What in the World’s Going On?

June 26, 2024

Host: Hon. Sam Rohrer

Guest: Michele Bachmann

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Sam Rohrer:     Hello and welcome to this Wednesday Stand in the Gap Today program and this is going to be a packed program. Stay with us. Don’t tune out or you’re going to lose a lot, I think middle of the week. And I’m going to say we’re situated in the middle of a very packed headline news event week as well. As we look around this nation and around the world, I’m very glad to have with me today a friend of this program, a true friend to all of those who love freedom and truth. And more importantly, I’m going to say a friend of God. She is as I’ve come to know her over the years. And that’s the honorable Michele Bachmann, former congresswoman from the state of Minnesota and a one-time candidate for US president. And if you don’t know, she’s now serving as the dean of the Regent University Robertson School of Government there at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Sam Rohrer:       Now if I sound a little different, some of you may not be able to tell, but I’m not in the studio today. Do I sound a little bit different? I’m connecting through a satellite connection from the state of Arkansas where I’m attending a pastor’s conference along with Standing the gap today, co-host Dr. Jamie Mitchell, who is also our director of church communications and pastoral outreach. So the Lord willing, we will not experience any difficulty technically, but if that were to happen, if I drop out or something of that takes place, I want you to know that I’ll be right back. But that could be the reason. Now with that being said, today Michele  and I are going to touch on four major issues. There could be a dozen of them, but I picked four that I believe are confronting the people of our nation and the world today in significant though different ways.

Sam Rohrer:       And if there’s one thing that’s in the minds of most people, regardless of where they are around the world, it’s at the speed and the intensity of potentially life changing global events is beyond anything that most of us, anybody listening probably have ever witnessed. Instantaneous communication makes that possible. Technology drives it. AI now already well embedded in the communication network around the world’s embedded frankly everywhere, but it’s creating false content on a wide front of areas that looks extraordinarily real, but it’s not. And it’s influencing everything. Political and religious leaders, I’m going to throw in there as well are frankly given to bribery and corruption in a way I’ve never seen. And it’s driving people to one of two things, points of emotional and mental breakdown, which the numbers confirm or people are driven just to tune out everything and almost become non participants in life.

Sam Rohrer:       But can I say for us as believers and God-fearing people, neither one of those responses should be ours. In fact, we’re told to be alert, stay watchful, be discerning, pray for wisdom. The scripture tells us to do that. We’re not to be stressed out or fearful the world. That’s the only thing they can be. They have no hope. But even for those of us who know the truth and Jesus Christ, who is the truth, so much is happening so quickly, that’s really hard to grasp. And even we can wonder at times and say at some point in time, so what in the world’s going on anyway? And that’s the title I’ve chosen for our conversation today. What in the world is going on? And in the course of the program, we’re going to deal with these four major events. First here, some comments from Michele.

Sam Rohrer:       I’m not going to go into super depth, but overall perspective, which I think is important, the debate happening tomorrow night, presidential debate or the appearance. Anyways, next steps for the World Health Organization. I said we’d have an update from Michele  today on that third, the escalating conflict between Russia and the United States over Ukraine. And then fourthly, we’re going to conclude with Israel and what appears to be an imminent major war there between Israel and Hezbollah. And I’m going to say effectively Iran. So with all of that and more stay with us today. I welcome in the program right now. Michele  Bachmann. Michele , thanks for being back with me.

Michele Bachmann:         Sam, thanks so much. What a great show we’re going to have today.

Sam Rohrer:       We are Michele , there’s so much you and I can just talk for hours, but we don’t have hours, we just have one. We’re going to go quickly to start tomorrow. You’ve been a presidential candidate. There’s an appearance tomorrow night. I’m not sure you’d call it debate, who knows. But Joe Biden, Donald Trump. Here’s this question I would have for you. What are you expecting from that tomorrow night?

