QUESTION #1: What is the definition of a mosque, how many are in the US, and what do we need to know about them? 


John Guandolo:

“We have to begin with who’s the perfect example in Islam. According to Muslims in Islam and Islamic doctrine, it’s Mohammad, their prophet, Mohammad. He’s the perfect example of a man the Koran calls a beautiful pattern of conduct to be followed. He created the first mosque in Medina in the Arabian Peninsula, now called Saudi Arabia. That mosque was used for the community to gather to teach about Islam. It was the center of the community. It was where Sharia was adjudicated. They planned battles at the mosque. They stored food and weapons and Jihadis stayed there and trained there and it’s a place from which they launched battles. That’s what a mosque is. It’s the seat of the Islamic state, the Islamic government.

…Today in 2017 we have over 3,000 mosques, which you’ll also hear it referred to as Islamic centers or Masjid.”

Christ Gaubatz:

“What Americans need to know…is that a mosque is not a Muslim church. A mosque is what Muhammad used the mosque for, and Muhammad used the mosque for storing ammunition, for storing food, for planning jihad. It’s where jihadis stayed. It’s the place from whence the jihad was launched. A mosque is more like a military outpost or an embassy where it’s sovereign Islamic land than it is anything that they have conceived in comparison with a church or a synagogue. It’s nothing like that at all.

In Islamic law, Muhammad is the perfect example of a man, and he used the mosque to launch the jihad. Yes, they also pray there, but Islam defines itself as a complete way of life, social, cultural, political, military, and religious, and it’s all under Sharia. The mosque is the place where Sharia is adjudicated.”

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