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Sam Rohrer:                      Just over a week ago on this program, I devoted our bimonthly Wednesday, Israel and Prophecy Focus with special guest Bill Salus, founder of Prophecy Depot Ministries, we focused on the theme of this, here was the title to that program, The Rise and the Role of the Anti-Christ. Now, if you didn’t catch that program, I’d highly encourage you to go back into our archives on Stand in the Gap at Stand in the Gap app or online,, and listen to this particular program again, and pass it along to your friends because it is relevant to the big picture of what’s happening globally. Now in that program, we identified the evidence of the rise of the global beast system foretold in Revelation 13 and elsewhere, led by a persuasive political leader called the Anti-Christ, and a scripture we think teaches about three and a half years later, midway through his demonic counterpart, the false prophet, who will be the one to culminate a global currency and economic system linked to a compelled worship of the image of the devil set-up in the temple of Jerusalem. That’s going to happen. We think that’s not far ahead.

Now today on this program, which is our monthly creation and apologetics emphasis, with today, Bryan Osborne, author, conference speaker, and Christian apologist for Answers in Genesis, we’re going to focus further on the head of this demonic counterfeit deity, that we defined in that program a week ago, the person of Satan. Also known as the devil, the great deceiver, the father of lies, and many other names that scripture gives to this demonic entity, together with the anti-Christ who is the counterfeit to Jesus Christ, and the false prophet who will be the counterfeit to the Holy Spirit. Satan, as the counterfeit to God Almighty, has sought to deceive and masquerade as God promising hope, but delivering hell, promising happiness, but delivering misery, and promising light and life, but delivering darkness and death. The title I’ve chosen for today’s timely program is this, Beware of the Great Deceiver, Satanism Seeking Mainstream Acceptance, and with that I welcome into the program today, Bryan Osborne from Answers in Genesis. Bryan, thanks for being back with me,

Bryan Osborne:                 Sam, always good be with you.

Sam Rohrer:                      Bryan, no alert person, I don’t think can honestly deny what is an increasing, or seemingly increasing visibility of the forces of darkness manifesting themselves as they do as purveyors of light, and reason, and compassion. Frankly, those words I just used are right off the Satanic Temple website. Now, the rise of Satan worship, the undeniable aggressiveness of the expanding … their letters, they use TST, The Satanic Temple, those are the phrases they use, and as you have described, Bryan, in a short video presentation that you and Answers in Genesis have produced, and greatly highlights key insights into what you’ve referred to as the mainstreaming of Satanism, it’s what caught my attention. It’s why we’re doing this program today. So what I would like to do is this, let’s start here. From your observation and research, is the apparent overt rise in Satanism, the reference to the devil and devil worship, is that actually happening, and thereby should be concerning, or should people just consider what’s happening as much about nothing?

Bryan Osborne:                 Yes, Sam, it actually is happening on multiple levels. I think we’re seeing a much more visible display of references to the devil worship, to devil or satanic ideas. We’ll get to different definitions, and really define Satanism clearly later on. But there’s definitely this rise in our culture, especially in mainstream pop culture, whether it’s music, or art, or movies, but also in these Satanic temples, and their influences we’ll reference later on, trying to have more influence in schools. We’re seeing, I think, a more visible rise of Satanism, but the ideology has been around for a very long time.

Actually, since I’m from Answers from Genesis, Sam, I’ve got to go back to Genesis on this. It’s actually interesting, before we go to Genesis, in 2 Corinthians 11:3 it says this, “But I’m afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ.” So there we see Paul saying, “As the serpent deceived Eve,” I think they’re trying to deceive you in a similar way. Well, how did the serpent deceived Eve? [Inaudible 00:04:43] to Genesis chapter three he said to Eve, “Did God really say? Is God’s word really authoritative? Do you really have to obey it? Is He the authority? Why can’t you be your own authority? Why can’t you be your own God?” In essence, that’s what Satanism really is, it’s a rebelling against God, and you establishing yourself as your own authority. It’s not new, it goes back to Genesis chapter three, but we’re seeing a new, more open display of this ideology, and even some of the practice of Satan worship in our culture in different ways.

