QUESTION #3: Do you see anything significant to the fact that seven years from now we’re going to face another eclipse like this again?


Sam Rohrer:

“Well, we can take events such as this, which man has had nothing to do with. No man can adjust the sun, can coordinate the moon, can align the stars, that’s all God. No one chooses or can plan. Although you can project because of the precision, that which God has established and placed celestial bodies into position, they operate better than clock work. They’re precise.

You can look back and absolutely ascertain what has happened and you can also project forward and project what will happen. Incredible. This is of God’s doing. Man had nothing to do with it. When a solar eclipse of this type falls, as this case, only on this United States, coast to coast …

Actually, the one in 1918 didn’t go coast-to-coast, it was partial, but this one goes coast-to-coast and the next one goes from northeast to southwest exiting down around Austin, coming up in the northern tip of Maine, seven years from now.

…As far as I have seen in massive projections and looking back, don’t find an example of that anywhere in history, ever, that with that one location where they actually came from two different direction, like, ‘X’ marks the spot, right smack in the middle of this country. It is significant. When you put in seven years. Numbers mean things. Seven is a completion number, it’s not accidental. In the Scripture, numbers mean things.

Dave, it’s not hard to say, “Seven years, the United States. Two eclipses, times of judgment. Warnings twice in seven years.” You can easily see how people can say, “This ties in to the prophetical portion.” Whereas one cannot say, “I’m going to tell you exactly what’s going to happen at that point”; I don’t think, we can nor should we, probably to our harm, explain away and say, “Oh, (it’s) totally accidental.” God doesn’t work that way, there’s no accident. There is something significant, for those reasons, I think.”

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