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Sam Rohrer:                      Well welcome to this Wednesday edition of Stand In the Gap Today. Today’s also our bimonthly Israel prophecy and Middle East update program, which I know from so many of you listening to me right now from all across the country, you evidence that this recurring theme is important to you and you look forward to it. And I’m glad for that to be the case because this theme is important to us and more importantly, it’s important to God Himself because the Bible is full of all of what we’re talking about. Now, as I mentioned yesterday on the program, I’d be updating all of you on the latest unfolding events in Israel today with special guest, former White House correspondent and founder of World Watch Daily, Bill Koenig. Now the Lord willing, next Monday in addition, I’m going to focus more on Israel and geopolitically breaking events with recurring guest JR McGee.

Now that being said, as I’ve been saying consistently on this program since it began about seven years ago and supported by, well by recurring guests including the late doctors, Jimmy D. Young and Ed Hindson is example that were with us, now whom are with Lord, to current guests like Bill Salas and Dr. Carl Brogue and Olivier Melnick, and to our guest and friend today, Bill Koenig. And that is that the world’s attention according to biblical prophecy, will increasingly be drawn to the Middle East and specifically Israel. We have said that global events will come into alignment with biblical prophecy, including the alignment of nations around the world into a more central and God divine global structure, ultimately to be led by the antichrist. We’ve said that God would shift His attention from the church age and the church, which would be raptured out. That hasn’t happened yet, but it’s at the door, to His renewed focus on Israel and the fulfillment of so many Old and New Testament prophecies that would bring ultimately the gentile nations of the world to judgment and destruction on the planes of Israel.

And would through the seven year timeframe of Jacob’s trouble, bring enormous judgment even on Israel who is in the land today. Don’t forget it. They are there by God’s doing, but they are there in unbelief. Yet we know that the outcome of their remnant recognizing that Jesus the Messiah would occur and would result in Christ’s second coming where thereupon he would establish Israel as the lead kingdom of the world during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ as king from literal Jerusalem. And that all of these things that we’re seeing come to pass now and at an increasing frequency and velocity should cause us all to be even more alert. So it’s through this lens, I just want to invite to the microphone right now, Bill Koenig, as we address a few items of extreme importance and relevance to Israel. The title have chosen for today’s program is this, Israel at War, Day 47, the Turkish Threat, Hostages, and the Two-State Noose. And we’re going to talk about all of those today. Bill, welcome to the program.

Bill Koenig:                         Thank you, Sam. Great to be with you.

Sam Rohrer:                      Bill, we got to go here. Let’s start here. A breaking announcement last evening, this morning people are hearing if they’re paying attention, there appears to be an alleged ceasefire linked to hostage release agreement between Israel and Hamas. Some details known, some probably unknown, but share it with us what you know about this agreement.

Bill Koenig:                         The Israeli cabinet last night approved the deal and the Mossad directors on the way to Doha, Qatar today to complete and finalize the last minute details. What is going to take place, Sam, at this point, 150 Palestinian people that are in jail, 18 and under men and also women. On our website, we have details of who actually is going to be released and no one has committed a murder, but there have been some attempted killings and things like that. But for the most part, it’s 18 and under and Palestinian women, 150. 50 Israelis and I think a couple of Americans, that’s being finalized right now, they wanted 98, but they finally agreed to 50. So 12 hostages will be released each day for four straight days and there’ll be a 96-hour cease fire.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, now I also heard somebody confirmed this as well, that Israel has agreed. You’re saying 12 a day, I’d heard 10, but whatever that is, 10 or 12 a day. As long as Hamas continues to release 10 or 12 a day up until the point that they are all released, that Israel is agreeing to a ceasefire for that type of thing. Is that what’s being said?