Sam Rohrer:                      Absolutely. We’re going to look at some of that, ladies and gentlemen, so you don’t want to walk away. I’m going to give some precise examples, it may surprise you, it may not surprise you, but we’re going to … Folks, we’re not making this up. Bryan, you’ve referred to it’s an old thing, yes, Satanism, worship of the devil, all of that, but you also kind of referenced, and here’s my question, where have you find, and where can we see this rebellious attitude, this counterfeit truth most effectively infiltrating our culture? Where can we see it perhaps manifest most prominently in our culture today?

Bryan Osborne:                 Wow. I mean, there’s so many areas. The video you referenced earlier that we’ve produced in Answers in Genesis, we focused on Satanism in the music industry. So how there’s been, as of late, and the recent Grammys, there was literally an artist performing a song, and it looked like a Satanic worship service. Other popular artists who use Satanic imagery in what they do, and some of them are even claiming that they made a deal with the devil to get where they’re at, whether they mean that metaphorically or literally, it seems some actually mean it literally, but we’re seeing that for sure. We’re seeing those who have worked for the devil trying to bring their ideas to the public square, even to our kids in schools, wanting a Satan Club hour, kind of like the Good News Club, just the opposite of that, the Satan Good News Hour promoting their ideology.

Sam, I just recently caught a headline right before I came on the show, I was reminded of this, that Boston just had Satan Con. I don’t know if you heard about that, but it was the largest Satanic gathering in history over in Boston. At Satan Con they’re just pushing all things Satan, and all their ideologies, and of course they opened their whole conference by ripping the Bible apart because that’s going back to Genesis chapter three, “Did God really say? Get rid of His word, you become your own God.” Then the ideology, and we’ll get to the details of this later for the audience, but the ideology that you define yourself, that you should follow your own heart, you think about even Disney, which the whole theme of Disney is follow your heart, which is a terrible idea because your heart’s broken, and wicked, and simple, but that ideology permeates our culture. That’s a less vivid display of Satanism, as far as it’s not very blatant. We don’t actually see Satan with the horns on, but it’s the ideology that’s still in our culture, and that’s something we very much need to be aware of.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, our theme today … don’t go away, well, actually call your friends if you’re listening right now, but it’s Beware of the Great Deceiver, Satanism Seeking Mainstream Acceptance. I’m going to say it is already very much mainstream. It’s probably seeking more public endorsement perhaps than anything, but when we come back, we’re going to define what Satanism is, and we’re going to give some very precise examples of where it’s actually being implemented.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, if you were listening, and if you’re on a radio station that carries the spots, you would’ve just heard Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham leads the organization, that my guest today, Bryan Osborne, is associated with, mention that today is in fact a Day of Prayer, and I want to mention that right now as well. Now, on this program, today, we’re not talking so much about prayer, but you understand that by our topic today, as Satanism is seeking mainstream acceptance, that it is one of the reasons that we must pray earnestly, understanding that in this life, ladies and gentlemen, we are told we don’t battle against flesh and blood, but against principalities in powers, and that is in the spirit realm where the devil does his work. He influences people, without a doubt, but there’s a battle going on, and it has since the Garden of Eden, and that is something by which we need to be aware when we pray, when we engage within our culture.

We don’t win in this culture, we don’t change people’s minds because we’re more persuasive than they are, it’s only the Holy Spirit who brings one to the point of understanding their error, and their sin precipitated by the devil, and leads them to life eternal through Jesus Christ. That’s what it’s all about. So when we pray today, and it’s a great thing that we have a National Day of Prayer, pray with focus as we think about even what we’re talking about here today. Now, talking about the Garden of Eden, since the Garden of Eden, when Satan, also called Lucifer, he has a lot of different names, the Devil, later in the scripture he’s referred to in the book of Revelation as the Great Dragon, and he’s also called the Accuser of the Brethren, many different names, but he disguised himself back then as a beautiful talking serpent. He beguiled Eve by slandering God, against whom he had previously rebelled.

This powerful, powerful but not all-powerful angelic being has sought to oppose God, and God’s plan of redemption, and to counterfeit God in His plan from that time till now. He’s done an incredible job, since we know from Jesus Himself that there is only one way to heaven, and that is through faith in Jesus Christ alone, God’s plan of redemption. But we also know from Jesus Himself that there are few who find true salvation, most, or as the scripture describes as the broad way, that’s where the world, the flesh, and the devil traveled together, the ends thereof is the way of death, and there’s many on that road, the majority in fact. On the other hand, those few on the narrow way of true salvation through Jesus Christ will find life eternal, and joy forevermore.

