Weakness Within Ensuring Aggression Without

July 8, 2024

Host: Hon. Sam Rohrer

Guest: J. R. McGee

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Sam Rohrer:       Hello and welcome to this Monday edition of Stand In the Gap Today, and I trust that all of you had an enjoyable Independence Day weekend being on Thursday this past week. It kind of gave us all a longer weekend and I hope that you were able to spend some quality time with friends or family and while in the midst of all that not forget to give God thanks for his goodness to our nation these last 248 years since that document, the Declaration of Independence was signed and if because of busyness, perhaps I know we’re all busy, you weren’t able to listen to some of last week’s special program designed around Independence and Independence Day. I hope that you’ll make it a point to go back and listen particularly to Tuesday and Thursday programs. Last week, they were geared specifically to tie in to aspects of independence and declaration and or nation, and you can do that of course by going to stand in the gap radio.com or on our app.

Sam Rohrer:       And again, if you haven’t drown loaded that we encourage you to do so. Many people are finding it so easy and it is easy to listen to past programs, all of the radio programs as well as tv, as well as do a wide search on program themes. All right there in your hand if you have your smartphone now for this week’s program, just giving a week in advance, Dr. Jamie Mitchell, we’ll have Bunny pounce be a guest on the theme tomorrow, the relevant theme of engaging believers in Elections Wednesday, Twila Braze, president of Citizens Council for Health Freedom will be back with me as again we select the top lead issues as of Wednesday morning in the matter, health Freedom on Thursday. I’ll be here. Guest is not yet confirmed, but it’ll be a good program and still trying to work that out particular on Friday.

Sam Rohrer:       Then Dr. Isaac Crockett and I will be together on a theme yet under discussion, sometimes we wait a little bit closer to the end just to depend on that item to select, so that’s why now I hope you’ll be with us for the entire week and that you will, if you’re committed to truth know confidently that when you listen to this program, you will get the latest headline news of we think of the most importance, but always from a biblical worldview perspective. Now today, glad to have back with me JR McGee, no stranger to this program as our theme today is going to focus again as normal on matters of greatest national and international significance from a strategic military and security perspective, which is J.R.’s forte, but all within the context of biblical prophecy and God’s view of how we should consider that which we see unfolding around us.

Sam Rohrer:       The title I’ve chosen for today’s program is this is Weakness Within Ensuring Aggression Without. Now in the course of today’s program, we’re going to start here in America with the Biden Trump showcase, which we all saw, we’ve talked about it before, frankly thrown the entire world, not just a Democrat party in Congress and the American people, but the entire world frankly into a tizzy. Everyone now knows I believe by strategic design as I’ve earlier stated on this program, that the leader of the free world is very clearly mentally incapacitated. He’s not capable of running for office again and that’s part of the tizzy that the world is in, what to do about it, but it also raises the logical and bigger question, which should be the real focus and I think is not, and that is if he’s not really running the show, who is.

Sam Rohrer:       And this reality produces extraordinary considerations, not just for our future but for the past years and certainly in these months ahead. Now we’re going to talk about this message of weakness briefly in this first segment, make some applications of how that’s being enabled around the world. We’ll go to the Middle East and Israel in segment two. We’re going to talk about Russia and China in segment three, and then Jared and I are going to conclude with how do we put all this into perspective as we look ahead With that, I welcome you Jr to the program. Thanks for being back.

J.R. McGee:         It’s always a pleasure to be with you and our family, Sam

Sam Rohrer:       And Jr. Yeah, it’s good to have you here. As I’ve said, let’s get right into it. We have a lot to go over, but the world’s controlled media and the media is controlled. We know that it hasn’t changed from what we’ve seen three years ago, four years ago. It still is controlled and it focuses on everything regarding change. Imagine change, transition, it highlights conflict, talks about threats of pandemic and war because frankly this controlled media knows no good. It despises God, it’s turned everything upside down so they report what they want to do, I think to disturb people, but we’re not going to go there, but it certainly highlights weakness within in ensuring aggression without the title. We’re going to talk about question to you. How are you perceiving our national weakness within part of it as we go to the aggression into the next segments?

