From Avian Flu to Yearly COVID Shots: Confronting Fear with Truth

July 1, 2024

Host: Hon. Sam Rohrer

Guest: Dr. Lee Vliet, M.D.

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Sam Rohrer:       Hello and welcome to a new week of Stand in the Gap today programming as well as the first week of July. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Just this time is moving so quickly, but this week, great week. It’s also the week where all of those who love America and our constitution and the freedoms we’ve been blessed with for so long will celebrate and give thanks to God at least we should for his unchanging promises. And it’s my prayer that each of you will join with me not just this week, but every week as we go forward. Not only praying for our nation generally, but specifically for our political and religious leaders and frankly all citizens alike. For what reason? Well, specifically that we would return to God and repent of their love affair. Yes, our love affair as a nation with idolatry and greed and corruption, it’s so obvious.

Sam Rohrer:       Let us praise well that each of us would renew our commitment to the God of heaven by fearing him in sincere awe, fear God and keep His commandments. Those two things. What we should do and that those of us who know the truth would proceed forward day by day, fearing God more than man in the end. That’s really more important than anything we can do. Well, that being said, let me just thank Dr. Isaac Crockett, co-host of this program and my stand in the Gap TV co-host for leading this program last Thursday and Friday when I was away for a few days with Dr. Jamie Mitchell and Arkansas for a pastor’s conference. Such a blessing to have such capable men working alongside in this vital part of this ministry. God’s raised up for such a time now that being the case a week in advance, I try to do this when I’m on Monday looking ahead relevant programs.

Sam Rohrer:       This week tomorrow, Ted Vanden Legum, messianic Jew, former White House media advisor and US military member will join me as we consider the important theme of God speaking to the world and specifically America and how effectively I’m going to say nobody seems to hear what’s being said. It’ll be a follow up to a program that we did back in April, Wednesday. Dr. Carl Broggi will join me as we present a biblical analysis. Actually, I’m just narrowing down the theme that we’re going to talk about, but it will be related to the Middle East Israel and biblical prophecy. Then on Thursday, July 4th, constitutional attorney David New and I are going to present a special focus on the Declaration of the Independence and some very special insights from history past. I think it’ll be a blessing. Now for today, however, since it’s been a while since I’ve done a medically focused program with a notable medical doctor, I have asked Dr. Lee Vliet, president and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation and creator of the Medicine and Ministry Program to join me again.

Sam Rohrer:       Our focus today to bring truth to bear on the fear being spread by a couple things. Avian flu narrative. You’re hearing it out there, lots being done. We’re going to talk about that and also the impact by the approval of the FDA and the CDC for expanding a nearly yearly, actually they’re calling for MRNA Covid shot to be given to everyone, including children down to the ages of six months of age. Hopefully this is just a little bit of information I’ll give you, but that’s the roadmap for the week and I hope that you’ll be with us every day. The title I’ve chosen for today’s program though is from Avian Flu to Yearly Covid Shots, confronting Fear with Truth. Now, before I bring in Dr. Lee Vliet and I am going to bring her in just a few moments since a number of people have asked me for some brief thoughts on the Trump Biden event of last Thursday night, I watched it according to the numbers.

Sam Rohrer:       Most of you, or many of you probably watched it too, a lot of commentary out there. The media is a buzz with it. Here are just a couple of observations that I would put in response to some questions I’ve been given. Number one is this, without any doubt, I’m going to say this, the tide has turned on Joe Biden, the whole ground swell is moving against him even by the Democrats, and I think this is my sense that either a voluntary or a forced change in candidates is going to happen. Secondly, I think Joe Biden’s poor performance was not a surprise. I think it was known and I think it was set up to force a change. That’s my observation. And a third is the Democrats don’t really want Kamala Harris either, so I think that perhaps another choice will come forth and I’m just going to stop it there. Just a few thoughts, but I’m going to welcome in Dr. Lee Vliet right now. Dr. Lee, thanks for being with me.

Lee Vliet:             You’re so welcome, pastor Sam, and I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with your audience again because turning back to God is actually what we need to do to save America and our constitutional republic, which was divinely inspired. It was God’s inspiration that led our founders.