So these two ways have always been the choice since the Garden of Eden, and they remain, one which leads to life, and the other masquerading as light led by Satan, which leads to hell, made for him and his rebellious fellow angels. It wasn’t made for us, and God doesn’t want us to go there, but the devil is there taking most of the world with him. All right, Bryan, let’s go back into this now. Define some terms. Always an important thing to do, you do that, we do that by course on the program. Seeing what’s happening out there, how would you define Satanism? Then later, it’s uncovered, there’s seven tenets of Satanism, which we’re going to talk about in the next segment, but define, first of all, Satanism.

Bryan Osborne:                 So when you go into Satanism, you look into what it actually is. It’s kind of interesting. It surprised me when I found this. I think you mentioned to me earlier today, we were chatting about this, it kind of surprised you too, but there are really two distinct variations of Satanism. One would be what you would call Theistic Satanism, which is those are the people who believe Satan is a real being, and that he deserves to be worshiped, praised, and served. So they are making Satan God, and they believe he’s real, he’s supernatural beyond this world, he’s the real God that should be worshiped, so you have that branch of Satanism.

Then you have what you might call Atheistic Satanism, which seems very counterintuitive, but it’s basically those who really subscribe to the idea that is portrayed by Satan, and conveyed by Satan in the Bible. So they really agree with the idea of Satan, and what he really stood for in the Bible, his rebelling against these old ideas of God in the Bible, and Christianity, that we need to be our own God. They think that what the devil stands for is noteworthy, is worthy of praise, and worthy of emulating and following, and so they want to follow him in that sense. They don’t believe he’s a real being, they reject the supernatural Devil, but they believe in the idea of Satan, and want to really flesh out his ideology in their life and culture.

Sam Rohrer:                      From your research, do you think, and maybe you can’t quantify this, but are there perhaps more people that are actually tied in directly to theistic, or they’re actually worshiping the devil? We know there many are, like some of those that have gathered up there in Boston. I mean, I think they’re probably worshipers of the devil, or are there more perhaps in this Atheistic Satanism group that are saying, “Well, you know what? Not necessarily actually worshiping the Devil,” but in actuality they are. Where do you think people are leaning right now?

Bryan Osborne:                 I think we can safely say that the more vocal group out of the two are the Atheistic Satanist. I think they feel like they can be a bit more vocal in our culture and get away with it, would be my guess. That’s just guessing on their part, trying to get our thoughts on that. But definitely you see more articles of them where they will say, “Hey, we don’t actually believe in the Devil, but we think the ideas he stood for are really good, and profitable for us and our culture.” So you’ll see much more of them in the cultural limelight at the moment, in pushing their ideas, although as you said, there are, to be sure, plenty of Theistic Satanists. Then let’s not forget this, if you walk through the door of Atheistic Satanism, well, that’s just a gateway to the next step for many.

Sam Rohrer:                      I think that’s a great point, and of course it fits the persona of the Deceptive Devil, who ultimately demands worship, so yeah, it’s going to end up going that way. Here’s a question for you. What do you think from, again, your observation on this, are the conditions or perhaps the causes in our present American culture, which have most significantly contributed to, and I’m saying probably more younger people going into either one of these theistic or atheistic satanism than the older, but not necessarily, but what has conditioned or primed our American culture for people to even consider for a moment the deception and the lies of the Devil and Satanism?

Bryan Osborne:                 I think the answer to that is something that me, and you, and our audience can really relate to very quickly, and that is, the answer is is our culture abandoned God. Our culture rejects biblical truth, and it rejects biblical identity, and rejects purpose in life that’s only found in Christ, as we reject all those things, then you’re left with inherent emptiness. So you go about searching, trying to find something to fill the void that can only be rightly filled from following God, and obeying Him, and doing what God has told us to do, and finding our identity and our purpose in Christ. So as you reject that, you’re searching for it from somewhere.

