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Sam Rohrer:                      When it comes to the human condition, there are many unknowns. Aren’t there? But there are some certainties, as well. Now, one of those certainties and the program today is not about the certainties, as much as looking at one area. But one of those certainties is life, the other is death. And with that, I welcome you to Stand in the Gap Today, as today will be our first health freedom update. Our monthly feature with Twila Brase, co-founder and president of Citizens Council for Health Freedom. As Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:1,2 says, “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” Now, in the new Testament, there’s a similar principle. In Romans, the Apostle Paul states, “For its appointed unto man once to die,” or in other words, established by God that after a person is born, there is a point that man will die.

And as we engage this program today, I would suspect that nearly 100% of all of you listening today have experienced firsthand the death of a friend, or a family member, in the last year or two. And many of these deaths have been connected in some way with COVID-19 virus, or increasingly the COVID injections. And this reality has touched my family and many friends in a very close way, and for me, very personally, just this past week. The dishonest friend, the deceptive way official statistics have been reported have-

Gary Dull:                           Yeah, it seems like we have lost Sam there for a little bit ladies and gentlemen, so I’ll jump into it here until we are able to get him back. And in line of what he said, as we engage in this program today, we would suspect that nearly 100% of all listening to us today have experienced firsthand the death of a friend, or a family member, in the last year or two.

I know I’ve had several, even within the last couple of the months. Now, many of these deaths have been connected, in some way, with the COVID-19 virus or increasingly the COVID injections. This reality has touched many family members. And of course, Sam, himself, has gone through this in his own family, as well. And every one of us can say yes, indeed we know somebody who’s died as the result of this. Well, the dishonest and deceptive way official statistics have been reported have been collected and interpreted, not to inform the public, but to manipulate the minds of the public. And this practice is evil and destructive. It leads not to freedom, but bondage and suffering. After all, it’s the truth that sets one free according to the scripture. However, the truth about the impacts of the virus, or as a direct secondary impact from injections, are now beginning to produce statistics, that though they continue to be covered up by the government, they are inescapable.

To that end, we are committed today to sharing the truth about some of the statistics that are coming forward. The title that we’ve chosen for today’s program is simply this, Health Freedom Update: The 40% to The 75% COVID Stats, Startling and Costly. On the program today we’ll share how that, without a doubt, the strategy behind the COVID shots and public policy is not freedom or a person’s health. We’ll highlight the dramatic implications of two statistics, 40% and the other 75%, as I mentioned a moment ago. In segment three of the program, we’ll provide evidence of the extent of the personal cost being experienced by many professionals who have chosen to defend life and health freedom. Then in segment four, we’ll identify several things that you can do to care for your own personal health. Well, today we are once again delighted to have with us, Twila Brase, who’s the president and co-founder of Citizens Council for Health Freedom. Twila, welcome back to Stand in the Gap Today.

Twila Brase:                       I’m very glad to be here. Thanks so much, Gary.

Gary Dull:                           Absolutely. Now, we’ve raised the question over the last weeks and months, in fact, nearly every day that one of the COVID policies that began to pour out like lava on the American people had less to do with the virus and more with other policy goals. What evidence can you provide that would support this supposition that we’ve been holding to?

Twila Brase:                       Well, I think what’s really interesting here is how big of a turnabout that we are seeing in the last week or so. It’s astonishing. It’s like truth about the virus is coming out. We haven’t seen it yet about the vaccine or early treatment, because I think that would indict all sorts of people with deaths from the vaccine, or deaths from failure to give early treatment. But truth on the virus is definitely coming out. So several things, although there’s 833,000 deaths, or there are about, now, New Jersey is saying that less than half of their COVID hospitalizations were what they call principle COVID. In other words, from COVID. Remember the from and the with? Dying from COVID, or dying with COVID, or hospitalized with COVID, or hospitalized from COVID. And so, New Jersey is saying less than half, 48.7%, are from COVID of their hospitalizations.

