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Sam Rohrer:       Hello and welcome to a new week of Stand in the Gap Today programming and what I know will be a relevant week of headline news analysis featuring, well, today, our monthly security and prophecy update world in review focus with JR McGee. And then Israel and the latest headline news events of biblical importance on Wednesday with Dr. Karl Brogue and then, on Friday, Dr. George Barna and the latest research on national values and spiritual perceptions that impact freedom and the church in America.

Now, those are just a few. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I gave you the agenda for this week. So, when the blatant antichrist secular media and the majority of what I’m going to call the false prophet religious media, because most of them, actually, ladies and gentlemen, frankly, are not telling the whole biblical truth. But when all of these together promote their worldview of global events, we will hear, with God’s help, that’s why it’s so important to pray for us. We will, with God’s help, present on this program the news and the trends of greatest importance to remnant believers, those I say with eyes to see and ears to hear.

So, I encourage you not to miss a program this week. And if you can’t catch the program live on your local radio station, that you make a point of listening to it later on through our Stand in the Gap app or on any one of our podcast platforms that carry this, including TuneIn Radio, Apple Podcast and there’s others that may be there and I may have left out some, no doubt.

But moving to the focus of today, the title I’ve chosen for JR McGee, X-Stream Leadership Group founder and CEO, 33-year instructor in strategic leadership in military counterterrorism, here’s the theme. The Fall of Nations, what people think, what God says. And with that, I welcome to the program right now, JR. JR, good to have you back.

JR McGee:           Sam, it is always a pleasure to be with you and the audience. It’s a deep honor for me, thank you.

Sam Rohrer:       And you are very welcome. And, JR, we got a lot to look at today at just a few of the most significant global events occurring around us. We’re not only going to highlight four events which all tie together but I want to accomplish two other things in addition to that. One of those is I want to identify what you identify and are saying about these events and trends and then, secondly, what God says about these events. Since, at the end of the day, everything we experience are His plans being worked out and that’s what we really want to know.

Now, when it comes to human civilization, JR, and how people, regardless of the nation which they live or the age in which they live, we need to remember, ladies and gentlemen, that our lives revolve around certain basic things such as individual freedom, sufficient food to live beyond the daily demands of survival, health and prosperity sufficient to enjoy our families and fulfill the natural God-given desires of our hearts. Those are the basics and anything more than that are just abundant blessings which God says only comes from Him. But for the purpose today, God has established civil government or nations to provide order where the righteous are protected and the lawless are punished, that’s what Romans 13 says.

Now, where this occurs, God always blesses as He has our nation. Where the people and the nation’s rulers rejected God’s plan, turmoil, lawlessness and tyranny erupt and God’s judgment falls. Now, this is the basis of the rise and the fall of nations as God describes it. People without a fear of God or a biblical worldview interpret it another way and, as a result, people never learn from history. But God’s people, we, are not to be among that group. And with that, JR, let’s get right into it right now.

A couple of weeks ago, talking about Russia and I want to go there, the entire world watched with a great interest with what appeared to be this Wagner group coup threatening the stability of Russia itself, the rule of Vladimir Putin. But almost as quickly as it started, it ended and we commented on this program a couple of points that something just wasn’t right about what we were seeing. Now, here are my two questions for you. Was the coup attempt real or was it a strategic hoax and is Russia failing and about to collapse as the western-controlled media would like us to believe or are they, in fact, rising? What’s man’s view? What’s God’s view of Russia?

JR McGee:           Sam, I watched with great interest that entire event as well. Yevgeny Prigozhin had become a friend for Putin for many years and then an ally and then Putin set him up over the Wagner group and developed that into one of the strongest mercenary militias in Russian history. And Prigozhin was always very close with Putin and then, here’s the thing. Russian, the military, has always used a tactic called maskirovka and that’s a Russian word that literally means deception or a disguise, that’s the term for it. They’ve used this repeatedly, I think that’s precisely what this was.

Prigozhin is not stupid and there’s no way on heaven’s green earth he thought that he could take 8,000 men and invade Moscow in the heart of Russia. Moscow is defended by 340,000 troops that report directly to Putin, that’s their homeland defense, that’s the elite of the elite, there’s no way 8,000 men are going to go in there and overthrow that. So, it was a massive bluff but it wasn’t a bluff to get Putin to take action, it was a bluff to cover up something that Putin had done earlier.

