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Sam Rohrer:       Well, nearly two years ago in April 2020, I addressed part one of a two-part series on 5G technology. Part one focused on the emerging 5G technology from the standpoint of definition, dangers, and solutions with my special guest, Dr. Gil Amelio, who was the former chairman and CEO of Apple Computer, National Semiconductor, and Rockwell International. In part two on April 30th of 2020, I interviewed US Air Force Brigadier General, Dr. Robert Spalding on 5G technology and its communications power, its ability to handle worldwide surveillance. And we linked there how China’s dominance in 5G, this area of technology, was then and before, really now, a major US security concern.

Now all of this information has been proven to be accurate, nearly prophetical in its application. However, that 2020 conversation, actually, it was early in the COVID panic policy rollout. At that time, I intentionally did not seek to speculate on any potential connection of 5G technology rollout, for instance, in the timing of the pre-Telegraphed release of the COVID virus. I intentionally at that point did not bring up the potential for strategic timing of the disastrous warp speed COVID vaccines, which we now know were, frankly, already patented years before, just waiting for some governmental tyranny to mandate their usage, provide immunity from prosecution for the big pharma, and provide trillions of tax dollars to fund their worldwide distribution.

Now, however, two years later, quantifiable and measurable data is flooding in, and I believe it’s time now to revisit some of the statements made pre-COVID about 5G and connect it with what is now known from a medical perspective. My guest today will be Dr. Lee Vliet, President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation. My title for part three of this 5G series is this: 5G Technology and the COVID Connection. And with that, let me welcome in right now Dr. Lee Vliet and ask you right now, Dr. Lee, in your medical opinion, is there now a demonstrable connection between the startling increase what’s termed excess deaths across the nation impacted by the COVID virus, the various COVID experimental injections, and 5G technology? Just yes or no. What do you say?

Lee Vliet:             Yes, definitely. And that has been borne out across 31 countries with statistical significant correlation.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, just get. Hear what she said. I’m going to play it right now. Four minutes. I’m going to take us back in time. April 20, 2020. Dr. Gil Amelio with Semiconductor, former Apple Computer chairman. Listen to this clip please.

Dr. Amelio, Gil, I’ll just call you here at this point, in as simple term as possible, would you define 5G technology? Talk about frequencies. Talk about how that actual piece so we get an idea of what that is. And you were saying it is dangerous. I want you to expand upon more specifically what happens when you turn it up in that upper-end frequency spectrum. Put it in simple terms for us, if you could, please.

Gil Amelio:          Well, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications band, and it operates at a higher frequency, and the higher frequency means it can carry more information. So you can download a movie a lot, for example, to your mobile phone. So you can watch a movie as you’re in the backseat of the car or something like that, much faster than you can in prior generations. This comes at a price, though. This higher frequency is more harmful to human tissue than the lower frequencies were. So it’s as important that people are not close to a radiating base station.

Now, for those who are not familiar with the way the telephone system works, I’ll make this very quick. Your cell phone connects to a base station somewhere in your neighborhood. That base station connects you to the rest of the world. That’s it. So you don’t want to be close to that base station. Most of the time, the telephone companies isolate it by putting fences up or something like that. But in some cases, they merely put up little orange cones that say, “Please do not enter.” Some people pay attention to that and some people don’t. The difficulty is if you get too close, you will be injured. And I can go into more detail on the kind of injuries you have, if you would like [crosstalk 00:05:00]-

Sam Rohrer:       Why don’t you do that, Gil? Gary’s going to take you in a little different direction on the frequency part, but answer that if you could. I mean, the high-end spectrum, are we not talking… What’s the problem? It’s radiation, is it not? I mean, put it in that perspective. And how close is too close? What’s actually taking place if you get too close?

Gil Amelio:          Okay. What’s happening is that when you’re near a radiating base station, your body absorbs that energy. It turns out that that energy is very close in wavelength is very close to the same size as your neural tissue in your body. So what all that means is that it’s very easy for that neural tissue to be damaged by that. So we recommend people to stay at least 30 feet away from a radiating base station unless the base station is turned off. If it’s turned off so that a worker can go in and do work, fine. Obviously there’s no problem because it’s not radiating. But at any time it’s radiating, which is most of the time, you want to stay at least 30 feet away.

