QUESTION #2: A new bill (257 House Resolution) starts out with these words, “Whereas in 2015 hate crimes targeting Muslims in the United States increased by 67%, reaching a level of violence targeting Muslim Americans that the United States had not experienced since the aftermath of the September 11, 2001…” Is this an innocuous resolution, or is it perhaps a stealth resolution that may be coming from the Muslim Brotherhood?


Lee Bender:

“There is various hate crime legislation and Federal Statutes in criminal law, state laws. You have to understand what the purpose of all this is. Why does there have to be a bill to cover something that’s already being covered? You were right. It is a stealth bill by… maybe not Muslim Brotherhood per se’, but their acolytes or their subsidiaries here in the United States, because Muslims are always crying about Islamophobia, this so called hatred against Muslims. That’s being used in civil rights terms to try to squelch any criticism of Islam. Therefore, what they do is they say, “Well, you can’t criticize. If you’re criticizing something about Muslims or Islam, well then you’re a racist, you’re a hater.” What they did was try to disguise this. They apparently tried to then invoke statistics that there have been anti-Semitic increases and acts, and therefore they try to bring that into this legislation as well.

In point of fact, there has certainly been anti Muslim acts in this country, especially since 9/11, but frankly there’s been very, very low compared to what happened to us in 9/11. Yet, on the other hand, anti-Semitic incidents dwarf those of Muslims in this country and continue to go up. ADL, the Anti Defamation League continues and has been monitoring this for many years. They tried to pull this in over here. I believe you are absolutely correct. If you look at some research about this bill you see who the groups who are promoting this are. Some Muslim, I think it’s the name of the actual group though, a Muslim Council or something. They have so many different names here. You find out that they are basically front groups for groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Their goal is basically, as I’ve said before, they try to use that as a sword: Islamophobia. “Oh, you’re an Islamophobe.”

What they’re trying to do really is undermine our ability to defend ourselves against Islamic Supremacy. Let’s remember what the goal of Islam is. It’s global Jihad.”

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