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Sam Rohrer:                      Well, hello and welcome to another Monday edition of Stand In the Gap Today. And another week, it’s going to be a full week of really good programming and good guests. I trust that as we approach the end of summer, it’s hard to believe we’re almost there. And as parents, many of you listen to me right now, your children are either back in school or they’re just about to begin. And if your grandparents, your grandchildren are heading to school K to 12, or maybe they’re in college. And it’s just a reminder that we all in those positions need to be more alert than ever to praying earnestly for our family members. And well, as godly parents, we want our children to be taught in the ways of God and to be raised up in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord. The world and the world system frankly, has targeted our children for destruction.

And here’s just one current example, it’ll tie into the program as we get into it, you’ll see. Here’s one, a shocking decision just came a couple weeks ago here now arising out of the fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals declared that parents in the Montgomery, Alabama County public school system do not have the right to demand that the school district inform them if their children are being subjected to a gender support plan. According to the decision last week, the court held that if a youngster wants to transition, it can be a secret between teachers and students and forcing parents to remain legally in the dark.

Alex McFarland:                Wow.

Sam Rohrer:                      So without a doubt, that’s just a reminder. We are definitely encountering increasing governmental headwinds at the highest levels, challenging the very nature of God’s established plan for the most basic things, male and female, father and mother and children.

The Romans 13 rule of civil government authority, which we talk about so much here to protect God’s design of family has been subverted in our nation and across the world. So we need to be alert to those who oppose God in anger, increasingly attacking those of us who believe in God. We need to fortify our families in the ways of God. We need to be involved in churches that preach the word of God and intensify our development and friendship and relationship with other believers, because that’s always been the will of God. So with that general introduction that they place today, I’m excited to have back with me on this program, a very good friend of APN and Stand In the Gap radio and TV, a personal friend as well for many, many years, a fellow who’s proven his commitment to the word of God in so many ways.

His name, Alex McFarland, leader of Alex McFarland Ministries, and a noted youth, culture and religion expert. He is also the creator of Viral Truth Clubs. Pretty interesting. And he is authored and co-authored more than 20 books, including The Assault on America, How Defend Our Nation Before It’s Too Late, he directs Biblical Worldview Department teaches in the School of Practical Government for Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado. And he also co-hosts exploring the Word on American Family Radio Network. And just told me it’s been 14 years now. And with that, wow, let me just bring you in right now. Alex McFarland, thank you so much for being back with us today.

Alex McFarland:                Oh, well, Sam, what a great honor and what a great friend and colleague you are. And I’m sure all of your listeners know what vital work you do with the American Pastors Network and Stand in the Gap. And brother, you’re one of the heroes of our time, and I just always counted a privilege whenever you and I can converse.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, you are kind. I pray for you. I know you pray for us in this ministry, and for that, I really thank you. Alex, let’s get right into it. If you don’t mind. You have recently come out with, well, you’ve talked about this thing called Christian nationalism. And when I say that word, some may have no idea what it really means, we’ve heard it. But in this program today, I want to talk with you about what it is, who’s promoting it, where it came from, what the goals are, and all of that. So ladies and gentlemen, the program named today I’ve chosen is Christian Nationalism, a Tsunami of Smear. And I took that name Alex from, and you labeled it because I thought it was a great one. So start from the beginning here, what is meant by Christian nationalism? A lot of people say, well, what in the world is it? Would you define it, please?

Alex McFarland:                Well, a great question. And it needs really two definitions or two clarifications if we could, because let me lay a little foundation here by saying that Marxist, one of the ways that Marxism has gone into nations successfully is that they create disorder to introduce a new order. And one of the ways that Marxists have really effectively put forth their ideology is by the way that they preemptively control language. Now, let’s get back to this word, Christian nationalism. We know what Christianity is. It’s being born again through faith in Jesus Christ. And then there is a biblical worldview, and our nation was built on that. And really for 247 years, the secret of America’s stability, prosperity, liberty, the secret of our nation has been Christianity. Now, let me say the secret immunization against communism and the road to communism begins with socialism and Marxism. There were two entities that held Marxism at bay, the home and the church.