As it turns out, the fifth generation bands are very close to the same frequency as your microwave oven. So think about standing next to your microwave oven if the door were open and it was still operating. Obviously, obviously microwave ovens automatically turn off if you opened the door, but suppose it didn’t and you stood close to it. You would have significant neural damage. And that’s why we tell people to avoid getting anywhere near the radiating base station, especially with fifth generation.

Sam Rohrer:       All right, Lee. You just listened to that. We got about 30 seconds or so before the break. What was it that Dr. Gil Amelio said there that perhaps caught your attention most?

Lee Vliet:             Well, I think it fits with what we’re seeing medically, and we’ll talk in the next segment about the extensive biological damage that has been documented for the last 50 years with wireless communication types of radiation across the spectrum. And that includes 5G, the newer, higher frequency.

Sam Rohrer:       All right. And in the next segment, you’ll also take in connected in that’s… Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a connection also to similar things, and Dr. Lee will make that clear in regard to the spike protein COVID virus and the vaccine for COVID. There’s a connection. That’s what we’re going to try to do here on this program, 5G Technology and the COVID Connection. Okay. This is part three of a three-part series, the first two being back in April of 2020. With that being said, stay with us and we’ll be right back in just a couple of minutes as we continue in, today’s Stand in the Gap Today program.

Sam Rohrer:       The unique nature of 5G technology operating in the upper bandwidth of the light and frequency spectrum places it in the arena of radiation. That bandwidth permits a massive increase in the speed and the volume of communications capacity. And by so permitting, as we’ve earlier identified on this program, 5G technology permits the ability to carry massive volumes of data required by a total surveillance society like China and to achieve the demonic intentions of The Great Reset under the World Economic Forum globalists. Of that issue, we’ve been talking about in the last couple of days, if you’ve been listening.

Now there, the World Economic Forum globalists, that group, their stated goals… now note this… is to combine digitized currency, artificial intelligence driven 24-hour-a-day totalitarian surveillance, just like in China; we’ve talked much about that, where they there link all of life to totalitarian government and combine in, as we’ve talked about again, social credit scores with the ability to literally determine each individual’s ability to buy or sell, which hinges, all of this massive flow of communication surveillance hinges on the technology side of 5G.

But this technology is now effectively implemented worldwide. And I just played a clip from in 2020 of April, Gil Amelio said then that the implementation target date was the end of 2021. Okay. We’re now early 2022. But there is also a health impact and a physical impact of 5G as we just highlighted in that last segment.

All right, Lee, now let’s go into it because that was an engineer. That was on the scientific side of 5G. But he made the point that 5G is closely related to, very similar to human tissue, and he set that up. So here we go. I want to go to you on this. You’ve been doing a great deal of research, I know, on your own, collaborating with a lot of other, I’m going to say moral medical people, and you are to the point, I think, as you said, you’re confident to report that there are certain findings now out there that link the massive increase in overall deaths and disabilities that we’re seeing across the country. It links them into 5G technology, but also COVID policies and the vaccines, I believe, is what I heard you say on an earlier interview. Can you give an overview of those specific findings that we get moving into this program?

Lee Vliet:             That’s correct, Pastor Sam. And I would like your listeners to take a pencil and piece of paper and write down this reference because it’s critically important to understand the scientific documentation going back to the 1960s and 1970s research that began actually in the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries and was continued by the US Navy and then researchers around the world. October 2021, two researchers, Rubik and Brown in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research, examined the peer-reviewed scientific literature on all of the detrimental effects on the body and other organisms with wireless communication radiation. And they identified the summary of the types of damage to the body that occur with the wireless communication radiation, which includes 5G. And when I was studying this review paper of the world scientific research, it’s an incredible resource document. I highly recommend it to all of your listeners who would like to understand this from the scientific and medical biophysics perspective. But what was striking to me, there are five classes of damage of the wireless communication radiation, including 5G, on the body.

