea and Australia actively looking for a new strategy and they’re even calling it a new strategy. This is groundbreaking and they’re looking at China in a new way.

They had depended on the United States to protect them from China. Now they’ve got to figure out how do they live with China and not allow China to swallow them up? Russia is going to be making additional moves on Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia and Russia that the Nord Stream two pipeline that they just signed with Germany I believe is the tip of the iceberg. You’re going to see Russia moving into Western Europe, very similar to what the United States did after World War II. It’s massive Sam and the implications are significant.

Gary Dull:            JR the pushback to the Biden Afghan policies have been reacted to as you indicated, in an extraordinary way, and anger from the European allies. In fact, one of their leaders said that Biden’s actions would lead to the dissolution of NATO, think of that. And in addition to that, the former president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker has suggested that Europe transform itself into their own super power. That could in his words, “Act as a global security power.” In fact, he went on to say, “The Americans to whom we owe much will not ensure the security of the Europeans in the long term, we have to do this ourselves.” Very interesting and serious statements and JR I’m wondering, can you comment on the significance of this now increasingly change in the United States European allies and maybe even, can you bring in a prophetical insight into your answer as well?

JR McGee:           It’s very interesting, Gary, in that Europe is realizing that they can’t depend on the United States, which means that they’ve got to look within themselves. President Trump really tipped over the apple cart when he started telling them they’ve got to pay for their own security and they were upset initially, but they actually became very appreciative of that because they saw that they needed to develop this. Now, under the Biden administration, the entire need has been called into question, and they’re looking at forming a European army. Now, this doesn’t sound too drastic on its face, but when you stop and look at it, Russia is going to be involved in this because like I said, they’re now moving to look towards Russia as not an adversary, but a guarantor of security and economic stability. So, this is exactly what the Bible tells us is going to happen.

When I was living in Europe in the 1980s and some of the 1990s, I couldn’t comprehend how all that was… I was reading the Bible, studying the Bible. I just couldn’t see how it was going to happen or how it could come to pass because I viewed those relationships as being too strong. If you remember, for the last three years that I’ve been fortunate enough to be on your program. I’ve been telling people Turkey was moving away from the NATO Alliance and was going to align with some of the Middle Eastern players in Russia and I was ridiculed for that in several quarters, especially in Washington DC. Well, today that’s exactly what has happened. We’re seeing now that Europe is going to be moving away from the United States sphere of influence, more into the Russian sphere of influence and this new European army is going to be big and it’s going to be powerful and it’s going to be soon.

Sam Rohrer:       We’re going to talk about more than the next segment, but these are extraordinary things you’ve said, I’ve said it before. It’s just we’ve known from the pages of scripture that some of these things would be happening, but the speed at which it’s happening is amazing. You’ve anticipated some of this too, but the speed is amazing, isn’t it JR?

JR McGee:           It is Sam, but I’m struck by how similar this is to some financial wisdom that I got from some of the mentors that I had early in my career especially somebody told me this is very similar to going bankrupt. You go bankrupt very, very slowly and then all of a sudden. These things have been in place in motion and building, you can look at it as corrosion, the corrosion of the relationship between the United States and Europe, the United States and the Middle East and the United States and the far East, it’s been corroding and becoming less stable over time. But the strength of our economy and the strength of our military hid a lot of that corrosion, it hit a lot of what weakens.

Sam Rohrer:       But now it is like a little hole in a dyke, it’s a leak for a little bit, but then when it goes, it really goes and it goes bad, We’re witnessing that now. We’ll come back we’re going to the talk about Afghan policies, prophecy and the days ahead.

Sam Rohrer:       Well, we’re going to go into our final segment here now, as I said from the beginning we’re talking about world events precipitated by the decisions in Afghanistan, began talking about it many weeks ago, but how that the implications, the impacts of the decisions being made by an American president and state department and administration is only just really the pebble was thrown into the pond, but the ripples they’re continuing to roll out and we’re putting together some of those observations today. Now, on this program, we continually comment on the necessity of looking to biblical prophecy. We do that because well, about a third of all scripture is prophecy and it’s a necessary part of understanding not only where we’ve been, but where we are and here’s the key, what immediately lies ahead.