J.R. McGee:         Sam, that is clearly the question of the day and it’s incredibly important. What we haven’t heard from anybody so much from the media is that the President Biden’s the man with the nuclear football, he’s in command of what is still the most powerful military in the world, although that may be decreasing. It’s still the most powerful military the world’s ever seen and by far he’s still in control of the extraordinary amount of money that our American foreign aid and state Department distributed around the world. We’ve got incredible network of allies and we’ve got a very dangerous array of adversaries around the world that it all basically depended upon America as being almost the bedrock, the force of stability that you can look at and depend on, and that has been thrown not into question, it’s been thrown out the window. I think almost everybody at this point realizes that President Biden is not making the decisions, but nobody has any clear understanding precisely who is making those decisions and that uncertainty, that instability is creating considerable concern on the part of our allies and it’s encouraging our adversaries to think that this is the opportunity and the time for them to take steps and do things they wouldn’t necessarily do under any other circumstances.

J.R. McGee:         This creates an instability in the world that is very dangerous. We talk a lot about nature of whores, of vacuum and power, of whores, of vacuum, and right now the stand that America has provided and the stability that America has provided for the entire world is now absent. That creates an enormous power vacuum on the world stage and everybody in everything is rushing to try to feel that. France just had elections that were very chaotic. Britain just elected a brand new parliament that was the most liberal I think in their history. The nations around the world are voting and they’re going in all different directions. Everything’s up in the air right now and it’s predominantly because the United States no longer provides that bedrock foundation to build

Sam Rohrer:       Upon. Absolutely. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of Ecuador said this, the most powerful country in the world is falling so fast. It makes you rethink what are the real reasons. Something so big and powerful can’t be destroyed so quickly unless the enemy comes from within. That’s how the world is viewing. It stayed with us. We’ll be right back. Well for this, joining me today here on Standing the Gap today, our theme is weakness within Ensuring Aggression Without JR McGee is my guest. And again, for most of you listening, you listen regularly. We know that because you make a point of telling us. So you recognize JR and as we get into this theme here today, we just talked a bit about the weakness within in the last segment and I gave a quote from an individual, I think I said Ecuador, but that’s not right.

Sam Rohrer:       It’s El Salvador. The president of El Salvador put out what I said on a tweet. I picked that up by mistake. But key, the world is noticing what is happening to our once great nation and I think I’m afraid perhaps maybe the world is recognizing what’s taking place perhaps even more so than us, but weakness does generate aggression. Now, just a few thoughts as we talk further about this principle. I was thinking about what scripture says about this and some thoughts here came to my mind. The concept of peace through strength and the reverse that weakness ensures aggression is certainly true on one level. Therefore in part based on this recognition, a strong military with advanced weaponry and strategic planning is a normal and logical conclusion. It’s why nations must have strong and prepared militaries, and that’s in addition to obviously being Romans 13, being able to protect the innocent.

Sam Rohrer:       So there’s elements. So the military is important, strong military, very important for a nation. However, I’m going to submit that from God’s perspective that peace is more predictably insured, not through military strength, but God’s direct act of blessing as a result of a nation’s and a people’s spiritual strength reflected in their fear of God and the keeping of his commandments. Does that make sense? Now, for instance, Deuteronomy chapter 28, if you go ahead and read that, God said that fearing him and keeping his commandments would produce blessings which would include peace. It’s the absent of war where even their enemies would fear them because of their obedience to God. You saw that come about during the days of David and during the days of Solomon, the whole world was at peace because of the people fearing God. Proverbs 16, seven offers this principle goes beyond the national, takes it to the personal.