Those same five types of damage are what I’ve been treating with COVID patients all through the pandemic and doctors around the world have been reporting as the five types of damage. And I’m going to list them for your listeners. So get your paper and pencil ready. But they are also very striking. These same five categories of damage are the same types of damage that occur with the inflammatory and blood clotting response with the spike protein and nanoparticles in the experimental COVID shot. So I want your listeners to really process this statement. The same five types of damage occur with wireless communication radiation, 5G, and others, COVID-19 illness with the virus, and the COVID-19 experimental shots with inflammation from the spike protein and lipid nanoparticles. Now you can understand better why there was a statistical correlation. And this was published in May 2020 by… The author’s name is [Mortachev 00:13:46], who reported a statistically significant correlation between the intensity of radio frequency radiation and the death rate from SARS-CoV-2 in 31 countries around the world.

And during the first pandemic wave in 2020, about the time you were talking about this in 2020, in the United States, the COVID-19 attributed cases and deaths were statistically higher in states and major cities with the 5G infrastructure already rolled out as compared with states and cities that did not have that technology. And that was borne out around the world. In fact, your listeners may remember that in Wuhan, China, it was right after the 5G had gone live in October 2019 that suddenly, the massive outbreak in Wuhan China with people dying at high rates. And then, that was followed by severe outbreaks in South Korea, Northern Italy, New York City, Seattle, and Southern California, where 5G had also been partially implemented. So that’s a hugely important connection. And these researchers and statisticians and epidemiologists have done this research and published it in this review paper that I just cited. And I’ll give you the citation to put on your website.

Now, the five classes of damage that occur in all three situations, 5G, COVID illness, and COVID experimental vaccine shots, are number one… Everybody get your pencil out. Write this down. Number one, changes in the blood cells that lead to damage to the blood cells that increase the likelihood of forming blood clots in the little arteries and capillaries, and then in time, larger arteries and veins in the body. Number two, disruption in the immune system to cause hyperimmune responses, aggravation of autoimmune conditions, and also at the other end, suppressing the normal immune response. So number one, changes in blood cells. Number two, changes in immune system dysregulating and disrupting the normal function. Number three, cardiac effects, damage to the heart’s muscle, damage to the lining around the heart, changes in cardiac rhythm regulation.

Remember, your heart rhythm is regulated by electrical impulses. So if you have electromagnetic radiation that is affecting your body, it can disrupt the normal heart rhythm regulation. That’s why people with pacemakers are told to stay away from getting close to microwave ovens. That’s why they can’t have a pacemaker and get an MRI, for example. So we’ve known about that connection for many years.

The fourth type of damage is called oxidative stress. And that means the generation of free radicals-related damage. Anybody who has had sore muscles after working out too strenuously when you’ve been sedentary knows the effect of oxidative stress. It causes damage to the muscle tissue. Well, oxidative stress also causes damage to neurologic pathways. It causes damage to many aspects of your body, including the lining of the blood vessels.

So you start seeing ways that these effects are additive. They are not just separate effects. They interact with each other. This is like gasoline on a fire instead of water to put the fire out. And then there are changes in the flow of calcium ions across the cell membrane. And that, in turn, those detrimental effects make the cells more susceptible to infection by viruses and bacteria and by cellular damage. And these same five categories of damage are repeated through the COVID illness. I treated hundreds of patients through the pandemic. They all had these same types of damage. So if they went long without treatment, then that’s when these categories of damage started getting worse. [crosstalk 00:18:49]-

Sam Rohrer:       All right. Well, Dr. Lee, we’re about up here. Let me just move from here. You got them in. I was wondering if you were going to get all five, but they are there. I’ll repeat them, ladies and gentlemen, at another point here in the program. My special guest today is Dr. Lee Vliet, President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation. And our theme is 5G Technology and the COVID Connection. And that’s what we’re trying to lay out. When we come back, I’m going to go a little bit more into detail on some of these five points that Dr. Lee has identified and open them up just a little bit more for discussion.


Sam Rohrer:       If you’re just joining us today, this is actually part three. It’s kind of an unusual thing. Generally, things are real tight and close together in sequence, but we’re dealing with 5G technology today. Now I know as we’re doing this program right now live, there are lots of things happening over in Ukraine, in Russia, and there’s ships being positioned. I’m not going there right now. That’ll be with us tomorrow. But I want you to know that is happening, and sometimes difficult to choose what we deal with on this program, because we deal with headline news. So I do want to acknowledge that.

