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Sam Rohrer:       Well, hello and welcome to Stand In The Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer and I’m going to be joined again today by Dr. Gary Dull.

                              Exactly two generations ago this year, as marked by a 40 year generational definition, 40 years ago this year, the United States and the world were forced to engage in a protracted military struggle, a world war, initiated by a nation from the east referred to as the land of the rising sun. And that happened when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. But today, there’s another nation from the east boasting a million man army. And it threatens once again the United States and the entire world, including Japan, the land of the rising sun. This nation is Communist China.

                              Having already subdued its own population into complete 24 hour a day surveillance and molded the minds of its people into a social credit score, reward and punishment, behavioral modification, animal conditioning strategy. That’s a long definition, but you get what I mean. And also infused its communist military ideological strategy into every aspect of its economy, including its Wuhan Lab and more, China has become the land of the rising threat. And from its Silk and Belt Road Initiative to its longterm strategy of buying up or controlling nearly all of the natural resources necessary for economic and military control, or cultivating alliances with other totalitarian nations like North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and others. China’s posturing and long term strategy seems to be culminating with them just yesterday, issuing multiple statements such as this one, this one headline from Chinese state media, which read this. “China must prepare for nuclear war with the United States.”

                              Well, today on Stand in the Gap Today, we’re going to present further evidence of the broader threat of China, and then give more detailed evidence of China’s threat to Taiwan and the other nations bordering on the South China Sea. We’ll give evidence of China’s involvement in the COVID virus release and its connection to a bioweapon strategic move. And we’re going to conclude with bringing together the indicators of China and end time nations as indicated by biblical prophecy. Our special guest today to walk with us through these incredible events will be JR McGee, Extreme Leadership Group founder and CEO. He’s a strategic leadership and counter-terrorism specialist. And for over 33 years, he’s trained others in electronic and information warfare, teaching Navy SEALs, Delta Force, and SPAWAR operators. All of that and more today here on Stand in the Gap Today.

                              With that, let me welcome to the program right now JR McGee. JR, thanks for being back with us today.

JR McGee:           Sam, it’s a pleasure to be with you and Gary and with your listeners out there. I always enjoy the opportunity to talk with you guys.

Sam Rohrer:       Well, you bring an interesting perspective and that’s why, among other reasons, I like to have you on the program. But JR, just to get things going because we have a lot of specifics to go into, in my opening, I couldn’t help but draw the connection between Japan of 80 years ago this year and the very latest threat by China to the United States issued in no uncertain terms yesterday. Now, history has a way of repeating itself, JR. Take just a moment here because Gary wants to come back and ask you to fill in some other details. But draw, if you could, any other further parallels that you might see between the China of today and its ambitions now with Japan of 80 years ago and their ambitions then.

JR McGee:           Sam, the best way to learn how to think strategically today is to understand strategic thinking from the past. And looking at what Japan did 80 years ago, they invaded China, ironically; they invaded Korea; they invaded multiple islands throughout the Pacific to establish air bases and naval bases that they could use to project power over half the entire global world situation at that time, up to and including attacking Pearl Harbor in their quest to dominate the world.

                              China today is using a very similar strategy with their Belt and Roads Initiative, and they’re also in the South China Sea taking over islands that are disputed that even the World Court has ruled that they don’t have access to. And they’re turning them into airstrips and naval bases to project power in order to control one fifth of the world’s commerce that flows through that area. It’s remarkable how similar China is replicating the strategy that led us up to World War II.

Gary Dull:            JR, it’s certainly a delight to have you with us today. And of course, throughout the program, we’ll highlight specifically two major evidences of China as the land of the rising threat in regard to the South China Sea and Taiwan. And of course, then, the connection of China and bioweapons strategy as it relates to COVID, and of course, the Wuhan Lab. And then we’ll conclude with China and indications of their connection to the Middle East prophecy and what’s going on. But for the sake of demonstrating reasons to consider China as a rising threat, at this point, could you identify other areas where China’s strategy for world domination should be noted?