Bill Koenig:                         That’s right. That’s right. 96 hours, that’s four days, Sam. And yeah, that’s the amount right now. Israel wanted more and Biden was able to get a couple of Americans. Supposedly he was very, very involved in this and was even congratulated by Netanyahu for his role. So having said that, obviously there’s some concerns within the Orthodox community as you so well know, that this was a mistake and a [inaudible 00:05:39] situation. Well,

Sam Rohrer:                      I wanted to go there with you and I do, we’ll do that right now. But even on that arrangement we talked about, that does not add up to the 240 hostages, does it? Math is right.

Bill Koenig:                         Not at all. There’d still be 190 left, Sam, hostages.

Sam Rohrer:                      So Hamas still holds a hammer over Israel, if you want to call this negotiation. So this is a ceasefire that gives help to Hamas but still does not release the hostages. So at any rate, just let that on the table. Let’s go to that next part we were talking about. There are, and I talked with a rabbi friend this morning, you and I have chatted about it, who say from a rabbinic perspective, Torah perspective, that agreement with an enemy who has taken hostage innocent Jews, in this case we’re dealing with Israel, that any kind of a deal making with them, a payment of a sum or in this case a releasing of military actually prisoners that Israel has in exchange, is a violation and therefore troubling. What do you say about that?

Bill Koenig:                         Totally agree. And I think we see the president when the Soldier [inaudible 00:07:08] was traded for many, many, I think it was over a thousand prisoners many years ago, and one of the guys named Sinwar, has been one of the main leaders of Hamas in Gaza and they’ve been after him. So two things. One, Israelis, when it comes to an Israeli, whether it’s their loss of life, whether it’s in Israel or away from the country, they bring them home. And that’s the way they look at these hostages. They should be in our homes in the Israeli communities. But, I like the example of your Orthodox rabbi friend. I mean, when you get involved and start doing trading, it doesn’t end and you still have 190 hostages that are being held and this does not play well. I think the other thing too, Sam, is this does give the Israelis a chance to kind of regroup. At the same time, it gives Hamas chance to better prepare for their next step.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay, that’s excellent, Bill. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening today our theme, Israel at War Day 47. We just talked about the hostage agreement. There’s problems with it. It’s not necessarily a good thing. When we come back, we’re going to talk about a rising threat though that involves that whole area and that is Turkey. If you’ve noted, there’s major things happening with Turkey and it impacts Israel in the Middle East. We started with the hostage agreement in Israel and you heard what Bill Koenig, my special guest today. And again, here has a website at, all the latest information, if you want to go there to find the latest truth as it relates to the Middle East and in Israel, you want to visit that site, But that being the case, we’re going to move into and the balance of the program, just like the first one, what we’re presenting I will say, are things that are touched on in the news, but it’s certainly in every one of these, you’re going to get a perspective that is not what is out there generally because ours is anchored on biblical truth.

And you’ll see that as we further walk through. But we’re talking about Turkey now. That’s another one. Another issue developing. Here’s a little bit of history. Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1922, that was after World War I, the Muslim dominated nation of Turkey was claimed, I’m going to say by the west. It ultimately was adopted into NATO. It was militarily equipped, it was trained. They’re now the strongest member of NATO. Yet during all of this time, Turkey’s loyalty to the west, for those who were at all astute, was always in doubt because they’re driven by Islamic thought and their historic ties to the Islamic East and the Muslim nations of the Middle East. Well, with the rise of President Erdogan and his often stated desire to be the leader of a revived Roman empire, an anticipated transition of loyalty has been anticipated, I’m going to say by all prophetically astute believers, such as us on this program and the guest we’ve had, because we’ve stated for so long on this program because we know where it’s ultimately headed.

Now, with the Hamas attack on Israel, just under seven weeks now where that happened, Turkey has begun to move and Turkey’s move seems to have been initiated with multiple events and statements, I’m going to share some of them a little bit later here, that is helping to mature and in my words, solidify the end times alignment of nations and contributing to the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy that before the tribulation period would begin, that there would be an unmistakable increase in wars and rumors of wars and other related signs. And Bill, I’m going to submit, and again, you and I have chatted a little bit, but I think Turkey, what’s happening there is not being appropriately covered in the press. They’re making some very significant moves. So establish this for us from a Prophetical perspective, why is Turkey and their alignment as we approach these end days, where does scripture place them? Why is watching what Turkey does so important?

