QUESTION #1: Is there any biblical or prophetical significance to the solar eclipse America experienced on August 21st?


Sam Rohrer:

“I think there is…I think the best place to go is to God’s word first of all. First place I think about going is the Book of Genesis. Genesis chapter 1, verse 14. It says, “God said, let there be lights in the firmament of heavens to divide the day from the night.” Here’s the first reason, “Let them be for signs and seasons, for days and years.” Then, the next verse 15, “Then let them be lights in the heavens to give light on the earth.”

When we think that the moon is there to give light by night, God says that is true. The sun rules the earth by day. That is true. If we wouldn’t have the sun, we wouldn’t be here. If we didn’t have the moon, God gave that to us for light, but the primary, the first thing listed was for signs and for seasons.

If I go to the Hebrew and I look, Dave, at what that means, that sign means, is the Hebrew word ‘owth’, O-W-T-H. It literally means, these things. It means signal, warning, miraculous sign, omen. Get the idea? It says, God said that “I’m going to put those things in the heavens., primarily, to be a signal, a communicator.”

A communication from whom? Well, it’s got to be from God because it’s not for us, we don’t rule the heavens, but God does. He put them there for signs. We mark our month by it, that’s the lunar month, that’s what the Jewish calendar is built on. We mark the year by how things revolve around the sun, all that kind of stuff, so we know that, but the signs and the season, the signs part of it, we haven’t really gotten into. We tend to run away from that, but God says they’re there for signs.

Therefore, we must, by rights, look up and not read in things that don’t exist, but we do and we should say, “Well, what is it that God puts up there?” One of the things is that when the sun is darkened, almost anywhere in history where we see there is an eclipse that has darkened the sun, that it’s almost always, Dave, associated with warning, which is exactly what the meaning of “owth” is – signal, warning, miraculous sign, omen – it means judgment or warning.

Yes, I think we have a very clear biblical foundation to say, “Look up.” When we look up, look in terms of what God said there, it’s a sign. The question is what he’s saying by that sign because certainly this is a sign and it is most unusual, but God put it there for that reason.”

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