New York is now saying that 43% of their hospitalizations were for something other than COVID. In other words, COVID was incidental and they’re calling it incidental COVID. And that’s the with COVID statistic that has been heralded for more than a year, probably now, trying to get to the bottom of this. And then CNN, we had Sanjay Gupta, a physician and Jake Tapper railing about misleading numbers, and talking about how 40% of the hospitalizations are not for COVID. And this is interesting for several reasons. One, Costa Clara County in California, back in July of 2021, decreased their death numbers by 22%, but it seems like nobody else did, or at least nobody else did publicly. Whereas, the difference between with and from has just been a foreboding topic. Now, suddenly we have everybody coming out with it. And you may wonder why, and I think it has to do with the 2022 election, and the fact that six former policy… What do you call them? Not analysts, but advisors. There we go.

Six former health policy advisors to Biden wrote separate commentaries, or a series of commentaries I should say, in the Washington Post, no less, last week, really criticizing Biden and his pandemic policies. And saying, you’re going to have to live with this. Basically, we’re going to figure out a way to bring the economy back. And so I think the reason they’re concerned now, after squashing the economy and trying to force everybody into vaccination, is that they are very afraid of what’s going to happen with the 2022 election. And so, in a blink of an eye, in the blink of an eye, everything is changing. All the stats are changing. All these comments are changing right before our eyes, as they completely restructure the narrative to narrative 2.0.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Twila, I think you laid that out perfectly, ladies and gentlemen, as I’m saying, statistics can prove whatever you want, if you are not committed to the truth. And manipulation of those numbers is what we have been subjected to for two years. The next segment we’re going to talk about and bring out two percentages, 40% and a 75% number, that talks about statistics. And these are true and they are startling.


Sam Roher:                        Well, if you’re just joining us today, this is Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, accompanied by Gary Dull, and our special guest today, Twila Brase, president and co-founder of Citizens Council for Health Freedom. And this is our first of 2022 Health Freedom Updates, a feature that we have been doing monthly all of last year and before. And with the Lord’s help, we’ll continue to do through the balance of this year. The theme today is this, the 40 to 75% COVID statistics, startling and costly. We’re going to deal with both of those right now.

Over a week ago on this program, we mentioned, in passing, how that a recent statement by the CEO of One America, a national life insurance company based in Indianapolis, reported that working age people, those 18 to 64 years of age, are dying at a rate that is 40% higher. Now get that, 40% higher than pre-pandemic rates. And information like this is increasingly available, and it is startling as time is moving along and allowing statistics to be gathered and considered. The implications of that number, 40% increase in death rates of those 18 to 64, is startling. The implications are unfathomable. Then yesterday CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, stated that more than 75% of people who have died with some connection to COVID had, at least, four comorbidities. Now what these numbers mean and their implications are again, startling and present statistics, which I’m suggesting are increasingly inescapable.

Now Twila, I just referenced a statement by One America CEO a week ago with this information, and I found it in greater detail on Dr. Joseph Mercola, his article. Let me read just a little bit from that, so our listeners understand. He says this, and this from the CEO of this company. He said, “One of the most reliable data points we have is all-cause mortality. It’s very hard to massage that statistic, as people are either dead or they’re not.” He said, “Their inclusion in the national death index database is based on one primary criteria — they’ve died — regardless of the cause. From there, their cause of death, as identified on their death certificate, is added in to more granular statistics, such as the number of people who died from cancer or heart disease in any given year, for example. But while the cause of any given death can be manipulated and altered, the fact that there was a death is more certain. What’s more, death rates tend to be very stable.”

Now going on, because it’s all very important. I want to get your comment on it, Twila. He says this, “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business, not just at One America. The data is consistent across every player in the life insurance business. And what we saw, in just the third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into the fourth quarter. And that is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic.” He goes on to say, “Now, just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three Sigma, or a one in 200 year catastrophe, would be a 10% increase over pre-pandemic. So 40% is just unheard of.” And then one last part, before I go to you. He says, “Normally, death rates don’t change at all. They are very stable. It would take something REALLY big to have an effect this big. This effect, 40%, that size is 12 Sigma. That’s an event that would happen by pure chance every 2,832 years.”

He says, “That’s very rare. It’s basically never.” Wow, this is a big deal. So Twila, this is an inescapable statistic, as he is talking about. Do you have any comments on this and these kind of findings that are coming forth?