Bill Koenig:                         Turkey is a major player in Ezekiel 38 and 39. And what’s interesting, Sam, is Turkey is part of NATO and that relationship has been very tense and stressful over the last few years and especially when Turkey bought S400 missile defense systems from Russia. And that’s the purpose of NATO, to stand up to Russia and other adversarial groups in Europe and that area, and Russia is the one. That relationship between Turkey and Russia continues. Many times, over the last couple of years, you’ll see Putin and Erdogan and the president of Iran meet in Tehran or Moscow or even in Turkey. And also when Erdogan and Putin went to Iran last year, they met with Khomeini, had a long meeting with him. They’re a major player. And I think that’s right, Sam. I think Turkey is a very significant, pivotal final day player. Erdogan was really making a move on Egypt.

I mean, he’s a big backer of the Muslim Brotherhood, when they were in control of Egypt, he was playing to the Arab Street. He knows that the Arab Street’s very young. He wants to be the guy when it comes to Arab or Muslim leaders. And when el-Sisi, the current president of Egypt, overturned the Muslim brotherhood, Erdogan’s power within Egypt was diminished dramatically. So also Turkey has been a big supporter of the Palestinians and Hamas along with Qatar over the years, even financial. And he’s going to be a very significant final day player. Some people, some Greek scholars even think Turkey will have a bigger role than even Russia in that coalition.

Sam Rohrer:                      Okay, Bill. So ladies and gentlemen, you get the idea. Turkey is worth noting because of everything that Bill has said. Just like Israel. Israel, we know God’s hand. He’s working things out there. But God has specifically named other nations. Turkey is one and it’s a pivotal one because it’s connected at this moment to the west NATO, but it’s also really aligned to the east. Now just since October 7th, a number of things have happened there in Turkey, there’s 10 of them that I’ve noted. There may be more, but I’m going to list these off quickly and then I’m going to come back to you, Bill, and ask you to comment further. But here’s one. Erdogan has condemned Israel and he has supported Hamas by saying, “Hamas is not a terrorist organization, but a liberation and a freedom fighting organization.” That’s one. Two, Erdogan and other Turkish officials early on threatened to declare war against the United States if the US continued to support Israel’s attack against Hamas and the Gaza.

Third one, Erdogan pledged military and other support to Hamas. Actually, Turkish individuals are on the ground there. Fourth, Erdogan initiated military war games there in the Eastern Mediterranean and he cited a little used maritime law claiming protectorate status for the entire Black Sea. He’s ordered out the United States and NATO ships out of the Black Sea, warning against any effort to reenter. Fifth one, Erdogan challenged all Islamic countries to align in full solidarity with each other against Israel and ostensibly against the United States as long as we support Israel. Sixth, Erdogan initiated a military alliance between Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. To do what? To extend their ownership and protectorate status of a vast amount of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Why? To threaten US and Israel and our ships that are there supporting Israel. Seventh, Erdogan scheduled war games with live fire in the Eastern Mediterranean where we have many ships and under this scenario, all ships must leave or if hit by missile fire, it’s considered not to be an act of war. It’s interesting.

Eighth turkey’s war games are underway as we speak and will extend at least through Saturday November 25th. Number nine, there are several participating nations joining in with them. Bahrain, even Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, [inaudible 00:16:44], Pakistan, and Jordan, they’re all linked there and a part of this. Tenth, there are a large number of Turkish ships and planes involved in this, 24 Navy ships, 10 helicopters, five unmanned combat ships, four submarines, three underwater teams, three fighter jets from the Air Force, and a whole lot more. All right, that being the case, you get the idea. Erdogan has indicated a motivation to be the leader of a revived Ottoman Empire, he has aligned with the terrorist, and he’s also threatened the United States and frankly told NATO, get out of the Black Sea.