Sam Rohrer:       Yes, it was indeed. And Lee, we have two minutes, so you have to make it quick. I’m just going to ask you this. You’ve been involved in medical analysis for a long time. Anything that you can say about Joe Biden’s physical performance, number one and number two, work it together. He is 81, Donald Trump is 78, will be 79. If he wins, is the age of either one and both a concern? Your comments please.

Lee Vliet:             Well, it’s not the age of the individual, it’s their cognitive damage or lack thereof. Someone can be a hundred and be sharp and someone can be 45 and have dementia. The issue is brain damage and in part of my training at Johns Hopkins, I worked on the dementia unit. It’s very clear that you can observe all of the characteristics of someone with dementia. They can’t complete a sentence, they’re confused. They don’t know where they are. Their memory is impaired, they get lost in their sentences, balances, impaired, they fall. These are all things that are classic for a progressive dementia and cognitive damage. And it’s very clear that someone with the level of cognitive damage we just saw on wide display, don’t have to do a physical exam in person, a neurologic exam to make these observations. You don’t even have to be a physician. Anyone in their right mind can look at this and say he’s cognitively damaged. Donald Trump is not. Donald Trump does not have a history of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, tobacco use, and he is cognitively sharp. So the chronological age is not as important as what is the biological age and health of the person, and that’s the issue that Americans need to look at. This is a complex country and we were the world’s leader and a power in the world for good until now when we have no leadership and we have a devastating situation with someone at the helm who belongs under medical care constantly.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay, and I’m just going to to stop you right there. That’s a fantastic summary in just a couple of minutes, ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Lee, my guest here today, our theme from Avian Flu to the yearly Covid shots confronting Fear with truth. We’re going to move from that very brief commentary as we just said, we going to do, we’re going to move to the other issues when we come back on October 19th, 2022. Alright, 2022, the U-S-C-D-C confirmed plans to add COVID-19 vaccines to the child immunization schedule, which could lead to the vaccines being mandated for school children in some states. Now, what I just read there, that statement was the first paragraph in an Epic Times article from October 19th, 2022. And from that time to the present, government and pharmaceutical partners have worked fast and furious to integrate mRNA technology throughout all so-called vaccines and to continue to drive forward with the claim that mRNA technology is good and that increased shots are a good thing despite the indisputable and overwhelming global data that has been developed in the last couple of years since the COVID shots.

Sam Rohrer:       Now just last week on June 27th following FDA approval, the CDC officially recommended forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines for virtually all Americans, even though no clinical efficacy or safety data is available. By the way, these shots according to their information will be available in September just a few months away with a per shot cost of $130. Now this is what they said. This is from the CDC release. CDC unanimously recommends everyone ages six months and older receive an updated 20 24, 20 25 COVID-19 vaccine to protect against the potentially serious outcomes of COVID-19 this fall and winter whether or not they have ever previously been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine. Alright, now Lee, let’s get into this medical issue. There are at least two issues here that I’d like to get your input about. One is that all Americans down to six months of age get yearly COVID-19 mRNA shots that they’re calling vaccines.

Sam Rohrer:       The first within that is the recommendation that covid shots be added to the childhood immunization schedule and then secondly that all Americans need to begin getting a yearly shot even down to six months old. Now here’s my question to you From a medical and historical perspective, based on the data that we now have, what are your thoughts about adding COVID to the childhood immunization schedule and to infants down to the six months of age that’s even prior to this one they just came out with right now, but just the larger sense of immunizations babies down to six months of age and then sticking that covid to one on top of them.

Lee Vliet:             I think it’s potentially devastating damage especially to children. Children are not at risk of serious illness from covid. We know that from worldwide data for the last four years. Secondly, we know that the covid shots cross the blood brain barrier in ways that traditional vaccines never did and that is causing brain damage of many different forms. Children’s brains are still developing and down to six months of Asian infancy is just horrific. I think it’s appalling and I’m shocked that with the level of damaging data that we have on these covid shots from around the world, that the CDC is so irresponsible as to recommend something so broadly. And the other point that people need to keep in mind is that viral illnesses mutate in ways to make them spread easier and be less damaging over time. So covid is no worse an illness than the common cold.