Michele Bachmann:         Well, in one sense, my expectations are extremely low. We know who both of the candidates are, so I don’t think that we’ll see surprises. But from the beginning, this has seemed like such a fake, so many aspects of this election seem fake and bizarre, upside down, absurd. Think of these words, we never would’ve used this to describe a presidential debate before, and yet usually there has been a presidential debate commission. They set up the terms and the boundaries for the candidates, and then various news organizations agree to hold these debates and be the moderators. Well, this time, where is the US Presidential Debate Commission? There is no debate commission. This is the Democrat party working together with CNN because the Democrat party has a huge problem on their hands. They’re candidates, they’re nominee Joe Biden. He’s a huge problem for them. So they know that they would be in more trouble if they didn’t do a debate, so they have to at least do one. So they’re scheduling one now in June when they think most people won’t be paying attention. And I think they figured they can check the box and be done. I would be shocked if Joe Biden actually does the second debate that they’re talking about in September. I think that’s too close to the election. I don’t think that they will be able to afford that if Joe Biden continues down the road that he’s going down. And of course the big question with President Biden is will he be the nominee?

Sam Rohrer:       That’s been the question all along. Yep. And that is a question, and so I’m going to ask you directly, there are many Democrats. The narrative has been laid for a candidate replacement at the convention probably in August, which is in Chicago, but they’re predicting riots there. I’ve actually heard some say that there won’t actually be a live convention, but a Zoom type convention At that point, do you think the candidate Joe Biden will actually be the candidate in fall or will he be replaced?

Michele Bachmann:         Well, I’ll tell you, it’s interesting the apologists, the pundits and apologists who go on TV are all saying yes, he will be. Don’t think that he won’t be. And I think they have to do that. But again, if he is falling all over himself, if about last week he literally couldn’t even get out of sentence, you had no idea what he was saying. If that continues, it will be nearly impossible for them to keep him on the ticket. Nearly impossible. And then in that case, I think we will see him swapped out, but I think it’s 50 50 right now as to if they swap him out, I don’t think they’re nervous about the convention that they have to wait for the convention. I think when it’s painfully obvious that they can’t use Joe Biden because believe it or not, your audience needs to know Joe Biden is exactly the candidate that the Democrats want because they can control him more

Sam Rohrer:       …Yep, there you go. Michele. We’re just about to break. Ladies and gentlemen. Stay with us. Michele expressed my views completely. I don’t know how in the world’s possible he can be there. Exactly the direction to change, I’m not sure, but I think something will happen when you come back. We’re going to go to the World Health Organization and what’s next? Well, if you’re just joining us today, this is our Wednesday standing after day program. My special guest today, so glad to have her with me, is the Honorable Michele Bachmann. You all know her well and just because of the theme and what we’re going over, I’m going to dispense with any more introductory type things, Michele, on this program today, we’re going to talk about it again, but you’ve been with me multiple times in the past. Our discussion was the World Health Organization.

Sam Rohrer:       You were the first one who really called out what was actually taking place there a year ago, last May when you were there and you were not able to be at the end of May meeting because you were in Jerusalem, I believe at that point. But I had another guest on who you know, and we talked a little bit about it, but I want to ask you some direct questions and I want to read a quote that you gave based on what came out of that meeting there on July 1st. It was that I think a May 27th to June 1st meeting there. And you said this as a result, I want to read it so our listeners understand it. This came from you and then asked for some clarification. You said, quote, the rules were adopted the last day of the meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. A meeting is scheduled for July, 2024 to pass the Global Pandemic Treaty.

Sam Rohrer:       The organization violated their internal rules and created this monster behind closed doors. Zero transparency. The bottom line is that the World Health Organization changes from a global advisory only body to an international enforcer of its mandates. They’ve given themselves power over a global digital ID and the power to mandate vaccines and enforce these mandates specifically with regard to international travel. You conclude by saying this, the global surveillance state starts now nations have 10 months to object, but that’s if the rules are followed. Alright, now Michele, that was by far and away the most condensed direct summary of that whole meeting that came out of there. Then of anything that I have seen, I’ve read some of this regulations and all of that and to me, alright, you summed it up very directly. Now let me ask you a question here too, based on what you’re saying, they have something yet they can do, but you’re basically saying there that they have accomplished and taken power to themselves to do whatever. And here’s my question. Have they amassed enough power by what they have done there? Could they declare, could the World Health Organization today declare a pandemic emergency and have the power to institute global policies with enough authority to expect the nations of the world to follow their dictates?

