QUESTION #2: Please define the word “sin” and tell us why the 10 Commandments are an integral part of our society-not just the church.


Gary Dull:

“…I’ll define it from the text of the Scripture I John 3:4, where it says, “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law, for sin is the transgression of the law.” So, sin is the violation of God’s law. We are born with that sin nature through imputation, the fact that it has been placed in our account since the time of Adam and Eve…We could spend a lot of time discussing this but as it relates to your particular question, the 10 Commandments don’t make a church. I think this is one of the things that people fail to understand. Putting up the 10 Commandments in the front of a state house, or a courthouse, or a schoolhouse, or whatever the case may be, does not establish a church. Now they may be recognizing God’s moral law, yes. But they are not establishing a church. The state is not establishing a church in doing that.

Let me go one step further and say this, that refusing to allow the 10 Commandments to be put up at the state house, or the courthouse, or the schoolhouse or whatever the case may be, is in all reality going against the First Amendment. Because the First Amendment says that the government cannot prohibit the free exercise thereof. When the government comes along and says, “You cannot have the 10 Commandments up,” they themselves are violating the First Amendment of the Constitution. Yes, the 10 Commandments do not establish a church. But putting them up there is allowed because the First Amendment of the Constitution states it’s allowed to be done.

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