QUESTION #4: What do you hear about the possibility of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem?


Dr. Jimmy DeYoung:
“What I hear is there’s great consideration. In fact, the vice president said that the president is seriously considering doing that. Remember you started out in my conversation with you guys earlier asking me about the announcement by President Trump on this tolerance tour to the Middle East and then into Rome. He has the flare for the dramatic. It seems like it fits his scenario to go into Jerusalem and he’s going to be there on Jerusalem Day, the 50th anniversary of the reunification of the city of Jerusalem from the 1967 war, the Six Day War and at that point in time the Israeli leaders said they were never going to divide Jerusalem again. It’s somewhat divided because of the US embassy in Tel Aviv.
I can see Donald Trump announcing on Jerusalem Day he’s moving the embassy into Jerusalem and I think he’s doing the preliminary work by going to Saudi Arabia and meeting with all these Arab countries to say, ‘Look let me take care of this. I can pull this deal together. You guys just get behind me.’ That makes him have the opportunity for the Jews to get what they want in Jerusalem. I think it’s very viable. It’s going to happen. I’ll be surprised if it’s not going to happen but he’s made too many statements about it happening to let it slip by.”
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