Sam Rohrer:                  Headlines news, a Justice Department investigation of sex trafficking and Jeffrey Epstein that could expose the most base levels of human depravity and bring down perhaps thousands of people in high position. That’s one. Then a federal appeals court that could likely or some are thinking it’s very possible could overrule Obamacare in its entirety, declaring it to be unconstitutional. And then despite President Trump’s efforts, the national debt is now officially 25% higher than it was in the election in 2016, and it is truly threatening. Not only an end to the economic gains of the last couple years, it creates a potential for default and an international financial crisis. Those are the things that are being discussed.

Sam Rohrer:                  We could go there, but we’re not. All of those headline news I just gave, they’re there. They’re the news of the day, but there are other headline news of lesser prominence in US-controlled news, as I’ll say it, but very, very significant in God’s news as we go behind the news today to the Middle East here on Stand in the Gap Today. Our special guest, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, we’ll share with him and he’ll share with us, give us more insights into four highlight themes that are, in fact, headlines news, but just not as prominent as the ones perhaps I gave.

Sam Rohrer:                  This is an Israel update program today, and so we’re going to focus on the Middle East. We’re going to talk about elements and theme of war. We can’t get away from that there in the Middle East. We’re going to talk about prophecy, because we always talk about that and bring it in. You can’t talk about the Middle East without talking about that. We’re going to talk about a potential, believe it or not, temple in Jerusalem in 2019. Some think it’s possible. We’ll go there in a minute. Then we’re going to talk about earthquakes, because they’re not just happening in our country. They’re also happening in Israel, and that brings in a prophetical component.

Sam Rohrer:                  With that, I welcome you to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m going to be joined by the entire team, Gary Dull and Dave Kistler. Right off, I want to welcome right now Jimmy DeYoung to the program. Jimmy, thanks for being with us again.

Jimmy DeYoung:           It’s always my joy to partner up with the A Team as we talk about activities happening around the world from a biblical and constitutional perspective.

Sam Rohrer:                  Amen. Amen. We have some really good ones to talk about today, Jimmy. One of them, I want to go there first, are discoveries. I mean I just came back from the Middle East and I saw things. Certainly, we were down there by the Dead Sea. There were scrolls obviously that were found right there, but there are other archeological finds that are being made. Every time it seems that it startles the skeptics and the unbelievers. Some of them even get angry, depending. Now one that I want to talk about first here was a recent discovery just a couple days ago it was announced. It’s referred to as the Pilgrim’s Road.

Sam Rohrer:                  One news article I found written by Adam Berkowitz said this in the headlines, “Recently discovered PIlgrim’s Road in Jerusalem brings truth and science to a debate.” Now, one angry group at some of this news is the Palestinians. So Jimmy, I want you to go there, but first, tell us about this discovery. What is the Pilgrim’s Road? What are we talking about? And then why is its discovery significant to Israel and the entire Jerusalem area?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Well, Sam, the Pilgrim’s Road, an unbelievable discovery that has just been brought forth and revealed this last Sunday there in Israel by the antiquities authority in the state is a location that was the road that led from the original site of the city of Jerusalem, and that would be 2 Samuel chapter 5 when God gave King David the Jebusite’s stronghold, Jerusalem, to be his capital for the kingdom and all 12 tribes of the Jewish people there 3000 years ago. This road led from south of the Temple Mount today and then also it led from the city of David and it went up into the location where they had put the Ark of the Covenant and then Solomon built a temple up there.

Jimmy DeYoung:           This was the way that the Jewish worshipers would take their sacrificial animals and go up to the temple for the sacrificial activities. Now again, dating back some 3000 years ago to King David which then gives absolute tangible, solid evidence of the history of the Jewish people in Jerusalem. That’s why it is so significant to Jerusalem, to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and all that is going on as it relates to this very key location in that region of the world.

Gary Dull:                     Jimmy, this all reminds us of how exciting these days are in which to live and what God’s doing to bring things together prophetically. I was excited when I heard about this discovery. But announcing this discovery, the Israeli officials invited key Americans, including the United States Ambassador to Israel who is now David Friedman, to participate in the event, further strengthening the ties between the United States and Israel. But while the US/Israel tie seems to be increasing, the Palestinians now are beginning to react with a renewed vigor of being the odd man out of the picture, as it were.