All right, Bill, I just recounted these things. These are not speculation, they are facts. Turkey’s aggressiveness to me is far bigger in attention than I think what the mainstream press is given. How do you respond to these, I’m going to say aggressive actions and why do you think there’s so little attention being given to this since it appears their actions could be a catalyst to a dynamic shift of power from the west to the east? Because even some of our own congressmen and NATO members are saying it’s time to kick Turkey out of NATO.

Bill Koenig:                         Wow, what a list, Sam. I knew some of these, I had no idea of the whole list. This is incredible what you’ve pulled together here. And I think this is just Turkey making it’s extensive move into a position of authority and responsibility, according to Ezekiel 38 and 39. I mean these are all aggressive moves by a very shrewd leader and for him to do these things, yeah, absolutely he should be removed from NATO. The challenge is, The United States has a military base in Turkey and a couple years ago when Trump was in office, they were talking about the United States moving out of Turkey when there was strain between the White House and Turkey, and Trump and Erdogan. And it came out that we have I think as many as 25 nuclear weapons at that base. And a couple of weeks ago, we put two of our B1 bombers into that military base in Turkey.

So once again, when it comes to the Middle East, everything is always given gut and can be very complicated. And the fact that we have the US base there in Turkey could create some significant complications for us. Also, the fact we have the USS Gerald Ford, our most advanced carrier west of Israel in the Mediterranean at the same time. So we’ll watch this carefully, Sam. There is great insight on what you just shared.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right, well thanks for that. And ladies and gentlemen, again, we’re just presenting highlights I would suppose because there are so many, and as Bill said, there are so many moving parts, so many different countries with fingers and entanglements, economically and militarily and so many ways. The world’s attention is as God predicted, coming and focusing on Israel and every one of these tentacles touches the world and as they all vie for their position, that’s where you get wars and rumors of wars that fits into what Jesus says will be an evidence of the time in which we are. When we come back, we’re going to talk about a big issue, two state solution. Well, since the United Nations announced 76 years ago, let me think about this, 76 years ago there was an implementation of the Balfour’s Declaration that this is what the declaration said, “A national home for the Jewish people.”

That is what actually came about when Israel was officially formed as a state, as a nation in 1948. Yet since that time, the demand by most, maybe all, I mean it’s a predominant number of governmental leaders from around the world, has never been for a single state of Israel. But there’s been a dual state concept where a state of Israel exists and a Palestinian state exists side by side with a corridor of types between them. Matter of fact, that is the concept and as part of the official council on foreign relations plan for the Middle East, and it guides the policy of all globalists to this very day. The problem with this reality is that it flies directly in the face of God’s Abrahamic covenant and what God Himself has said so clearly and defined as very specific geographical boundaries, His people and His city Jerusalem.

And that what God promised Abraham He would do. No one will circumvent without the judgment of God, be they Gentile or Jew. So Bill, we know from many portions of scripture, I’m going to read one right now, that God will keep His promise of land, very, very frank, for His people. For instance, just a couple things here from Psalm 105 in verses 8-11, it says this, “The Lord remembers His covenant forever, the word that He commanded for a thousand generations, the covenant that He made with Abraham, His sworn promise to Isaac, which He confirmed to Jacob as a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant saying to you, ‘Will I give the land of Canaan as your portion for an inheritance?'”

All right, now there are many others, but Bill, one of the most concerning aspects of what I am seeing in the past and seeing right now is a coordinated push, I’m going to say by all gentile nations of the world, to have Israeli leadership agreed to a two-state solution. Matter of fact, United States is a part of that, China’s part of that, NATO, European Union. It seems like everybody, all right, this is what I would like to ask you at this point. Bring us up to date on what is actually happening right now upfront behind the scenes to push forward for this two-state solution, which is in total violation of God’s covenant promised Abraham.