Twila Brase:                       Yes. So speaking from my own professional experience as an emergency room nurse, whenever a patient comes in, you ask about the latest thing that happened, and has been happening in their life to try and figure out what is going on. But it is as if the idea that we have done and instituted this huge injection program across America is not even up for discussion. I think that is the one thing. Yes, COVID, but we’re starting to watch the COVID death rates fall that are actually from COVID. And so the really big thing that’s happening here are the vaccinations, the injections. And so, when I look at people who are really concerned about vaccinating children, or they have found clotting, like Dr. Huff, in 62% of people who are vaccinated in his practice within the first seven days, and nobody should have clotting.

And people are still trying to figure out where the spike protein goes and what it does, because the vaccine goes into your body and it forces your body to make spike protein, which is inflammatory towards your tissues. So all of the deaths, which are now more than, I think, we’re at 22,000 or so reported deaths, the CDC is just dismissing them, as though they were nothing. And just saying they’re reported and we can’t verify any of them. And then there are the deaths that were never, ever reported, that nobody reported. It takes about a half an hour to an hour to report these adverse events to the database. Hospitals are struggling. They’re laying off their people. They don’t have staff to do this reporting. How much of it is not actually reported?

So, I think that this is the one event. We’ve done a massive vaccination program in the midst of a pandemic, and the variants are being caused as a result. People are being reported to have died. A majority of them within four days of the vaccine, but nothing’s been verified, and it’s all being ignored. Is that why? I don’t know. But this is a startling statistic, and it should raise everybody’s eyebrows and make them think twice about what’s happening in the country.

Gary Dull:                           Indeed, it should, Twila. And on Monday, CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, told ABC’s Good Morning America, that more than 75% of COVID deaths nationwide were in people with four or more comorbidities. Now, can you explain what she was saying and, perhaps, even what she was not saying about this startling 75% statement?

Twila Brase:                       Yes. Well, immediately afterwards the CDC came out and retracted it and said, she wasn’t actually talking about the totality of deaths from COVID in the country. She was talking about that they occurred amongst the unvaccinated against coronavirus. That 75% of the death occurred amongst unvaccinated people against coronavirus. And so, I don’t know what the truth is. We’ve had a hard time understanding here what the truth is, but I want to add one other thing to the 40%, because it just occurred to me. And that is the deaths of everybody who… The additional suicides, the people whose cancer progressed, because hospitals shut down. There are any number of things that people are dying from, the heart attacks from before, because people refuse to go to the hospital, because they were so afraid of COVID. There’s a lot of reasons that people are dying more than before, and I think those things should be wrapped in there, as well. And that’s part of the lockdown.

Sam Rohrer:                      Twila, I’m going to shift gears just a little bit right here, because these two statistics you’re talking about, whether impact and implications are extraordinary. Now, across the country people are waiting, right now, for the Supreme Court to weigh in on the shots and the forced mandates behind them, and so forth. Do you have anything that you can add to that? Because I would suspect that some of these statistics are, perhaps, helping to drive their consideration possibly.

Twila Brase:                       Yeah. So I wonder how much the court is swayed by its people who wrote about Biden’s policy. I wonder how much they’re swayed about this brand new information coming out now, because I think that they’re afraid of losing the election. It’s very clear that the Supreme Court justices, on the pro-vaccine side, had no idea what the real numbers were. And they have been… The Washington Post gave Justice Sotomayor four Pinocchios, a very public railing against her statistics. And we’re all waiting now. And this is two court cases. One of them having to do with the CDC mandate on healthcare workers, and the other one having to do with OSHA’s mandate against any companies with 100 employees.