Lee Vliet:             We have medicines that treat it very effectively, hydroxychloroquine and actually doxycycline and clarithromycin both have antibacterial as well as antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, nebulized corticosteroids, nasal switches with povidone iodine, diluted vitamins, minerals. There are all kinds of ways to treat this illness. You do not need to take the risk of an experimental gene therapy damaging shot, the staggering information. In fact, there’s just a new study published by Children’s Health Defense researchers looking at the fact that if you add more vaccines at one time in children, the damage escalates in a exponential way. For example, children who get six vaccines at one time have over a 3000% increase in illnesses affecting the trachea and bronchi, in other words, respiratory illnesses. And it is absolutely unconscionable to recommend it so broadly when covid is not an illness that causes serious disease in children and it’s a very treatable medical problem for adults now as well. There’s no way that I would recommend an annual experimental gene therapy shot for any of my patients with the damaging data we know. Okay,

Sam Rohrer:       Let’s move on from infants and we could broaden that anyways, we’ll just leave it at that. The second thing I wanted to talk to you about in there is that the CDCs decision to recommend, now they’re not mandating, they don’t necessarily have the ability to mandate, but generally the recommendations when I see those words find their way into some kind of a mandate type of a thing. But anyways, that part of it, but recommend these new COVID-19 shots yearly to all Americans. So you’ve already said infants, absolutely young children, no way. But now they’re saying all Americans regardless of age, and this is something I thought it was interesting, a cost of $130 per shot, which I added this up. This is interesting. If just 50% of 150 million Americans, that’s less than 50% were actually to do what they’re recommending, 130 bucks a shot that would put 20 billion a year into the pockets of Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax who are involved and already are lining themselves up to do these shots in September to cash in. I’m going to put it that word. Just your general thoughts on all of that.

Lee Vliet:             Well, I think I just said previously I don’t recommend these annual shots because it’s not a serious illness at this point and it’s treatable with existing medicines. People do not. Adults do not need to take the risk of these experimental shots with no oversight in quality control, what the supply chain ingredients are, what the components are. There’s no disclosures, there’s no transparency about what’s in them. We know that they’re altering the human genome. I think this Pastor Sam speaking as a physician and not a pastor, but I think this is an assault on God’s design of life and I think it’s by design. They have known the damage to the human genome. They’ve known the damage for 20 years to fertility and reproduction. They’ve known the potential for brain damage and we are seeing rising dementia. Why would any American today with the data we have about the damage from these shots, why would anyone want to get this shot? I think it’s always been about profit over patience, and I think it’s been about the long range agenda, which is a transhumanism agenda to alter God’s design of life, human life, animal life, plant life and the function of the climate. It’s all about the hubris of man, which is the evil in the spiritual battle we face. It’s not just medical and economic and political and profit driven. It’s driven by a greater spiritual battle that you and I talk about all the time.

Sam Rohrer:       And I’m glad you brought up that larger battle that’s underway because the shot we’re talking about here, the MRNA in the human vaccines you’re saying and suggest we’ve talked about it before, are a part of a larger issue to take and change basically the makeup of even the food we eat. It’s just changing almost all of God’s creation, isn’t it?

Lee Vliet:             Absolutely. That’s been the agenda for more than a hundred years. In fact, we can go back to the time of Noah. This was taking place before Noah’s time and what led to God cleansing the earth in the great flood. I mean that’s described in the Bible. I’m not interpreting what happened. I’m going strictly from the biblical record.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay? And you are, and ladies and gentlemen we’re just about out of time right here. But I think Dr. Lee, what you’re talking about at that point was before the flood, ladies and gentlemen, the scripture speaks about angelic beings actually coming down and interacting sexually with women, human women. And there were hybrids, there were giants, there were a lot of things that were created really from a biblical perspective. It was a demonic attempt to try and change the human genome so that the birth of Christ could not come from an unpolluted line. So this has been going on a long time and that’s why it’s important to keep what we see here in view of the larger picture, which has been happening for a long time now. When we come back, we’re going to bring up another issue. We’re hearing a lot about avian flu. Alright, it’s actually having some impact.

Sam Rohrer:       It’s actually having impact in our cattle industry. It is, but is it real? And we’re going to talk about that with Dr. Lee Veli and myself here today. So stay tuned. We’ll be right back. Well, if you’re just joining us today, thanks for being aboard on this Monday program. My special guest today is Dr. Lee Veli. She’s been with me before. I know a lot of you really like listening to her and I’m glad that she was able to join me again today. She’s the president and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation and also creator of Medicine and Ministry program and a lot of other things in which she’s involved. She has a, truth for A lot of information there. I would encourage you to check it out if you would like some further information. Now, theme today is this from avian flu to yearly covid shots.