Bill Koenig:                         Well, a lot, Sam, especially the last couple of weeks, and I will reiterate again on January 28, 2020, the Trump Kushner Peace Plan, Peace to Prosperity, was introduced to the world and Trump came up with his own map through the efforts of Kushner. And within 24 to 48 hours, the entire world community leadership opposed the Trump plan and went back to the UN resolutions of 242-338, the two-state plan, Israel giving back to the 1967 borders and acknowledging the Arab Peace Plan of 2002. That’s amazing. 24 to 48 hours after Trump’s announcement and even the Vatican that has a Palestinian office and is a big support of the two-state plan also addressed the fact that is now is a time for the two-state plan on their premise and on their resolutions. So everything ebbed and flowed for the last couple of years.

There’s been an effort by the Biden administration since the day they took office to reestablish the ties with the Palestinians that Trump eliminated, reopening of the Palestinian office of Washington DC, giving Palestinian aid or giving aid to the Palestinians through [inaudible 00:25:04] and other entities and fully explaining biblically, or not biblically, but politically, that this was the time to achieve the two-state plan.

So things were ebbing and flowing. Then there was a tremendous amount of effort expended by the Biden administration on a Israeli Saudi peace deal. And then what was interesting, Sam, and I’ll read the quote, “Benjamin Netanyahu, at 9:22, September 22nd, the UN General Assembly said that Israel is the cusp of a historic peace agreement with Saudi Arabia, ideally predicted will transform the Middle East.” He said, “Such a peace will go a long way to ending the Arab Israeli conflict and it will encourage other Arab states to normalize their relationships with Israel will be a chance of prospects of peace with the Palestinians. It will encourage broader reconciliation between Judaism and Islam, between Jerusalem and Mecca, between the descendants of Isaac and the descendants of Ishmael.” Also at the same time, Crown Prince bin Salman of Saudi Arabia was also speaking of this opportunity for peace and normalization with Israel.

There was a lot of excitement in the international community, the Biden administration was excited about it. And two weeks and one day later, the horrific Hamas attack on Israel. That led to the war, a dramatic change of direction. And the war has been so significant in the fact that Israel’s committed to dealing with Hamas, that there’s a call now by the international community. Today Arab leaders are with the Foreign Minister Cameron of the UK. Macron, UN officials, EU officials, and Biden administration are calling for now, including President Biden, now is a time to recognize that the two-state solution is a solution. And Sam, as you know, when you go against God’s covenant, it will be a rocky time for the United States and the international community if they push forward in this direction.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Bill, that gets right down to it. And that is this, what you decided is an indication that Netanyahu himself and Israeli leadership appear quite ready to agree to a two-state solution. Now, the whole rest of the world is pushing for a two-state solution. And as you cited and I have said so often, extraordinarily dangerous for any nation or any people, be they gentile nation or Jewish nation, to agree to anything that’s contrary to God’s covenant promise with Israel. Now, when you consider, Bill, God’s promises to Israel, a city, a people, a land, it does appear that the land has a very peculiar importance to God. Would you explain a little bit why it is that we think and when we view this, that any kind of dividing up to the land that God promised is marching right into the wrath of God or God’s judgment, why it’s so important to Him?

Bill Koenig:                         Absolutely. Sam Genesis 15:18 talks about the boundaries of the covenant land of Israel, the Abrahamic covenant land, and it goes all the way from the Euphrates River in Iraq, through three or four Arab countries, all the way to the great river in Egypt. And Israel’s only on a slight part of that today. And that land was for the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, not for all descendants of Abraham. Also, God did not intend the biblical heartland of Judean, Samaria and east Jerusalem to be an Arab state with the capital in East Jerusalem. And every time that we see an effort to create an Arab state or divide Jerusalem, we see these catastrophic events happen.