And Sam, you and I know that for decades now, the left has been really championing the deconstruction of family and Christianity. Now, nationalism is a word that speaks of patriotism. Now I’m old enough, I remember the bicentennial year, 1976. I really think that was probably the high water mark of patriotism because really since then, and I remember Sam, when I was in high school, I remember going to college, it was in the mid-eighties that I became a Christian at age 21. But I remember how Ronald Reagan was just castigated and just criticized endlessly because he was patriotic and oh, he was this evil, terrible dictator, they said. But great thinkers back in the day, like the late William F. Buckley on Firing Line pointed out, why would we not be patriotic? I mean, we live here, 99% of everybody will live and die in America. Of course, we’re going to be patriotic.

So Christian nationalism is a term that the way the left uses it’s a pejorative term. It’s a term designed to slander guys like you and me, to alienate us, to demonize us. That we are some evil, calculating evil people plotting how to harm others, but it really means love of God and country.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, that’s perfect. Dr. Alex McFarland. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us. We’re going to break this out further as we go through the program. We’re going to come back next segment. We’re going to talk about the origination and the goal of the Christian nationalism label. It’s a pejorative term. That’s what Alex just said. Understand that’s what it, it’s not a good term, although what the definition is.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, if you’re just joining us here on this first day of the week here on Staying in the Gap Today, I am glad you are on board. And today my special guest is Dr. Alex McFarland. Been with us many times on this program. It’s been a few months, probably more than a few months that he’s been with us. He’s had a very busy schedule. He leads the Alex McFarland Ministries. Well, Alex is a good friend. He’s a good friend of those who love biblical truth, those who want to know what the truth is. He’s led, he’s done a program on American Family Radio Network that our weekend program, not this daily program, Stand in the Gap Today, but our weekend program Stand in the Gap weekend is carried on the American Family Radio Network where he is daily. Ours is carried on the weekend. It’s a real privilege, Alex, as you said at the beginning of the program, to be able to partner with other people, men, women, ministries who have remained faithful to the word of God over a long time.

So stay with us ladies and gentlemen. At the end, there are a couple of new books that Alex has coming out that will be of great interest, and he’s going to tell you a little bit about them and how to get ahold of it. Now, the theme today is Christian Nationalism, a Tsunami of Smear. It’s a catchy title, it’s not mine. I make up all the titles generally of the program. But this one actually came from Alex himself, and I thought it was such a good one that we would just use it. I give you the credit, Alex. But here in the end, let’s get into it further. Words mean things, and Alex talked about that in the last segment. Words do mean things. And those who can define or successfully redefine words can establish an inferred level of authority. It happens all the time.

And that’s why on this program, we almost always start out on the theme of let’s define the terms. You see, once a term is defined, somebody does that redefining in particular, they can control the debate. Whoever defines the term does control the debate. They can establish the public narrative, which is what we hear in the press and all the controlled media. And when that happens, you can sway public opinion and you can construe a negative implied guilt on someone while bestowing an undeserved aura of honor on others or some other ideology. That is the advantage of redefining terms. It’s deceptive, it’s wrong, but it happens in reality. The ability to create false positions based on manipulated definitions, it’s become a strategic art in this age of deception. It’s one of the ways they do it. And coupled with a dominating visual social media, which we know exists, controlled and filtered, augmented now by artificial intelligence. Which makes what you thought was bad, is going to be a whole lot worse and more believable.

Believably bad. Redefined words, you see become ideologies. And crafted ideologies become movements. Movements become public policy. Public policy becomes cultural standards no longer established on truth, but strategically created positions designed to divide and to establish guilt by association when there is no wrongdoing and therefore no legitimate guilt. Just an implied association where none exists. This is the way it works. It’s going to be part of what we’re talking about. So Alex, you defined accidentally in the last segment, Christian nationalism, and I just offered a few additional personal thoughts on this. I’m going to call it a bizarre phenomenon. But that being said, could you provide some further history now on this term, Christian nationalism, when did it originate and from whom? Lay the foundation on that as we build on it, please.

Alex McFarland:                Well, praise God, Sam, thank you so much for having me on. I really, really appreciate that. And do you know what? We are watching the lift. If you observe the culture and you observe the narratives, really, I remember probably 20 years ago, people like James Carville and Bill Maher using the term Christian nationalism. And I want to say, folks, you probably gather that our nation is in a spiritual battle. We’re in an economic battle, we’re in a social and moral battle. But in many ways, folks, we’re in a psychological battle. Now, psychologists have an acronym called DARVO when let’s say there’s an abusive spouse or people are in an abusive relationship, D-A-R-V-O is an acronym. It means deny, attack, reverse, victim and offender. All right, deny, attack… So here’s the thing, the left, the woke progressive left. And I think about people like AOC and the squad, and I think about the leftist commentators and journalists that are in our newsrooms.