As I’m watching news updates coming across, there’s an escalating situation, but again, breathe deep. Where you are in those days when the scripture says there will be wars and rumors of wars, right? So we’ll hold that for now. We’re dealing with this issue here right now of 5G technology. Back in April 2020 and April 30, 2020, I did a two-part series on the matter of 5G. Made no connection to COVID. Just dealt with the engineering and the scientific side of the equation. You may want to go back and look it up and you can find that on

If you just go in there and search, for instance, for technology, you will find it under that category easily. But this one here today, we’re now after two years later looking at what was said then, looking at now what our special guest, Dr Lee Vliet… And she’s not the only one, but she is really in this space of taking all of this information from a medical perspective and saying, “What are we finding in the bodies of people?” And that’s what we just went over in the last segment. And how is that connected?

Now in the last segment, I’m going to give it to you very quickly, Dr. Lee Vliet said she has been identifying, and others, not just her, impacts from three similar things, the COVID virus spike protein, the effects of the COVID injection, and 5G technology. She said these: changes in the blood cells, two, immune system disruption, three, cardiac effects, four, oxidated stress, and then the fifth one was intracellular calcium changes increase. We’ll put it that. I’ll just leave it there, dealing with that.

But okay, let’s go back into it. Now, Dr. Lee, and build this out a little bit. Before I want to get and talk to you specifically about the changes in the red blood cells, because there are things there dealing with micro-clotting that has evidence on a broader front, but let me ask you the, this question first before I go into that one. And that’s this. In your medical opinion, and as you are examining these things, is the 5G technology creating the same physical reactions as created by the spike protein and the virus or the vaccine, or is 5G technology perhaps just magnifying or exploding the immunity and blood cell changes created by that spike protein in the mRNA vaccine? Do you understand what I’m saying?

Lee Vliet:             Yes. And in fact, it’s both because wireless communication radiation, including 5G, has these effects independently. Even if COVID had not come on the scene, 5G radiation, they’ve been studying the effects of this. And you heard the former Apple CEO talking about the fact that they’ve known that this damage is there, and it does independently cause those five classes of effects on the body. But there have been lots of other studies showing effects broader than that. Neurologic effects, cognitive learning effects.

Children, for example, sitting in a school building with 5G towers on the schools, as we are seeing, have suddenly been put up all around Tucson on top of the public school buildings. And I’m sure the parents have no idea that their children are sitting under a base radiating station that Dr. Gil just talked about was potentially dangerous. And they’re sitting there in classrooms all day. And there have been studies that the Soviets did years ago showing damage to the brain and learning and fatigue and attention and concentration and memory in animals exposed to lower levels of this type of radiation, even to the point of forming autoantibodies to the brain, for heaven’s sakes. So this is potentially in and of itself, by itself, quite serious in the biological effects on all organisms, not just humans.

Sam Rohrer:       All right. Thank you for clearing that up and helping to establish that’s so people can get a better sense of it. I want to go here now with you in this regard. Your first one that you talked about was impact changes in blood cells. In another interview that you had done, you specifically talked about red blood cells and you actually used the term that actually starts the red blood cells stacking up or coagulating. And there that gets us into the whole issue of clotting and micro-clotting. Now here’s my question. In the past six weeks or so… And I haven’t dealt with it on this program. Others have as it’s coming forth.

But there were a number of funeral directors, embalmers that have been preparing bodies after death. And in their normal process, nobody knows what they do, but there, when they take a body and they prepare it for burial, they have to drain all of the fluids, including all of the blood from the veins. And in this case, they are seeing… And some of the reports I’m seeing are 50% or more now of all of those having died and now being prepared for burial, they are finding strange clots that they have never seen before that are actually in the veins of these people with a potential linkage to the impacts from the clotting, or I’m going to say here, the virus, the 5G. Okay. You know what I’m talking about. What can you tell us on what is being found and is that connected to these impacts that you identified?

Lee Vliet:             Well, yes. Excessive coagulation has been described independently with the wireless communication radiation, including 5G. And in fact, for your listeners, the BioInitiative Report, which was authored by 29 experts from 10 countries and updated in 2020, reviews all of the literature on the bio effects and health consequences from wireless communication radiation. And then in 2020, we were seeing massive blood clot problems in patients still with the COVID-19 illness. In fact, Dr. McCullough, Peter McCullough, the cardiologist, talked about the fact that at Baylor hospital in Dallas, they had in a space of two weeks, they had four patients with arterial blood clots in the aorta, which is almost unheard of because the aorta is a large, large arterial vessel with high pressure and high velocity blood flow. And normally, you have blood clots in veins where the blood flow rate is low and where there’s pooling of blood in the veins if you’re sitting too long, things like that. People are familiar with that. But normally, we don’t see massive blood clots in the arterial system, much less the aorta.

