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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, hello and welcome to this Monday edition of Stand in the Gap Today and the beginning of this last full week of January. Wow. Where’s the month going? Right? Well, over the weekend, a number of things have happened that tie directly to what we’ve been warning about on this program for months now. Relations between the United States and Russia continue to deteriorate under the Biden administration with Joe Biden himself suggesting that he will send 5,000 US troops to Ukraine and the US State Department advising as of yesterday, “No travel to Ukraine and for families of the US embassy there to leave.”

But in the normal leftist spin they released a clarification this morning that I heard that said that the order for all families to leave is not at all to be construed as an evacuation. No, they said it’s not. Everybody’s supposed to get out, but it’s not an evacuation. So if you can figure out that contradictory statement well, then you can be forewarned that we’re now entering a new phase of strategic propaganda as this administration is very glad to engage a war or something of major new involvement. Why? Well, you’ve got to get something to get the American’s eyes off the economy and the Biden sinking poll numbers now in negative territory.

Well, and with that, I’m Sam Rohrer, and I welcome you today to the program. We’ll be joined by Dr. Gary Dull and in just a moment by Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Now, today’s program, we’re not going to discuss the Russia-Ukraine situation any further today unless some breaking announcement is made. Instead, I’m going to highlight another serious attack that’s taking place against of all people, good doctors, doctors across the country.

And ultimately, I think one of the worst examples of government sanction suppression and I’m going to use the word medical practice because it’s encouraging action to take place that is not in the interest of the patient. My title for today is, sanctioning medical malpractice when good doctors are punished. And today we’re going to define exactly what’s happening to persecute, punish, threaten and harass the good and ethical doctors across the country who dare put truth and their patient’s health ahead of the government spin doctors who are clearly committed to advancing undeniable medical malpractice, in my opinion and the suppression of the truth.

We’ll identify why this is being done and who’s doing it and in segment three we’ll predict some of the implications to this harassment if it doesn’t stop. Then in the last segment, we’ll talk with Dr. Orient about how each of us can help. All of this and more right here today on Stand in the Gap Today. And with that, let me welcome to the program right now, Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Orient, thank you for being with us again.

Dr. Jane Orient:                Sam, as always I would like to talk to you.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jane, a couple weeks ago, you wrote an important article, which I read and I knew immediately that you were… And I’m going to give you a compliment and it is an honest and true one. As you have done for a long time and for which your organization Association of American physicians and surgeons is well known and that is telling the truth. Now you entitled this article delicensing doctors for ‘harmful misinformation’.

And your first paragraph reads this, you say, “In addition to being subjected to various forms of censorship for the first time in living memory, American doctors are getting threat letters warning them against distributing harmful information.” Now I know this to be true, Jane, because I personally know doctors who’ve been warned, quote unquote and further punished. So to get us going here from a 10,000 foot level, a bigger level, we’ll go into the details in the next segment more so, what exactly is happening? And if you don’t mind define what you mean by, “Being subjected to various forms of censorship.” That’s quite a statement.

Dr. Jane Orient:                Well, physicians are afraid really to speak their minds and if they do it on social media they may have their accounts disappear or be deplatformed or labeled as harmful misinformation. And they’re getting letters in many states from the State Licensure Board saying that if you should distribute harmful misinformation your livelihood, your license may be at stake, but they do not exactly define what harmful misinformation might be.

I mean, an ethical physician would never do that. He would always tell his patients what he thought was the truth and give them the best advice that he was capable of. But I think what they mean by harmful misinformation is anything that does not agree with the narrative that COVID 19 is probably going to kill you, there’s no treatment for it, except what we dictate like Remdesivir or a few other things, if you can get them.

And you must all get the jab no matter what, no matter if you’re already immune, no matter if you have religious objections, no matter if you have medical objections or just concerns about your safety, just get the jab. Just shut up and do it and doctors are supposed to bully their patients, really to have them get this or some of them are even excluding unjabbed patients from their practice.

Gary Dull:                           Dr. Orient, do you defined there what you mean by harmful misinformation, but can you become more specific with that? What specifically is it that doctors ought to be telling their patients that we should be concerned about that may or may not be accurate?