Here’s what they would say. They would say, watch out when someone like a James Dobson says that parents have rights. See, what these guys are trying to do is control your life. These Christian nationalists, they want to interpose their biblical beliefs on you. Well see what the left is doing, their masquerading and hiding the fact that it is they who are trying to control the country. I mean, my goodness, the Biden administration, just in the past week, Biden says there’s going to be a new Covid vaccine that will be required of everybody to take. The Biden administration wants to eliminate gas stoves. People don’t know this. I mean, it sounds so ludicrous. You would think I was making it up, but I’m not. The Biden administration wants to outlaw ceiling fans because for some reason, ceiling fans are now bad. So what they’re saying, they’re saying, look, all of those people that try to call us back to the natural law, moral foundation on which we were founded, they are really trying to control your lives.

So the DARVO principle of psychologists, the left, they deny that they are the villain, which they really are. They attack patriotic Americans, which yourself from people like Tom Brokaw’s greatest generation to America’s founders. I mean, we’re the good guys. I’m just going to say it. Those of us that love God and country, we believe in secure borders. We believe that people should be able to keep the money they earn. We believe that parents have rights to how their kids are educated. We believe that we should be a friend to the nation of Israel. We believe that we should live by the Constitution. They’re attacking us as the threat when in reality that deflects the attention from the fact that communists are running America’s public schools.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay, Alex, let me jump in just a little bit here. Basically what you said in the last segment was effectively this divide redefined terms, make Christian bad, make nationalism patriotic, bad. And link them together, make them doubly bad. What you’re talking about out of Marxist philosophy, atheist philosophy, what you’re describing is effectively a Satanic goal. It divides. We would say, in biblical world terms. It is a unbiblical worldview behind what you’re talking about here. The goal. Let’s go there.

What’s the goal of what you’re defining? People say, all right, I know what you’re talking about, Alex. What’s the goal of these folks? These Marxist and others that years ago said, if you want to take America away from the Constitution and from its strength, you got to cut them off from their Judeo-Christian worldview. And that’s a lot of what this is happening. What was their goal? What is their goal now?

Alex McFarland:                Well, their goal is whether it be on an international level like a George Soros or Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, some of the big financial people. The Gill Foundation out of Colorado, which is they’ve used their money for gay activism. Really what these people envision is some type of globalist utopia. And Sam, for lack of a better analogy, it’s the modern day Tower of Babel. I mean, really.

Sam Rohrer:                      That’s good.

Alex McFarland:                Because there was a Jewish psychologist many years ago, Martin Buber and Martin Buber, he was very right on this point. I don’t think he was a Christian, but he was correct. He said, in every life there is a God. There is some ultimate thing. And the term used, an I thou distinction. Now here’s the point, you and I know it. If you don’t have the real God, the Lord Jesus, the true and living Savior. If you don’t have Jesus, oh, I assure you, you will have a God in your life.

Sam Rohrer:                      That’s great.

Alex McFarland:                It might be pride, it might be whatever. And for those people, and I’ve seen it so many times, whether it be college professors with whom I’ve debated or political aspirants, if you don’t understand God and America, then it’s low hanging fruit to envision some socialist utopia. Now, what a lot of people don’t realize, I wrote about this in my book, the Assault on America by 1900 in 80 communities, socialist utopias had been tried. And it’s true. And I document a lot of this and a lot of this I learned studying the great historian, Will Durant. Who was great American, got the presidential medal of freedom shortly before he passed. But here’s the thing, in New Harmony, Indiana and Zion, Illinois and a number of places these idealistic utopian societies had been attempted.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay. And with that, Alex, just hold it. I want you to come back and finish that. Ladies and gentlemen, you see where they’re going? A utopia that does not exist. Create a hope, you divide people, take them away from God, give them an unbiblical worldview. All right, that’s what’s behind Christian nationalism. As we  come back, we’re going to talk about how they have gone about to strategically deconstruct.


Sam Rohrer:                      Ever hear of the term Christian nationalism? You say, huh, I know what Christian is. And for all of you listening to this program, you say, most of you would say, well, I am one of them. Nationalism. Well, you could substitute patriotism for that. Someone who loves their country, most citizens do of any country they’re in. So if you put them together, Christian nationalism, that should be a good thing, right? Not according to the Marxist and the others who for years have been attempting to in our country and anywhere they want to undermine, is cut people off from what made them great.

