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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, hello and welcome to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and today is a very special day in this program as we will conclude our series of programs that we’ve entitled, “10 Principles to National Renewal,” which we’ve presented on Mondays during the past several months. Today, however, will not be the last day we emphasize the principles that we’ve been identifying because they are literally God’s identified principles for national blessing for any nation that wants freedom and blessing from God. They formed the foundation for the founding of this nation. They provide the only way back to God’s blessing on this nation. They are, as we’ve referred, God’s roadmap for national blessing. They are the diagnostic tool to analyze why this nation is today in a state of confusion and lawlessness and under God’s judgment. They are as well the prescription for the way back to God’s blessing should this nation choose to heed the voice of God, hence our title, “10 Principles to National Renewal.”

These principles form the very core of what is a biblical worldview, God’s plan for societal to order in blessing under God’s authority. In my words, they form God’s divine and righteous preset for an orderly society. They stand in sharp contrast to the current antichrist globalist pursuit of what they in their arrogance and counterfeit attitude refer to as their great reset. In America and in this world, we don’t need nor want any great reset, which by definition is a reset against God’s preset. Does that make sense? We need a recalibration led by God’s people who fear him and keep his commandments and to return to his truth, his ways, his commandments on his terms. In today’s program, well, actually the 11th in this series reserved as a capstone to the 10 principles we’ve identified. It’s the final principle that actually started our founders in search for a new nation, a shining city on a hill and William Penn’s holy experiment in self-government.

It is literally what undergirded our early nation in its time of need when separating from England. It’s what came to fore in every time of national crisis, except conspicuously absent perhaps today and what is maybe our nation’s greatest time of turmoil and calamity. It’s the principle that in essence is the electricity that turns on the lights and allows the light to shine both within and to the world or without. It’s the integral action of prayer. Our title for today’s program is this, “The Necessity of Continual Prayer.” Today, we’re not going to talk as much about prayer as lead in prayer. And we ask you to join with us wherever you are today. Due to other events where they are preaching or leading others to look to the God of heaven, Dave Kistler and Dr. Jamie Metro will not be with us, but Gary Dull, Isaac Crockett, Keith Wiebe and Joseph Green of our Stand in the Gap and APM team will be with us today and will be leading in various aspects of our focus on prayer.

So when our Pilgrim fathers came to American search of religious liberty and a missionary venture, their very first official words were a prayer that starts our first organic document of American law, the Mayflower Compact. They started with these words, “In the name of God. Amen.” Governor Winthrop 10 years later prayed that God would make this nation a city on a hill. 50 years after that William Penn prayed that God would raise up a holy experiment in freedom, the seed of a nation to be a light to the world. Biblical prayer is foundational to national blessing and national renewal. So today, men, let’s make our prayer emphasis in this segment, the foundation of prayer, the same place our founders started and the word of God instruct. So Gary, I would just like you to start and Isaac to follow. And then Joe, if time permits and lead in prayer as God leads you. We think about prayer as the foundation to a blessed nation.

Gary Dull:                           Father, as we come to you today, we do thank you that you’ve given us this great ministry of prayer. And we realize that prayer truly is at the foundation of our nation, as well as our individual lives and our churches life because of the fact that you are the one who is the author of prayer. You’ve told us back in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call on tome and I will answer thee and show the great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” And father, as I look at that particular prayer, I’m reminded that there are many things we do not know.

Sometimes we don’t know what to say, we don’t know where to turn, we don’t know where to go and certainly, we know that that is a great reality on the national basis. But you’ve told us to call it onto you and when we do, you will answer and not only show us great things, but mighty things or hidden things, things that are only known unto you. And so father, as we think of this in light of our nation, our nation needs direction. Our nation needs insight. Our nation needs understanding. And so father, we ask you to give us that direction that this nation might turn back to you and follow your principles from whence we’ve turned away, that we might bring glory to your name and that you might see fit to bless our nation by your grace. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Isaac Crockett:                  Almighty father, we come to you now to pour our hearts out before you to ask for your direction for our nation and for each of us individually who are listening. We pray with King David. Hear the righteous oh Lord, attendant to our cries, give ear unto our prayers, preserve us, oh God for in the do we put our trust. We do trust you. We know that your ways are better than ours, and yet we do not understand your ways. So we come now to humbly submit ourselves unto you and to lift high, your name as we praise and worship you and thank you for what you have done and for where you were going to lead us. We trust in you no matter what. In the name of Jesus Christ, our savior, we pray. Amen.