Michele Bachmann:         Well, Sam, there is a difference between law and authority and using power. So it’s the difference between authority and power. They’ve given themselves some authority and they gave it to themselves illegally. They violated their own processes and they didn’t even take a vote on the last day. At the last evening, the last hour that they were meeting in Geneva, they simply deemed the amendments to pass. So they weren’t voted on, they were deemed passed. And since there was no objection at the moment, at least they didn’t ask for objection. But since there wasn’t, they were just deemed passed. So I believe that what has happened is actually illegal. It’s phony. And these new amendments that were passed shouldn’t be given the force of law. They should not be construed as international law because they violated the process to be put in this situation. Now, there wasn’t a pandemic treaty, a global pandemic treaty that was passed, as I said in July.

Michele Bachmann:         They’re looking at trying to negotiate that. However, the most important thing that they did there is that they aren’t an advisory body anymore. Now they have given themselves a limited amount of power to make global policy and require that nations enforce it. And so they went to exactly what they said they were going to do and that’s the global digital id. They didn’t use that language, but what they did through the amendment they passed is they said, look, if you want to travel, if you want to travel internationally, then nations are mandated to check and see if travelers are in compliance with what the World Health Organization demands. So if the World Health Organization says, we want you to be vaccinated for monkeypox two times and have six boosters, then you’d have to show that you’re in compliance or with covid or whatever measure they want you to be in compliance with.

Michele Bachmann:         Well, how would they do this? There’s only one way they could do it. You’d have to have a universally recognized global digital ID that indicated whether or not you are in compliance. You’ve had the shots, you’ve had the vaccines that the WHO says that you have to have, and then it’s the nations who are the enforcers. So no one would be able to get on an international conveyance whether it is a plane, whether it is a boat, no matter how nations would be connected to each other, the nations would be responsible for checking this global digital passport, if you will, to see if a person is able to travel. So no, they didn’t get everything they wanted because the resistance exploded. In the months leading up to Geneva, Switzerland, the resistance globally exploded among parliamentarians around the world, among medical professionals, among citizens here in the United States.

Michele Bachmann:         In just a couple of weeks leading up to the World Health Assembly in Geneva, we had half of the US Senator sign on to a letter to Joe Biden saying, this is unconstitutional. We don’t want you Mr. President, to go along with these changes that the WHO. That’s astounding. We’d had nothing out of the Senate. And then suddenly we had half of the senators sign a letter, even more. Almost half of the governors in the United States signed a letter to Joe Biden also saying, we don’t want you to get behind measure in Geneva, Switzerland. We’re not for it. And then 22 of the 50, almost half of the chief legal enforcement officer, the attorney generals in the state said Clearly this is completely unconstitutional. You do not have the authority, Mr. President to give away control over our healthcare policy to an international body. As a matter of fact, even the federal government under our constitution doesn’t have the authority over our public healthcare that belongs to the states.

Michele Bachmann:         These were the three of the most powerful letters that I had ever seen written to a president completely disagreeing with what Joe Biden was doing. And your audience needs to know these efforts that would lead ultimately to global government through the United Nations were initiated by the Biden White House. So they pushed for global governance. They wanted to give away sovereignty over healthcare decision making, and they broadened the definition of healthcare to be so broad that it includes virtually anything. It could be abortion, it could be climate change, it could be poverty, it could be income inequality, it could be gun control. Almost anything is construed as healthcare under these proposed amendments.

