QUESTION #4: How can we get back to a biblical understanding of justice in our society, when the media and liberal left define justice as protect the voting rights of minorities, gay marriage, and the legal rights of women to obtain abortions?


Dave Kistler:

“…We’re at a critical place in the United States of America, and it places a heavy responsibility on the pulpits of America to once again preach on what God’s expectation of true justice really is. Otherwise, we stand no chance of coming back to center… it’s going to take the influence of God’s work, God’s truth, absolute truth, on the entire governmental system and again, that’s what was so encouraging to me about Betsy DeVos (new Secretary of Education) when she said she wants to get the kingdom of God back involved in the school and in the education process. That’s going to have to take place on the Department of Justice side as well. We’re going to have to understand that the DOJ is not here to enforce an agenda, whether it be a conservative agenda or a liberal agenda, it is here to enforce what is right according to the law which our legal system is based on the law of God, so we’re going to have a reeducation on what God’s expectations are and that’s going to have to start in the pulpits of America.