Dr. Jane Orient:                Well, they’re not supposed to tell their patients to do things that we know preserve their immune systems, such as take adequate vitamin D and zinc and [crusutons 00:06:16] something to help the zinc get into their cells. They are not to prescribe hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin or there’s really a whole list of other repurposed long approved drugs that are being used successfully in hundreds of patients or thousands of patients by hundreds of physicians worldwide. And our failure to allow and encourage the use of these drugs has possibly caused 500,000 preventable deaths in the United States that are not occurring in places in say India or one state in Mexico where doctors are prescribing these medicines.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jane, that’s significant and we’re about going into our break. But what you’re describing is government officials encouraging those on the front line, our doctors either to commit acts of omission or co-commission both of which is ladies and gentlemen, if someone does that in public office it is actually actionable under law. It’s a big deal.

So we’re talking here today about sanctioning medical malpractice, suppressing the truth when good doctors are punished. We just gave you the overview of where we’re going, when we come back we’ll go into diagnosing the cause, put in a medical term, we’re going to diagnose the problem and identify who actually is doing this and more importantly, why is it happening? Our special guest, Dr. Jane orient will be right back.

But when it comes to the practice of medicine and that’s often how it’s referred, right? The practice of medicine, there’s nothing more important than honesty, truth and an unswerving, commitment of the doctor to do what? Well, to cure sickness and to bring a patient to the point of health in healing.

Doctors, subscribe to what is called the Hippocratic Oath, which means do no harm. And genuinely good doctors, because you have to define that what a good doctor is, but a genuinely good doctor who is committed to health and to healing and the truth. They approach their patients with the same attitude as what the great physician, the Bible speaks of Jesus Christ does when he went about healing the sick, helping the poor and giving hope to the downhearted.

Now, that’s a good doctor. So good doctors care for the whole patient. They examine, they research, they compare what they have learned in the past and apply it and they seek counsel with others in order to not just prescribe some placebo or treat symptoms, but actually diagnose the underlying cause and then prescribe the best prescription possible for that particular patient. But this is an ongoing process. It’s never the same because sicknesses change. Patients are different and remedies, well, they’re uncovered. So this is why a doctor is involved in a medical practice.

Good doctors know this, but now some self-appointed experts are seeking to change all this and invert the practice of medicine to, in my words, the manipulation of medicine. Okay, Jane, you’ve already mentioned it, but go a little further into detail here. Now, as we describe the who and the why in this segment. Who exactly is issuing the threatening letters to good physicians and tie in with that, why are they doing it? This was the subject of your article, which was a very good one which people can find online So back to you, Jane, what do you say?

Dr. Jane Orient:                The letters from the state medical boards, but they are under pressure from what’s called the Federation of State Medical Boards, which contrary to what people might assume from as title is a private organization, that makes profits. And additionally doctors are getting pressured from their medical societies, from their employers. And probably more than half of physicians now have an employer from their hospitals, from the insurance companies with which they have contracts and all of these are on the same page and this seems to be global, not just in the United States.

And the goal seems to be to get everybody injected with these experimental products and to suppress cheap, long used treatments that are so far proven very successful in keeping patients out of the hospital and keeping them from dying from COVID. But all of this is simply emphasizing something that’s been going on for a long time. You talked about the oath of Hippocrates and the duties of the physician. These are really being undermined as the patient-physician relationship is being destroyed by putting a third party, the government and terms of Medicare or Medicaid or a third party payer as in a managed care company, which maybe called an insurance company although it really isn’t.

So that physicians are getting their paycheck and therefore are having to follow the desires of somebody other than the patient. I mean, these people do not have the patient’s best interests at heart. And instead of having a physician, who’s followed you all your life and maybe your family who knows you, who cares about you, you’re getting a provider who likely is not a physician at all. I’m not to say that advanced practice nurses are not very good, but they’re not physicians.

And the provider is on a rotating basis and has very little time to spend with the patients, perhaps spends a most of the time looking at the computer and can’t really get to care for the individual patient because possibly is seeing that patient only once or for a very limited number of times in that always seeing different people and for a limited period of time. And it’s very hard to get to care about somebody that you’re only seeing in a rush 10 minutes and you think you’re never going to have to see again.

Gary Dull:                           Dr. Orient, you have said a mouthful there and as you were talking, I’m just thinking, “How in the world have we gotten here where we are these days in 2022?” I mean, I could remember when doctors used to really take care of their patients, but yes, you’re correct. I think they spend more time looking at the computer than they do the individual. So how have we gotten here, I wonder. And I’m not necessarily going to ask you to answer this question, but these are questions that go through my mind.

