QUESTION #3: How has post-modernism with its unbiblical worldview, subtly crept into even our Christian colleges and churches?


Dr. Nathan Crockett:

“Let me try to tick off several specific examples. One of those would be the homosexual hermeneutic that you actually have churches now, and professing believers who would say, “We believe the Bible, but we are open homosexuals, or we ordain homosexuals, or we don’t think there’s anything wrong with homosexuality.” It’s a complete reinterpretation of the passages that condemn homosexuality, and instead just saying “Well, that’s talking about non-consensual homosexual behavior or whatever.” But what they’re doing is they’re taking a post-modern worldview and coming back to Scripture and reinterpreting passages that are very clear.

I think of a student that I was eating lunch with recently from another country as really kind of a good example of different worldviews. He was from Romania and his girlfriend, the girl that he’s dating, is from Chile, a South American country. They were talking about the differences between the US and their respective countries. But he’d had an older brother who’d come to a Christian college in the US and just because it was Christian and I think they gave him a scholarship coming from Romania. When the student told me the name of the college, I was very familiar with it because it was from my home state and yet I knew that in recent years, as far as I know, they have several homosexuals teaching on their faculty now. I think they moved towards co-ed dormitories and just very, very loose, almost like you would have with a secular campus.

Now, I think they have a certain time of year, when a lot of their alumni come back, they’re older alumni, then they try to clean things up a little bit, but that would be another example. And then I think, for instance, Answers in Genesis can give you, Ken Hamm was recently at Bob Jones and just said multiple times from the pulpit how appreciative he was of a school that had 28 or 30 or whatever PhDs on their science faculty from premiere institutions all over the world, and yet every single one of them believed in a six-day literal creation. He said it’s harder and harder to find even Christian universities that actually teach the Biblical account of the book of Genesis.

So, there are three specific examples of how that can, if you start to let that secular worldview seep in, it really affects the way you teach and the way a church preaches and so on.”