Gary Dull:                     But my question is, why does this discovery of the Pilgrim’s Road and at this present time present such a conundrum to the Palestinians?

Jimmy DeYoung:           The reason is, Gary, that the discovery actually debunks what the Palestinians had been saying just forever, that there is no Jewish history there in that part of the world in Jerusalem in particular. In fact, the Pilgrim’s Road, you’ve got to remember as you look at the archeological activities there, it was underground. They had to dig down to find the road. Actually, the road was under one of the Palestinian villages there, the location where many of the Palestinian terrorists come from. It’s a place called Silwan. It’s right there on the edge of the Kidron Valley.

Jimmy DeYoung:           This road goes under Silwan. Hello. Anybody just looking at it can know that that shows the Jewish people were first. If you build on top of an archeological remain, you’re second. Somebody was before you. So that just totally debunked what the Palestinians have been saying. The Palestinians have claimed for so long that they have been a state. Well, they never had been a state. Now they have started to change that rhetoric to say, “We want a Palestinian state and we want the old city of Jerusalem, at least that much of Jerusalem, to be our capital city.” What we finally realize is that all of these claims, all of these activities, all these rhetoric statements, rhetorical statements by the Palestinians are lies, that that’s exactly where they are.

Jimmy DeYoung:           This is, of course, coming at a time when the Palestinians want their state, want Jerusalem as the capital. They’re denying the opportunity to go to sit at the negotiating table with the Israelis to come to some kind of conclusion. They’re doing away with anything that President Trump might be endeavoring to introduce. So that’s why it’s so significant at this time that this discovery has been brought forth.

Sam Rohrer:                  Jimmy, isn’t it amazing how even the timing of discoveries of this type? I almost think that God’s got His hand in that too because, as you say, it does come at a moment when this thing is coming to a head, and there it is. It just puts their argument right off the table.

Sam Rohrer:                  We’re continuing now on our Israel update. We are going to shift from the Pilgrim’s Road, we just talked about a great discovery there in Jerusalem, to Iran. Just today, Iranian commander, Hossein Nejat, issued a fiery new threat to the United States saying, “We will turn the Gulf into a sea of blood.” He went on saying, “We are ready for war.” Then Iranian cleric, Khamenei, challenged President Trump by saying this. He said, “I saw the corpse of US troops before your eyes.” So you’ve got military commanders, you have religious leaders in unison making major threats against the United States.

Sam Rohrer:                  Iranian military commanders are saying that all US military bases are targeted for destruction and that Iran will sink, or at least attempt to sink, but they’re saying they will sink a US aircraft carrier. Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran. Now these are all headline news things that I’m reading here. President Trump continues to say that he does not want war, and I really believe that he doesn’t. From an American perspective, not many would. But in my own opinion, it seems that daily we are finding a response with Iran that that challenge is becoming almost inevitable with, seems to me, war of some degree, at some scale becoming increasingly inevitable.

Sam Rohrer:                  Well, on this segment, we’re going to get further insight into Iran’s threatening and where we are in the march to war as we talk about that theme now in the Middle East. So Jimmy, you are watching and you continue to watch what’s happening in the Middle East as we are, both for the United States and Israel. Iran is seemingly doing about all it can to bait the US and Israel into a war, now going beyond just threats, having shot down a 100-million-dollar US drone, announcements that they are going to take their uranium enrichment way beyond any amount of limits that were agreed to. They’re way past that.

Sam Rohrer:                  I want to ask you right now to start us off here. Could you precisely say or give some more indication what Iran is doing and that do you believe that their demand or their baiting of the United States and Israel is going to result in some type of military engagement?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Sam, I have to believe that is going to be the case. If I believe that there’s any credibility in the leadership of Iran, you’re talking about a major military commander. You’re talking about the spiritual leader, the ultimate leader, the Supreme Counsel leader in Iran, and if they have any credibility, just think of what you just already mentioned. They’re going to turn the Persian Gulf to blood. That’s today. That was as of the news today. Then they said they have all US military bases in the Middle East targeted with their Shahab missiles. I do believe very quickly now, if not already, they could put the nuclear warheads on those Shahab missiles and fire them at all of those US military bases in the Middle East.