I wonder how we’ve gotten here, how many of our physicians have been lured into this direction that they’re taking today? It’s amazing to me. But the specific question that I for you is that basically what you are describing for our audience is really a politically hijacked system. And I’m wondering if you could describe the authority structure of the state medical and licensure boards and in the simple terms, how does the money flow throughout this whole process?

Dr. Jane Orient:                Well, I think what we’re seeing is patients are getting what they have demanded and that is they shouldn’t have to pay for their medical care. They shouldn’t have to be responsible for that. Somebody else should pay and forgetting that he who pays the piper calls the tune, or who’s bread I eat his song I must sing. And physicians are looking at the computer constantly because that’s how they get paid. They don’t get paid for pleasing the patient. They don’t get paid for healing the patient. They get paid for putting in the right codes that satisfy the algorithms that are set up by these third party payers.

And the patients have demanded this without really knowing what they’re getting, that they are getting a product that is created really for a profit motive or for political motives to get people dependent on them. And now that the Medicare system is bankrupt at trying to ration care without patients necessarily noticing it or fixing it so that the patients are inclined to blame the physicians. If they’re dying, the physicians are responsible when they go along with this, but physicians are under tremendous pressure to do that.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jane, you and my relationship goes back many years when I was in the Pennsylvania Legislature. And I’ve shared this before you came and provided expert testimony at a couple of committee hearings and did a great job back then. Again, I just commend you for staying in this space and speaking the truth, representing independent physicians and a medical system because you went right there. The problem is people want free care, government wants to offer what appears to be free, but that goes with a cost.

And that’s what you’re describing right now, because in this window when you have these threatening letters that you’re talking about going out to docs, now it’s in the context the last couple of years in the context of COVID, you’ve already mentioned that that is a whole new layer that’s been thrown on top of a healthcare system where government’s been getting involved for a long time, but that predated COVID.

Now here’s my question here in these last two years, how does the CDC, the FDA, the Big Pharma, how are they being involved in this circumstance to basically take a bad situation, government getting more involved in making it even worse? Can you work out some of those pieces?

Dr. Jane Orient:                Well, the CDC is supposed to be informing us about infectious diseases and helping to diagnose them and that sort of thing. And to fund research and the FDA is supposed to be assuring the safety of drugs and assuring that there’s truth in marketing. They are not supposed to be dictating the practice of medicine. In fact, the FDA will even say, “We have no jurisdiction over alpha release of drugs.” Maybe 20 to 50% prescriptions are for an indication that the FDA has not specifically approved. Once the FDA approves the drug as being safe physicians can go beyond the things that were in the initial application and they usually do.

But now all of a sudden this is considered to be a terrible thing to do. If the drug is hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, which are two of the safest drugs in the history of the world, they’ve been used for decades by hundreds of millions or even billions of people, millions of people in Africa have had their lives saved or been save from river blindness or other horrible parasitic diseases.

We don’t know how many people have been safe from malaria because it used to be that everybody got hydroxychloroquine before going into a malaria area. But now all of a sudden these things are called into question and doctors have been threatened and doctors have lost their licenses because they’re doing something that is for the good of their patient, is probably the best thing to do for their patients. But, and which the medical board should not have any jurisdiction over.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. And you just made that really very, very clear. There are lines of communication, ladies and gentlemen, again, the CDC, there is a role, legitimate. FDA, there’s a legitimate role. There’s a legitimate role for the doctor, for hospitals. Those used to be clearly defined, but as they have become merged and blurred into that has now come the whole COVID policy thing, which takes and then really use the medical term, put a bad direction on steroids.

Now you have doctors who are threatened not to do what is right, penalized if they speak the truth and want to do what’s right. And you say, “All right, well, where does this all go?” Well, not just is it confusing in the next segment, we’re going to come back and try to break out a little bit more in more practical details. What are the symptoms? All right. Now, what are the implications put it that way of this kind of rejection of truth and harming and stepping in the middle of doctor-patient relationship? What are the implications? We’ll talk about some of those things when we come back in just a moment.

