QUESTION #3: How direct is the relationship between mosques and insurrection in America and what’s being taught there?


John Guandolo:

“The mosque is a place from which they launch the jihad against us. I don’t know how to be more clear that that. That’s what a mosque is.

What’s taught inside the mosque is what the Muslim Brotherhood would have you teach, which is Islamic doctrine, which is, as Chris just said, Sharia. Sharia requires Muslims to obey Sharia, and Sharia says that only Muslims get the full rights of the state because this is a complete way of life. Let me give you a direct quote from the most widely used seventh grade textbooks in Islamic schools in America, “Islam is not a religion, it is a complete way of life.”

They don’t teach children that Islam is a religion. It is a complete system that includes and specifically includes the government. The mosque is the seat of the government. It’s where Sharia is adjudicated. It’s where the laws are adjudicated. It’s where everything happens, not just worship. Worship is a sidebar to what else goes on in there.”

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