If you remember, about three weeks before this occurred, Putin had transferred tactical nuclear weapons down to Aleksandr Lukashenko who was the president of Belarus. And Lukashenko has had a reputation for being a wild-eyed fanatic who was very loose with words and threats, and, I think, Putin needed to do two things. He needed to rehabilitate Lukashenko’s reputation and he needed to take the attention off the fact that he had just transferred tactical nuclear weapons out of Russia, for the first time in decades, into a third country. And Lukashenko was able to act as the mediator and the peacemaker, if you will, between Prigozhin and Putin.

And here’s the final piece of this puzzle that tells me that this was completely false. There’s a video that I watched that I validated of Prigozhin sitting on a bench in Rostov-on-Don where their militia stopped for a couple of days to regather and regroup. And he’s sitting on the bench with the Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Yunus-bek Yevkerov and the deputy head of the military intelligence, the GRU, Lieutenant General Vladimir Alekseyev.

Now, trust me, if Putin thought that Brzezinski was a traitor, no way in the world would these two people had been sitting on a bench talking friendly, in chummy, good friend modem operandis, no way would that have happened. So, all of this was a false flag set up to cover tracks and I think, because of that, Russia is increasing just like the Bible says that Russia’s going to do, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:       All right. Ladies and gentlemen, God’s view, we’ll talk more on that. Man’s view, have to be careful, what we see is not always what is. We come back, we’re going to go to a country in Europe that is, in fact, falling.


Sam Rohrer:       Well, today is our monthly security and prophecy update world in review focus with JR McGee and, if you have never listened to the program before, we focus on global events from the perspective that you will hear today generally once a month. And we could do it more because there’s enough things happening but today is that day here.

Now, according to a number of sites, there are 32 countries right now, today currently in conflict. And while the types and severity and the duration of these conflicts that they would call them differ, they all have significant impacts on the affected populations and they can result in a high number of casualties and a wide range of humanitarian crises. Some of these conflicts are due to terrorist insurgencies driven by ideologically driven conquests, you see a lot of that in the Islamic type circumstances across the world. Others are driven by strategically formulated efforts of regime change, generally done by larger nations against smaller ones and larger ones seeking some type of a larger world hegemony and they do it through money or other things.

The US, our nation, has routinely used this strategy. Still others are driven by people forced into a point of rage due to natural causes such as starvation and plague in such places maybe in Africa. Still others are the natural result of people reacting to tyrannical and freedom crushing policies by evil leaders or those who overtax their citizens or unduly limit travel or restrained the freedom of worship like we witnessed in the COVID lockdowns. Yet other conflicts which result in the rise and the fall of nations, these conflicts are actually primed by forced immigration where people are forced out of their countries, mass exodus of one type or another, from one country to another, modifying the culture and creating a host of other issues.

And we can, today, right now, we can witness all of those that I just mentioned at some place around the world and the impact taken together is literally changing our world. Okay, now, JR, one of the incredible things we see around us is conflict among nations. These 32, nobody could count up 32 right now because we never hear about them but there are wars or variations of wars we do hear a lot about that. Others dominate what I’m going to call the antichrist news services of the day and a lot of those are simply rumors of wars about which Jesus, bring it back into the biblical component piece here, says will increase in these latter years.

But while we take note of those things, Jesus said don’t be perplexed about them, note them but don’t be perplexed because they have to take place, that’s what He said. Now, one of these conflicts of potential major note which has not, frankly, received as much attention, I think, as it deserves is what’s happening in France. All right, JR, what exactly is happening in France and why is it noteworthy, from your perspective, as we’re looking at rise and fall of nations?

JR McGee:           Sam, I think what’s occurring in France should concern all of us. We should pay close attention to it because it is the destabilization of a country and a culture based upon mass immigration and change in government rules and regulations. It’s a twofold approach and that’s what we’re seeing in a lot of these areas. All 32 of those conflicts that you talked about that we’re tracking, all have some component of those same things. Mass immigration is a magnificent tool to use to destabilize a country and, in France, the population for Islam is approaching 30%.

