QUESTION #2: Are churches under threat now that President Trump has stepped up his vetting of Muslim immigrants and what should pastors and church leaders be looking for?


Leo Hohmann:   Well essentially, you’re going to have operatives enter your church. Especially if it’s a larger church. I don’t think they’re going to fool too much with smaller churches. If you are the pastor of a large church, a denominational church, a Catholic church, and Episcopal, Lutheran or a large Baptist church, these are going to be the most high-risk targets.

The…Muslim brotherhood, when they make a splash like that, if they’re going to make a splash like that, they’re going to pick a high-profile target. And in fact, we’ve already had an example here in the United States that very few people are aware of, of this nature.

It happened in Detroit, Michigan, earlier this summer, late August. There was a news story in the Detroit news, never made the national news, about a young man named Sebastian Gregerson, who converted to Islam. He was assembling a weapons arsenal of military-grade hardware. I mean we’re talking AK47s, a Howitzer. Military knives that were of the type that are used by ISIS to behead people. He was assembling this arsenal, and he had planned to attack the largest Catholic church, I believe, in Detroit.

They never named it, in the article. But it was one of the largest in Detroit. The FBI scoped this out, and apparently sold him some weapons in an undercover sting, and arrested him. These court records for this case were under a tight lid by the judge, but he for some reason, he allowed these records to become public for one day. The Detroit News got in there and did this article. It showed that the FBI was concerned that this may just be one example of cases all over America, in which Jihadists are assembling weapons to attack churches, whenever the word is getting to them that now is the time to do it.

He was getting his money for this … He was getting money to buy these weapons from an Imam in Maryland. So yes, it’s a real problem. If you’re a large church and you see a man who is unknown scoping out your church, sitting towards the back of the church during services, maybe taking a video or a picture. Those should be red flags.