And I might add, Sam, too, that when you look at Zechariah 12, 13, 14, it’s all going to come down to the land. The final day conflicts are about the land of Israel, God’s covenant land. When you look at Zechariah 12:3, when Jerusalem becomes a burdensome stone, and then Zechariah 12:9, when God will deal with the nations, will deal with the armies of the world and defeat them and destroy them, having to do with his city, the city of Jerusalem. God’s time clock is Jerusalem, God’s land of Israel is a time clock. And Sam, these final day conflicts have to do with the land of Israel and Jerusalem.

Sam Rohrer:                      So Bill, again, I’m going to go to you. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening to us right now. When you look at what is happening, we’re trying to draw attention to the things that are the most important, the things that can help all of us who have a biblical worldview, who believe in authority scripture to be able to cut through the lies and the deception and all that is either not reported by design or reported that is not true by design, that we look through the lens of scripture only looking through what the Word of God says and saying if God says it, then it’s true. And let that be the standard. And as, Bill, you and I were talking this morning, I talked to a rabbi friend this morning and we were talking about this very same thing. And when it came down to this, that this very point is that it’s God’s Word that must prevail.

And whether it’s a Jewish leader, Netanyahu, or anybody else who says, “Well, maybe I’ll consider a two-state solution as a way of getting peace.” Or, the Biden administration or the EU or the United Nations or the Pope or anybody who wants a two-state solution, that when they go counter to God’s Word, they’re going to suffer the wrath of God. Ladies and gentlemen, we see it in being manifested relative to Israel and the land, but isn’t that the way it is to all of us? We walk counter to what God says we should do morally or in any regard. There are consequences when we walk away and do our own thing. That’s what we’re witnessing on a global scale now. When we come back, we’re going to shift. We’re going to look more at the Biden administration and their role in pushing this and the consequences that are lying frankly, right ahead of us.

There is perhaps no more certain of a way for a person to invite God’s judgment or for a nation to invite God’s judgment on any nation. And that’s what the scripture’s all about. The Old Testament makes it very, very clear. You fear God, you keep His commands, God will give blessing to the nation. And the alternate is also true, but there’s no greater way for a nation, including Israel, to invite God’s judgment, His cursings as Deuteronomy 28 talks about, than to accept an agreement contrary to God’s covenant promise to Abraham, which we just talked about in depth in the last segment. Yet there is in reality nothing about which the governments of this world are driving that takes God’s covenant promise into account. You understand that?

No nation in this world right now, no national leader, no part of the United Nations, none of them are sitting down and considering policy in agreement, or anything that’s going where God and God’s covenant promises are taken into account. None of them. In fact, there is a doubling down in opposition to God’s covenant and it is evidencing itself as we speak in regard to what is happening in Israel and to Israel. And I’m going to suggest that this doubling down is in complete disregard to all of the evidences of God’s judgment that we have been witnessing in America and the world, too, but over a generation since the formation of Israel 1948. And you say, “What are you talking about?” Well, we’ve talked about this program before and I’m going to ask Bill in just a moment to expand upon that a little bit. Scripture’s very clear. We say this, a word to the wise is sufficient. We also know that warning to fools, fools ignore it and they just plunge right ahead, right into the consequence. That’s what Proverbs says.

But Bill, I’d like you first here is if we just bring this to a conclusion, an application, because of where the Biden administration, frankly almost all of our previous administrations and presidents have done relative to Israel and the two-state solution. And that is this, give a bit of a review of the historical facts as it relates to God’s judgment on America whenever any of our presidents have taken official action by agreement or pushing whatever that be upon Israel to accept a two-state solution.

Bill Koenig:                         Sam, in my book Eye to Eye, which can be bought and found at, details the consequences in the corresponding record setting events that transpire at the time that a US president or his secretary of state with the president’s orders, applies pressure on Israel to give up their covenant land. And I have 126 events in [inaudible 00:35:27]. These are the largest hurricanes in US history, the largest tornado outbreaks, 9/11, the perfect storm, all these major events. Many of them, which we remember because they were so significant, all were transpiring at the time our presidents, our White House was pushing on Israel or pressuring Israel to give up their covenant land. And Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, I go into much detail about the corresponding events in Eye to Eye. And Biden has had a bunch. When he took office, he reestablished the Palestinian office in Washington DC. He did many other things.