Joe Green:                          Father, we just bless you today. We thank you and we praise you. We know that the enemy is the divider of people and he looks to divide us, but you are a uniter. And so we pray in agreement with Jesus. Jesus says you said that we will be one as you and the father are one, and that the world will know that you were sent by the father and that you were loved and that we love each other. We pray above all things that we put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony and let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts to which indeed we were called in one body and be thankful.

Let us live in harmony with one another. Do not allow us to be haughty, but associate with the lowly, never being wise in our own sight. Let us be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other just as Christ forgave us. Let us make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace and that because we know that there is one body and one spirit just as we were called to one hope when we were called in one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and father of all was overall. And let us walk together in unity because we know that there is a commanded blessing when we do that. In Jesus name, we pray these prayers with expectation and belief and we say thank you. Amen.

Sam Rohrer:                      Amen. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us on this program. This’ll be a program as you’re hearing now devoted almost entirely to prayer for our nation as we continue. This is our final principle number 11 in our, “10 Principles to National Renewal.” This is prayer where we start, how we continue and where we must conclude.


Sam Rohrer:                      Often forgotten in modern America is how we prepare for serious prayer. As we know from much research, such important concepts as prayer and faith are frankly, little understood with 35% of Americans identifying as born again Christians and 28% of Americans identifying as evangelical Christians. But within both of these groups, nearly 70% of those in America who say they are born again Christians or evangelical Christians, they claim to be, this entire group claims to be people of faith. But 70% believe that the object of their faith is not nearly so important as the fact that they just have faith.

Well, the same group, nearly 50% do not believe that Jesus Christ lived a totally sinless earthly life. So logically, that presents a problem when it comes to many people praying. Doesn’t it? So preparation for prayer is something to seriously consider if we actually expect God to hear and answer our prayers. When Daniel chapter nine in a time of enormous calamity and a national judgment, Daniel looked to the God of heaven and actually referred to a number of the 10 principles for national blessing within his prayer. But Daniel prepared himself. That’s a key. Daniel prepared himself to pray.

Daniel 9:3-4, the first part of verse four, it says this. Daniel said, “And I set my face unto the Lord…” [inaudible 00:09:54]

So Keith, I want to start with you in this segment as we think about the preparation for prayer. And I’d like you to take a lead in the segment and then we’ll just continue in this rotation, Gary, and then Isaac, and then Joe in that first time. Then I will come behind and pray in that segment, but we’ll pray this through. So let’s look here to the necessity of preparation for prayer. And Nathaniel had to do himself, set him that way. I think the good patterns for us to follow as well. So Keith, would you lead us off, please?

Keith Wiebe:                     Heavenly father, we come collectively corporately into your presence today, mindful of just as Daniel of old felt it necessary to prepare his heart with fasting, with sack cloth, with ashes, with supplication before you. To have a basis for prayer, we also must do the same. Well, your place, father, where we often go to seek healing of our nation. You declare that if your people call by your name will humble themselves and pray, certainly that humiliation needed on our part is an acknowledgement of our sin, even in the model prayer that the Lord Jesus, that you Lord gave your disciples. You asked them to pray, forgive us our trespasses. And father, we would come today acknowledging that we need to confess our sins individually. We need to confess our sins collectively as a nation before we can even have a basis to come before here. And father, I would bring myself to you praying that you was searched me, know my heart, try me, know my thoughts, see first if there be any wicked way in me and then father, make us sensitive as a nation to that same thing. We pray in Jesus’ name.

Gary Dull:                           And father, as we continue in prayer, I thank you that we have this meeting whereby all across this nation and they’d be beyond, those who know you through faith in your son, the Lord, Jesus Christ have the privilege of prayer. We thank you, dear Lord, that prayer spans geography in various locations because prayer is a direct communication between our heart and your throne of grace. And no matter where we are located, that is an immediate response. Father, as brother, Keith, has prayed, we realize that if we are going to be effective in prayer, we must have a clean heart. You are a holy God, a righteous God, and we are a sinful people. And yet, we thank you that we have been saved by your grace through faith in your son, the Lord, Jesus Christ.