Sam Rohrer:       I had Leo Hohman with me on Monday and we were commenting on the recent declaration by the Secretary General of the United Nations in regard to the power to basically control and dictate what they call hate speech. Basically anything that disagrees with what they say needs to be done, that’s going to have some action on it in the September meeting by the United Nations. I look at these things and I say they are connected. I mean this body and those who have supported it, Michele talked about it much. I mean, our listeners know they’ve never been bound by law. They’re good at bypassing law, defying individual national sovereignty, defying the God of heaven. They don’t define good like the Bible defines it. So as we look ahead in the weeks here coming up, you comment about something taking place in July. You’ve got the UN meeting in September, and then you said something about the nations have 10 months to object, put some of these pieces together, what we may see unfold because they’re going to try to seize power whether it is lawful or unlawful. That is their mo. What do you say?

Michele Bachmann:         That’s exactly right. And again, what’s the WHO? It’s the United Nations. It’s the healthcare face of the United Nations, and we all know the United Nations is anti-Israel. They hate America, even though the bulk of their money comes from America. They’ve always wanted to be the global government voice. And now they see that they could make this a reality through the WHO through the World Health Organization. So in July, since weren’t able to get to pass a global pandemic treaty, negotiators will meet in July to try to pound out an agreement and then if they can’t pass it in July, maybe they’ll try and pass it November. That’s one date that they’re looking at. Or they may have to wait until next May to try and pass a global pandemic treaty that would give full power to the World Health Organization to declare a pandemic.

Michele Bachmann:         Once they declare a pandemic that triggers all sorts of other powers that the UN would have in effect, they would become a platform for world government. And once that goes into full bloom, they will never give back sovereignty to the nations. That’s it. They would grab it. Then the next event in September or the third week of September is Summit of the Future. And that is essentially they’re trying to pound out what a global government looks like. They know if you go to the website for the United Nations and then just type in the search engine summit of the future, they’re very bold and very clear in the opening paragraph. They used the language, global governance. Global governance, global governance over and over and over again. And if you and I were having this conversation three years ago, Sam, we would be told that we were wearing a tinfoil hat. Now they’re running naked to the finish line.

Sam Rohrer:       Yes they are. And ladies and gentlemen, all right, we just gave the overview of what is taking place. What you’re hearing is the truth. It is real. It’s moving down that room. We come back, we got to shift gears. We’re going to talk, go to Ukraine, Russia now threatening directly the United States. Is there anything to that We’re not. Well, we’re halfway through our program today. Now, when the Honorable Michele  Bachmann is my guest, and we’re just trying to attempt to basically give some brief analysis, a perspective of four major issues that are before, I’m going to say all God-fearing that should be for everybody. But God-fearing people, those listening to a program today are the ones that I’m most concerned about because if you want to know the truth, it’s hard to find today. We know that, but we can’t bury our head nor sand.

Sam Rohrer:       Neither are we to be stressed out. I talked about that in another program. So we’ve chosen four today. A brief overview, look at the presidential engagement. I’m not going to call it a debate because it’s not. And as Michele  said, and I agree, we’re watching a great deal of theater orchestration of an event that is likely going to change significantly. If you didn’t catch that, go back and listen to this program on your app. Stand in the Gap or pick it up on Stand in the gap radio.com and listen to what we said. And again, as a reminder, transcripts of these programs are now being posted within 24 hours of each of these programs. So when you go onto the sites, you can access both the audio and you can have access to the printed. And it really is very, very helpful in being able to look through that in all of these, both that transcript and the audio, you can easily send it along to a friend.

Sam Rohrer:       And I would encourage you to do that because there is concerned as you are. I know all that. So the debate, we talked about that on the first segment, talked a little bit about the World Health Organization and what happened there at the end of May and what that’s really all about in going forward. And it’s a goal of the United Nations and globalists to assume either to seize or to intimidate people, nations, leaders through bribery or intimidation or threat or a lot of different ways to turn over their power to global government. Biblically, we know that’s going to happen, but we’re watching some things happen. You can pick up again what we said there, but what’s taking place with Russia and Ukraine? Michele , let’s go there next. When you were with me last time, about a month ago, it was just right after Congress had passed a very, very significant funding package, military funding package to Ukraine.