I think you’ll find we’re seeing such a rise in our culture, in particular as our culture really does rebel against biblical norms, I mean, Sam, think about it, my heart goes out, especially with teenagers today, when we were teenagers we’re already crazy, right? You’re already confused, but now we’re telling teenagers today that not only are you already confused, but you can’t even know your gender, or it’s not set in stone. You got to decide your own gender. You’ve got to figure that out because that’s not a real biological reality, and then you got to decide your own sexuality, I mean, how utterly confusing. Then we’re encouraging them, “Oh, you don’t feel right? Well, man, cut off this body part and take these hormones.” It’s so evil that they’re so desperate trying to find purpose and meanings. We’ve really ripped it out, our culture, by abandoning God and His word.

So we’ve seen a rise in paganism, transgenderism, witchcraft, and then as our culture is yearning for something, then I think people feel emboldened to portray other supernatural ideas other than the right one, which is God. So you see in music, you see many artists who portray demonic symbols, who are doing almost like Satan worship on stage, and they feel emboldened to do that because they know people are looking, because eternity is placed in our hearts, and we know there’s something beyond ourselves and beyond this world, but they’re searching for it in all the wrong places. So as we can really understand, it’s a call to reject God’s truth and His word, biblical identity, they’re going to find it somewhere else. Right now they feel like, some people feel like this, they have the opportunity to really push this ideology to have people swallow it because they are so thirsty for something to fill that need.

Sam Rohrer:                      Bryan, it made me think of something here right now, and as you say, in nature, voids never last, voids attract the filling of something. Ladies and gentlemen, when truth is not there, it will be replaced with opposite truth, deception, lies. Bryan, just thinking of this, we’ve had George Barna on this program many, many times, a close friend of this ministry, and you’re well aware of him, some recent research, not long ago, demonstrated that, I think 74% of American people say and self-identify as being Christian, 74% self-identifying saying, “Yes, I am a Christian.” But 30% of them are Born Again they say, and self-identified, I think 28% say they are evangelical, but of that group of evangelical, and those who say they are Born Again, ladies and gentlemen, think of this, well over half. I think it’s closer to about 60% of that group do not believe that either the Holy Spirit or the Devil are actually real.

Do you not think that that’s a void into which the Devil drives? He is, and he’s doing it even with those who say, “I am a Christian.” So it does mean something, and that’s why we’re covering it today because the Devil is warming his way into the hearts of people, many of whom might be just sitting in the pews of churches. This is real, that’s why we’re talking. As we’ve talked about on this program, my special guest today being Bryan Osborne, he’s an author, he’s a speaker, he is connected with the ministry of Answers in Genesis, and today, this being, one, obviously a month we devote to what we term to as apologists, we’re focusing on that. We’re taking this theme today, The Rise of Satanism, because it’s so applicable. We can’t run away from it. It is there, and we’re seeing it in increasing ways, so we’re dealing with that today. We’ve defined it, and we’ve talked about how it’s manifesting itself, and we’re going to go at a very specific direction here now. You don’t want to miss this.


Sam Rohrer:                      The existence of Satanism in America, the worship of the devil, it’s always been here. It’s from the very beginning of our history, of our country, we know, but it’s been primarily kept in the dark, where it originated. It comes from darkness, right? That’s where the devil comes from. But as a biblical worldview, and God Himself, and biblical truth has been rejected privately, and Bryan referred to that in the last segment, and it’s been rejected privately and in public, and I’m going to say increasingly from levels of government, where government actually takes that which is evil, and proclaims it to be good, from redefining God’s version of marriage to human sexuality, to all of these things, to killing the babies in the womb instead of life, all of these things, as that has increased, and God has been thrown out into this void, just like in civilization past, the devil moves. Now today across America, there is an aggressive rise in Satanism led by the increase, and you’ll find in Satanic temples across America, social media, in the internet, actually their presence has become literally, I’m going to say mainstream.

The Satanic temples are even pursuing legal access, challenging public schools to allow them in as alternatives to Good News Bible Clubs, that’s an example, and other similar efforts to reach children with the truth of God’s word. Right here in Pennsylvania, only about an hour from where our studios are located, the Satanic temple has received judicial approval to be in a public school. A lawsuit has been filed before the US Supreme Court on behalf of the Satanic temple, and aided by the ACLU. Now let me read to you just a portion of an article about the effort of the Satanic temple located in Saucon Valley School District here in Pennsylvania. What I’m going to read to you now came from a part of a news coverage from Channel 16, news coverage in the state here, and what is reported they say to be, the school district, the first of about a dozen school district across the nation now with Satanic clubs in the school.