But father, as we are coming to you in prayer right now, if there is anything in our lives that would hinder our walk with you, any sinful attitude or thought or action that we may not even be aware of, I pray, dear Lord, that you would reveal it to us through your holy spirit and through your word that we might confess it and agree with you and get right with you simply because of the fact that if we’re going to see you work in prayer, we need to have that holy channel opened between our heart and your throne of grace.

Father, we realize that back here in Daniel chapter nine, that Daniel was praying for his people, for his nation. Lord, here in our country in which we live the United States of America, a nation that was founded on biblical truth, we’ve turned away from you in so many ways in the matters of family, in the matters of life, in the matters of truth. And father, so on behalf of our entire nation today as we pray, I confess these national sins that Lord, we might be able to become right with you as individuals and as a nation so that then we might be able to watch you work in bringing into this country the strength, the wisdom, the direction, and the understanding we need to be a nation that will honor and glorify you in every action, that we will thank you and praise you for what you’ll do. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Isaac Crockett:                  Almighty heavenly father, we pray that this nation might truly be a blessed nation, but in order to be a blessed nation, we realize that we need to bless our savior. We need to return to you to trust you oh God alone. We need to be a nation that does not allow the counsel of the ungodly world to dictate our path. We need to be a nation that does not stand for the way of evil and the way of wrong and immoral ways. We need to be a nation that does not imbibe in the scorning and rejection of your word that’s being taught, even in our government schools and colleges. We need to be a nation that blesses you by delighting in your word, oh Lord, by meditating day and night in the law of God and the words that we have in our Bibles.

And then we know that we can be like a tree planted by rivers of water, bringing forth much fruit for your glory and for our own enjoyment, but most importantly, for your glory. And help us not to seek first, our own ways, our own enjoyment, our own freedom, but help us to seek first your kingdom, your kingdom, and your will always first. And then from there, to allow you to work in us, to change us, to use us so that we might be one nation under God, united, indivisible, with true Liberty and freedom, of liberty and freedom to do what is right, to live in justice, to live in peace, to live in love. Might we do all these things under your power through your very same spirit that inspired these words and empowered these words. Might your spirit now empower us to live for Jesus Christ, our savior. It’s in his name we pray and give you all the glory, oh father. Amen.

Joe Green:                          Amen. Matthew 5:8 says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” And father, we ask you to create in us a clean heart and renew in us a right spirit. We ask you father for us not to be conformed to this world, but allows us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind through your word and through your spirit so that we may know the good and acceptable and perfect will that you have for us. Father, we ask you to restore us and renew us from the inside out, father. Cleanse us and purify us so that we may be the vessels that you’ve called us to be, and so that the world will see your glory and your love through us. Father, we know that we are sinful people in need of your saving grace, and so we just ask you that as your people, your body here in this country, allow us to be that light on the hill and the salt of the earth that will draw people to you.

But we know it starts with us allowing the holy spirit to purify our hearts and our minds, and so we thank you for this opportunity. We thank you for this privilege, but more importantly, we humble ourselves and present ourselves as living sacrifices holy and acceptable. And we bless you for this opportunity and this privilege. And we pray with expectation and belief for the amazing thing that we believe that you still want to do with this country because we believe that you are not done with America and all these things we ask in the mighty matchless name of Jesus. Amen.

Sam Rohrer:                      And our heavenly father, as we in prayer united with thousands and thousands of Americans right now across our country, Lord, as Daniel did, we set our face to you. We acknowledge Lord that you are the object of our prayers, that we need to begin, Lord, in preparation of our heart and our mind. And as Gary said, Lord, we cannot come to you with dirty hands. We cannot come, Lord, with bitterness in our hearts that breaks the relationship. We cannot come with wrong motivations, Lord. You us in scripture that in some cases, you will not even hear our prayers, oh Lord. We come to you recognizing that you are the God who answers prayers. You have set the terms of communication. And Lord, we lift up our hands to you, recognizing that you and you alone have the power to redeem and to reconcile and to bring justice again to our land. We look to you, Lord, and we put these things before you as we spend this program today in prayer recognizing you, oh God, the God of heaven.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and actually, most of the entire team today, a very special program, this is the last that we’re going to be doing on the official presentation of our, “10 Principles to National Renewal.” We’ve been emphasizing this now for the last several months. On Mondays, you can find all of these programs on our website, and go to the radio tab, and you will find all of them from principle number one, “the seeking of integrity and truth,” starting out right at the beginning, the way we need to go. And then to second principle, “understanding the character and the nature of God,” and so forth to last week, week ago, we concluded with the importance of a virtuous Christian education of the youth as called out by our founders.