Sam Rohrer:       And I’m tagging that with confronting fear with truth. And that’s a lot of what Dr. Lee’s about. Then she speaks a great deal about dealing with these health fears that are strategically stated. I’m going to put in not reacting as they want in fear, knowledge and truth helps us not to respond the way they want, but that being the case. I’m picking up these two issues here. We just talked about the matter of covid shots. The CDC just came out last week and are promoting recommending that all people, these are their words, all Americans from infants age six, all the way up to if you’re still breathing, that they get these shots every year. They’re mRNA shots, they confess that they have not been tested and prior history. We know that they are dangerous and Dr. Lee has spoken to that. So we just gave some commentary.

Sam Rohrer:       If you just joining us, go back and listen to the program again and pick up that again. All of these programs are in text form now generally within 24 hours we put them up so you can listen to the audio and read the text at the same time and it’s very convenient. Alright, let’s move into this other area since the launch of COVID-19 and 2020. So I’m going to say this just as a reminder, because there was actually pre modeling of this pandemic. In other words, it was talked about. It was actually modeled in the response to it by official groups and people that was in 2019 before it ever came out in 2020. And Covid vaccines themselves were patented in 2017. Regardless of what people say, actually I had it. I’ve talked about it in this program before. They patented them. So they knew exactly what was happening.

Sam Rohrer:       But they’ve continued, if you’ve noticed, to continue to talk about and preparing for the next pandemic. That’s what their words that I’m tired of hearing ’em talk about it. But this is the message of the World Health Organization. If you’ve caught prior programs one last Wednesday with Michelle Bachman, we were talking about it because this is exactly what they’re trying to get. They want by hook or crook to gain centralized health power over the world in their words, to save the world from the next pandemic that they have identified as disease X. And these things are happening. So I’m just going to shorten down what I’m going to say and get right into it and say, Dr. Lee, let’s go now to this matter of disease X. They’ve positioned it. They’re saying it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when they’re so positive, they say it and they’ve got to put things into effect in order to protect the people of the world. So what is this disease action? Your thoughts about this? Such aggressive planning about something that is going to come and they know it, but they can’t tell you what it is.

Lee Vliet:             We did a number of programs on that explaining that this was more fearmongering to use fear as the weapon of psychological control and lead to panic and drive people into experimental injections under the guise deceptively that they were a vaccination. But the avian flu is clearly an illness that has been known since the late 18 hundreds. It’s been threatened as a pandemic since the 1990s. It is definitely not new and it’s not something that people need to fear. It’s actually, and it’s really they are claiming it’s a threat to cattle and milk supply. It’s not. They’re using false PCR testing to claim that there’s a case. We just did a program with an expert from the Netherlands who’s a data analyst who has analyzed the results of PCR test worldwide and it has a 90% false positive rate. So it’s not a reliable diagnostic test to date. Bird flu infections in humans are very rare. There have been less than a thousand known cases worldwide since 1997 when it was first identified in humans and only two cases in the United States. This is fear mongering. It’s the same covid playbook in an election year being carried out in 2024 under a new name. It’s a treatable illness as well. And we have medicines that are very effective against avian flu. If you do get sick,

Sam Rohrer:       Oxy

Lee Vliet:             Hydroxychloroquine and nutraceuticals, an acetylcysteine vitamin D, zinc vitamin CI want your audience to know several simple key points, pastor Sam. Number one, the symptoms of bird flu are nonspecific. They’re the same symptoms you’d have with a cold or another viral syndrome or even bad allergies. PCR test 0.2 are not diagnostic PCR test 0.3, not specific for covid or avian flu existing medicines. Work is the biggest point you need to keep in mind. You do not need these experimental shots and you don’t need the risk of these mRNA shots that they don’t even do any field testing before they unleash them on people across this country and around the world. I mean, Finland is buying $40 million worth of experimental shots that have never had any field testing and they’re injecting healthcare workers. This doesn’t make sense. This is not good medical practice. It’s political and it’s profit margin. Alright,

Sam Rohrer:       That’s perfect. I got a couple more questions here on that regard. So I mean it is my sense, Dr. Lee, by the way, we know the globalist fear Moners do. They will continue to build up. They’ve been having placing things into the public narrative, a little piece in the media over here and a little piece by somebody over here and that continue to build this fear driving people to want to get a shot as example. So basically you’re saying, look, this is not an issue and their treatment would be far more of a problem than if somebody even got it. But here’s my question in this regard. The PCR test. Now, when I was in the Pennsylvania house, I chaired our agricultural committee for a while. I was involved in agriculture, I’d listened to things in the morning, agricultural tests, this fear of avian flu. They are saying it’s not an issue to the cow.