And I look at that and think that the demonic strategy to destroy things have always been there. One of the observations I’ve made about civilizations past and present is that there are some civilizations that are marked by building. Builders of great things and great ideas, great structures. We can look around the world and we can see that. Then there are some people in civilizations who are destroyers. Devoid of any appreciation for that which is enduring. There are people consumed, led by the devil himself, who are all about death and destruction and pain and suffering, right? That’s been the history of mankind. Those who embrace truth and seek it, the scripture tells us in many places, well that leads to life and blessing and prosperity and freedom. Those who reject the truth of God as creator, truth as contained in the word of God, Jesus Christ as the way the truth, and the life, ultimately those folks rejecting that set about to destroy that which has been built by those who have known the truth.

It’s that simple. And this has been the cosmic struggle, I think, since the Garden of Eden. When God created all that there was and is in total perfectness, and the devil set about to destroy all that we see today. And the result is that while this earth is cursed, God cursed it because of sin. And though beautiful in many ways, today we look around the world in no way holds any kind of a candle to the way it was or the way it will be when truth is ultimately, well, once it prevails again in the new millennium. And after that, when there’s a new heaven and a new earth. Wow, I can’t wait to see what the creation of God looks like without the destructive nature of sin. But until then, we struggle with those who destroy and those who seek to strategically deconstruct what has been built such as those embracing this concept of Christian nationalism.

So all right, Alex, I heard a well-respected economist the other day giving his view on what’s happening in our nation and talking about our spending and the debt. Which no nation can survive when you’re talking about kind of debt, we’re talking about in this nation, 33 trillion going to 50 trillion in less than 10 years, a new digital currency being planned. And all of these things that are happening, you refer to that in the first segment I think. But not ignorance or simply stupidity is what he said. But creative and purposeful deconstruction, that’s what this guy said. He wasn’t a believer, but I said, I think you’re right. And I thought that was a good word, actually applies to those like today, who are promoting this concept of Christian nationalism, strategic deconstruction almost. What do you think about that approach and what they’re doing?

Alex McFarland:                Well, sadly, they’re being very effective because people don’t realize how we got what we have. And let me just say there are laws against predatory lending. A lot of people don’t realize this. And it speaks to just the gross, unspeakably tragic financial mismanagement of our government continually raising the debt ceiling. I remember when the national debt was $1 trillion and wiser hearts and voices cried out against that. And I mean, Sam, you and I know as ministers, one of the great indicators of a person’s spiritual condition is how they use money. See, and our nation, the way that we throw money away, we further encumber present and future generations with an indebtedness that is just beyond… I mean, we’re underwater. And the fact folks, and I’m only speaking for myself here, I’m not speaking for Stand in the Gap. I’m speaking as a citizen and as an academic, it is just pathological that we keep sending people to Washington that are recklessly jeopardizing the preservation of our country through debt and spending.

And so let me just say this folks, one of the ways that the woke progressives are demonizing, I’m not talking necessarily about Christians, I’m just talking about rational people that want to govern constitutionally. They’re saying, you’re a nationalist. Well, yeah, you’re doggone right. America comes first. The rights, the constitutionally protected rights of tax paying citizens come before illegals crossing and bringing fentanyl across the southern border. So here’s what I want to do, Sam, when you say, yes, we must cut spending, don’t be coward into voting liberal. Because they’ll say, well, you just must be a heartless, selfish person. Here’s the word.

We have a morally sufficient reason for standing for truth and standing for the constitution. All right. The handouts, the free money, the obamaphones, the forcing cities to take on illegals that the Democrats have brought in here. It must stop. And folks, you’ve got to understand that the chaos that we see around us is an intentionally created chaos by the… I’ve got to say it, the Democrat party is being run by globalists. And please do not be foolish enough to think that you can take these people at their word. And Sam, I’ll tell you why. Because look, there’s a hierarchy of moral decision making. Now, sin is sin.