Today is actually number 11, even though it’s a part of our 10 series because this important aspect of prayer, the continuing under girding of prayer, our nation was started by our founders who went to God in prayer and aid, “Lord, give us assigning city on a hill.” The pilgrims, “Oh Lord, for your namesake, we come here. To the glory of God. Amen.” And William Penn said, “Oh Lord, may you hear my prayer and lift up a holy experiment in self-government, a seed of a nation…” perhaps he said, “… that the whole world would know about who you are.” Well, prayer continued all the way through our nation. In every time of need, presidents would sometimes arise. Abraham Lincoln was one who called the nation to prayer and fasting in times of great need. Well, are we not in times of great need today?

Perhaps in a way, that was never ever liked the others. We’ve had times of challenge before for perhaps, never a time in our nation’s history where we’ve had a nation that’s actually walked away from God. And we can all feel and sense it. So today is that time of prayer and we’re all praying on this program here today. Gary’s actually in his studio in Altoona, Pennsylvania at his church. Keith Wiebe is at his location in West Virginia. Isaac Crockett is calling in from the state of New York. Pastor Joseph Green is calling in from the capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg. And I just happened to be today, located in the state of Florida. And we’re all connected. You may have heard a drop in our connection the last segment, but ladies and gentlemen, what an opportunity to let you know this, that when you pray, there is no drop in connection. There is no drop in connection because God will hear every word we pray.

If we come to him properly prepared, which was our last emphasis in the last segment, but what about the content of our prayer? Well, in Daniel’s instructive prayer in Daniel chapter nine, he not only prepared himself to pray by setting his face into the Lord, he determined to seek by prayer and supplication, god’s help. Do we ever need that today? Huh? So the content of his prayer is important. Daniel got right down to business and he prayed in verse four. Said this, “And I prayed unto the Lord, my God, and made confession and said, ‘Oh Lord, the great and awesome God keeping the promise and mercy to them who love him and to them that keep his commandments,” and then Daniel confessed his sins and that of the nation. So Gary, I would like to start with you again. He named several sins. We can name them in our prayers. We need to name them now. So Gary, why don’t you and then Isaac and Joe, Keith, and me, if there’s time, let’s continue to pray through this segment as we think about the content of our prayers?

Gary Dull:                           And you know, Sam, before I pray, it’s interesting. The words that Daniel use there in the holy scripture. That word sin means to miss the mark by forfeiting truth. And then he says, “We’ve have committed iniquity.” That word iniquity means to pervert. And then he says, “We’ve done wickedly.” The word wickedly means to violate the law. He says, “We have rebelled,” and that means to oppose and resist that which is right. And then he says, “Even by departing from my precepts.” That means to turn off or to turn aside or to turn away. And father, we realize that even though Daniel was praying here and used these different words, we also recognize, father, that he prayed under the inspiration of your holy spirit.

And these words that are here are words that mean something. They didn’t all mean the same. But what we see here is that Daniel was truly overwhelmed with the way Israel had turned away from you. They forfeited truth. They perverted your law. They violated the direction that you had had them to take. They opposed and resisted your word. And then they just completely turned off or turned away from your direction.

And father, here in the United States of America, we’ve done the same. When we look back to our founding fathers, we realize, Lord, that many of them sought your direction. Pastors preached the word of God and through the preaching of the word of God, those who were involved with government and on the political level made biblical decisions. So father today, as we are praying here and leading people all across our nation in prayer, we truly, as a nation have turned against you in so many ways. We’ve sinned. We’ve committed iniquity. We’ve lived wicked lives as a nation. We’ve rebelled against you. We’ve departed from truth. And father, it is my prayer that you will work among us as believers, as pastors all across this nation to lead our nation back to your way, to your truth so that once again, you might bless this nation as you did 245 years ago when you were bringing this nation into existence.