That’s the critical tipping point in terms of percentages where they’re going to be able to control politics and control the voting and control politicians to begin implementing the Islamic principles that they’re really wanting for and they’re using violence to trigger that need to diminish and destabilize the government, I think, to call for early elections. [inaudible 00:12:41] that with Macron who has not done a great job as a leader in pushing through reforms, especially in their retirement systems without a vote that was highly unpopular, and he’s created a lack of security in these banlieues. That’s a French word for these communities where the police don’t go.

And that instability has created this situation now where, when they rise up, they have the numbers and they have the might, they have the capability of creating a devastating impact on society. The French culture is changing dramatically and I think, unfortunately, I think they’re past the tipping point and, as more and more people flood into France, you’re going to see that the France that you and I know and have known for the last 30 years is going to change dramatically. It’s no longer going to be the French culture that we knew about, it’s going to be something radically different.

Great Britain is going through the exact same thing and they’re just a year or two behind, as is Germany which is about three to four years behind. The three major countries in Europe are all going through the exact same thing at the exact same time, that’s not a coincidence and that is not by accident, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay. I agree with you that it’s not by accident because what you’ve identified is the mass exodus of Muslims primarily driven out of the Middle East. And I want you to comment on why that happened because they just didn’t decide to go to Europe because they wanted a vacation. And you’ve talked about the other countries, they’ve spread throughout Europe. It’s France, it’s Belgium, it’s Germany, it’s the UK but, as you said, once that number reaches about 30%, all of a sudden, well, they begin to rise up.

I think that’s what you’re saying, I think, they’re doing right now, it’s now rising up. But going back and talk about this because the flood into Europe, which is causing extraordinary destabilization, yes, even the fall of these various governments which we’ve known for a long time, like I say, they didn’t go to Europe by accident. What drove them to Europe? How did that whole thing, in your opinion, why did the European nations allow it and what and who drove them out of the Middle East?

JR McGee:           Well, Sam, it’s a really interesting question as to why did they allow it but first I want to address the issue of what’s driven them out and it wasn’t the wars that people think, it wasn’t the conflict and the combat. Islam has a strategy called hijrah, and I may be mispronouncing that, if I am, I apologize, but it is a distinct strategy that Islam uses when they want to expand into another country. They teach their people it is their duty to go into this new country and establish a foothold, build the population up until it gets to be about 30% and, when they hit about 30%, they become a political and an economic powerhouse that they can use to begin to change the laws of the host country to turn them into Sharia law and an Islamic country.

And we saw that in the Middle Ages in Spain, we saw them try to move into Europe, the exact same situation. Today, they’re trying to do that to expand out of the Middle East and try and take over some of these countries that they can’t deal with militarily but they have found that they absolutely can get everything that they want and more through immigration. It is a strategy, it’s promulgated by the religious leaders and it’s promoted as a duty of the individual Muslims in each country to move to another country to establish a working population.

Now, let’s go back to why do the countries allow it because that’s the key issue right there. A lot of the liberals want to view themselves as tolerant, accepting and open and inviting. And that’s well and good, I’m for that, I’m absolutely for that. America is a nation of immigrants, my family immigrated here, we’ve all immigrated here at some point over the last several thousand years. But what has happened is they’ve lost the control over who they allow to immigrate, they no longer control the assimilation of the immigrants into the common culture and they’ve allowed extra cultures and extra population centers to pop up that are unique and isolated and not integrated into the country.

Great Britain and France in particular have done this, the United States is currently doing this. We visited St. Paul and Minneapolis lately, that is exactly what is going on in several different population centers in the US, we may talk about that a little bit later. But it starts out with a good feeling that we want to welcome these people in, we want to expand our diversity but, if you don’t do that with some controls and you don’t do that with a sense of having the newcomers integrate in and accept the culture, accept the laws, accept the standards, what you’re going to wind up with is chaos and change and France is going through that on steroids, Sam.

Sam Rohrer:       And ladies and gentlemen, adding to what JR just said, think with me on this, what’s the definition of nations? Well, nation is a group of people that have a common border, all right. Obviously, applied to what we’re talking about here, a common dominant religion, a common world of view and a common language. When you violate any of those, you lose a sovereign nation status. So, what’s that take it back to? If you believe in what God says, you will keep all of those three and understand them and that’s your identity. If you walk away from God, you lose it and that’s why you’re having a fall of nations.