So we’ve been seeing that as a risk all through the COVID illness pandemic if people did not get early treatment. That’s why early treatment is aimed at antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant. It’s so that you don’t get to that point. But then with the rollout of the COVID-19 experimental shots, blood clotting is a complication of inflammation and the spike protein generated by the experimental shots and the lipid nanoparticles. So you have a separate cause, similar, but additional cause with the lipid nanoparticle inflammation, with the COVID shots. That can also cause blood clotting.

So when you put all three of these together, they are synergistic. In other words, it accentuates the response of one set of problems, the COVID-19 illness, when you add the inflammation with the COVID shot on top of it and you add the inflammation and blood clotting problems from exposure to the wireless communication radiation or 5G.

And the problem with 5G, which people don’t realize, is that because the signal doesn’t travel as far, they have to put the towers closer together. And so you have higher density of the 5G towers in communities now than you did with 4G or 3G. That’s critically important. And then when you’re putting it on top of schools, which is what it was done in 2020 while the schools were closed during the pandemic, the telecom companies went in and rented the space on top of the school buildings to put their towers in. And the public doesn’t know this. Parents don’t know it. Nobody has really spent time trying to educate the public about the health consequences of the 5G radiation independent of COVID illness and the COVID shots.

So that’s the concern. You don’t have to speculate about any strange components. If you just look at what the scientific community has known since the 1960s about radiation damage, and then you look at what the world community of scientists and physicians have studied and put together as the mechanisms of damage in the COVID illness and the damage from the vaccine, you can see you have a perfect storm [crosstalk 00:29:48]-

Sam Rohrer:       Okay. And that’s where we have… And I’m going to leave it right there. Perfect storm, ladies and gentlemen. Multiple things coming together. And again, bear in mind what’s being shared scientifically and medically. These impacts have been known for a long time, which makes all of these coming together even more bizarre, doesn’t it? We’ll be right back with some solutions.

Sam Rohrer:       Well, on this program, again, time has flown. We’re on the fourth segment. And as I’ve said many, many times, we do not seek at all, and with God’s help, we do not go down the path of sensationalism or sharing information before the homework is done, facts are established. And even the guests that I try to have on this program, a great duty is put on them as well to make sure that what they say and so forth is also not in that space. We don’t have time to just keep people excited like the media does, who just tries to distract people.

But we do have a duty, I think, like all parents do and like the pulpits do of America, to share the truth so that people can be informed, not live in ignorance, but then based on truth, come to a right and studied solution because ultimately, we have to make choices and we’re all going to have to give an account before God when we stand before Him of why we chose to do what we did or chose not to do what we didn’t do. So all of this information today could be a little overwhelming. It’s in some respects, but on the other hand, it’s nothing new. We’ve been living with this, but now pulling together the information, connecting some dots is helping to bring certain things into focus.

So logical question, Dr. Lee Vliet. I’m going to go to you now. And as you’ve laid certain things out and I have presented information, the logical question is this. Now, in light of these things and the fact that we are all to one degree or another walking around with some impact from 5G technology, some more than others, depending. Some listeners have taken the shot. And so they have experienced immediate, perhaps, or ongoing changes. There are many who have not taken the shot. There have some who have gotten the virus and gotten over it. Others haven’t demonstrated that they even got it. So people are all over the board. So that being the case, what should the wise listener to this program do as a result of this information, knowing that they could be any number of many places in their own bodies in their lives and where they live and so forth? What do you say?

Lee Vliet:             Well, Pastor Sam, I think fundamentally, the most important idea for people to realize is that the seeds of health… Seeds is an acronym. Look at these components as the seeds of health that you need to be planting in your everyday life.

S for sleep. High quality sleep is critical to your overall health immune function, brain function, metabolism, everything. Get rid of the wireless communication radiating devices in your bedroom. Get rid of blue lights in your bedroom, those charging lights on all your devices. Get those out of your bedroom. Have a cleaner environment for sleeping. Allergens, for example, need to be eliminated. So seeds of health. S is for sleep.