Jimmy DeYoung:           You’ve got to remember that they themselves have given testimony of enriching uranium beyond the level that was allowed by the Iranian nuclear deal. I know that the United States has pulled out, but there’s still a relationship between the European Union and Iran as this deal relates, and of course, they need to be true to that deal if they’re going to be trusted at all. And then continually, and you’ve just given evidence of it, continually there are threats against the United States saying almost daily, “We’re going to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.” What do people not understand? I mean there’s a nation, the leadership of the nation threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.

Jimmy DeYoung:           If somebody was saying, “We’re going to wipe the United States of America off the face of the Earth and that their name be forgotten forever,” somebody militarily in this nation would be dealing with the perpetrators who are saying that’s what they’re going to do. They have their proxies. They’re threatening to attack the state of Israel and the proxies, of course, are Hezbollah. They’re in southern Lebanon at Israel’s northern border, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and in the Sinai you’re talking Islamic jihad. They’re all capable to be able to get a weapon because Iran is supplying the support militarily, the support monetarily, the support with the munitions that they need to try to go after the Jewish state of Israel.

Jimmy DeYoung:           By the way, I believe with what’s going on in Iran today, there would have go be absolute proof that they can have a nuclear weapon of mass destruction if not already, within days according to their own testimony.

Dave Kistler:                 Dr. Jimmy, you have cited the Iranian proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah. Hezbollah of course is claiming, and probably this is 100% accurate, they have 150,000 rockets that they could launch into Israel which would absolutely overwhelm Israel’s defenses. We talk about this tension. We’re talking about it again today. But with what you’ve just described, have we moved beyond talk, and are the sides now so thoroughly entrenched that some form of major conflict is inevitable?

Jimmy DeYoung:           It seems like, David, that it is inevitable what is going to happen. We’re talking about talk. Well, hey, Iran has made the talk, now they must walk the talk that they have made. Their proxies are all entrenched and ready for war right this minute. If Iran and their proxies, we mentioned them, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic jihad, the Houthis over there in Yemen, if these proxies or Iran itself backs away from this, they lose their power. They lose their influence. They lose their credibility.

Jimmy DeYoung:           I think all the parties are ready to go. We’ve got to continue to remember, I bring this up all the time, but it is key in the motivation for Iran and all of their proxies. It’s driven by a religious belief, their eschatology. If they can bring about a catastrophe in the world, that will bring back their Mahdi, Arabic for Messiah. He will then head towards Jerusalem to put up the worldwide caliphate. That is what’s driving these people. We’ve got to recognize it and deal with it. The people that make these decisions have to start listening to what the people are saying and believe what they’re saying, because they’re doing things that must cause us to have to believe it.

Gary Dull:                     Jimmy, let’s go to the prophetic element of this right now, if you don’t mind. At the beginning of the program, Sam referred to God’s news in his introduction and how that we must as Christians, particularly, we must be reading God’s news to understand the news behind the news. When I’m talking about God’s news, I’m talking about the word of God and particularly the prophetic scriptures. So let me just come directly to you and ask, what are we likely witnessing as described in God’s news today relative to what’s taking place in Israel right now?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Gary, one of the four major trends of Bible prophecy, and you can study from Genesis to Revelation, and there will be four major trends that stick out. One of the them is Aliyah, that’s the Jews returning to the land of Israel. Another is anticipation for peace. We see that going on as well today. And then there are the arrangements for the temple. We’re talking about the next temple, the tribulations, but also the temple that the Lord Jesus Christ will build when he gets back.

Jimmy DeYoung:           The other major key component of Bible prophecy of those four major trends would be the alignment of the nations as described there in Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, Daniel chapter 11. Those are key portions of prophecy that those listeners today to the broadcast must study. Get that down, Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, Daniel chapter 11. For example, Iran is mentioned in Ezekiel chapter 38 in verse 5. They are referred to there as Persian. Until 1936, that was their name. Now it is Iran. That is the same as the Persians of the biblical history that we all know. And then Daniel chapter 11 in verse 44 talks about the tremblings out of the east there in verse 44. In fact, chapter 11 of Daniel is dealing also with the alignment of nations and how they’ll make a move, how Syria is going to be the first nation to make a move.

