QUESTION #1: Why did you write the book Stealth Invasion, and who is the intended audience for?


Leo Hohmann:   Sam, I started writing about two and a half years ago about immigration issues for World Net Daily. I started off reporting about what was happening at the Southern border. At that time, it was the summer of 2014. As you remember, we were having a huge crisis at the border and thousands of Central Americans, mostly young people from Central America were showing up at the border uninvited, or some might say invited. It was a catch and release type of program basically. That was huge in the news during that summer and fall of 2014.

As I was covering that issue, I started getting some comments from readers saying, “You know, this is a huge problem, but you might want to check into this other aspect of immigration that gets so little attention, and it’s basically legal immigration.” That as you know, Sam, is a sacred cow in this country, legal immigration, that we’re a nation of immigrants, we always have been from the very beginning. You don’t see very much critical reporting going on from journalists in this country about the various dynamics of our legal immigration system.

As I started poking around in it, I found that we have been in about a 30-year stretch here or more, 40, 50 years actually, of unprecedented growth in legal immigration. We’re to the point now where we’re allowing in 1.3 million people per year on green cards, which as you know a green card gives permanent resident status to the immigrant, affords just about every single right of a full citizen other than voting rights. As I looked even further into these green cards, I discovered the Refugee Resettlement Program as a sort of subset of people coming in legally from dangerous parts of the world, and then I found that this was one of the fastest-growing segments of this exploding immigration system where we are bringing in people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, now Syria and it was just sort of growing out of control.

Then I discovered that there was a whole industry that was really profiting off of this and some of them were even involved with church groups. You know, you have the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, the Episcopalians, the Evangelical Christian community all participating in this what I call stealth and learned was actually a stealth invasion. If you’re bringing in people from a hostile country who don’t wish to assimilate, that’s not the type of immigration that this country was built upon. My ancestors came here, Catholics from Germany and Italy, and they fully adopted this country as their own and the values that it represents, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the whole shebang. That’s not what we see happening with this particular subset.