JR McGee:           It’s numerous. They’re using oil, they’re using commerce, they’re using finances, and they’re buying up strategic minerals, they’re buying up rare earth. They’re establishing relationships with countries through giving countries loans. And then when they can’t repay those loans, they take over portions of their country, and indeed, portions of their government. They’re using soft power projection in a way that we haven’t seen in my lifetime, certainly, to begin to be the dominant player on the world stage.

                              They’ve made clear they view themselves as being the key military power, governmental power, and societal power in the world today, and they feel that that’s their right. They feel that the United States basically is a usurper. China used to be dominant for many, many years when the west came over and basically invaded China and humiliated China for hundreds of years. And they view that it’s their birthright, it’s their destiny, to rule the world. And now they believe that militarily and economically, they’re in a position to reestablish that role and that dominance, and they’re moving across every front, like we said, economic, military, technological. And what technology they can’t develop, they don’t have a problem with stealing. They’re going to get it and they’re going to use it, and they are using it to establish control, dominance, and power.

Sam Rohrer:       Ladies and gentlemen, that sets us up exactly where I was hoping we would be at this point in the program. I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied today by Dr. Gary Dull. Our special guest, JR McGee. And our theme for today is China, land of the rising threat. What we just described is that across the spectrum, China has laid a foundation, and they are, more visibly perhaps than ever, beginning to flex their muscles. We’re going to look at two major emphasis, Taiwan and the South China Sea, next. When we come back, we’ll talk about that and give evidence of exactly how they’re going about doing what they’re doing.

                              It was in 1912 that Taiwan became an official nation, led by freedom lover Chiang Kai-shek and his wife, Madame Chiang Kai-shek. In response to the ruthless destruction of China’s history and its people by communist dictator Mao Tse-tung, freedom loving Chinese fled to a nearby island of Taiwan, taking with it the historical evidence and artifacts from the glory days of China. Taiwan became a laboratory for self-government. For a long time, it was the model of free enterprise in the East and what the basis of biblical principles in government could do for any nation.

                              Well, for decades, Communist China threatened to attack Taiwan, claiming it to be illegitimate and a Renegade breakaway cabal of revolutionaries. That’s what they said, but in their twisted anti-God atheistic minds, the Chinese Communist Party leadership cultivated their dictatorial approach on the mainland. Warned by past presidents like Ronald Reagan against attacking Taiwan, lest they would engage with the United States, China backed off and bided its time, but all the while, strengthening its military and its propaganda strategic assets. Now it appears that they may be ready to invade Taiwan. But now with a US president who, in his weakness, is enabling the communist dictators and with it, jeopardizing the freedom of the entire world. We are now looking at a different scenario.

                              So with that, JR, we know, as we’ve already referred and I just went through, Taiwan has been and is a target of China as a matter of, in part, re-establishing the glory days of China, which you referred to earlier. That’s a big thing to the Chinese people. But there is more to it as well. Before you get into some of those details next with Gary, I’d like for you just to share China’s broader strategy in the South China Sea. You mentioned a couple of those in the first segment about taking over some islands. But I’d like to lay out, if you could, their goals and a couple of other strategies to extend what they’re seeming to be their claim to much more than just Taiwan. So lay that out, if you could, for us.

JR McGee:           Sam, I’d be delighted to, because China has been moving aggressively. You can only describe it as aggressively. They’d been building up some of these reefs like Fiery Cross, the Paracels. There’s a series of reefs out there that are usually only been used for fishing. Now they’ve built them up by dredging sand onto them to the point where they built airfields on them, they put air defense missile systems on them, and they’re defending them. And they’re using those to project power against the Philippines, the Malaysians. In fact, just yesterday, the Chinese launched two H6K bombers, along with multiple fighter jets, against Malaysia and invaded Malaysian airspace. They’ve also put an aircraft carrier off one of these groups of islands in the Philippines to intimidate the Philippines from using those as their fishing grounds. They’ve been more and more aggressive in claiming these.