It’s wrong for a child to shoplift a pack of bubblegum, that’s wrong. But robbing a bank is worse, committing a murder is worse. Now, a shoplifter might steal bubble gum, but we don’t know whether or not they’ll commit a murder. But a convicted murderer probably will not have a lot of compunction about shoplifting a piece of bubblegum. Now what am I saying here? Look, if you’re willing to kill babies, I wouldn’t put anything past you. And President Joe Biden in January of 2020 when he was a candidate, he said, and I quote, he said, “There is no place in the Democrat party for someone who is not pro-choice.” So please, folks, when people will murder the unborn. And that has been the platform and the plank of the Democrat party for 30 years plus. If you’ll kill innocent babies, I wouldn’t trust you on any part or any position.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Alex, I think that’s a wonderful connection that you’re making. I know when I was in office, even from those who I worked with as colleagues, who it came to, could I work with somebody and trust them? I went there as well. If you were willing to take and murder a baby when God said, thou shalt not kill. I found in my good colleagues who were constitutional and Christian, we knew that you could never trust a person like that. And I think that’s a great thing. And ladies and gentlemen, it’s not just the Democrats. You’ve got a lot of Republicans who are globalist as well. So understand that it’s a worldview, but they use a couple of terms. We only have just a couple of minutes here.

Alex, I have seen some of these folks, for instance, they’re twisting the Declaration of Independence as an example to say it’s racist. So they’re using that almost as a tool of Christian nationalism. They’re make the Constitution bad because they’ve made Christian nationalism bad when neither one of them are bad. That’s an example of how they twist, isn’t it?

Alex McFarland:                Well, it is. And again, I’m proud to be known as a Christian nationalist because I love Jesus Christ and I care about my nation. But understand the left is trying to flip that term over and use it to imply that you’re racist, that you’re subversive, that you’re dangerous. And so as the Marxists always do, they try to commandeer the use of language. 100 years ago, they did it with the term fundamentalist.

See, fundamentalist was originally a compliment because it meant you stood for the core foundations of Christian orthodoxy. But as Sam, you probably recall by the early to mid-nineties, the term fundamentalist, they were trying to equate godly people like Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham with Islamic terrorists. And they successfully obliterated the positive connotations of the word Christian fundamentalist. And now people don’t use that word because the left so flipped over what it meant. But I do want to say this, that regarding our constitution, people don’t realize that we were based on morality. We were based, it’s called a natural law, self-evident truth. And part of the way that they’re going to shoehorn in socialism into a large degree they’ve done it, is by undermining morals such that now-

Sam Rohrer:                      And with that, we got to break away. Ladies and gentlemen, you understand what we’re doing? You cut God out of government, you cut God out of our thinking, then you don’t have anything left anymore that’s looked like truth.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, as we go into our final segment, I just want to thank all of you for being a part of the program today. My special guest today has been Dr. Alex McFarland. A lot of material, a lot of books. Alex, I’m going to call him that. Alex, first name is a friend of mine. Dr. Alex McFarland is an apologist. He’s out there in that space engaging, well, young people, college professors, does a lot of preaching as well. And taking principles of biblical truth like we do on this program and engaging it on the level with people who are actually out there in that space reflecting, let’s put this way and unbiblical world worldview.

And it’s exciting because if we know God’s word and how to articulate it well, it’s powerful. It really is. And so that’s part of when we talk about standing in the gap for truth. It’s a matter of understanding what’s going on around us, understanding the basic fundamental biblical principles and applying God’s word to those circumstances. It changes hearts. It’s powerful. We just don’t do it as well as we ought to many times. That’s probably what this program is for. Alex is involved in that. And before we leave here in just a couple of minutes, he’s going to tell you how you can get ahold of some books and go on his website and all that. But Alex, one of the things we’ve talked about is that the redefining of terms by primarily Marxists attacking a biblical worldview, attacking our nation, undercutting our constitution, the bedrock, civil bedrock, legal document of our country, go after attacking God’s word truth. Which if you cut out the moral part of it, as you said, you have no constitution left.

And if you cut out God, there is nothing that makes this country then different than any other. And the result of it is you have a divided country, you have weak people, and it’s very, very, very susceptible to demonic, deceptive, strategic deconstructionist like we just talked about in that last segment. And that’s what we are seeing around is Christian nationalism, ladies and gentlemen, is a term, a phrase they’ve come up with to make Christians look bad if they say they’re patriotic. And to take patriots who may not be Christians and say if you’re a patriot, but if you’re a Christian, then you’re bad and you look them together and it’s really doubly bad. So that’s why we can be called terrorists. We went through that last segment. That’s why we are called racist, those who would be Christians and Patriots, because they’ve changed the definition. We have to be aware.