Sam Rohrer:       It says, when a man’s ways please the Lord God makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. And then in Psalm chapter 20 verse seven, it says this, there’s a choice that people have some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember and trust in the name of the Lord. See, the problem comes when a nation once blessed of God puts more trust in their military things and their stuff than they do in God, and that’s when it shifts in multiple places, including Deuteronomy chapter 28, verse 43. It says that the nation that rejects God and pursues immorality and idolatry that God will allow says the enemy or the stranger that is within thee shall get up above you, meaning the enemy within will rise up and attack you. Then in verse 48, God says that he will send the enemy nations in aggression from without who shall force the people into servitude where they will hunger and thirst. Okay, I share that to lay down some further foundational principles as we discuss this matter of weakness and aggression from enemies without. Alright, Jr, let’s go here. How’s the moral? I’m going to put the moral, the political and spiritual weakness of America encourage the aggression of Israel’s enemies. Now, what I read goes back to the Old Testament Israel, but we got a modern Israel right now and they still have enemies, the same ones almost effectively.

J.R. McGee:         Sam, for the first time in Israel’s history, since they were established in the 1940s, I think Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly realizes that this is the first time in their history America’s not there to stand and defend Israel. America’s not there to give them the support. In fact, we’re still withholding munitions and weapons that the Israelis have paid for because we don’t want to give them the ability to defend themselves. In fact, I would say our current administration’s doing everything possible to ensure Israel’s defeat. In fact, Blinken and Biden both did everything within their power to convince Israel not to attack in Raha because they would be enormous civilian casualties. Well, they’ve almost virtually finished that operation Hamas. Those four battalions that are there are virtually destroyed. They’re doing the last of the mop up and there have been incredibly few civilians harmed. Israel has put on a remarkable display of how to conduct urban warfare that’s warfare within cities and built up areas in a way that no one’s ever seen.

J.R. McGee:         They’ve done this in a remarkable fashion in spite of what America and the United Nations have been predicting and trying to tell Israel, no, you can’t go do this. Everything they told Israel they can’t do. Israel’s promptly gone out and done. We could spend an hour on this topic by itself and all the ramifications that our actions are causing and what I would say is probably the most dangerous real estate in the entire world, but especially we could talk for an hour on how God’s going to judge us for not defending his chosen people in their promised land. Sam

Sam Rohrer:       Jr. Boy, we could go down the road further on that. That’s partially why I shared what I shared in the preamble here, because that what God said to Israel and how he would respond to them walking away from him is applicable to us as a nation, but you’ve got Israel there in the land, they’re still there in unbelief. God’s got to do a work with. That’s how the prophecy factors into it. So anyway, I’m just going to let that sit at the moment, but go over here. The aggressors in the Middle East continue to be Islam. The Arab enemies of Israel goes all the way back to the Old Testament, but now you have Iran, you have Hezbollah, you had the Hamas, you have all of that. Things are happening there even as we speak right now. What’s happening there as we would designate, as you would look at the aggression of the enemies of Israel, and I’m going to say also the enemies of the United States, frankly

J.R. McGee:         October 7th changed everything not just for Israel, not just for the Middle East, but for the entire world. It has set on path a lot of actions, not the least of which is to uncover an enormous amount of antisemitism. It has always been there, but it’s been hidden. It’s been latent covered up. October 7th has changed everything forever and Hamas continues to fight a war of attrition hoping that the leverage that the United States and the UN can bring to bear is going to give them a peace agreement that allows Hamas to survive their survival would be declared a monumental victory and celebrated throughout Islam, and I believe it would encourage Iran to proceed on this path of what I call a death by a thousand cut strategy, which is what they’re waging against Israel. They’re using multiple proxies, the Houthis, the Hama, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad. There’s a dozen more proxies that Iran is using around the world to attack Iran and America.

