QUESTION #1: Some are saying that we are on the brink of World War III. Can you share your thoughts on the geopolitical climate in the Middle East and why events are so precipitous?


Bill Koenig:

“There is definitely tension. There’s a political tension in the U.S. There is an international tension between NATO, NATO allies, and also dealing with the Russia problem. Then you have the tension of North Korea, the worries there in Korea and Japan, or South Korea and Japan, and then China and their role in this. How are they going to play that? How are they going to take that? I think what’s interesting is, and even reiterated by Condoleeza Rice when she’s been on TV the last couple days is, these are serious threats that have come to the point, North Korea and Iran, that have to be dealt with.

That’s just the bottom line. At some point you have to deal with the situations. You can’t keep putting this off until later. We had the North Korea deal negotiated by Wendy Sherman and some of the State Department people, who also negotiated the Iranian deal, which are (both) weak deals. North Korea is close to having a nuclear weapon, and Iran is bent on doing that. They’ve been with the Obama administration who was after a legacy, so they released 150 billion dollars to them. I saw an article this week that over 750 million dollars has been distributed to Hezbollah. Israel continues to attempt to take weapons from Iran. They are attempting to get to Hezbollah.

Let me put it this way, lots of tension, lots of things in play. You mentioned a lot of them. The guys at the Pentagon understand that. They are now given the opportunity once again to run the military. Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Director, was micromanaging it along with her staff in the second term of Obama. The morale in the military is increasing and improving dramatically because the military men, who fully understand the threats of our country, are once again in charge. This is so critical.

What’s Russia going to do? What’s Iran going to do? What’s Turkey going to do? What’s North Korea going to do? They’re all kind of being put in a corner right now of, okay are you with us, or are you against us? This is an amazing day. The great thing about us is that we’re a small part of the church that fully understands what to watch in the Scriptures that are pointing to these very climactic final day events.”

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