Here from the article, I’m going to read just a piece, listen to it in the light of what we’ve talked about. “It is beyond any superintendent, it is beyond any school board for them to say yes or no to Satanic clubs in the school.” Going on it said, “It is in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.” Who’s saying this? June Everett. Now, who’s June Everett? She’s the national campaign director for the After School Satan Club connected with the Satanic temple. This is all part of the article I’m reading, “The temple says it offers fun-based activities such as art projects, science projects, anything a standard daycare would have, and that includes no religion.”

Reading on, “So at this time, we do not teach about non-theistic Satanism.” Bear that in mind of what Bryan just used as a definition, she’s saying, “At this time we do not teach about non-theistic Satanism.” So really she said, “We’re inspired by the seven tenets, but we don’t teach the kids to sing songs about the seven tenets. We don’t tell them to go tell all their friends about the After School Satan Club,” says Everett. The temple says it is aware of what comes along with the word Satan. This is all part of the article, she’s saying this, “So we are not worshipers, we do not believe in a supernatural Satan. We look to Satan as a symbol,” now get this, “of standing up against tyrannical authority.” Wow. “We do not subscribe to the ideology that the majority Christian faith views Satan as,” Everett said, “to call it anything else, and to take away the name we feel is not being transparent upfront about who and what we’re representing.” End of quote. To that, I say, now how’s that for a lot of deception?

All right, Bryan, let’s go. We can’t deal with all of these, but I found the seven tenets. I’m going to read them very, very quickly, then I’d like to have you just comment on them. Number one, one should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason. Number two, seven tenet of the Satanic temple, the struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws in institutions. Now get these, third, one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone. Four, the freedom of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend, to willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of others is to forego one’s own.

Number five, beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fits one belief. Interesting. Six, people are fallible. Interesting, isn’t it? If one makes a mistake, then one should do one’s best to rectify it and resolve any harm that might have been caused. Isn’t that interesting? Number seven, every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word. Wow. Bryan, we can spend an entire program, and perhaps I’ll have you come back, but let’s go to number one. Give a little bit of debunking of this, one should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.

Bryan Osborne:                 The first question that pops into my mind is why? Why compassion? Why should you care? Remember, Satan wants to rebel against God and His revelation, and what He tells us to do, and it’s from God and from His revelation where we get the idea that we’re supposed to be caring, compassionate, and to elevate the needs of the others, and take care of this planet and so forth, but why should we do that within the Satanist or the secular world? They’ve got no real foundational reason to care or show compassion, and then they will say with a … and they say to show this compassion in accordance with reason, but whose reason? By what standard? Is it by your reason? By John’s reason? By Bob’s reason? Whose reason? Who sets the standard if you abandoned God, and you don’t believe in a supernatural devil? It’s totally arbitrary, of course, as Christians, we’ve got a good reason to care about compassion, but they don’t, and so I would say why?

A response to a lot of these is some of these are mentioning good things like valuable things, but why should you have those things, why should you care about those things within this worldview if they can’t be consistent in that worldview?

Sam Rohrer:                      No, and I guarantee you, we know they redefined the terms. For instance, the second one says, “The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.” The struggle for justice is something that’s gone on, but anyways, debunk that a little bit.

Bryan Osborne:                 I would say too, for a lot of these, you’ll see the secular ideas in our culture pull right out of this thinking. Most likely this is a reference more towards social justice as opposed to biblical justice, and really trying to push that ideology, and so probably that’s where it’s going. We know social justice, as we talked on previous shows, is utterly anti-biblical, but Sam, again, I go back to the core idea, why do you, as a Satanist, theistic or atheistic, care about justice? That’s a biblical concept that comes from God, if there is no God, why would you care about justice? Right?

Sam Rohrer:                      Yeah, I agree with you, and there’s like, “This should prevail over laws,” now I know from reading their other material, their laws refer to God’s moral laws. The deception of these seven tenets, Bryan, even the way they refer to them, seven fundamental tenets, well, fundamental, we can think fundamental Christianity, fundamental … the words they use are used to deceive. Wow. All right, here’s number three, “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.” That’s a good one, debunk that one.