                              Just last Thursday, we did a freedom of navigational operations in that area, putting the USS Wilbur, which is a destroyer, right through the Paracels, and China reacted to that furiously. We’ve been navigating open seas for 200 years, and yet China is beginning to react to those as if it’s a national incursion upon their sovereignty, which is alarming. You can only do that if you’re trying to position yourself as the agreed nation to set the stage for war.

                              In addition, the Chinese have been launching numerous bomber and fighter armadas against Taiwan itself. They’ve been flying up to 25 fighter jets over Taiwan. Not just incursions into the airspace, but overflying the island itself, which is very aggressive. It’s very provocative. And the Chinese strategy, they’ve been developing their navy, they’ve been developing their amphibious forces, and they’ve now got two operational aircraft carriers. The strategy China would use is to launch an amphibious force from the east and an aircraft from the east while positioning one of their aircraft carrier battle groups to the west, block off the United States, the British, the Australians, anyone else that would come to Taiwan’s aid. And they’re beginning to do these war games, in a way, to show us and to show the Taiwanese people that they can take Taiwan whenever they’re ready.

                              To our credit, we’re continuing to push back against that. But in the last six months, our efforts have dropped off dramatically. And the Chinese have noticed this, which has encouraged them to become even more aggressive, which is exactly why they just launched this air incursion over Malaysia. Their incursions are increasing in Vietnam and Indonesia and the Philippines. Duarte, who’s the president of the Philippines, has decided he is very unwilling to take on China, and is basically seceding those islands and that group to the Chinese Navy.

                              All of these things are embolding China to only become more aggressive. And ironically, in the effort for the current United States administration to deescalate this and minimize the efforts for war, it’s simply making more and more likely. Because the Chinese are becoming more aggressive, they’re taking further actions, and it’s ratcheting up the tensions in that area dramatically. I think you’re going to see something happen over there much sooner rather than later, certainly within the next couple of years. I think Taiwan is at serious risk for military action.

Gary Dull:            As you’re talking there, JR, and as we consider this whole wicked attitude, at least that’s how I’m putting it, that’s coming out of China, I can remember two particular television scripts where on one hand, Joe Biden was talking about what a tremendous program that he’s been able to work with the leaders of China to put together. And then I can remember another particular clip where he was speaking and he said, in reference to China, “They’re good folks, folks.” And when I think of those statements in light of what’s going on in China right now, I’ll tell you what, I’m very concerned. I don’t think that under this current administration, we’re going to see a lot of pushback towards China.

                              But let’s go specifically to Taiwan. You mentioned Taiwan just a moment ago. In addition to getting back the historical artifacts of the past Chinese dynasties, which Taiwan hold and protects, what are the leading strategic gains for China if they really do attack and control Taiwan?

JR McGee:           It would be catastrophic, Dave. Here’s the situation. Gary, I’m sorry. I did this the other day. Gary. Taiwan is now almost the sole manufacturer of IC chips and computer chips. The United States has moved all of their production over there. Most industrialized countries have moved their chip manufacturing into Taiwan. And Taiwan currently right now because the COVID is having trouble manufacturing chips. It’s had a dramatic impact on our automotive industry, our electronics industry, and our services industry. We can’t buy cars right now because we can’t get the chips out of Taiwan to manufacture the cars and trucks. We can’t buy computers. These products are being dramatically impacted because COVID has affected Taiwan’s ability to manufacture these chips.