Sam Rohrer:       Very substantial in billions, tens of billions of dollars and some a lesser amount, almost like a third to Israel, and we’ll go to Israel next. But with that aid that went to Ukraine a couple days ago, they using some long range sophisticated US missile help that gave them, they launched some missiles into Crimea in particular. That has precipitated an increased response from Russia who summoned the US ambassador and said, you guys have crossed the line and now there’s a lot going on there. So here would be the question from your perspective, what is happening there right now seems like it’s coming to a head of, to some degree, nothing seems to be stepping in to stop this worldwide conflict, I’m going to say between Russia and the US slash nato, Ukraine being the entity that’s causing this thing to happen. So your perspective, what’s taking place there? Where are we actually in that engagement?

Michele Bachmann:         Well, the United States again is the initiator, just as Joe Biden is the initiator of global government through the WHO. Joe Biden is the initiator of provoking World War III on the grounds of Ukraine. Now, Ukraine again was the epicenter of Russia initially when Russia came together as a people group, as a nation, Ukraine is really the epicenter, the beginning, the font of Russia. And so it was always seen as one nation. Well, we know after the Soviet Union collapsed after 70 years that Ukraine became an independent nation. What do we know about Ukraine? It is the bread basket, some of the richest soil in all of Europe and they are the bread basket of, but they’re also the poorest European nation and they’re also the most corrupt European nation. So the United States, particularly our CIA, seems to have its fingerprints all over Ukraine together with our state department.

Michele Bachmann:         Victoria Newland was a former Secretary of State and she had an obsession with Ukraine and she seemed to be fomenting this war between Ukraine and Russia. Some say it’s the subtle old scores. Now what you just said is that there were rockets, US made rockets that zelensky the head of Ukraine fired at Crimea. This just wasn’t firing it at a military target. They fired this missile at a public beach where Russians were at the beach in their swimsuits. And for some unknown reason, they fired it on this beach. Nobody was killed. But it was probably the most senseless reckless act. And you look at this and scratch your head and say, is somebody trying to provoke a war? Nobody apologized afterward. It isn’t like the United States said say, Hey, we’re going to pull back Israel. Can’t do anything in the United States is after them.

Sam Rohrer:       Michele , can I interrupt your question here? The US is saying that no, that is not true. That what you just said, they said that they were firing them at military installations on Crimea and had Russia not intercepted that missile, it would not have dropped the pieces on the beach. Alright, now that’s the kind of information that people are hearing. Do you know which of those stories are true or is it perhaps a little bit of both, but in any regard then continue where you were going then. Well,

Michele Bachmann:         Either way, it’s incredibly reckless because the United States was warned ahead of time. Most severely by Russia, you are crossing a line into nuclear war. You are supplying the weapons and so therefore we see you as being a part of this process. Now again, then move that into Israel. I know we’re going to talk about Israel later, but Iran has warned the United States, if you get involved with Lebanon and Hezbollah, all of the forces that Iran has arrayed together, we’re coming after you. So the same thing has been said by Putin to the United States regarding Ukraine. Why in the world would Joe Biden risk World War III in Ukraine? Why in the world would Joe Biden this last week agree to a 10 year blank check? You heard me right? A 10 year blank check that the United States we’re paying the money for Zelensky and Ukraine so that they can keep fighting this unending war with no call for a ceasefire or for an end.

Michele Bachmann:         Israel is told to ceasefire, but from Joe Biden’s perspective, war, war, we want more war. We want to keep this thing going for what is our US interest there. It makes absolutely no sense. This has been a very interesting area, Ukraine for the United States, it’s reported that we have bio labs there. Would we go to war over that? I don’t think so. It seems to me more than anything, those who are running this country, and it doesn’t seem to be Joe Biden, but those who are calling the shop want World War iii. Why would anyone in their right mind want World War? It’s because when you have a crisis on the level of a World War iii, then you move toward a global government. And the Biden administration, as we’ve seen through the World Health Organization, their goal is to collapse the United States and move the United States into collapses to a diminished status and then move us to a world government. That’s really what their ultimate goal is

Sam Rohrer:       And does appear that that is what’s taking place. Alright, I’m looking here in just a couple of minutes. Those who are in charge, it appears on one hand you talked about the United Nations, you have China that’s funding a lot of the World Health Organization. They’re heavily involved in the un, but the United States is really funding the un, the UN’s sitting right here in New York City. You have the globalist who don’t really want any nation of the world to be the leader. They want to call the shots in the end of the day. I just want to ask you this question. Is it the globalists who are dedicated to world government that are really calling the shots as we’re seeing this, is China in competition with a globalist or are they really one in the same, wanting the same thing, world government, but both vying for who’s going to control that world government?