Jimmy DeYoung:           By the way, all of these players that we’re talking about right now are located in Syria. Hezbollah is mentioned in Psalm 83 in verse 7. It mentions Tyre there and in the context we’re talking about the modern-day state of Lebanon. Hamas is in Ezekiel chapter 35 verses 1 to 5. There it says, “God is pronouncing judgment against Mount Seir.” When you go back to Genesis chapter 36, we see that when God divided Jacob and Esau because they were both so prosperous in the land, He gave the land that He had promised to Abraham and all of the Jews forever, He gave that to Jacob, chapter 37 verse 1. But in chapter 36, He says, “I’m going to send the Edomites, the descendants of Esau, I’m going to send them into Mount Seir.”

Jimmy DeYoung:           Mount Seir at that time was referring to the lower parts in the modern-day Jordan. That’s where the people that are the Palestinian people of today went to live, in a place called Petra that would then be Hamas. Ezekiel 35 says they’re going to kill the Jews and steal their land. Of course, Islamic jihad in the Sinai, which is a part of Egypt, Daniel 11 verse 40, the king of the south, Egypt today, is where Islamic jihad is located, and Iran is putting more proxies in that section of the world. That’s the southern border of Israel. That’s then surrounding them, Hezbollah in the north, in the south you have Islamic jihad. That’s what you do. You surround them and then attack. Then of course, you’ve got the Muslim Brotherhood over there in Jordan that would be mentioned in Daniel chapter 11 as well.

Sam Rohrer:                  Ladies and gentlemen, I hope if you were listening I know you probably did not get half of what Dr. Jimmy just shared with us. Go back to our website,, or our free app on your phone you can download, and you can bring up and listen to programs like this again. There’s just too much information in one sitting to grasp, but valuable, valuable. I hope that you take advantage of that.

Sam Rohrer:                  Welcome back to Stand in the Gap. I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied today by Gary Dull and Dave Kistler, our special guests as always, every other Wednesday that we devote here to Israel update and what’s happening there, and we do that, as we say often, because the Middle East is not just important because of what’s happening there. What’s happening there is important because God has determined that what’s happening there is important. He’s chosen that area. So Israel and Jerusalem and all of the discussions that we have are not of interest only because it’s some place in the world. It’s of interest because God has said it’s His place in the world. It’s where things happened. It’s where things started. And it’s where things are going to end.

Sam Rohrer:                  As we believe, as the Bible seeks, it’s going to be one time maybe soon. The Lord is going to be back and He is going to be ruling in person right from that city. Hard to imagine, but that’s exactly what the Bible says, and all that we are talking about are really preparations for that. Well, having been just in Jerusalem and Israel myself, and if you’ve listened to the program, I’ve shared some things on here about that. But I recall very clearly standing beside the remains of the last Jerusalem temple there. You all see the pictures of the Wailing Wall. That’s a part of that Western Wall there where people go and they pray for the peace of Jerusalem and other things.

Sam Rohrer:                  Well, I did that as well. I stood there. When I did and I touched that wall, I sensed an extraordinary importance of that place. Why? Because the Lord talked about it. One day He’s going to be back and He’s going to build, as I just said, a new temple there. Literally, the nations of the world will go there to worship. There is something dramatically important about that location. But before that temple is built by the Lord Himself, there’s going to be another temple built, and the preparations for that one are well-advanced. We’ve talked a lot about that, and we’re going to cover that again here with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung just to the extent of how far along in preparation that temple is.

Sam Rohrer:                  But what would I tell you if a leader, a world leader, just called for a rebuilding of that temple, and not just for a rebuilding of it, but a rebuilding of it yet in 2019 of all things? Well, many people believe that, in fact, that has happened and it’s sending prophetical alerts around the world to many people. So we’re going to talk about that right now. Jimmy, this is something that’s pretty exciting. I want to get your perspective on it, because at a Fourth of July celebration in Jerusalem, one US leader made a comment and to some regards as I read it, it almost was in code. But it’s caused many people to believe that he made an official, perhaps almost prophetical statement calling for an official rebuilding of this Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

Sam Rohrer:                  So I’m just going to ask you right out. Who was this official, and what did he say precisely that is causing this reaction?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Sam, that official was the US Ambassador of Israel, David Friedman. Now, this is a man who is playing a key role in the process to try to bring the resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. He’s been an outspoken ambassador from the United States to Israel. He’s a beloved Jewish man. Trump, I do believe, made a brilliant move when he selected David Friedman as the ambassador. David Friedman and Donald Trump have been longtime friends. David Friedman is an Orthodox Jew. He’s a religious Jew. He’s observant. He’s wears the kippah. He doesn’t get in activities unless it’s an absolute necessity on the Sabbath, et cetera.