                              If China takes over Taiwan, they now have access and control over the vast majority of the IC chips and the technology that drives the world. And if you think that the Chinese will be as benevolent as the United States has been when we have been in that situation, I think you’re mistaken. China would use that to control both technology, access, and dominance in ways that we haven’t seen. We’ve never been in a situation where one country could literally choke off information and technology to the world, and that’s exactly what would happen to Taiwan fell. Taiwan holds an incredible strategic importance to the entire world, not just the United States. The entire world is dependent upon these IC chips. Now, Israel is trying to develop some manufacturing capability for chips and they’re coming online, but they’re a couple of three years away from full blown production. We’re trying to bring some of that manufacturing back to the United States, but we’re years away from reconstituting that manufacturing capability. If China takes over Taiwan, technology, information flow, and communications as we know it are going to change and change dramatically.

Sam Rohrer:       JR, boy, I’ve got just a real quick question for you here. I know in Taiwan, I’ve made a lot of trips there, probably 20 trips over my years to Taiwan, and I’ve been in some of their museums, and they change their artifacts. It’s massive. It’s all underground in the mountain. It’s massive. All the stuff that they took from mainline to protect it, that’s what the Chinese went back. Here’s my quick question to you. Glory and the glory days are important to the Eastern mind, Japan of old, China now. So is control from a communist perspective strategically. Which one do you think right now is driving China more, the glory days or strategically?

JR McGee:           That’s an interesting question, Sam, because in Asia, the concept of saving face is crucial. But China is playing a longterm strategic game. And I think that they view control, dominance, and power to be how they regain face. I think the artifacts are important to them, but if they gain control and power, they can take the artifacts. If they gain control and power, they regain face. To me, I think the technology and the control of both the waterways and commerce through the South China Sea, technology through Taiwan, and the dominance [crosstalk 00:19:06]

Sam Rohrer:       We’re going to leave it right there. Probably the leading one. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us. We got to go away for a break. We’ll be back with our guest, JR McGee, in just a moment. We’re going to move to the next evidence of China’s purpose to take over the world. We’re going to go to the bioweapons component, the Wuhan Lab, and the nuclear threat.

                              Well, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today. This is our mid-point. If you’ve been with us from the beginning, thank you. And if you’re just joining us, welcome aboard. We have half of the program left to go. It sure has been good hearing from so many of you from across the country for your listening to the program and such many wonderful comments.

                              Just one yesterday came and talked about connecting the dots, and so glad that we on the program are taking complicated or often complex thoughts and boiling them down into simple terms. I would ask you to pray for us in that regard, because one of the tactics of an evil world and a deceiving world, which is where we’re in, we know that, is the attempt of those who deceive is to take the simple and make them complex. So as to confuse and to make people either not know how to think, or as if they come to a logical conclusion that they are wrong because they have come. That’s all part of the process. And we hope and we pray that during these programs, we bring items of headline importance, but we bring with it the simplicity, because it is, the simplicity of biblical truth that allows us to filter what we are seeing and hearing, and in a way, bring it together so that we know how to think and act.

                              Obviously, all of us who know the Lord as our Savior know that’s why we’re here. If we’re not letting our light shine because we don’t know what’s going on, we’re not effective. If we’re not salt because we don’t understand what’s going on, we’re not doing our job. And that’s a part of what we hope and pray that this program does. And so we covet your prayers, we covet your financial participation, and let us know. And tell your friends. If you’re being benefited by it, tell your friends. And again, our website,, or download on our app your smartphone, Stand in the Gap. Download our app and access everything from that perspective.

                              All right, we’re going to shift gears now. We’re talking about China, land of the rising threat. We talked about their moves in the South China Sea, particularly with Taiwan at hand, but there is more. Over a year ago, when the COVID virus made its official debut, it was announced to the world that it came out of nowhere. Remember that? Yet as we’ve discussed on this program many times, it came out of nowhere, at least that’s what it appeared. But it also seemed to come with an orchestrated song sheet with the World Health Organization as the master conductor. And all the leaders of the world’s various nations stepped up right on cue and picked up their parts and sang the song of panic, as I would say. They sang the song of lockdown and declared emergencies, which suspended all laws. It’s happened in every country, including right here in the United States. It rearranged education, it shut down travel, it redefined worship, and a whole lot more.