Well, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied today by Gary Dull and our special guest, Dr. Jane Orient, who is the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and they have a website at And they put out a lot of great information representing independent physicians and surgeons and committed to good medicine and good healthcare. She’s, my guest today will be back in just a moment.

But as I’ve been doing starting last week and will continue into the days ahead just saying we got a lot of communication from your listening, remarkable increase in the number of people who have contacted us during the month of December, the end of the year in particular, I’m sharing some notes from them. And I said, I would share just some samples of comments from people across the country and encourage you that if you have not taken the time to do as some of these have, I would encourage you consider doing that.

Let us know what you think, where you listen, how you listen and if the Lord would lay it on your heart partner with us, not just in prayer, critically important, but also financial partnering. Something critically important for this ministry and the continuation and the spread really of putting this program on other stations across the country. But here are two quick things I’ll just read. This is a note from Dalan and Terry, I’m not going to give their last name. They are from Bloomer, Wisconsin and included a extraordinarily generous gift.

They said, “We’ve been listening for a couple of years now,” and then downloading the days program from our app and then listened the next day while working. That’s one way that’s from up in Wisconsin. Now here’s one from Michael in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And he said, “Dear, Stand in the Gap, thank you for spreading truth and enriching lives through God’s word and biblical standards for which and how we should live. May God richly bless your ministry and family.” That’s Michael in Philadelphia.

So thank you to those two. And again, I encourage you all to send us a note, and you can easily do it or on our app, communicate and listen to all of our archived programs. All right, back into this. This issue today, sanctioning medical malpractice when good doctors are punished implications enormous to what’s happening. As in the fields of religion, education, philosophy and science, once truth is rejected, put in the religion aspect, true religion becomes false and heretical. We know that from the scripture. In education wisdom, which should be the goal becomes foolishness. And the pursuit of truth becomes the manipulation with lies.

Science, we throw out truth changes from exploration questioning and proving to denial, suppression and indoctrination. So when the Hippocratic Oath is jettison genuine patient care and concern for individually tailored healthcare is suppressed in favor of something else. Now it’s like government sanctioned voodoo medicine and medical malpractice, but there are extraordinary implications. So what does this mean for the health of our healthcare system and most importantly, for the health of you and me and patients?

So Jane, let’s go back into this. Let’s break down this diagnosis, keeping in the medical phraseology, put it into three parts and then we’ll ask you these three individually. But here, if unchanged, what we’re seeing the suppression, governmental coercion against the truth and good doctors, if that does not change and change soon, what will be some of the effects, perhaps some of the effects already on patient health, short term, long term?

Dr. Jane Orient:                I think that patient health will suffer. I think it already has. Our hospitals have really become no better than third world hospitals, in many instances. They’re doing outrageous things like keeping families away from patients and the families are having outsiders in the hospital are ultimately the quality control mechanism to tell whether patients are being cared for or whether they are not even being fed. The hospitals are even fighting against court orders to allow patients to receive treatments like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin from dying patients forget about the right to try.

I think we’re getting to the situation where your body belongs to the healthcare system which is really under the control of the government, as Medicare and Medicaid fund about more than half of the system. And many of the people who are involved one, have their eye on the bottom line and the older people and sick people and disabled people are a big burden on their bottom line.

Some of them are ideologically committed to reducing the population. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of the people who are pushing the COVID narrative are very much in favor of abortion, my body, my choice. But they are totally against patient choice when it comes to things that might preserve your life. And what these have in common is they’re both about decreasing the number of human beings burdening our poor planet earth. One can only speculate about people’s motives and I don’t want to do that. I can just look at the result is that patients are being denied their basic freedoms to choose their medical care for themselves. They’re being put in a system that does not value their life and in which they are a liability rather than an infinitely precious entity.

Gary Dull:                           Jane, Sam asked you about the effect of this as it relates to the patient health and the short term and the long term care. But what about the implications as it relates to the entire healthcare system in the short term and the long term? What implications do we find there if we continue down this pathway?

Dr. Jane Orient:                I think that in the short term, the quality of medical care for almost anything and not just for COVID is deteriorating alarmingly, that if you have physicians who do not care about their patients and are in a system where really caring for your patient is a liability and may actually get you delicensed, then patients are being treated far worse than animals. And I am told that animals in the veterinary hospital are getting better treatment than a lot of our patients who are in the ICU in American hospitals.

