QUESTION #1: Why is it important that, next to understanding the nature of God, we understand the nature of man if we expect to build a life as an individual of integrity, or a family of integrity, or a nation of integrity?


Gary Dull:

“…The fact of the matter is if we do not understand the nature of man: the fact that man is born a sinner; the Bible says, “All have sinned and come short to the glory of God”; mankind is totally depraved, which means he is so sinful, so lost, he cannot save himself. If we do not understand the nature of man we are not going to see the need for a relationship with God and we are not going to see the fact that we have the need for salvation.

Yes, number one, understanding the nature of God is so very, very important but if people do not understand the total depravity of mankind, then why do we need God? Those two go together just like a hand in the glove does, and that’s why I say that anytime you try to lead somebody to the Lord Jesus Christ it’s important to remind them first that they are lost in sin, totally depraved, and need God, need Jesus Christ, as their Savior if they want the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Without understanding the nature of man, there’s no need to understand the nature of God.”

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