We’ve committed many sins, Lord, as a country. But the reality of it is as a nation, we’ve just blocked you out of our minds. We repented that, father, and we want to pray that you’ll give us all the grace and strength to lead a repentance back to you. For your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Isaac Crockett:                  Amen. Oh, gracious father, we pray now for your mercy, for us as a nation, for as a nation, we have sinned. But for us as individuals, as individuals we have sinned and we have forgotten your ways. We pray along with King David even before he was king, when he was hiding in the caves from Saul and he said in Psalm 57, “Be merciful unto me, oh God. Be merciful unto me for my soul trust in you. May in the shadow of your wings will I make my refuge until these calamities be overpassed.” And we feel these calamities coming down upon us and we pray now for mercy during this time. David said, “They have prepared a net for my steps. My soul is bowed down. They have digged a pit before me in the midst whereof they are falling themselves.”

And so Lord, we pray that as Satan in our flesh and this worldly system tries to build a pit of destruction, that you might overcome it and that your mercy might bring us out of this situation that we are in. And we can say with David, “I will praise thee, oh Lord, among the people. I will sing unto thee among the nations for their mercy is great into the heavens and that truth unto the clouds be thou exalted, oh God, above the heavens. Let die glory be above all the earth.” We pray this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, our redeemer, who has shown your mercy and your grace that you have come to us as fallen sinners to redeem us as your treasures. Oh, how we love you and thank you for this, father. Amen

Joe Green:                          Father, on this day of repentance, we repent and we come against the spirit of rebellion and resistance to your lawful and proper authority. We confess our rebellion and our resistance as a nation that is in our hearts, our homes, our relationships, and all that we have done in the past, as well as this present moment. Let us root out and let us dig up any rebellion or anything that resists you so that we can intercede for our nation and as a people. And we repent, father, because we have rejected your very image by allowing for the murder of tens of millions of babies legally in America. How we have perverted your image by redefining marriage and how we have rejected your authority through our secular humanism and we have removed you from prayer and from the word from schools and from the public sector and in the media.

And how we have honored and we have celebrated darkness and wickedness instead of the majesty and the splendor of your glory. And father, we just asked you for forgiveness on behalf of ourselves and for our nation because we know that as we have repented and asked for forgiveness, we know that we are washed clean by the blood of Jesus, so that we are made holy and set apart to be warriors in this hour. And so we intercede for ourselves and for others believing that you will hear our prayers and you will heal our land. In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Keith Wiebe:                     Father, we have so seriously departed from your principles and your judgments in the way we legislate and make laws at every level, nationally, states, municipalities. We have departed from your principles and your judgements in the way those laws are carried out by our executive branches of our various governments. We have departed, father, from those precepts and those judgments by the judicial systems of our nation. And I would pray that in each of these areas, we might, father, see a return to your word, your truths, your principles. I pray, father, that we might be again, again, be governed by your wisdom and your judgments. And I pray in Jesus’s name.

Sam Rohrer:                      And ladies and gentlemen, we have one more segment. If you’re praying along with us, thank you. This is important. We talk a lot about what the Bible says. The Bible says a lot about what we’re talking about today in prayer. Stay with us. We’ll come back in just a moment, and we’ll conclude this focus on prayer, the importance of the covering of prayer.

Sam Rohrer:                      All through the scripture and as our founders understood, they set their faces to seek the God of heaven like Daniel did. They knew and they set in agreement with Psalm 127:1, “Accept the Lord build the house. They labor in vain that build it. Accept the Lord. Keep the city, the watchmen wakes but in vain.” You see, prayer is not only foundational to establish the city to raise up a nation blessed of God, but ongoing prayer where we understand that blessing is dependent on fearing God and keeping his commands of which we’ve talked so much through this entire, “10 Principles to National Renewal,” series.

God says in Deuteronomy 28:1-2 that if the people kept his statutes, his precepts and his commands and feared God, that he would pour out so many blessings that would literally overtake them. That’s the word. But you see, prayer is also a preservative against pride, which always leads to idolatry and to the judgment of God because God hates pride. And then God invites then when that happens. If we don’t pray indicating our dependence upon God and our humility before him, if we don’t do that, then we ourselves lift ourselves up as little gods. That’s called idolatry. We reject the God. And God says, when you do that, then we invite in the judgment of God as declared in Deuteronomy 28:15 where God says, “But if you will not hearken unto the voice of the Lord, your God, to observe to do all his commands and statutes, well, then I will turn your blessings to curses and they will come upon you and they will overtake you.”