Jimmy DeYoung:           Here’s the remark he made at the celebration. The celebration in Jerusalem was on July the 2nd, not the 4th, but in a gathering of almost 1000 people centered on the embassy in Jerusalem, here’s what David Friedman said, “This year in Jerusalem,” that phrase, this year in Jerusalem, has great significance. Normally, the phrase is next year in Jerusalem, and many of you maybe have said that or talked about it, especially if you’re going to go on a trip to Israel next year in Jerusalem. But that is always said at the end of the Passover Seder, the meal that the Jewish people around the year celebrate on the day of Passover. They have a Seder starting in the evening, a meal that then they rehearse all that took place at the exodus.

Jimmy DeYoung:           So the Passover Seder’s the location where it’s always said, “Next year in Jerusalem.” The statement, whether it’s this year or next year is actually calling for the temple. That’s the whole purpose in the statement, calling for the temple to be built. So the ambassador didn’t say, “Next year,” he said, “This year.” I do believe he knew exactly what he was saying. He wanted the temple to be built this year. By the way, all the preparations are made for that temple to be rebuilt. The ambassador to Israel from the United States knows that is the case. I believe he meant what he said and said what he meant.

Dave Kistler:                 Dr. Jimmy, let me ask you this, in addition to those comments, there were some other comments that David Friedman made with respect to the founders of the United States of America and their view and desire to establish a new Jerusalem here in the United States. I’d love for you to comment on those statements by Friedman as well.

Jimmy DeYoung:           Well, you know, Dave, that you and I had a time where I did a video interview of you right there in front of the Capitol Building there in Washington, DC, and we talked a little bit about that. He was referring to the pilgrims in 1620 when they arrived at Plymouth Rock. There were the people that wanted to find and live in that new Jerusalem. Now their eschatology wasn’t quite up-to-date, but they had a driving desire from a biblical perspective to be able to establish a government where they would govern themselves when they came to the new land called America.

Jimmy DeYoung:           William Bradford led these about 52 pilgrims who landed at Plymouth and they established the foundation for our US government. They set in place a representative republic, and that’s what the Bible calls for. It says in Genesis chapter 9 and verse 6, “God establishes human government and then He allows for a representative republic,” not a democracy. I get so upset with these ignorant politicians who say, “Well, this is a democracy.” It is not. It’s a representative republic. The ambassador also mentioned that the forefathers from George Washington on, and even before that, they understood the Bible. They were students of the Bible. They knew that the plan of God for the Jewish people was going to be accomplished.

Jimmy DeYoung:           They had favor for the Jewish people, even was not a nation, a nation of Israel at that point in that time. But there were Jews living there. They’ve lived there for the last 2000 years. There’s been a Jewish representative in that part of the world for the last 2000 years, although most Jews were scatters to the four corners of the Earth. So the response from what the ambassador said at the Fourth of July celebration taking place on the 2nd, the Israeli people just loved it. They realized there’s a very great, close relationship there, and the Israeli leaders as well. They’re very happy with the ambassador to Israel from the United States.

Gary Dull:                     Jimmy, we understand that many elements of preparation for worship in a new Jerusalem temple are actually taking place probably even as we speak, and others are being planned. I’m wondering if you could update our people as to what preparations are being done, and comment on where we are going from here. Do you think that ambassador really meant literally having a new temple in 2019 or 2020?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Well, he is indeed when you think about it, Gary, an Orthodox Jew. That’s his desire. He’s the one that leads in every prayer that they have. You or I guess Sam was talking about him being down there at the Western Wall, what they refer to sometimes as the Wailing Wall. So he’s been there. He knows what they think. He knows how they pray. He knows what he was saying when he said, “This year in Jerusalem,” as he related to the preparations for that temple. Priests have all been trained, 28,000 of them. The garments have been made for all of the priests. The temple furniture’s all made in storage. 4000 harps have been made.