People are saying the healthcare worker might go forward, and the OSHA one might not happen. But I really want both of them, both of them, to not go forward. This is not a place of the federal government. The federal government does not have the right to force everybody who’s a healthcare worker across the country to take an experimental, not even yet FDA approved vaccine. And even if it were FDA approved, they still don’t have the right to do that. And so, I don’t know. We’re all expecting, I mean, at least, I’m expecting probably by Friday, but people do say it could take as long as two weeks, and the hearing was held on Friday, December 7th.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, Twila, what you’ve mentioned, right there, is a significant thing. And I have a comment on it. The statistics that we’re giving are the kinds of statistics that should make a difference on policy makers, but those statistics ought not to have anything to do with the lawful basis of the court’s ruling. And you intimated that. And I wonder because I’ve heard some comments from some of the justices actually seeking information, that would appear to me, to maybe looking at some of the side impacts, as a basis of their decision. Which I would say, if that’s the case, I’m worried about what the court will do, because that’s pragmatics. And the court has a responsibility of looking at the law, and the law does not permit the executive branch, ladies and gentlemen, to make law. So it ought not to be any issue, at all.

But again, something to pray about. Something to be aware of. And also to understand these numbers, as they’re coming out, do become compelling and we’ll see how they impact. When we come back, we’re going to talk about the costly aspect of it. Those who are standing up and saying the truth is the truth are being impacted. We’re going to share some of those examples next.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, welcome back. Our special guest today is Twila Brase. This is our Health Freedom Update, first of the year, and our intent is that monthly, we will do this with our special guest Twila Brase. Now, we’re talking about 40%, 75% statistics. Talked about that in the last segment, they’re both costly, and that’s where we’re going to go now. They’re costly and the impact is beyond description on what these numbers are now showing. But when it comes to civil freedom, we’re going to go here next on the cost, justice, honor, moral duty and responsibility.

Each person, all of us, must choose as to whether we will embrace truth and stand in the gap for it, defend it, or reject truth and shrink into the shadows in times of challenge. Now, when I think about things like this one example from the Old Testament, Joshua. He was in a time of public challenge. There was all about which God to follow. That’s really that decision still being made in America today, it really is. Not quite the same gods, but it’s the same thing. God above or somebody else. You recall, Joshua was stood up and said publicly, “As for me and my house, we’re going to serve the Lord.” Now, there was another example, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego chose truth and refused to bow the knee, and it took them into the fire. And though God delivered them, tens of thousands over the centuries have bravely walked into the literal fire, or were consumed at the stake, because they were going to stand for the truth and not bow.

Today, as we’re confronted with so many efforts to intimidate people, to discard the truth and bow to earthly pressures in regard to COVID policies, or some other policy, some are standing in the gap and they’re paying a price. Remember, freedom is never free. Indeed, defending life, and defending health freedom is costly. But I would project, it is worth it. Twila, you’ve been standing in the gap for truth and freedom, as we have here. There are some other people who have also been doing so, and for them been very costly. Can you identify just a few of them, perhaps, and what has happened to help us quantify the cost that there is a cost for standing up for truth? Share some of these who have really stepped into the flames and they’ve paid a price haven’t they?

Twila Brase:                       Sure. Yes. So there’s a physician, Aaron Kheriaty, who was the director of the medical ethics program at University of California, Irvine. And he was fired as the director of that program for questioning the ethics of the vaccine mandate. There is Dr. Scott Johnson in Minnesota, a family practice physician and former Minnesota Senator, and now a gubernatorial candidate. He’s been investigated for the fifth time, by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice due to a litany of anonymous complaints about providing COVID misinformation. Mary Talley Bowden is an ENT in Houston, and she resigned after she was basically suspended. And so now she’s only seeing unvaccinated patients. She helped patients live, one patient live, we have that little story in our COVID guide, by transferring him to another hospital where the doctor would actually treat him with the care that he needed to get well.

And Dr. Paul Marik, he’s the founder of the Frontline COVID Critical Care Alliance, and he’s one of the top ICU doctors in the world. He’s written four textbooks. People learn from him. And his hospital, in Virginia, told him he could no longer use ivermectin to save people in the ICU. And so he sued and then they ousted him from the hospital, and that lawsuit is going forward. So there are… The costs are very high, but these are very dedicated physicians who know what the medical ethic is, who know what the Hippocratic oath is, and who are not afraid to say no to the COVID protocols that are out there by the corporations. The corporations who put them into the electronic health records and try to lock doctors in and tie their hands.