Bryan Osborne:                 So you can really tell, probably very quickly, this is pointing directly at the issue of abortion as a sacred tenet in our culture, and within Satanism as well, you should have the right to offer your child as a sacrifice for your own purposes. Of course, biblically speaking, no, we don’t have total autonomy over our bodies, every person gives an account to God for how we steward the bodies He has given us. We’re accountable to Him, no one has total autonomy, and so that’s a culture a … that’s a lie our culture likes to pedal, and so does Satanism.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, I’m going to jump down just to number five, because we only have just a little bit left. This says, “Beliefs,” which is interesting for Satanists, “Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.” That’s an interesting one, debunk a little bit of that.

Bryan Osborne:                 Oh, my goodness. Well, don’t we hear in our culture all the time, “Just trust the science. Trust the science,” and from the seculars they scream, “Trust the science.” Basically, they’re still pushing ideas like, “Well, there’s no biological gender, gender is separated from genetics.” They believe in scientific things like life from non-life, and evolution. They believe that the baby in the mother’s womb is not a human being made in God’s image, which is against science and logic. So, it is interesting, those who hold to these beliefs are being very anti-science, but they’ll call themselves scientific to give credibility to their ideas and ideologies, and we’re going to be on the lookout for that.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, again, we share … What am I reading? The seven fundamental tenets of Satanism, this is part of the Satanic temple. This is part of what they’re trying to put into the Satanic clubs across public schools, in opposition to Bible clubs in the schools. What are they teaching? Flat out beliefs of the devil, counterfeit to truth in every regard. Let us not be confused. When we come back, we’ll talk about how to respond biblically now to this rise. Well, the program today we’ve dealt with is part of what we have to do with on this program, and dealing with headline news, cultural issues of importance to all believers, to our freedom, to our nation, and today is one of those. We’re talking about, and the title has been, Beware of the Great Deceiver, Satanism Seeking Mainstream Acceptance. We’ve talked about it, Bryan Osborne from Answers in Genesis, and myself, the reality of it.


Sam Rohrer:                      We’ve talked about who Satan is, and how he works. Now he’s worked from the beginning as the Great Deceiver, how he has been using the various aspects within our culture as truth has been thrown out to fill that void. As we are seeing a rise of Satanism, and the prominence of it, and the boldness, and the arrogance of those who are saying, “I’m not afraid to say I worship the devil,” as an example, and that’s happening, songs about it, media has been about it for a long time, it’s becoming mainstream. I’m going to say it has become mainstream. Our society has not officially embraced it and said, “We now worship the God of Satan rather than the God of heaven,” it’s not yet, but in our actions, I’m going to submit that we are, and it has been. It’s undergirding what we are seeing in our move to increase lawlessness in a society that has no respect for who God is, as a culture has rejected absolute truth, and seeks to silence those who say there is only one way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ. Right?

You all know what I’m saying, there’s a cause and effect, and that’s what Bryan referred to. That’s what we’re talking about today. That’s why we’re mentioning it. As the Satanic temple, and its effort, and those who are following, they’re becoming aggressive. They’re now fighting to get their place in the public schools so that they can access our children directly, not just in media, in cartoons, and in other aspects of twisting scientific fact from God as creator to believe in this evolution, and all these things, it’s becoming more aggressive. “We’re going to use the law because we’re equal,” they say. Well, they’re not equal, it’s a counterfeit, all right? But in light of these things, since Satan rebelled against God Almighty, he has been opposing God and lifting himself up as if he is God. That’s what the Bible says. We see that, he sought to derail God’s plan from Genesis, and he’s going to continue to do so. He will cause much death and destruction, as he has, and he will deceive many people into hell, but here’s where we go, he will lose. Now, can I also say he has already lost?

So, how should we, as true believers in Jesus Christ, biblically respond to this rise of this other god, idolatry in the form of Satanism, as it seeks to become fully accepted and totally mainstreamed? That’s the goal. That’s where they’re headed. Bryan, let me go to you first here for your response, and that would be this, God never identifies issues without resolving them and giving a solution. We don’t either on this program, and you don’t at Answers in Genesis either, so what advice do you offer to, friends, in this case, parents whose children are clearly being targeted by this godless, demonic attitude directly now, Satanic, Satanic temple, all these things directly, right out in their front, what advice do you offer to parents regarding their children?

