QUESTION #2: When Jesus died, his death on the cross was accompanied by three hours of darkness over the entire land. Then during the future tribulation period, when the sixth seal is opened, the sun will become black as sackcloth of hair. Certainly, these signs spoke of events that were or are going to take place. Shouldn’t we approach a sign like this with the attitude of “God, what are you trying to say to us”?


Sam Rohrer:

“… I think it’s exactly how we should approach it because, see, we talk a lot about biblical world view on this program. Any person can look at any event. Take the crucifixion of Christ as an example. The Romans, the Pharisees who wanted Christ crucified looked at that. Actually, the Devil, himself, looked at that as a victory because they thought they had finished what God was attempting to do. Many of the believers at that point also thought, “Oh boy”, but Christ resurrected from the grave and that was victory. We look back and say, “Well, that death on the cross, well, it was victory because Dave, we have eternal life because of that if we trust in what Christ has done.”

Same way here, we can look at any of that. When the pilgrims came to this country, and it rained too much and they lost their crops, when they had harsh weather that disturbed what they were doing, they looked up and said, “God is trying to speak to us.” They got down on their knees and said, “Oh Lord, you control the weather. What are we doing? What are we not doing in relationship to You?” They took that, they went on their knees and they said, “God, what should we do?”

Well, Dave, should we not … Humanly speaking, for those who are out there right now who don’t know the Lord, who’ve embraced evolution, who are without God, they have no reason to even consider God in this. They look at it in a celebratory fashion because this is a marvelous event that is occurring; but for believers, if we understand what God said, “I did it for signs.” A miraculous event, which is the meaning of sign, a miraculous event – natural, a signal, a warning…

But the fact that this is crossing our country for the first time ever, from coast to coast, just as in past eclipses. When one went across Europe right before the beginning of World War I, when it went in the days of Jonah, right over Nineveh that preceded Jonah’s pronouncement of judgment by God, there on Nineveh. It was a warning, they repented when they saw it.

…We can look at it and say, “Oh.” Explain it away. Or we can look and say, “No, God has put it there for a reason. What has history shown us. What would God be telling us now?” If anyone has any astuteness at all, in my opinion, if they look at America, they can’t say that God is rejoicing over the active, vibrant life of Christians in America and God cannot be saying, “Thank you Supreme Court for recognizing life to be life and marriage to be marriage. Thank you Congress for all that you’re doing.” No… That’s why I think Anne Lotz Graham’s comments are exactly correct.

This is not celebratory. This should be a stark awakening of saying, “God, where are we as believers before you and where are we as a nation?” We’re not in a good stead before God as a nation.”

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