Gary Dull:                           I would thank the Lord for those who are willing to stand for truth, even though it might cost them greatly to do so. But, Twila, according to some of the information that we’ve seen, even the Mayo Clinic has taken extreme action against many of their faithful employees who, because of the facts that they’ve been able to derive, have refused to take any jab whatsoever. Can you give us more information about this?

Twila Brase:                       Yeah. So it’s terrible that the Mayo Clinic, who most people think is a wealth of knowledge and truth, has terminated 700 of their employees who refuse to take the injection. And of course, this just leads to more problems with staffing, more difficulty getting into the door. But the other thing that Mayo has done is they have refused to listen to a family whose family member is on a ventilator, and they want him to get Ivermectin. So there is an attorney in Florida who is pushing this case forward to get him the treatment that he needs to actually hopefully save his life. And Ivermectin, even when you’re on the intubator, even if you’re on the respirator, has actually helped people leave the ICU and go back home. And so it absolutely should be tried, but Mayo is saying no.

Sam Rohrer:                      Yeah. See, those are remarkable things. And I want to take it just a little broadly, because we’ve talked about these examples, the doctors that you cited as an example, have personally been impacted. And of course, you did not mention this, because of time, but there are so many, Mercola as an example, and many others have been silenced. I think it was Dr. Mallone, himself, wasn’t it, who has about a half a million followers on Twitter. He’s the inventor of the original, mRNA.

Twila Brase:                       Yeah, and they kicked him off.

Sam Rohrer:                      And they silenced him, as well. Didn’t they? So the costs are really significant across the board.

Twila Brase:                       Absolutely. And the wonderful thing about some of these actors, like Malone, is they are creating substack accounts. And for your listeners, this is a way they can’t be silenced and people are signing up for their substack accounts. So they are like reporting from the field, and you can find a lot of these doctors doing that, and they’re not being silenced. Of course, they’re just not where… Most people know where they are, but now your whole audience knows to look for them in substack.

Sam Rohrer:                      And that’s excellent. So I wanted you to mention that. As well, and let’s go, there’s another additional cost. And that is for an employee who says, “No, I will not.” There’s a cost. He may get fired, many have. The 700 employees of Mayo Clinic, unbelievable. 700, I don’t even know how the clinic can function without 700 employees. Somebody is really getting short changed, not just the individuals and the doctors you mentioned. So let’s broaden that a little bit, because when we talk about cost, there’s not only a cost personally, and to the family, as an example of those who lose their employment due to acting on the truth and irrefutable statistics, some of what we’re sharing today. But when government and employers reject the truth of what is, and manipulate the facts, there’s an increasing cost to the public, as well. Isn’t there? I mean, can you give some examples of the cost that is being felt across society, as a result of these individuals who are now being individually chastised and punished because of their desire to stand for the truth?

Twila Brase:                       Yes. And I would also say, you mentioned a few words in there about twisting the truth. But this is also coercion. This is an attempt to coerce. And there are the people who are not buying into the lies, and they are looking at the truth of the vaccines, and they’re making their choice. And when that happens… So we’ve got pilots who have left. You wonder, you wonder why flights are being canceled. We’ve got firefighters who have left. We’ve got police officers. We’ve got the staffing in the hospitals. There are people at every level, because the Biden Administration, and the states, and sometimes the governors, are saying, “Absolutely everybody has to get this injection or you’re out of there.” And so, at every level, but here are the safety people, the people you need to depend on the firemen, the police officers, the healthcare workers. And a lot of them are saying, “Yep, nope, I’m going to retire early. I’m going to go find another job.”

And you know what? They may not come back because they have learned about a healthcare system, in the case of hospitals, they now learned, in a real concrete manner, about how much they are devalued by the healthcare system. That healthcare system does not prize them as an employee, no matter how excellent they are. If they are not compliant, the hospital doesn’t want them. And so that may change. What happens in this country about who is going to be available at a hospital when you want to get care. And that, by the way, is the reason why we are building the Wedge of Health Freedom. And in my vision for the wedge, it’s not only going to be the clinics that we have in there now at It’s also going to be hospitals that are independent cash, check, and charge hospitals, where it’s all about the patient and the prices are affordable. The care is confidential. There’s no intruders. There’s no interference.