Jimmy DeYoung:           The Sanhedrin, which is the 70 wise Jewish scholars, they are in place. The high priest has been selected to lead the Sanhedrin in the temple activities. They know where the Ark is located and the red heifer’s alive and well there in the desert, in the Negev Desert, where the Temple Institute making preparations for everything to put the temple up, are out there on their ranch trying to make certain they have a red heifer so they can offer the ordinance of the red heifer, Numbers chapter 19, and make everything ready for all of these men and materials to be used in the temple.

Sam Rohrer:                  Jim, we don’t have too much time here before the break, but you and others have picked up on the ambassador’s statement. Have there been others outside the religious community that have also picked up on that, that you’re aware of, that find it significant also?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Well, when you’re talking about religious community I think you’re mentioning us as Christians, that was your reference there. But the Jewish community, boy, they’re on top of it. I talked with some of my key broadcast partners in Israel and they said, “Well, we could possibly,” I’m talking about people who are not crazy. I’m talking about people who are really solid thinkers and they say, “We could have a temple next year or even this year in Jerusalem.” They think the US ambassador to Israel may well be saying what he means.

Sam Rohrer:                  Well, as we now swing into our final segment here on this very fast Stand in the Gap Today program, we’ve traversed Israel. We’ve talked about the Pilgrim’s Road that was discovered just days ago and the importance that that is to Israel in establishing Jewish presence there for 3000 years, and also making a major problem for the Palestinians who claim that property, but they’ve been outdone again by God bringing to life and bringing to evidence history and facts. It’s amazing what truth does to dispel error.

Sam Rohrer:                  We’ve talked about war, Iran, its threats against Israel, the United States, and the fact that we’re sitting very close, perhaps inevitable, to some kind of an engagement there, a serious matter. But again, Iran, driven by both military and religious belief, really believe they want blood to flow and, as they’ve said, they want to fill the Gulf with blood. This is not a good thing, something we need to be aware of, pray for, and pray for our own leaders that they understand that what they’re saying they actually do mean.

Sam Rohrer:                  We talked about the temple and about a potential temple being built in Jerusalem, an amazing thing, with words even given by Ambassador David Friedman just a week or so ago. But biblical prophecy also falls down in Israel in a lot of other ways. When I say the words that I say in our theme today, war, Iran, Russia, Syria, we’ve talked about all of them, fulfilling prophecy, a possible temple, then earthquakes. What do you think of? For me, I go to the words of Jesus when He spoke to His disciples in Matthew 24 and they ask Him where He was standing in Jerusalem, right there in sight of the temple that was ultimately destroyed. Jesus said one day that there would be a beautiful temple that would be built. But He said, one’s going to be torn apart there, the one that they were watching and looking at that point stone by stone. Of course, that’s what happened.

Sam Rohrer:                  But He talked and He looked ahead and He said that in the end days there would be wars. We’ve talked about that. There would be rumors of wars, we’re talking about that. Great deception, we see that all about us. A great apostacy from the truth, that’s all around us. Bizarre weather, boy, we’re seeing that all around the world. And of course, earthquakes, not just here in the United States, but right there in Israel. That brings us to a very interesting piece of talking about Israel, earthquakes, and the prophetical connection.

Sam Rohrer:                  Jimmy, we’ve been looking at all of those things. As I just said, that’s not just earthquakes in the United States, but it’s all around the world. But when they occur in Israel, just because of the nature of what Jesus was telling His disciples specifically in the Dead Sea region, something is happening. Talk to us about what is taking place there in the Dead Sea area and the earthquakes and why that is so significant prophetically.

Jimmy DeYoung:           Sam, the most recent earthquake was two weeks ago there at the Dead Sea. It was a minor earthquake, 3.5 on the Richter scale. However, this is the seventh earthquake this year that has taken place at the Dead Sea. You’ve got to remember the Dead Sea, which is in the Jordan Valley, is a part of a major fault line, something like a San Andreas fault out in California. This is called the Rift Valley fault line, and it extends from Syria in the north down through Israel, which would be in the Jordan Valley, then on down into Africa all the way to Kenya, Africa, where is the end of this Rift Valley fault line.

