QUESTION #3: What’s the significance of the signed agreement between Turkey, Russia, and Syria to create “safe zones” in the Golan Heights area?


Dr. Jimmy DeYoung:
“Politically and prophetically it is so significant. Russia has a major base operation for its military there in Syria. Turkey is concerned about the Kurds and in fact I just reported today that the Marines are going in to protect the Kurds from the Turks who are, remember our boots on the ground in Syria as we go against the Islamic State.
Then when you talk about Syria, well, that’s the number one nation to make a move against the Jewish state of Israel. Basher Assad wants to do that. He said he’s going to take back the Golan Heights. He said he’s going to do it politically, militarily or diplomatically and as we speak, they’re there in the Golan Heights at a place called Quneitra. Quneitra has been an unoccupied city for many years. Now it’s filled with these rogue organizations that want to take in the opportunity to go with Turkey, Russia and Syria and take Israel out.
It’s in the news, on the front page, in the book of the word of God, on the pages of prophesy and it’s so amazing. I have got to tell you this. Prime Minister Netanyahu is very much upset about the situation. You put up those safe zones. That’s not going to allow the Israeli government to send their jet fighters in there to deal with terrorist activities and take out what may be a real threat to the Israeli people. This is of much concern to Israel.”
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