That’s starving and dehydrating people and depriving them of necessary vitamins or of any treatment that the patient may prefer is becoming just commonplace. So if you want to live in a place where medicine is not devoted to healing, but is devoted to just following a protocol that supports the bottom line of Big Pharma or supports the agenda of the government, or for some other reason, than the healing of the individual patients then we have a really tragic situation.

Sam Rohrer:                      What you’re describing to me, I mean, we’ve seen this happening for a long time. I’ve seen it when I was in public office where increasingly the bottom line becomes the objective. People become termed an asset rather than a person. What you’re describing is almost a dehumanization, a desynchronization, I guess, of people’s individual lives, which seems to me to rest right at the heart of what you’ve been describing. We’ve talked about is the doctor-patient relationship.

It’s almost like a manufacturing process and you got widgets going down the line and people are just a number. Now we see that happening. But I want to ask you to comment on this in the last moment here, before the break, if the doctor-patient relationship, which hereto four has been developed over a period of time, there’s a lot of trust involved in it. What you’re describing to me is the undoing or the dismantling of doctor-patient relationship and trust. That seems to be even a bigger potential. What do you say that is an implication of this process?

Dr. Jane Orient:                Absolutely. That’s happening and people are not necessarily assets most of them are liabilities and it’d be good if we could call the ones that don’t produce what we want. But patients are losing trust in their doctors, they’re losing trust in their hospitals. They’re losing trust in the CDC and the FDA and that’s because they’re waking up to what’s going on. That these entities that are supposed to be protecting them are harming them. And in many cases harming them deliberately or else harming them through just plain indifference.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Jane, that really takes us to, again, it’s just a little bit of time here, but at the heart of this, in fact, I mean, I’ve compared it to, this is a result of throwing out the truth. Fundamentally, what is at the heart? What did you agree with that? If not add to that.

Dr. Jane Orient:                Yes. I think it, it does throw out the truth. The truth no longer matters and the sanctity of human life no longer matters. And that the only thing that matters is the agenda. Whoever happens to be writing the checks or exercising the political power.

Sam Rohrer:                      And ladies and gentlemen, again, it brings us back to this. You can’t get away from the fact that what we term a biblical world view that’s says, “God is God created, each individual has a inherent purpose and worth sacred.” And from that then flows everything that we’ve become used to. But when you throw out that part of it, people are no longer sacred. They become a number, not a person, their soul makes no difference and they become more liabilities when government runs things rather than an asset and something of value when God runs it. And when a biblical worldview directs it.

That’s where we’re talking about. When we come back, we will talk about now our remedy. We don’t want to just bring up issues without offering some solution. We’ll prescribe a remedy and offer a solution in the next cycle. Well, as we regularly do on this program, we try to never identify a problem with also citing a truth-based principle and some solution. Now we do that for a reason. To do anything less is to be guilty of sensationalization. And I think that happens all lot in the media today and it happens beyond just the media.

I was thinking about this in this regard, thinking about this, in terms of the pulpit, failing to embrace the truth and genuinely identify the problem and cause and then the remedy or solution is simply, I would say, referred to as what the scripture talks about tickling the ears. You just tell people what they want. That’s in the pulp. That’s what scripture says. But for the person in political office, as an example, what we’d call that, we’d call it pandering or political posturing. For a doctor, it could rise to medical malpractice. For an attorney, it’s a violation of an oath and repercussions and consequences from that.

But at the end of the day to raise issues, to get people all worked up and not provide a solution at the heart of much of it is lying and deception. And definitely a violation of duty before whom all of us and particularly everybody in position of authority will give an account to God one day. So that is why, what we’re talking about is serious not just in the practical, but in the eternal, there’s a big, big duty and responsibility that we all have and it all stems on how we deal with the truth.

So Jane, let’s go back here and get some prescriptions, put it in that term for healing from you for this circumstance, go here first. Think in terms of doctors, what can doctors who are standing tall and being harassed right now for telling the truth and doing no harm, what can they do if anything and what she should doctors who perhaps may have already compromised themselves because of their circumstance or who knows what, but they’re feeling the guilt of violating their Hippocratic Oath, what can they do? So those two categories give a prescription of what they can do, doctors and those physicians.