Jimmy DeYoung:           The Dead Sea is in that fault line, and they have seen many, many earthquakes over the centuries, down through the years numbers of major earthquakes. There’s one at Beit She’an. I don’t know if you got up when you were there recently in Israel to Beit She’an, but that was one of the Kabbalist cities at the middle of the state of Israel. It was destroyed in 747 AD and the remains of it, this major city at the time when Jesus was alive, was destroyed many years after He had departed, gone back into the heavens. But we still have the archeological remains. The Bible predicts the Dead Sea will one day be a sea and it will be a lake of fresh water. There will be fishing there. There are no fish that can live in the Dead Sea, of course.

Jimmy DeYoung:           I just recently talked with a scientist, Dr. Don DeYoung. He told me that an earthquake at the Dead Sea could cause this to happen, that it could become the major earthquake. It could break open underneath where is the Dead Sea today, fresh water and even fish. They found that in some enclaves in the area near the Dead Sea and around the shores of the Dead Sea, but in the ocean itself. Ezekiel 47 talks about water coming out of the temple in Jerusalem. It starts about ankle-deep, knee-deep, waist-deep, shoulder-deep, and then the prophet has to swim down the Kidron Valley to the Dead Sea. There was fresh water, and they’re laying fishing nets up in Ein Gedi. You were very close to that.

Jimmy DeYoung:           Remember, earthquakes are going to happen in Jerusalem as well when Jesus steps back on the Mount of Olives. The Mount of Olives splits and destroys that false temple on the Temple Mount, opens up a way for all the armies of the world gathered there to go to the Jezreel Valley before the Battle of Armageddon. So earthquakes are major players in the end-time scenario.

Dave Kistler:                 Dr. Jimmy, for someone who’s been to the Middle East and been down to the Dead Sea and sees what’s going on, they have an appreciation for what you just said. Of course, a lot of water’s being siphoned off north of the Dead Sea to irrigate that area in the desert, as the scripture says, “is indeed blossoming as a rose.” But it’s making possible the filling up of the Dead Sea with fresh water because so much water’s being siphoned off that parts of the Dead Sea’s drying up. So there’s amazing things going on that are fulfillment of that passage you cited from the Old Testament about fishermen fishing out of the Dead Sea in the end time.

Dave Kistler:                 I want to ask you this though, Dr. Jimmy. This increase in earthquakes, not just around the world, but in the land of Israel itself and down by the Dead Sea, some of this stuff is being downplayed. The increase in frequency and intensity of earthquakes, some of that’s being downplayed by parts of the US Geological Survey. But is there really any other way to interpret what’s happening other than just to say what Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 is coming to pass?

Jimmy DeYoung:           David, you know, you preach the word of God as I do, Gary does, and also Sam travels to preach as well. We’ve got to believe what Jesus Christ said in the Olivet Discourse, which is as you mentioned, Matthew 24. He said the first indicator that we can notice that will help us to recognize the Second Coming, not the Rapture. The Rapture happens, then seven years later the Second Coming. Jesus is talking about the Second Coming in Matthew 24. He says in verses 4, 5, 11, and 24, “There will be deception, false teachers. There will be false messiahs. There will be false prophets that will be around at that time.” Notice in verse 24 it says, “Signs, wonders, and miracles.”

Jimmy DeYoung:           We have a proliferation today of signs, wonders, and miracles. That’s what Jesus had to say. He also talked about the wars and rumors of wars. Today, boy, that is worldwide, I mean not only in the Middle East, but all over Europe. Wherever you want to go there’s war that’s breaking out among people of our world today. He talked about a temple in Jerusalem. Matthew 24:15, “When you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel.” Daniel talked about it, Daniel 9:27. Jesus talked about it, Matthew 24:15. There’s going to be a temple that will be desecrated when the Antichrist walks in and claims to be God in the Holy of Holies.

Jimmy DeYoung:           And then it says, verse 37 of Matthew 24 says, “As it was in the days of Noah,” now which days was he talking about? Before the flood, during the flood, or after the flood? The Bible tells us in the ninth chapter of the Book of Genesis that Noah lived after the flood 350 years for 950 years. But before the flood, what was going on? Sexual perversion. There in Genesis 6, angels having relationship with human women. Then after the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sam Rohrer:                  And Jimmy, I’m going to have to break right into the middle of that because we’re out of time.