J.R. McGee:         This has been clearly going on and just this morning the Arab League announced that they’re removing Hezbollah from their terrorist watch list. Now, this actually frees up Hezbollah to attack other Islam nations that have been more closely aligned with Israel as well as Israel itself, and just before the show started, there were numerous waves of rockets that were launched out of Lebanon and Syria in the northern Israel. Hezbollah and Iran I think see America’s weakness and America’s defense of these terrorists as a green light to continue their attacks on Israel. It’s not going to let us Sam, and it’s dangerous. It is the epitome of instability. It’s allowing what I think is the most dangerous area in the world to become even more unstable, more unpredictable, and our former allies, the Saudi Arabia, it’s the Jordans, the Egyptians, they’re looking at all this and they have rapidly come to the conclusion they cannot trust the United States any further. They’re going to have to make decisions. That is why they’re beginning to embrace the Russians with open arms. That’s why they’re openly negotiating with the Chinese. That is why they’re moving away from American military systems and more into the camp of the very people we’re trying to keep them out of because they don’t trust us anymore, Sam, and that’s going to have consequences not just in the near term that’s going to have consequences for the United States for years and years and years to come.

Sam Rohrer:       It will. I’m just listening to what you’re saying there and I am going back to Proverbs chapter 28. God said, what happened to Israel, which is saying is happening to us, Deuteronomy 2027, God says, when you turn for me, he said, I will take your standing of honor among the nations and you’ll become an astonishment, a proverb, a by word among all the nations, whether the Lord shall lead. Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot understand what is going on today either with our nation or the nations around the world and certainly Israel without understanding that none of what we are seeing are happening in a vacuum. It’s happening as a result of many, many choices and things are in change. One of it is that the Middle East is now not looking to us anymore. JR said, looking to who? Russia and China. That’s who we’re going to talk about in the next segment Jr.

Sam Rohrer:       In the last segment we concluded, you mentioned that Iran, Hezbollah, all of its proxies are being emboldened. You said you felt that they certainly were not in any mode of backing off and it appears that they clearly are not, that they’ve entered into an engagement here with Israel that is not going to stop. It also appears that in the case of Israel, they also know that they’re in a life and death struggle and they want to finish the job. Here it is, our nation should be the friend of Israel, and you said, and as we’ve talked about before, are not only aiding and embedding, enabling the enemies of Israel, we’re trying to do everything we can to put hurdles in front of Israel, which then brings in the whole aspect of how God deals with nations that bless Israel or curse Israel. And of course we’ve talked much about that, but you talked about the Middle East, those folks like Egypt, Saudi Arabia that have had a relationship with the US more or less over the past and they have are now turning away from us because of what they see this nation doing and that is now rising, raising both Russia and China to prominence happens to be.

Sam Rohrer:       That’s what scripture talks about too. But let’s go to Russia now because Russia’s engaged in a conflict there with Ukraine. But I’m going to submit Jr, you can comment and then go further on it that in reality it’s really become a US versus Russia conflict. If you listen to the Bidens and the blinks of the world, it’s pretty personal, seems to be so anyways, interpret what’s going on there and the status of what is happening as best we know there, Russia versus Ukraine,

J.R. McGee:         We’ve talked a lot about how Iran is using proxies for their benefit. They use Hezbollah, they use moss, they use Islamic Jihad in order to accomplish their goals and objectives. The United States recently in the last couple of years has turned to the same strategy and they’ve bombed on to Ukraine as a great proxy to challenge Russia. And the biggest concern Russia has had from the very beginning was the expansion of nato. Putin has made it crystal clear that that’s his red line. He does not want NATO on his borders and what have we done? We’ve gone in and integrated every country on Russia’s borders into NATO and Ukraine was the biggest and the most important, and now we’re continuing to try to pull Ukraine into NATO in direct opposition to what Putin has said he does not want, will not tolerate. Biden’s got a clear unequivocal support for Ukraine and this has antagonized Vladimir Putin and I believe it’s created a bright red line, even a brighter red line than we had during the Cold War.