Now, quoting from an article of a friend of APN he’s been a guest on this program before he said, “Many Bible prophecy scholars have commented on the significance of the Afghanistan pullout in relationship to passages in Ezekiel 38 as well as the potential ramifications of America’s status on the world stage, but few had imagined a renewed call in Europe for the formation of an EU army,” we just talked about that in the last segment, he said, “Until a few weeks ago, all of these nations could feasibly have become involved in such a coalition against Israel except one, that was Afghanistan because we were there, with a pro US government in place and US troops based in that country, it was extremely unlikely to be involved in such a coalition of nations but that has now all changed and with Islamic extremist back in power and JR just went through that. Iran in the consolidation of the Taliban and the ISIS and all of the others almost coming underneath of them,”

Michael goes on here to say “They would be happy to join in a holy war against Israel and use US equipment left behind to do it.” Profound, JR let’s shift now from the humanly observable geopolitical and comment as you gave in the last segment relative to the alignment of the nations of the East, the realignment of the allies of the United States and now take and fit this into it. We got the newspaper on one hand, we did that. Let’s take now and put into it biblical prophecy with a focus on Israel and God’s plan for that nation. Describe what’s happening now and what this means for what is immediately ahead for the world based on all these things that we’re seeing happening?

JR McGee:           Sam, I love reading the Bible and I love studying the Bible and I think one of my favorite things is Eschatology and that’s the study of prophecy. And one of my favorite verses is 1st Corinthians chapter two verse 14. ‘But the natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God for their foolishness to him, neither can he know them because they’re spiritually discerned.’ I believe that you can put things together logically, rationally, geopolitically, but they don’t always make sense, they don’t always line up, but when you put them into the context of what God has told us, it makes perfect sense. I actually did this in my career in intelligence. I would use the information that I got from the satellites, from the people, from the reports, but also the experience and the logic. But then, I would also put it within the context of what the Bible would tell me and that allowed me to be very accurate where a lot of my peers weren’t quite as accurate.

Now, in looking at what’s going on the answer simple. Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39. I believe I can’t be dogmatic about it, but I believe the Ezekiel war is different than the war of Armageddon. And that is because in Ezekiel’s war, there are different players. The battle of Ezekiel is all Shia Islam. The battle of Armageddon includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, which were Sunni Islam countries. Let’s put this into perspective. Rush is Russia. Persia is Iran, Cush is Sudan, Put’s Libya, Meshek, Tubal, Gomer and Togarmah that’s Turkey and as we’ve been looking at for the last three years, Turkey has clearly moved into this Alliance even when most people said that it wasn’t, it is. The last piece of the puzzle is Magog.

And Magog appears to be put together from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan Kazakhstan, to Tajikistan and now Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the last piece of the puzzle for all of this to come together. Exactly as Ezekiel laid it out. It’s happening before our very eyes Sam and the alignment is unmistakable, you can’t argue against it. And how could somebody from 3000 years ago know that there were going to be two major schisms in Islam and know which of those two groups were going to attack and grow first. That simply reinforces to me that what the Bible has told us is proven to be accurate. What the Bible is telling us is proving to be accurate today, that tells me that what the Bible says is going to come is going to happen precisely the way it says, it’s the most exciting and the most terrifying of times, Sam.

Gary Dull:            Amen. There’s no doubt about that and it’s exciting to live in these days in which we’re living and so many times JR we talk about where the United States of America is in prophecy. In one hand we see no significant role of the United States mentioned in scripture, but on the other hand, the role of our country is playing now, particularly has been playing under the Obama and Trump administration as it relates to Israel really seems to be quite significant. So, I’m wondering if you could comment on that just briefly before we have to end in prayer and end the program today.

JR McGee:           I think that America clearly has played a dominant role in the world since clearly World War II. And that is changing before our very eyes. And I think that you get four different groups of Americans, so you can put them into four different categories. The mainstream media is filtering information most Americans aren’t hearing the truth and I commend the American Pastors Network for being a beacon of a lighthouse to the world to get information out to people who aren’t going to get it any other way. So, you’ve got one group of Americans who haven’t heard the news. You’ve got a second group of Americans who’ve heard the news, but don’t believe it, they just simply don’t believe it. Liberals and socialists predominantly form this group. You’ve got a third group of Americans who I believe are pretty significant. They believe what they’re hearing, but they don’t have any idea how to put it in the context.

They don’t have the biblical training, they don’t have the spiritual insight from the holy spirit to understand how to put what they’re hearing into context. And then you’ve got the last group of Americans and that’s the ones that I believe are us. We understand and believe through the holy spirit. We’re given discernment and understanding to put these things into context so that we can see what’s happening and I find that both terrifying and tremendously exciting. We’re seeing biblical prophecy come to pass before our very eyes and I can’t imagine a more exciting time to live and a more consequential time to live.

Sam Rohrer:       And JR I’ve got to close a program in prayer. Heavenly father, we thank you for this program today for JR and his words of wisdom for all that we’ve gone over and Lord we thank you that we can see, those of us who have eyes to see can see your hand at work. We pray we take this information it would motivate us to stand in the gap for truth as you put us here for this reason, we pray these things in Jesus name amen. JR thanks for being with us today so much. Gary and ladies and gentlemen, all of you for being a part. If this program has meant something to you, pass it along to your friends, go to or your app forward the program to your friends, let them listen to it and may we all be motivated just to be more like Christ.