Christian faith or other kind of faiths can be part of it. There’s no outside control. And we would be back to where we were before, where it was affordable and it was patient centered. And it was what it’s supposed to be. That’s what health care’s supposed to be. It’s a mission. It is not a business that looks at doctors and patients as widgets. That’s what’s happening right now.

Sam Rohrer:                      And, Twila, you laid that out and we could go much further on that, but thanks for doing that. But ladies and gentlemen, you heard what Twila is saying, and what I said, when you know the truth, and you embrace the truth, then we have an obligation. Do we not? To stand for it, even if it costs us something. Frankly, if it’s something doesn’t cost us something, it’s probably not worth that much. But certainly this area of health, our families, our employment, our children’s education, all of those kind of things. Those are the essence of life as God has given to us, and they’re being challenged on all sides. Which it is, will we stand for the truth? Claim it, stand on it, and be willing to experience some cost as a result of it? Thankfully, there are many who are. And when we come back, we’re going to talk about some solutions, always important to offer some solutions.




Sam Rohrer:                      Well, on the program today, we’ve laid out quite a number of, I would say, startling statistics. And, in a positive sense, of those who have stood for truth, protecting what is true. And that leads to our decisions to govern our own health and make wise choices, our health freedom, and that’s our focus today on the program. We try to, in most cases, when we bring up issues, that we bring it to a resolve, because there are things that we can do. So when I think of this, I think of the idea of warning. If you’re parents, you’ve warned your children, have you not? Employers, you warn your employees, certain things to do, what not to do. We hear warnings all the time. To not warn of dangers, when it is known, see that’s evil. To not warn somebody that the bridge is out, and you let them go right ahead, that’s evil.

Now, to warn of danger, and to provide true remedies leading to responsible action. Well, now that’s biblical. In the medical sense, for a physician to intentionally misdiagnose a sickness, or to prescribe a placebo treatment, or to withhold a true treatment, that’s malpractice. For a physician to do as their Hippocratic oath says, do no harm, and to the best of their ability seek the healing of the patient. Well, now that’s moral and that’s biblical. But this principle extends to all people in all positions. For a pastor, for instance, this a pastor’s network. We’ll apply right there. For a pastor, for instance, to not define sin, and the consequence of sin as death and eternal separation from God in hell. Well, that’s the mark of a hireling. Jesus said that. And it will be punished by God at the judgment, big consequence. Now, on the other hand, to warn of the reality of sin and then offer the glorious remedy of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Now, that’s right and that’s biblical.

So point is, we all have a choice. And life is about warnings. And do we warn properly? Do we fail to warn? And what do we do when we have a warning? Twila, you and we, here on Stand in the Gap Today, and APN, we don’t seek sensationalism, nor do we cry wolf when there’s no likelihood of a wolf. That happens out there all the time in this rotten media that we see today, that’s not governed by any accountability to God or truth. But you and we, we’re devoted to the truth in helping to edify and equip people to make the most informed decisions for themselves, and those under their authority, to the extent we can, that’s possible. That’s what we do.

Now, in that light, we’ve posted health and treatment protocols on our website, but the goal is to help them make decisions, to strengthen their immune systems and work as best as possible within the framework that God has designed us. But you also have a reference guide, and we’ve posted that on our website, as well. You’ve referred to it already in earlier segments. I want you to speak a little bit about this reference guide, and what is in it, and what makes it unique, and helpful for our listeners.

Twila Brase:                       Yes. Well, thanks for asking about that. Yes. The title is The COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide. It’s split into five sections. So whatever stage you are at in COVID, whether it is you’ve not gotten sick, but you’d like to prepare, or you are sick, and you’d like to figure out what to do with treatment. If you are thinking about hospitalization, what you should know. We have a hospitalization wishes list, so that you can bring that in if you really have to get hospitalized. But we’re trying to keep you out of the hospital. And then a whole section on long haul COVID, which really only happens if you haven’t been treated well in the very beginning. And so one of the things, this is about saving lives. It’s also about saving people from long COVID. And it is making sure that people understand there is a clear cut difference between, if you get treatment in the first seven days, and if you get treatment starting day eight, nine, 10.