J.R. McGee:         I think that the relationship between Russia and the United States is more dangerous today than it’s been probably in my lifetime and I’ve been at this since the 1970s and that’s saying something. I’ve spoken with several major political players in the last week and without exception, they all think Putin’s bluffing. Sam, I have to tell you right here in front of all of our friends, in our audience, I do not think Putin is bluffing. And I also don’t think for one second that he can win this war with Ukraine whenever he wants. This has been incredibly expensive for Putin. It’s damaged his credibility. It is tarnished his reputation. It’s called into question his leadership and those are all things that are incredibly important to Vladimir Putin. He would never have gone down this path on his own if he thought that this is where it was going to go.

J.R. McGee:         The war has been exceptionally expensive for Russia depending on your sources, and let me be very honest, there’s propaganda all over the map. I don’t think you can trust the Ukrainian sources. You certainly can’t trust the Russian sources. I don’t even think you can trust the UN or the international news media sources, but if you look at all of them and you begin to see patterns for where there’s overlap and you see something kind of in the middle, I think those numbers can probably be trusted. And that looks like there’s been more than a half million Russians killed and at least twice that many wounded and there’s large numbers of Ukrainians who’ve been killed and wounded. This has turned into a battle of attrition and frankly, Russia has lost an extraordinary number of tanks, APCs, armored personnel carriers, they’ve lost trucks, anti-aircraft systems. They’ve even lost some of their strategic bombers as well as a lot of their fighter jets.

J.R. McGee:         These are unsustainable losses. Putin cannot afford to keep trying to bleed Ukraine dry much longer because Russia is bleeding out faster than anybody, including Putin ever expected. Now you also got to look at the fact that Biden has made this very personal, incredibly personal, even to the point President Biden calling Putin a war criminal on live TV a couple of weeks ago to say I was shocked and stunned is an understatement that crosses so many diplomatic lines in the sand. You just don’t call another foreign leader a war criminal, not in public. And you got to also understand the last point I want to make. Letterman Putin is more knowledgeable about President Biden’s medical condition than most of the politicians in Washington DC are because of the people Putin has in place in terms of spies and agents that he’s got all over Washington dc he knows exactly what’s going on over here and that instability gives him confidence to go do things he would’ve never done if the United States had remained strong and remained independent. I think Putin, I think America thought Putin was going to self-destruct, and Putin thought he was going to walk into Ukraine and take them over in a week. Both sides were dramatically wrong and dramatically underestimated the situation in the streets. And I think that our instability is prolonged this war. It’s prolonged the conflict and it’s drastically increased the number of casualties and the human suffering.

Sam Rohrer:       In addition, JR I’m going to throw in, when we first began to talk about this a couple of years ago, we did say, alright now yeah, from a human perspective, yeah, maybe he did think that he was going to roll right in. Yes, maybe the west arrogantly thought that they would stop everything overnight as well. And I remember this president when he put sanctions on Russia, he said, I will break their economic back. They cannot stand. And I said to him in the program, I think you were on with him. I said, Nope, that’s not true. Why do we know that ladies and gentlemen? Because the Bible says specifically that Russia will increase its strength in these end days. Joe Biden was not going to crush them and therefore we see alliances building which ultimately strengthens the power of Russia and why the Middle East Jr, I want you to go here, are looking not to the US to align with why would they be looking to Russia if Russia is on the verge of collapse? They’re not. And we know that biblically, but China factors into it in that alliance with Iran and North Korea. That’s a pretty formidable thing what’s happening with China because they are the big behemoth, actually more of a threat perhaps probably than Russia.