Then Daniel recognizing this warning, I believe that warning there in Deuteronomy included in his prayer in Daniel chapter 9:11. Read that chapter of Daniel, Daniel nine, his prayer. It’s an incredible prayer. He said this, “Ye, the whole nation has transgressed your law by departing that they might not obey your voice. Therefore, your curses have come upon us as is written in the of Moses,” and that’s just where I read from, Deuteronomy 28:15. So prayer is not only a preservative against pride and judgment, it’s truly a covering over our nation and ourselves and our families. Job prayed daily that God would keep a hedge of protection over his family and his children. There’s something incredibly powerful about that. So in this segment, men, if we could, I’d like to get us all in to pray as we wrap this program up. So if we could pray just a minute, but if we just go in reverse order and change it up here, if we could. Keith, why don’t you begin? And then we’ll work backward, and then I’ll close the program in prayer today.

Keith Wiebe:                     Heavenly father, we continue in prayer and we recognize the tremendous need we have for your protection, for your guidance, your superintendent over everything that we do. We need that covering that can come only from your presence. It can come only from your truth. It goes that which father will protect us from the devices of our arch enemy, the devil, that we know would want at every step to thwart what you’re doing and to destroy your plans. And so father, would you cover us individually? Would you cover our families? Would you cover our churches? Would you cover our beloved nation? So that father, we might continue to enjoy your blessings and we pray in the wonderful name of Jesus.

Joe Green:                          Father, your word says in Habakkuk 2 and 14, that the land will be full of the knowledge of the Lord’s glory just as the waters cover the sea. And so father, we desperately cry out to you for your glory to be revealed in the earth and this nation. We just want to see you lifted up, Jesus, because you promised that if you are lifted up that you will draw all men unto you. And so we as your body and as your bride, we humbly call on your name and lift you up so that others will know who you are, that you may be known by them and known through us. And so we just thank you, father, because we are praying with our faith and hope and expectation that these things will come to pass. No matter how dark things look, father, we always turn to the light and we pray for this nation, and we pray that once again, we will be one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all because that is your will. And that is your word. And we pray these things. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Isaac Crockett:                  Amen. Yes, Lord. We do pray this in the name of Jesus, our redeemer. We come now, oh father, asking for a covering for our nation for protection. We’re asking for what your word has promised, and that is your providence. Would you give us this day, our daily bread? Would you give us what we need? Would you give us guidance? Would you give us wisdom for every decision that made the righteous make the right decisions? May the righteous pass your word onto the next generation and the next generation. May you make us fruitful in our spiritual fruit of spiritual children, Lord, for you that we might see many converted in these days, even today. Lord, would you give us opportunities that your Providence might shine forth so brightly and show us the way to go? May we follow after it and follow your spirit’s leading, follow the word of God that’s been given to us, the written word and the living word, Jesus Christ, the precious savior. We pray now all these things in his name as we praise you and lift your name high. Thank you, father. Amen.

Gary Dull:                           And father, we know as we read down through Daniel chapter nine, that you answered his prayer. And so I just want to pray those last words that Daniel prayed to you several thousand years ago, where he said, “Now, therefore, oh God, hear the prayer of your servants and their supplications and cause your face to shine upon this nation that is desolate for the Lord’s sake. Oh my God, incline thine ear and hear. Open thine eyes and behold our desolations, for we do not present our supplications before the, for our righteousness, but for thy great mercies. Oh Lord. Hear, oh Lord. Forgive, oh Lord. Harken and do the for not for thine own sake in Jesus name. Amen.”

Sam Rohrer:                      And heavenly father, as we counted a tremendous blessing to be before you on our knees, our hearts humbled, our heads bowed all across this country. Lord, the same God who Daniel to whom he prayed, we also pray. And Lord, we acknowledge our sins as we have prayed, as Daniel prayed. They are many. They are many. As a nation, Lord, we have determined that we don’t need you. As Keith has prayed, we’ve declared good to be evil, evil to be good, life to be death and death to be life, truth to be a lie and a lie to be the truth. Lord, may your people who right now are praying across this, may your people who fear you and are committed to keeping your commandments, oh Lord, may we in our lives make the choices that lead to blessing.

Lord, let us not just look to someone else. May we look to ourselves. May we ask you, and we are asking you, oh Lord. Convict in our hearts. Renew our minds, oh Lord, and our spirits. We confess to you. We lift our hands, believing, Lord, that you will hear. Use us. Use us, the remnant in America to establish and to relift the truth who is you. We pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Thank you, men, for being a part today. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being a part. Share this program. Pray these prayers again. May you be seeking the Lord as we are for his will.