                              As the days and the weeks went by, the evidence of advanced planning, the creation of the common music to be sung by the world’s leaders and the orchestrated panic policies became increasingly clear. Early on, President Trump, if you recall, declared the virus the Chinese Communist Party Virus. Remember that? And he accused the Wuhan Lab of releasing it on the world. Well, the Chinese communists responded that no, it came from the United States. Well, as we’ve said in the past, they are in part both right. Now a statement by President Biden that we need to get to the bottom of the Chinese connection has caused a swift response by the Chinese Communist Party and the military, warning the world of imminent nuclear attack. And that just happened yesterday in multiple releases.

                              Now, JR, let’s go right and shift gears here. I’ve touched on several key points and I’ve made several pointed assertions in what I just said. We don’t have time to fully unpack all of them, and that’s not our intent here right now. But in light of our theme, China, land of the rising threat, share what you know about China, the Wuhan Lab, the COVID virus, and the connection to a bioweapon. Go ahead.

JR McGee:           Well, a lot of information has been swirling around. Senator Tom Cotton, who I respect a great deal, I worked with him when he was with the intelligence battalions working with the Army. So I’ve known him, I have a great deal of respect for him. He’s exactly who he says he is. He was sounding the alarm on this back in April of last year, as was I and several other people, and we were all ridiculed. You got to understand a couple things. The Wuhan Lab, that’s China’s only biosafety level four laboratory. A level four biolab, they’re the ones that work with the most deadly pathogens, to include coronaviruses, that are deadly to human beings.

                              You’ve got a lot of people that have been looking at this. There’s a connection that Danny Shoham, who is a Israeli intelligence analyst that I respect a great deal. His subject matter expertise is in biological warfare, especially Asian biological warfare. And he has produced information that he’s made public that absolutely links Beijing’s biological warfare efforts with the Wuhan Lab. And China, if you want a smoking gun, it’s a fact. This is not conspiracy theory, this is fact. When this broke out, China shut down all travel from around the region in the Wuhan Lab to the rest of China, but they encouraged international travel from that location to the rest of the world. I’m sorry, that doesn’t happen by accident. That’s not a accidental initiative. That’s something that requires planning, that requires initiative, and it requires structure.

                              So there’s things that are going on with this that just don’t add up to anything other than this was a coordinated release from a biological warfare research laboratory. It’s a level four BLS lab. That’s what they do. That’s their purpose in life, is to experiment and research these pathogens and how they can be used and gain a function at areas to weaponize them. So there’s an awful lot of information that all adds up. There’s no information whatsoever that they can use to link this to the natural release environmentally or through animal development. It all points to manmade released through a lab, and I believe it was a deliberate release from a lab.

                              When somebody tells you they’re going to do something, I’ve learned to pay attention to them. And China’s been telling us for a long time that they would do this. And it also happened directly after President Trump was very successful in negotiating new trade policies with China that made them approach this in a different way. With with honesty and integrity, he addressed the theft of the intellectual property, he addressed the dumping. He was beginning to level the playing field. And as soon as China was forced to agree to that policy, within a couple of months, this happened. There’s cause and effect there. And China was telling us for years, this would be their asymmetrical approach to warfare with the United States and to other superpowers. So when people tell you they’re going to do something and then it happens, I tend to pay attention to that, Sam

Gary Dull:            JR, Sam referenced some statements just made by Joe Biden which, at least to me, prompted the fiery Chinese comments. I think you would agree to that. In a quote carried in the Daily Times, it says this. And I quote, “The editor of China’s state run Global Times has reportedly warned that Communist China needs to prepare for nuclear war with the United States after President Joe Biden ordered the United States intelligence community to redouble their efforts in investigating the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.” Now, that’s a quote that was in the Daily Times. Now, here’s my question to you, JR. In your opinion, is Joe Biden really wanting to know the origins of the virus, which the intelligence agencies should already understand and know what the origin is, or is he attempting to do something else?