Sam Rohrer:       The cows may get it, but there’s nothing that happens to them. But they are encouraging farmers to give their cattle these tests, these swab tests. Many of the farmers I know are saying, I don’t want to test my cattle because they don’t know what this information is doing. Or maybe they’re even giving it to their cattle. They’re not that many farmers listening here to me right now in the middle of the day, but they pick it up the end of the day. Should agriculture, I mean should they be going along with this kind of a thing? You said people should not be taking PCR tests, but the farmers should. They say, no, I’m not going to test my cattle too.

Lee Vliet:             Well, the PCR test is not specific for avian flu period. Whether you’re using it in cows or birds or people. The PCR test was never designed to be a diagnostic test that is from the description of the inventor of the test himself prior to his death. It is a qualitative test. It only tells you something is there. It doesn’t tell you what it is. And it has a high false positive rate. Data analysts have looked at this question, the false positive rate on PCR tests. That means they claim it’s positive test and people are not sick can run 80 to 90%.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, that’s good. I think that

Lee Vliet:             Is not useful.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay, let me ask you another question before we get out of this segment. Up to this point, testing has been in chickens, turkeys, ducks, and there have been literally tens of millions of chickens killed in this country that’s forced a lowering in availability of chicken, meat, eggs and all of that. Someone once told me that that is stupid policy. Let the birds get it. They don’t all get it, but they kill an entire flock of a hundred thousand because one got it. Would it be better just to let that one who gets it die and the others are therefore immune and then you don’t have to worry about it?

Lee Vliet:             Well, that’s the normal practice. But this I said is a political agenda and it was twofold. It is to frighten the public and control them and it’s the playbook used in election year 2024 that was used in election year 2020 to disrupt the election. So there’s a political agenda. There’s the economic agenda of the Marty for the profit motive for the pharmaceutical companies, and there’s the control of the food supply, which leads to starvation and the depopulation agenda, which has been outlined for a hundred years.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay, hold it right there. We’re out of time. That’s good. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us. We’ll come back and we’re going to complete that thought with Dr. Lee. And then with a bit more practical thing relative to now with this information happening, are there decisions that we can make now to help us better be prepared when this thought is going to be coming on us more and more down the road? Well, we’re already at the end of the program. We’re going to try and wrap some things up now with a few final questions to Dr. Leelee about some of the items we’ve talked about here so far. Dr. Lee, those who are listening to us today, I want to go to the Avian flu here. Just one more question and then a response from you. But not only has Avian flu been planted in the public minds and the narrative, so has dengue fever has been planted there. So if you want to give a comment on that. But here it is. This is what some have said. If that avian flu were to be weaponized human tampered with such as the Coronavirus was tampered with and became COVID-19, would it then become an issue? And how should people respond to that? Or is what you’re talking about the treatment available and so forth, would that still remain the kind of treatment even in a case like that?

Lee Vliet:             Well, yes, pastor Sam. In fact, for your listeners, please go to truth for and click on the Faith Over Fear tab. I just did a whole in-depth seminar on Avian flu and discussed the gain of function issues that you’re raising. The program date is June 18th, 2024. It’s a video program with graphics, facts, research, treatment options, and an integrated approach to how you improve your immune health and stay healthy and how you treat the illness if you do get sick. And I really encourage, it’s too much to go into today. But yes, the drugs that work well against these viral syndromes, avian, flu and Covid and dengue and others are all ones that have been researched at NIH for the last 25 years or longer. Hydroxychloroquine doxycycline, which is antibacterial and antiviral, anti-inflammatory ivermectin, and some of the other medicines in those classes all work well.