Okay, let’s go a little bit into how to, for a couple of minutes here, Alex and I want you to talk about your book that’s coming up. In a simple term, how should Christians, God-fearing believers properly respond to the name-calling, which is what these guys are doing, and the relentless othering, whether you call it that way, or guilt by association campaign. Which they regularly do a part of what we’re talking about today, Christian nationalists, that’s what they’re doing. How should a Christian respond to these kinds of attacks?

Alex McFarland:                Well, you know the old saying, the best defense is a good offense. Preemptively try to consistently use language. And I’ve been in interviews where they would say, Alex is a Christian nationalist. And I’ll say, oh, thank you. You’re absolutely right. That’s a compliment. Now, I’m not a racist, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I’m a rational adult. I know the country’s history. I definitely know the compelling lines of evidence that prove Christianity. So yes, I’m a Christian and I care about America. That’s what it really means. Sam, I got to say this, and I want to give God the glory and I want to give people a little bit of hope. One week ago, we finished our seventh summer youth camp. We had 1,250 teenagers in seven youth camps. We had over 300 kids that prayed to accept Christ as their personal savior. We had 100%, 100% of the kids prayed for their school, prayed for their families, prayed for their friends.

Kids who were coming in every camp; Indiana, New Jersey, Iowa, the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado. We did these camps. Kids were praying and I spoke and we had other speakers too that we have worked with and great speakers, we handpick. And Sam, these kids were coming. I’m talking middle schoolers, praying. Dear Lord, make my school a drug free zone. Dear Lord, please use me to influence my friends for Christ. 1,250 kids come to camp.

And here’s the thing, and I’ve got recordings of this. I’ll have to play it for you. You’ll smile. Imagine as we have a concluding, the last night at camp. I do the zip line, I jump into the lake and I ride the zip line and climb the rock wall. We do all the fun camp stuff, but we drill down deeply. We talk about the gospel, biblical worldview. We talk about America, and I teach these kids American exceptionalism, what makes America unique. And then the kids shout, we are the generation that will restore America. And yet I got video, Sam, the liberals would have a brain aneurysm. Oh, they’re telling thousands of teenagers, we are the generation that will restore America. Oh, what a terrible thing. But we’ve got to stand strong while we still have an opportunity. Do you see? So I’m going to give people, there is hope-

Sam Rohrer:                      Alex, I would like you to go on. We spent another segment on that. But that what you’re talking about… All right, we’re going to have to wrap it up. I want you to talk about your book as well. That is good news. Ladies and gentlemen, there are people who want to stand for truth and those who listen to this program are among that category. But there are a lot more out there like Alex, what you were talking about, right? Where should people go? Your website, where should they go to find out more about what you’re talking about, even the youth camps and so forth. And you’ve got a book coming out. You’ve had one out there, 100 Bible Questions and Answers. It is very good. But then I think you’ve got a second one coming out now. Now tell us about those things, please.

Alex McFarland:                Yeah. If you google my name on the websites where people can buy books, we’ve got 100 Bible Questions and Answers for Families. It’s a blue cover. It’s really the follow-up. Two years ago, we did a hundred Bible questions from the first 10 years of exploring the word. And I worked on that book about two years, and it did great. I praise God. Thousands and thousands of copies sold.

So we did a follow-up that comes out the middle of October. Although I think it’s already getting out there, but it’s 100 Bible Questions and Answers for Families. And it’s basically volume two of our 100 Question series. And instantly, Sam, these are actual questions from actual listeners from doing, now we’re in our 14th year of exploring the word on the radio. But truth matters. People are still being born again. And I want to just encourage all of your listeners, and I have such a respect and love for you brother and all that you’re doing. Folks, it might sound simplistic, but number one job, one of the church is to pray and folks be an intercessor for America. But here’s what it is, pray, stay equipped and influence others. And I realized, Sam, I’m going to say this, I’ll throw it back to you.

You may know my story that to graduate high school, I went to summer school. My senior year I had to go to summer school to pass English because was too shy to get up and give a speech. And I failed English rather than get up and give a speech. And so-

Sam Rohrer:                      Alex, we’re out of time. I apologize brother. We are out of time. Ladies and gentlemen, Alex You can find out more about him. I think he probably tells the story, which is very interesting. His personal story, probably on his website. Our website This program, listen to it again, share it with a friend. Encouraging program, powerful program.