And at the very time we had Hurricane Uri hit the Southern Gulf coast of Texas. Then we had Hurricane Ida when Naftali Bennett was sitting in the White House with Joe Biden discussing a land for peace plan. And then we had Hurricane Ian, that happened last September, latter part of September when Biden and Lapid and Trudeau, Trudeau of Canada was at the UN General Assembly speaking on a two-state plan. And then his UN ambassador was at the National Security Conference, or excuse me, at the security council meeting at the UN as Hurricane Ian came ashore. And then this year we had Hurricane Hillary that was coming across the Southern Gulf Coast, the first major tropical storm, Southern California had ever, ever experienced while the efforts were pushing on a US Israel Saudi deal. And so the consequences have continued.

And I tell you, Sam, also, I have seen Biden’s political challenges increased dramatically as he is involved in the Saudi Israel corresponding events as well. It’s just been one event after another Sam, and it fits the Eye to Eye pattern. And the Biden administration has been very involved in the hostage negotiations. And he right now is calling for, this is the time for the two-state plan.

Sam Rohrer:                      Bill, that brings us to this, at some point, and again, the book Eye to Eye, if you don’t have it, you can go to the get it website. It really is, I wouldn’t say tremendous as in good, but it’s tremendous as in complete as events, decisions by our presidents. And because America, get this in mind, God has used America greatly in the raising up of Israel. There’s a connection. I can’t get into all of that, but there’s clearly a connection. So there is a blessing that has come to our nation as we have blessed Israel. But every time we counter God’s covenant promise, and that’s what Eye to Eye tracks, you look at that and you say, “Wow, I can’t believe it. It’s amazing.” Well it is amazing.

God doesn’t change His promises. He said, don’t tamper with what I have done. And yet that is happening and it’s happening under this administration as we are seeing. Bill, I don’t know when that point comes, when an official decision because Biden has been pushing, you’ve cited, there’s a number of things along the way that have occurred. But it does seem to me as we are seeing a drive forward right now led by this administration, but also heavily supported by Saudi Arabia, China, the EU, NATO, seems like the entire world is coming together in agreement against God’s covenant. And to me that really says, “Wake up everybody.” Anyways, your comments on that as we wrap up the program?

Bill Koenig:                         Absolutely. Sam, we’re in our final push here at this time. When I say final push, I know final might not be the right word, but what is happening right now, the emphasis right now in the international community and also the Biden administration saying that the… And even Prince bin Salman from Saudi Arabia has said in the last couple days, “The only way to achieve peace in the Middle East is a Israeli-Palestinian deal.” And the longer this conflict war between Israel and Hamas has been going on with the potential of conflict, they may be at war with Hezbollah, the greater the call for now is the time to achieve a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. And we know based on history, the greater the pressure in Israel to make a deal with the Palestinians, the greater the corresponding catastrophe, not only in America, but also in the international community as well.

Sam Rohrer:                      And ladies and gentlemen and Bill, that takes us to the end. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s where it is. Again, how do we come to this conclusion and this evaluation? Well, because it’s in keeping with what God has said in His word, and we cannot tamper with what God has said. And God is a covenant keeping God. I read that passage from Psalm. We are seeing it unfolding right before our very eyes right now. So, look at what’s happening, yes, but look at it through the lens of what God says is happening, because that makes all the difference. Bill Koenig, thank you so much, brother, for being with us today. What a powerful program. Lots of information. His website,, go there, lots of information and then listen to this program again. Send it along to a friend. If God’s used it to help edify you or what in every regard, pass it along to a friend. Let them know that this kind of information is regularly here on Stand In the Gap Today.