E is for environment. The air, the food, the water, and the soil around you. And what kind of food are you taking in? Are you living in an area of high pollution? If so, that’s an oxidative stress. That’s going to cause more problem for you. Look at ways you can use air filters, change environments, quality of your water intake.

The other E is for exercise and pacing yourself. Aerobic exercise helps to clear your body of the anti-inflammatory… It has the anti-inflammatory immune-boosting effect and oxygenation of the body in a healthy way.

Diet. The D is for diet and drugs. Be careful about what medicines you take and look at what medicines may help to treat the symptoms. Same as we did with COVID. Diet and medicines were important in an integrated approach, nutritional supplements, anti-inflammatories, antivirals, anticoagulants.

And then the S is for support. Group support, spiritual support, medical, family, social, occupational, and financial. All of these elements go together to create the seeds that you plant in your garden of health and your body to take care of your body as God designed it.

And then in the community, I would urge a call to action for especially all parents out there. Check the roof of the school where your children are going and find out if they have installed these 5G towers. I am shocked to see how many public schools across Tucson and Phoenix, for example, in Arizona, where I’m located, suddenly have these huge towers on top of the school buildings. Parents need to get involved and find out why those are there and start looking at ways to get them removed from the schools. Look at whether or not you want to pay the price in your health to have a faster download of a movie. I mean, this is something that the public’s going to have to decide how much health price are you willing to pay to have a faster internet.

Sam Rohrer:       Dr. Lee, I’m going to ask you a question. I didn’t prepare you, and I may embarrass you. You giving good advice, sleep, environment, exercise, diet, support. When you go to sleep in your house, where’s your phone?

Lee Vliet:             Well, guess what? After studying all of this, I’ve just moved it.

Sam Rohrer:       I hope you did.

Lee Vliet:             I absolutely did. And what I had not realized because I’m not a physicist and I’ve always thought it’s wise to have a phone near your bed in an emergency. We lived through health crises with my husband, where I needed access to the phone. And so we do have to make those choices. I would recommend… And I have done this. Do not put your phone right next to your bed, or for heaven’s sakes, in your bed. Put it at least 5 to 10 feet away from where you are sleeping. If you have to have the phone in your bedroom, move it further away than where you may have customarily been keeping it. [crosstalk 00:36:57]-

Sam Rohrer:       Okay. Another good question. We’re about out of time. I’m going to put you on the spot again. How much sleep do you get at night? And you and I are close the same age. I’m late 60s, whatever. Does the amount of sleep a person get per night, I mean, does it vary by age? We know it varies by people. Some require less or more. But is there a general rule that you can say to people?

Lee Vliet:             There’s a general rule that has been borne out down through Hippocrates’ times and on through the modern era. Seven to eight hours of sleep a night is critical for optimal health. And yes, I do my best to make sure that I get seven to eight hours a night. I work long hours. That’s true. I do exercise every day. I don’t smoke. I rarely have alcohol and I make sure to try and get that good, solid night’s sleep. Now as women get older and lose estrogen, that’s going to cause sleep disruption. I happen to take estrogen. I have for years. I plan to continue till I die. So these are all things… There are many factors that affect the quality of your sleep. It’s part of the work I’ve been doing in medicine for 38 years. So I’m evaluating those in my patients and looking at factors who help them improve sleep quality it’s critical.

Sam Rohrer:       All right, well that’s good. We’re at the end of the break. I hope again, if you don’t mind, I put you on the spot, but ladies and gentlemen, we say regularly, we want to our guest to be honest and forth, and we want you all… I look in the mirror myself. I have to say, “Am I getting enough sleep?” Well, my wife’s listening to me right now, Ruth Ann. And she says, “Sam, you’re not getting enough sleep.” I likely am not. So start with the things that we know that God has told us. We need our sleep. All right? We need to be careful what we eat. We need to be careful where we go. We need to be careful about our exercise. All those things. Sleep, environment, exercise, diet, support. We do need all of those together. Dr. Lee Vliet, thank you so much for being with us today on this program. God bless you. And ladies and gentlemen, we’ll see you back, the Lord willing, tomorrow, right here, on Stand in the Gap Today.