J.R. McGee:         Well, I couldn’t agree with you more, Sam, and I want to say one thing about that before I jump to China and that is the US government has got this tremendous reliance on sanctions and you cannot show me one example where sanctions have had the intended consequences. Today the Russian ruble is stronger than it was before we put the sanctions on. It is totally ineffective and yet that seems to be the only tool our State Department wants to go to Now looking at China. Xi Jinping also is incredibly aware of Biden’s medical condition and the fact that he doesn’t have control over our government in any meaningful way. China sees a once in a century opportunity to expand her power base across a vast territory without any meaningful opposition. And this is because of several reasons I think first and foremost is Biden’s health and condition.

J.R. McGee:         And number two, they’re very much aware of the Biden family’s financial entanglements with the Chinese government and the fact that they can do things and the Biden administration cannot do anything to hinder them. And then the Democrats desperately need to prevent any outbreak of hostilities in the South China Sea that could possibly be banged on the Biden administration before this election. China thinks that they can simply surround Taiwan and strangle strangled him in the submission. And I believe that to be true. I think they’ve continued to claim territorial possession the vast majority of the South China Sea, simply because they know the Democrats are not willing to defend it at this point. And there’s a timeframe to all of this, Sam there is. Xi believes that if President Trump retakes the White House, the entire regional balance of power changes the moment he becomes president.

J.R. McGee:         He knows that that top clock is ticking down to 20 January 25. Anybody with the exception of Vice President Harris would result in China losing some or even most of their advantage. If Camelo wins in December or in November, then G knows he’s got more time and he’s going to remain cautious and he’s going to take his time. But if anybody else wins, he’s going to realize he’s got to do whatever he’s going to do now because Trump will stand in the way and prohibit a large part of what China’s trying to do. It’s incredibly dangerous and the clock is ticking. We’re running out of time

Sam Rohrer:       And ladies and gentlemen, time is running out on God’s clock. His time is advancing right on time. That’s the balance to keep in mind. We come back, we’ll try to take all these things we’ve said and put it in perspective of on how those who fear God should be thinking and acting. Well as we go into our final segment now, ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve been with us since the beginning, I would think that the subject matter that we’ve covered today, you’ve seen elsewhere, in other words, Russia, China, Biden and the debacle, the attitude of the countries around the world. To us that part is likely not new. However, when we look at scripture and God says to nations that once knew him, blessings, peace, respect from your enemies, those will be the result that God will give to the nation that fears God and keeps his commandments.

Sam Rohrer:       That’s what our founders did. We reflect back here on the fourth July Independence Day they did that and God bless, but we don’t doubt. And so that’s very clear. We do not do that now. Matter of fact, for many many years we have said kill the innocent babies in the womb, make everything else God except God. We have taken marriage and said not a good idea. Make it whatever you want. Human sexuality, male and female, no whatever you want to be. Okay, what have we done? We’ve walked away from God clearly, aggressively arrogantly and not just this administration, but going all the way back to the Biden administration, taking the tax dollars of American people and blackmailing the nation of the world so that they would not get any help from us unless they also put into their constitution and their policies killing babies. L-G-B-T-Q, all that.

Sam Rohrer:       We’ve been doing that for a long time, a long time. Alright, now that is what you are not hearing on other programs, but that is what the Bible said. That’s a biblical worldview. So with that in Jay, I’m going to come back to you because these things that we have said and just really scratch the surface, but tried to bring in some principles here, puts us in a position, okay, now what does the God-fearing person of today, those who are listening to this program, what do they do in response to these things? And so I’m going to ask you this question first, go where you want and then we will just talk a little bit further. But in light of the truth I’ve just laid out, how should this understanding of God working in nations, in leaders blessing, judging because of actions, choices, consequences, prophecy, Israel’s now back in the land, all of these things are converging. How should these things impact the way God fearing people are both thinking and acting today?

