QUESTION #2: Who’s really involved in what happened in Charlottesville? Who’s part of this larger issue?


John Guandolo:

“First of all, I think for your listeners it’s important to lay out what is the Red-Green Axis, what does that actually mean. Red – Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Green – Islam, the jihadist movement, the Islamic movement. The Red-Green Axis is simply a term that Understanding the Threat uses and some of our colleagues use to describe the coming together, the cooperation between Marxist organizations who seek to overthrow the U.S. government and say so on their websites and the Islamic movement which seeks to overthrow the U.S. government and they say so in all their documents and they’re working together.

For instance, when Understanding the Threat teaches or lays this out as I’m doing now but in a longer format, we show how you have Nihad Awad, the leader of CAIR, which is Hamas in the United States, who is also the leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and the most influential Muslim leader, in our professional opinion, here in the United States and the other leaders defer to him, you have him on a national stage at the 2015 Muslim Brotherhood Conference, the Muslim-American Saudi Islamic Circle of North America Conference in Chicago, Illinois saying Black Lives Matter is our matter, their campaign is our campaign. You have Hamas, people on the streets of New York bringing in the Black Lives Matter leadership to say “Hey, the NYPD they’re the occupiers just like the Israeli police are over there. They’re occupying land.” They tie together in an information campaign the idea of there’s an occupying force that needs to be pushed out. Those are both on the Islamic movement side and the Marxist movement side.

They tie in the Civil Rights issues. They even tie in Martin Luther King and say that Muslims as Khalilah Sabra said at that same Muslim Brotherhood rally when she called for a revolution in the United States like the one we saw in the Middle East, which was a violent revolution. She’s standing on a Muslim Brotherhood stage calling for this. Well, the people she’s addressing and the people that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic movement are working with are the hard-left Marxists, so it’s the Islamic movement working with the hard-left Marxists.

When we look at Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore, on the ground with the Black Lives Matter and other numerous Marxists organizations, violent organizations, you see leaders of Hamas on the ground. Now, in the video I did not see, because they’re smarter than this, any of the Islamic leaders because they are not going to be right there in the middle of the violence usually, they’re going to let the hard-left do that. The tie-in here in Charlottesville is years of work done by the Islamic Society of Central Virginia, which is a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas center, Islamic Society of Central Virginia right there in Charlottesville working with local leaders, working with the police, working with the hard-left Marxists, and so when this comes to town this is not a random event that people just come out of their homes.

This is funded by people like George Soros and Tides Foundation and others. This is supported by national and international hard-left Marxists organizations. The blueprint they’re following on the hard left is Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky’s manual for the Marxists revolution specifically in the United States. The tie-in isn’t that there were jihadis there fomenting violence, although there could have been, I don’t have any evidence of it, but it’s that the entire movement that we’re seeing across the United States when we see violence, these are groups that are absolutely at the ground level and at the national level working together, they’re meeting together, they’re discussing strategies, so that’s the tie-in- they’re ideologically working together.

Of course, the Islamic movement believes in the end they will kill all of these hard-left Marxists when they seize control and impose Sharia in the United States.”

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