Michele Bachmann:         Well, it’s a compendium of bad guys. That’s how I would put it. You have a lot of bad actors on the global stage who see that it’s their go time because there’s no good counter nation that’s opposing them. The United States is not opposing Iran. We’re not opposing North Korea. We’re not opposing the evil designs of communist China or communist Russia. So these are communist entities plus global jihadist entities, the Red Green Alliance who are coming together because they all want domination. No one knows what it will look like in the final analysis other than the Bible. The Bible tells us there will be an antichrist and it may be that an antichrist arrives and rises up after terrible global crisis of a war that could happen, for instance. So we don’t know exactly what that will be, but we’ve never seen a greater level of stability. And that’s why I think globally around the world, people are asking what is going on? Because decisions are being made that are suicidal. From a nation’s point of view, Joe Biden’s decisions are suicidal for the survival of the United States. Why would any president do that to his own country? That’s a good question, but

Sam Rohrer:       Yeah, it is a good question. And ladies and gentlemen think about this. Michele  mentioned biblical prophecy. We talk about it all the time. This is how I describe what’s happening, A level of deception like we’ve never seen, and it may not, the antichrist has not revealed himself yet, but the scripture does say the spirit of antichrist would increase. That’s kind of how I would explain something. We’ll come back, we’ll talk. Well, we’re going into our final segment now. We’ve kind of gone around the world more or less. We’re going to end up in the Middle East because according to biblical prophecy, that’s where God ends up. Jesus Christ will one day come back, he’ll reign physically from Jerusalem, from Israel and all that we see happening around us, and I’m going to submit ladies and gentlemen will biblically that those of us who live in the United States, we have a tendency to think that we are the most important country in the world.

Sam Rohrer:       Well, God has really blessed this nation in an amazing way to become a tool in the hands of God. We know that to help spread the gospel, help bring technology necessary for end days development into being, to deliver wealth which has been distributed to the nations. That’s from the United States. That’s all biblical. So it is important. But God’s plan of redemption as he laid out in scripture and expanded upon in the prophecy of Daniel, the kingdom of the United States is not there. There’s a change, something happens, but I’ll tell you what is there, all of that was defined during Daniel’s all about the gentile nations of the world in this age, we call the church age this time when God puts in his plan of redemption to bring the message of the gospel to the nations of the world because the Jews, Israel, the old didn’t do it and God didn’t get rid of Israel.

Sam Rohrer:       He set ’em aside for a while. That’s what Romans talks about. But it’s all about Israel and God’s promises to Israel, the Jewish people in Jerusalem. And that’s why the whole world is focused on the Middle East. And it appears that everybody, including the United Nations and the nations of the world, including our own United States, this government we have walk away from Israel. And it doesn’t make sense unless you read it from the pages of scripture. So the spirit of Antichrist mentioned on the other side is at work, just like Psalm chapter two talks about the leaders of the world lift their fists against the God of heaven. They are and against God’s anointed who are God’s anointed, Jesus Christ, who else are anointed and chosen of God, the church, Christianity, Christians, and of course Israel. And that’s why when we go to Israel, the relationship with us becomes very, very critical in what happens.

Sam Rohrer:       And with that little bit of an intro, Michele , let’s go here to Israel, just not too long ago, Israeli leadership effectively gave the green light for a full scale engagement with Hezbollah to the north, which has been sending missiles into Northern Israel since October seven. And about between 70 and a hundred thousand Israelis living in Northern Israel have been dislocated. And it appears that a full scale war is imminent between Israel and Hezbollah. And some say it can’t be avoided. Alright, I’m just stop right there. Give us your take on what is happening with the unfolding conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, and if that were to happen, your likelihood, how does Iran then factor into that?