Lee Vliet:             And then most people are not at risk of getting sick with these types of, if their vitamin D levels are above 60. And you can ask your doctor to check your vitamin D level if you have adequate zinc intake, magnesium, vitamin C, an acetylcysteine, and of course vitamin D. These all play a role in helping your immune system work properly to help you avoid getting sick nasal rinses with dilute povidone iodine we’ve used for decades, and that has been very effective at reducing viral load in the nose before it spreads to the respiratory tract. The real issue with avian flu is that Dr. Robert Redfield, who was the former director of the CDC, explained in a recent video, it only takes a few amino acid changes to avian flu to make it cross the species barriers, for example, from birds to humans and the gain of function research is very dangerous.

Lee Vliet:             In fact, bill Gates Foundation just awarded $9.5 million to the University of Wisconsin at Madison to make avian flu, bird flu, a tribe N one transmissible to humans. This was announced June 17th, 2024. So why in the world would anyone be engaging in research to make bird flu transmissible to humans? That’s unconscionable. And the fact that University of Wisconsin took $9.5 million from the Gates Foundation to do this kind of research ought to spark outrage among the people of Wisconsin and across America. It is very dangerous research and responsible scientists worldwide are speaking out against it. But that’s what’s going on. And if you are concerned about you might get sick, then my recommendation is to prepare ahead of time with the antivirals. The old drug amantadine and rimantadine are also ones that could work. Doxycycline has published studies at NIH showing its effectiveness against Avian flu. So does hydroxychloroquine. They published this in cell research more than 10 years ago that it worked against Avian flu. They’ve been talking about avian flu as a potential illness for, as I said, since 1997 and they’ve been trying to make it more than it was. And now we have the danger of the gain of function research. So I really do think I really want your listeners to go and watch that program that I just did because I worked hard to put together.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay, give that website again, doctor, give that website again because I thought it different than the one I gave. What was it, truth for or was it another one that you’re directing them to? Truth

Lee Vliet:             For Health? The word FOR and click on the Faith Over Fear tab. The program date on Avian flu is the June 18th, 2024 program video archive on our website.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, that’s excellent. Ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you to do that. So for those who want to know more so that you can take legitimate steps to protect that which is legitimate, go to that website, truth for Health dot Oregon. See what Dr. Lelet has there. Okay, a couple of minutes left here, but what other things can people do proactively knowing that there will be events, there will be things that will come up that are planned by sinful evil people, frankly, to scare or to make people fear into doing things like shots and so forth, which create even more harm. I, for instance, have done this. I have made a decision, you can comment on that and go beyond that, but I have said, knowing that they’re putting MRNA technology into many, many, many shots, if not all, and you can comment on that. I’ve said I am not going to voluntarily, knowingly take anything in the form of a shot that has any kind of mRNA into it because there’s nothing good that comes out of it. That’s something that I’ve decided to do. Comment on that or other things that people can do proactively making decision now, Dr. Lee, so that when things come up, they don’t have to wonder and flounder around about what to do.

Lee Vliet:             You’re so right. God does not give us a spirit of fear. So do not give in to all the fear mongering. God teaches us ways of staying healthy. It’s throughout the Bible and that’s what we are bringing together in these programs for faith over fear and how to improve your hope and resilience based on God’s design of the human body and our amazing immune system. We just need to give it the right ingredients to help it work the way God designed. And those are the tools we are giving you in an approach that’s based on biblical truth. And I really want to encourage people, the best way to avoid getting sick is to plan the steps to be healthy and have on hand the resources you need if you do get sick. So we are teaching you those tools. This is what God has called me to do. My work with the foundation is pro bono because it’s my gift to God for all of the ways that he has guided my life and work in medicine. And I encourage people to share our resources, get a group together, do a little home church Bible study program about combating fear, and then use our program medically to help you combat the fear. Show the video to your friends and family. Share it.

Sam Rohrer:       And there we go. That’s a great place to stop. Our time is up. Dr. Lee Valit, again, her website, truth for A lot of information, obviously no matter where you may have joined us during the program, anything about health, things that you can do that are biblically sound and medicinally accurate. You can go there and you can find out a lot of these things. And again, like we do on this program, we try to bring up issues that are before us. Address them truthfully, objectively from a biblical worldview perspective and then say, now, based on this, make a choice for truth. So I encourage you to do that, Lord. Willing to see you back here tomorrow.