JR McGee:           That’s another good question, Gary. The previous administration was already investigating that. And when the Biden administration took over, they shut down those investigations, I think because of the pressure of the news becoming public and gaining a great deal of credence. I think the Biden administration had no choice but to announce that they were going to put together a panel to go investigate this.

                              But you asked for my opinion. This is my personal opinion. If you look at the success of the Democrats in doing investigation panels like they did for both of the Trump things where they tried to impeach him, and then they did the Russia collusion investigation. They were spectacularly unsuccessful in uncovering information and getting to the bottom of anything. So I don’t have any confidence that the Biden administration is going to actually release information that is either substantial or accurate. I also think that the Biden administration doesn’t want to release information that’s accurate because that would require them to take action, and I don’t think they want to take action. I think they’re trying to find a way to diminish this and minimize it as quickly as possible to return things to the status quo. I think there’s a lot of Kabuki theater going on with this and I find myself not trusting what I hear. I do trust what I see, and what I see is a lot of flurry and fluff and not a lot of substance.

Sam Rohrer:       All right. And JR, my own personal opinion, I share that with what you just said. Lots of fluff, lots of action, but no substance. That would be what we’re seeing so far. When we come back, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to shift to the Middle East and China and the Middle East and connect, I think, some important linkages with biblical prophecy and China.

                              Well, when it comes to understanding and responding personally and nationally and geopolitically, as we are attempting to do today, and link things together, headline news, we have to do that when we think in context of the fact that there are international events. And increasingly, are we not in a global world? It’s dangerous to only consider what you look at when you look in the mirror. Let’s face it, the whole world does not revolve around you or me or anybody. There’s a lot that goes on around us. And that’s what the Scriptures tell us about, and it’s there for us to consider.

                              Now, as we’ve considered many times on this program, our founders had this biblical world view. This big picture, starting with God as Creator, and then working down through as it affects the affairs of mankind. Actually, Benjamin Franklin used those words. But from the pilgrims to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, to actually various US presidents and congressional members that we’ve talked about on this program before, they did look to biblical prophecy in their own critical time in history. And I’m thankful that they did.

                              Now, this was very evident in times related to the Middle East, to Israel, and various Middle Eastern nations since key nations are identified by name in Scripture as end day players. And again, we’ve spent time on previous programs documenting what I just said. But in some cases, the Scripture identifies some nations by name. Names that we use today, like Egypt and Libya. They are mentioned specifically by that name in Scripture. But other references are older names, like Persia is used, but we know that that is modern day Iran. But then Scripture will refer to some nations in terms of geographical location or by a symbolic nature. For instance, referring to the nation described as a bear, as an example. We’d say that would be Russia. Or nations from the north relative to Israel. And one particular, which we’re going to talk about right now, a nation from the East. And we know from Scripture tells us that one day will bring to the fields around Israel a million man army.

                              Well, understanding these facts today, I think, will help us to grasp in a more complete way what God is doing. And the great thing about prophecy is it is always fulfilled exactly as what God says it will be fulfilled. So much has been fulfilled, and there’s a lot yet to be fulfilled. But I bring this up not to make us fearful, but to make us even more confident.

                              So JR, in addition to being a military strategist, you’re also a student of biblical prophecy. And you know the value of connecting dots, what we’re trying to do today. So I’m going to give you a little bit of a wide berth here. Take a few minutes, not forever because we don’t have forever, but a few minutes here. How do you see the China of today fitting into biblical prophecy as it relates to Israel and the Middle East, which all of the world’s attention, we know biblically, are going to end up right there at that part of the world? Put China into what we know from what Scripture says.