Michele Bachmann:         Well, the word is Iran. If you look at any of the nations surrounding Israel, they’re all being backed by Iran. Iran has effectively created a ring of fire around Israel. They’ve spent decades working on this. But they were able to invade Lebanon, which was a sweet peace loving nation and people, and they have effectively taken over the government of Lebanon and all of southern Lebanon. They have moved their people in and they have somewhere between 150,000, more likely 200,000, very sophisticated missiles that can go anywhere in Israel. They are precision driven and you talk about a nuclear bomb and the impact of a nuclear bomb, but the impact of 200,000 precision guided missiles on a country the size of Israel, the size of New Jersey, you’re talking about a devastation equal to a nuclear bomb. So whether or not Iran has a nuclear bomb, Iran has what’s worse.

Michele Bachmann:         And that’s 200,000 precision guided bombs that can be inflicted on Israel at any moment. They’re no longer the crude missiles that they used to have. These are now very sophisticated weaponry that has the ability to be able to defeat the Iron Dome. We hear about the Iron Dome. And the Iron Dome is what God used to protect the Jewish people and Israel. When 600 rockets came in from Iran, you might remember that a couple of months ago we heard about 300 rockets. It was actually 600 rockets, but about 300 of Iran’s rockets failed in Iran. They blew up in Iran, but 300 made it to Israel. It was a statistical miracle that Israel was able to succeed and not one person was killed from those 300 rockets. That was the hand of God that intervened. Now we’re looking at something very different because now we’re looking at a rock which is partnering up with Iran against Israel and Syria, which is a weapons depot for Iran.

Michele Bachmann:         They’re also pointing weapons in military against Israel, but also within Israel itself. And Judea. Samaria, there’s a huge number of what they call the Palestinian authorities, Arabs, that hate Israel in those areas. They also, I just read this morning a huge number of weapons and ammunition were just found in that area that Israel was able to pick up. And don’t forget, Hamas is still actively firing rockets. And don’t forget, in the Red Sea are the Houthis and the Houthis from Yemen are firing rockets very successfully and disrupting, shifting traffic. And they’re able to get rockets up to a lot in different areas in Israel. So as we go forward, as of today, Israel has called up 350,000 reservists to the north of Israel. So they are ready to go in at a moment’s notice for this war to begin. And that may be what happens, but it won’t be just Hezbollah, it’s Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Michele Bachmann:         It is Hamas, it’s all the other actors that surround this ring of fire. And that’s why this is so consequential because literally the nations are backed by Iran, but I think more than Iran, there are agreements now with North Korea and with communist China. The head mollah of Iran has met with communist China and also with Russia. So you have every bad, bad, bad actor coming together against what? Israel, what does that sound like? Scripture? That’s exactly what scripture says. And what’s so unbelievable is that the United States who’s always been the traditional ally of Israel, we’ve already put Israel on notice. If you go up and fight in Lebanon against Hezbollah, we’re not going to be there for you. How we were there for you when Iran fired those 300 rockets into Israel and we helped you with intercepting, we will not help you with intercepting.

Michele Bachmann:         And here’s my point of view, biblically, I believe if Israel engages in this battle with Hezbollah, God, his strong right arm will save, will protect Israel. I believe that that will happen. It will be a miracle. We will all see this miracle happen, but it won’t be because of the United States military. Might we have an opportunity like the Bible says, to bless Israel, but by us informing Israel that we’re not going to help you in the face of certain deaths. I think that brings a curse onto the United States and woe and to the United States if we take that posture. That’s why I think this is one of the most critical times in American history, and it’s why we as believers need to be praying now more than ever for our government to act biblically when it comes to Israel.

Sam Rohrer:       And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we’re out of time. Thank you so much. Michele  Bachmann. Ladies and gentlemen, be praying. Look up. God’s plans are working out. It’s amazing to be living in these days, but our God is great.