J.R. McGee:         Sam, I’m going to skate out on some thin ice here, but I believe leaders need to be bold. They need to be courageous. And I think the people in our audience specifically and the people in our country generally are hungry for somebody who’s willing to speak the truth. And here’s what I think the truth is. Our nation just ended pride, month pride in everything but God and his values. Now, my Bible and my experience has taught me that pride goes before fall. Instead of focusing on pride, I believe strongly we need to humble ourselves before God and ask him for his divine intervention. It may seem like this is World War II brewing and I think it may be, but this is clearly a spiritual war that can only be won on our knees and behind God’s shield. Our enemy is not so much other nations.

J.R. McGee:         In fact, Biden is only a symptom. Biden’s not the cause. He’s a symptom. Our most dangerous adversary is almost exclusively within the hearts of men and women all over the world who’ve rejected God and tried with all their might to remove him from everything we do, Sam, we let this happen. However the God we serve can clean it up. He’s done it several times before. I have faith he can do it again. This is all his plan and I believe we’re privileged as Christians to live at this inflection point of history, but as powerful as prayer is and as effective as the armor of God offers us is to protect us, it’s only available if we’ve got a personal relationship with his son, Jesus Christ. If you hadn’t asked him into your heart, today’s got to be the time we’re not promised tomorrow, Sam, we need to move and move quickly.

Sam Rohrer:       And JR I’m going to say that was a great way to end it because ladies and gentlemen, can I just challenge a thought here again in the last segment JR talked about time is running out. Alright, so I’m going to ask you who are listening to me. Time is running out for what because time is running out in God’s clock because his plan is moving on. But as JR R just said, the question is time is running out for us to trust the Lord. If we don’t know him, time is running out for us to return to God. If we do know him, that is what time is running out for. So alright, Jr that time is running out, God’s time is moving forward. We’ve used the word converging of events. You and I were talking before the program began about the connecting of dots. The world looks at what’s going on and says confusion, mayhem, chaos. And in fact that is going to happen, but that ought not be the way for the believer or should it?

J.R. McGee:         I love reading my Bible and there’s some things in there that give me great confidence and great hope. It says the prayers of a righteous man of beeth much. It tells me to pray without ceasing. One of my favorites is Second Chronicles, chapter seven, verse 14. If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my faith and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. God’s instructed us precisely what he expects us to do. He expects us to pray and not just routine, rote, repetitive prayers. I’m talking prayers with meaning, heartfelt prayers. Talking to him like you would talk to your literal father. Prayers would backbone prayers like Joshua prayed, like David prayed. Oh my word, Jeremiah, go read Jeremiah and look at how that man prayed.

J.R. McGee:         We need the people to begin to use Ephesians chapter six that I just referenced, where God teaches us how to put on the whole armor of God. Now Sam, I got to ask all of us, why would he teach us what that armor is and why would he teach us how to wear it if he didn’t expect us to use it? We need Christians to get involved with their families, their friends, their churches, communities, towns and cities and especially their local government. Stand up, stand out, stand strong in the Lord. And the problem that people give me is they say, well wait a minute, I’m just one person. I can’t change the world. Sam. The truth of the matter is the world has only been changed by one person at a time, one prayer at a time. I think we need to decide to be that person. Stand where you are, better yet kneel and invite those within your circle to kneel with you, to pray together. Because where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am also. Jesus will stand with us if we stand with him.

Sam Rohrer:       He certainly will. Ladies and gentlemen, as we just right at the end here, this one thing as JR said is true. Always what he said is true and we’ve said it before. Ultimately God is not going to hold any one of us who are listening to this program, part of it right now for what happens on the other side of the world. That’s beyond what any of us are able to do. But he is going to hold us accountable for what we do in our own lives. And if we know the Lord, is our light shining? Are we speaking, sharing the gospel with those around us? Are we touching those with whom God has brought into our sphere? That is what he will hold us accountable for and that is something that all of us can do and do well if we commit to him. I pray that that is the case. And anyways, with that, thanks for being with us today. It’s a lot of information we talked about, but boy, we survey, great God, and I hope that pursue the truth, as we say, embrace the truth and then it will equip you to then stand in the gap for truth.