JR McGee:           Well, Sam, thank God there will come a day when we will have forever to talk about this and to understand this. But you’re right, in just a few minutes. China has probably the largest population of any country on earth. We know that. They’ve also got the largest standing army. I did some research last night as I was thinking through this. The Chinese active army today, active duty, is 1,285,000. They have 510,000 troops in reserves. And no country will ever send their entire army to battle, they’re going to keep some back to protect the homeland. But China has about 1.3 million active duty, and then a half million in reserves. Russia has 1,014,000 active duty and 2 million in reserves. So if you combine those two armies, it would be very easy to see how I could put 2 million men… And let’s see where that 2 million men comes from.

                              You referenced Revelation 16:12. “And the sixth angel poured out his bowl upon the great river Euphrates. Waters there were dried up that the way of the kings of the East might be prepared.” The kings of the East are going to come through that area. And then if you combine that with Revelation 9:16, that’s very powerful. “And the number of the army of the horseman was 200 thousand thousand, and I heard the number of them.” 200 thousand thousand, that’s 2 million men. And I’ve just showed you where right now today, if you combine the Chinese Army, you combine the Russian Army, I can put 2 million people in the Middle East. And Russia and China both are becoming extremely active in the Middle East. They’ve both declared that they want to be dominant players in the Middle East. They both see that their strategic value and their national interest are in the Middle East. And I think this is coming. I think they’re getting prepared for this. I think God is setting up all of the things that are happening today in order for his plan to come to pass.

                              We look at this with fear sometimes. We ought to look at this with excitement. We’re the generation that gets to see these things come to pass before our very eyes. I can’t think of a more exciting time to live in than the time that we’re living in right now, because we’re getting a chance to see that not only is the Bible true, the Bible is accurate, but the Bible is alive. And we get to see it in real time.

                              We get to see things happen that people 100 years ago, 1,000 years ago, could read. They had no comprehension of what these things meant. What do you mean there’s going to be 200,000 horsemen? There’s no army in the world that could be put together even 50 years ago that could match those numbers. Well, there is today. And just like the Bible said, just like the prophecies laid out, we’re seeing it happen. We’re seeing people put together the structures, the infrastructures, the equipment, the manpower, and the mobility to go do that, to put it into place, and to have it come to light before our very eyes. I find that to be tremendously exciting.

Sam Rohrer:       JR, I do too. I know you are upbeat and I can hear it in your voice, and I am too. That’s why we always go this way, because it ought to. Now, Gary, I got to go to you. We’re just about done. Take just a little bit, and I want you to close in prayer. But share just a couple of thoughts that come to your mind about how this knowledge and how what we’re talking about here should positively impact every God-fearing believer who’s listening to the program right now to be more effective in their witness and doing what we are supposed to be doing in this age.

Gary Dull:            I share with JR the excitement, and we talked about it many times on this program. To be able to see Bible prophecy come into fruition is an amazing thing. Things that we wondered about even 20, 25 years ago, we are seeing come into fruition now, and it is really exciting.

                              But Sam, Romans 13:11 keeps coming back to my mind where it says, “And that knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of our sleep. For now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” We are getting closer and closer to the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The rapture could happen at any moment. And I think that that behooves us as Christians to do two things. Number one, to be very actively involved in our witness. We need to share the Gospel with those who do not know the Lord. And then secondly, I think it’s important that we ourselves make certain that we are everything that God would have us to be. You read on down through that passage of Scripture in Romans 13, it says, “The night is far spent. The day is at hand. Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let’s put on the armor of light.” Let’s live for the Lord these days in this exciting time and let the Lord use it.

                              Father, I pray that you’ll give us the wisdom and the strength to do that for your glory. We thank you for what you’re going to do ultimately to glorify your name. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Sam Rohrer:       Amen. Gary, thanks for everything today. And JR McGee, thank you so much for being with us today. Fantastic information. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us. Take all of this and apply it, and be more bold, be more confident in your witness for the Lord. We’ll see you back tomorrow, 23 hours from now.