There’s very few people that die if you get in the first seven days. But on the other end, you don’t know what’s going to happen, because the virus… You move away from the viral part of the illness, which I explained in there, that’s actually one of the sections too, is just to give you a better idea of what the disease really is. And it’s a clotting and inflammatory disease. It’s not a lung disease. And you really have to keep the clotting from ever starting. Because as one doctor says, once the clotting starts, it just takes fire. It just goes quickly. So it’s really meant to protect people, to share with their friends and neighbors. We’ve got people who have told us they think it’s saved their life.

Another person who said, I feel comfortable now. If I get COVID, I know exactly what to do. We’ve got some people who are making the early treatment kits that we have in there. They’re pulling all those things together. Now, I know that we are at Omicron, but Delta still exists, and we’re not… Data and truth is really fuzzy these days. And I’m not exactly sure what’s happening when it comes to Omicron, even though they say it’s milder. And so it’s still possible that some people could die. I think it’s really good to understand the disease, and to be prepared, and that’s what this is all about. And it’s on our homepage at, And somebody, just a few weeks ago, told me that if she had had this guide, this COVID guide, she doesn’t think that her mother would’ve died, but she just went along with what the doctors were saying, and she just didn’t think anything different of it. And so she didn’t know any difference, and that’s what this is meant to do.

Gary Dull:                           And Twila, we made that available to the congregation that I serve here at Faith Baptist Church of Altoona, and the people have greatly appreciated that we’ve encouraged people to go to your website, and we’ve made some hard copies of it, as well. And it’s a fabulous thing. So ladies and gentlemen, I’d encourage you to get it. But Twila, we’ve discussed with you, and other medical experts, over the months about the necessity for early treatment, for anything potentially related to the COVID virus. Can you speak briefly of the necessity of early treatment? We only have a minute or two.

Twila Brase:                       Yep. And so the virus happens in the two stages really. The first stage is viral, and for the most part, it’s sitting in your nose. This Omicron, for sure, is sitting in your nose for about three to five days replicating. And then it starts to go down your lungs where the real damage happens. And so it’s really important to not listen to the doctors that say, or the nurses or whomever is telling you, “Yeah, you’ve got COVID just go home, and if you start having difficulty breathing come on back.” Well, that is like the really wrong thing to say, because, as I said, the first seven days are critical. And I quote doctors in the COVID guide, I quote a lot of doctors. I reference them. You can go see the citations. You can watch the videos yourself. These are doctors who are successfully treating people with COVID, have lost hardly any COVID patients at all, because of everything that they have implemented. Much more difficult here in the United States, because ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and some other medications are basically forbidden, which is a crime against humanity.

It should not be happening, but a lot of the COVID care doctors, that’s what I call them. And you can find out how to get them, find them, that’s in our guide as well. A lot of the COVID care doctors have their own pharmacies and they know where to tap into. Plus the guide gives you instructions about how to get the ivermectin and other medications from India, in particular, where a lot of people are getting it. They’re getting more than they need, and they’re making sure they have it available to other people, so if they have not prepared properly, they can get the medication within those first seven days.

Sam Rohrer:                      And Twila, you packed a lot there in the last minute and a half. Ladies and gentlemen, let me just go ahead and disclose a prayer briefly today, and we will bring this program to a close. Heavenly Father, we thank you for the ability to be able to communicate all across the country. Thank you for Twila and what she does, and the good effort and the good education that this has provided for so many. I pray that you would help all of those who are listening. Lord, grant us wisdom. We need it. Help us to decipher between that which we hear, which is not true, and that which is the truth, and then the courage to choose to do what is right and to act upon it. With that, we commit it to you. We ask in Jesus name. Amen.

All right. Well, Twila, thanks for being with us today, as always. Good program, fantastic information. Gary, thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us today. And we pray that you’ll take this information, apply it, study it, go back and listen to this program again, Share it with friends and neighbors so that they can be also informed. And we’ll see you back here tomorrow, the Lord willing, 23 hours from now.