Bryan Osborne:                 A couple of big things. I would say this, first of all, be sure you understand what your kids are actually watching, what they’re listening to, the media they are taking in, the social media they’re taking in. You think about what is actually being portrayed in music videos, on TV, on social media, things like TikTok, the ideas that are there, whether it’s blatant Satanism, whether it’s theistic or atheistic, or whether it’s just the ideas of Satan, the lies of Satan that are so pervasive on these different things our kids can engage in our culture. Know what your kids are watching, and give them the right protections from those things, age appropriate, as they need it from those things. Help them to understand what things are not safe and stay away from, and how to protect themselves from that, and protect them from those ideas when they’re not already engaged to them. So know what they’re listening to, know what they’re watching, it’s such a big deal.

I know it’s easy to hand our kids off to some sort of device like a phone, or a video game system, or television, and just let them sit there, but man, there’s so many better things they could be doing. Then also, we can be protecting them from these destructive lies. Let’s make no mistake, the enemy has come to steal, kill, and destroy. He is seeking someone to devour, and your kids are a primary target for him because they are vulnerable to his attacks. We all are, but they are more so, and so understand that. With that in mind, I would say, Sam, the most important thing we can do for ourselves, and for our kids, is to be sure that we are equipping ourselves and our kids with truth. That we are saturated in the word of God. That we know what the Bible says about all things. That we’re getting equipped to answer the questions [inaudible 00:35:38], so we understand biblical truth about, yes, theology. We understand biblical truth about salvation, salvation is found in Christ alone.

We understand biblical truth about the social issues of our day, marriage, sexuality, gender, origins, having biblical answers to all these questions, because for so many people, they do think the Bible has been discredited by ideas like evolution, [inaudible 00:35:58], or the new secular dogma on homosexuality, and so why trust it anywhere else? So we give them answers, share biblical authority in our hearts and in their hearts, and on that platform of truth, they can ascend their faith. As we look at how Jesus rejected the devil’s lies in the wilderness when He is tempted by the devil, He responded with scripture. So we should be saturated with God’s word, have a biblical worldview, and if we do so, then we can actually see the lies for what they are, and give good biblical answers, and proclaim the gospel effectively.

Sam Rohrer:                      Bryan, that’s excellent, and because we’re so close at the end, ladies and gentlemen, let me just add an additional thought to that. Parents, that is the advice for you, and all of us who are listening, grandparents, watch for our children. We equip ourselves first. You’re on an airplane that’s going to go down. What do they say if there’s a problem? Put that oxygen on your own nose first before you help those around you. We have to be equipped in the truth, and know that before we can actually pass it on … Pastors, you’re listening to me right now? This is a wolf in the street. The devil is as a lion walking about seeking, he’s literally devouring people. When’s the last time you’ve warned anyone about the wolf in the street? Warn and teach, truth is the best defense because it is our offense. But here are just a couple thoughts as we conclude. I’ve often thought about this, and here are just a couple recommendations.

Number one, do not desire to find out more about Satan or Satanism other than what the Bible tells you. In other words, do not go and buy a Satanic Bible to say, “I wonder what it says.” Do not put deception and lies in front of you. Read the Bible, and the truth only. Secondly, do not consider that you are a match for the devil. We are no match for the devil, particularly when we walk in his presence, so don’t go to a Satanic temple. Don’t read a Satanic Bible. Don’t go and find out more about what they do. No, what are we supposed to do? Resist the devil always with God’s tools, and He gives it to us. We quote the word of God, as Bryan just said, “We obey the word of God because it equips us. We be filled with the Holy Spirit of God.” Take on the whole armor of God. He gives us the ability. We do not need to be afraid of the devil, but do not walk in his presence. We need nothing more to know about him than what the Bible tells us.

Stand on God’s word. Obey God’s word. We are the victors, and truth will prevail if we obey, and do what the Lord says. That’s how I’m going to end today’s program. Bryan Osborne from Answers in Genesis, thank you so much for being with me today, an important topic, and hopefully, ladies and gentlemen, this was practical for all of you. Again, thanks for being with us today. Partner with us in prayer, ladies and gentlemen, consider partnering with us financially to help us continue to do what we’re doing.