Dr. Jane Orient:                Well, I think physicians instead of giving up their profession altogether or worth as some of them are doing committing suicide they can think about declaring independence. For some of them it’s more difficult than others. Maybe they have a three quarters of a million dollar debt load, but it is possible to have an independent patient-centered practice in which you are responsible only to your patients and to God, to your conscience.

And this is actually more feasible than many doctors believe that you may be making less money, but are bringing in less revenue and still taking home more and certainly being able to sleep at night and not be driving yourself nuts with stupid, bureaucratic busy work.

Patients need to understand that they may be paying tremendous amounts in ways that they don’t recognize for managed care that really puts them into very narrow networks and constrains their physicians can provide for them. And more patients need to be going outside that system, finding an independent doctor and supporting that independent physician. These insurance companies are charging massive premiums and actually instead of making it possible for you to get the best of medical care, making that impossible, especially if you have an expensive condition.

So Christian health sharing networks or health sharing ministries, I’m sorry, are something you might want to look into as an alternative to the third party payer relationships. So we all need to understand what’s at stake and do what we can to maintain our own integrity and to work together with others who have a common belief in truth.

Gary Dull:                           I have a twofold question for you, Jane, as we come to the end of the program here today. Number one, how can the patient know if his or her doctor is telling the truth or if they are being led away by some of the lies that the doctors are giving today, simply because of the fact that the doctors are under pressure? And then secondly, what can patients do to help these defend the good doctors or challenge those doctors who have yielded to the threats that are upon them on a consistent basis?

Dr. Jane Orient:                Well, it’s difficult to find a good doctor these days and you have to look for ones who are independent. I don’t know how you can tell for sure that the doctor is betraying your best interest, but you can read for yourself. You can seek second opinions. You can ask nurses, you can look at the number of contracts that the doctor has signed. That’s usually on his website and it’d be great if you could get a copy of the provider agreement, but you probably can’t. If you could, you would probably be absolutely appalled at what the doctor has agreed to. And many of them haven’t even read that and they would be appalled themselves if they knew what they had signed.

So patients really need to seek for ways out of the managed care system. And even if they can’t get out at have some alternatives in the truly independent sector. Direct patient care practices, which are subscription practices where you pay a monthly fee and then have access to the physicians in a much better circumstance than if you are just a managed care patient. All of these things you need to look into. Don’t look for the government to be offering you something that protects you and that’s a good deal.

Sam Rohrer:                      I think Jane, I’m going to give some comments just before we wrap up here, but before I do that, because what you just said was excellent, but you have a website I already gave it Can listeners actually go there and sign up for newsletters and communications from you?

Dr. Jane Orient:                Yes, they can. It’s You can become a medical freedom associate and get our publications and our action alerts. There’s a patient’s tab on the website that will lead you to a place where you can find independent physicians in your area. Or if you’re a physician where you can enter information about your practice to help patients find you. There are links to other resources like join the wedge. There’s a freedom wedge, the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom run by Twila Brase in Minnesota. So some of our associates that can also help you will be resources linked on our website.

Sam Rohrer:                      Jane, excellent. And I’m glad that you mentioned that as well. Ladies and gentlemen, if I could just summarize this a little bit. What Jane was talking about as solutions and Gary asked her a question and we’ve been commenting here is that ultimately as we recommend and have said many, many ways, ultimately every individual is responsible for themselves. You’re responsible for yourself. I’m responsible for myself, as parents we’re responsible for our children.

We’ve got to search out the truth. That’s a biblical principle, searching out the truth, making determinations based on that which is true. Asking enough questions to know if it is the truth, the scripture being the truth is the pattern we’ve got to follow. So whether you choose a church and a pastor, is he preaching the truth? How do that? Well, how does it stack up against biblical principles and scripture?

What about a doctor? Well, certain things that can be found same way. How about a person to vote for, for political office? Don’t we go through the same process for all of them? You got to search out, who’s talking and who’s walking? What’s the relationship to the truth? What’s the relationship to God who is the author of truth? In every case, it’s really the approach to determining is really pretty much the same for every choice. But if we think that it will help us as we consider all areas including this one, we talked about today, choosing a doctor you can trust and making decisions relative to your health.

Well, thanks for being with us to day all of you. Thank you, Jane, for being with us, Gary and we challenge you and we ask you, take this program, share it with others and then join us here tomorrow, God willing 23 hours from now.