Sam Rohrer:       Well, if you’re just joining us today, thank you for being with us. We just wouldn’t have a program if you weren’t where you are right now and I certainly encourage you to tell a friend. When’s the last time that you told a friend that you found this program? I talked with a number of folks over the weekend in different conversations who all shared some really wonderful things about how they never miss a program, some said they pass it along regularly to their friends. If you have not, could I encourage you to do so? Let other people know where you can find information such as what we try to deal with here.

Headline news, news of greatest importance that are out there affecting us all but doing one thing that is different than, I would say, at least consistently different than anyone else that I know of and certainly on a daily basis, is to take news, present a perspective that is, yes, it’s conservative but that’s not the keyword, a biblical worldview consistent approach and then tying in with it what the scripture says. And that is unique and so that’s why I encourage you strongly, strongly pray for us, join with us and partner with us financially. Certainly, with God’s help, we could be on a lot of other stations across this country and with other people hearing and around the world, frankly, if God would lead you to come alongside of us in a significant way. So, that being the case.

Moving on here now, in our current day, as we’ve discussed so many times on this program, in what we’re talking about today, there is a very definite realigning of the world’s nations, it’s underway. Now, biblically, we can say it’s underway in accordance with prophetical foretelling that we find in the scripture. Western nations we can see today, they’re realigning around their vision of a new world order called a global reset. It’s a European dominated hegemony of nations comprised primarily of the United Kingdom, and I’m going to put in here because it ties in biblically, her young lions, including America, Canada and Australia. Eastern nations though are realigning or aligning around their view of a new world order comprised of Russia and China and Iran and Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others in that network.

Now, all of these, take all of those together I just mentioned, they fit perfectly the description of Psalm chapter two which describe the Gentile kings of the earth who lift their fists against the God of heaven and seek to throw off all of God’s designs for human civilization. Isn’t that happening? Yet as we consider these prophecies, the question arises and that’s this. Is this the time now, that this nth time alignment happening or is that way down the road in the future?

Well, according to Daniel’s prophecy in Daniel chapter two, the gentile kingdoms, if you recall, would start with the Babylonian Empire, that was the head of gold, Nebuchadnezzar, then replaced with the Medo-Persian Empire, replaced then by the Greek Empire, then replaced with the Roman Empire which then was Jesus, His first coming. The final kingdom that would arise, according to what God delivered to Daniel, would occur after God regathered the Jewish people who He said He would scatter throughout the world and He said He would scatter them after 70 AD and He did. And He said He would bring them back into the land which He did. When? 1948.

So, this date begins the clock of the latter years that the Bible talks about and, at the end of the time of the Gentiles, with the rise of the final kingdom, earthly kingdom, Gentile kingdom led by the antichrist, all of which is part of what is happening, obviously, as we look around today. Now, here’s a verse that you might find interesting. In Luke chapter 21 and verse 24, Jesus says, for our benefit today He says this. “And they,” referring to the Jews, “Shall fall by the edge of the sword and shall be led away captive into all nations.” Okay, that happened in 70 AD and it says, “And Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles,” which it was, Jesus said, “Until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.”

Well, that day is visibly occurring before our very eyes now. So, we’re right in those very days which makes it very significant. Now, JR, you spoke about the rise of Russia in the first segment. The last segment, we comment on the changes occurring in Europe and why we look at France falling. Let’s go back now to the Eastern coalition which is comprised of Russia and China and Iran but, at the moment, dominated by China.

From a human perspective, how is China challenging the Western view of a new world order and how are they leading in their vision towards a new world order which, very clearly, they want to dominate?

JR McGee:           Sam, It’s both dramatic and it’s incredibly interesting to look at from a strategic point of view. China has done something truly remarkable and you and I have talked with our audience multiple times about what they’re doing in the South China Sea with Taiwan, they’re still making major progress in that. But what they’ve done is they’ve now positioned themselves as a recognized world-class peacekeeper, mediator and broker between nations predominantly driving the UN. And some of the specifics are Saudi Arabia and Iran, they brokered a peace treaty between Saudi Arabia and Iran which most people thought could never happen.

They’re in the process of trying to negotiate some peace between Russia and Ukraine. They’ve been very active in negotiating some peace between Syria, Israel and Israel and Iran that broke down this weekend. The Israeli Air Force attacked some of the Syrian Air Defense Systems in Homs over the weekend. The Netanyahu government is much more proactive at defending Israel than the previous government was that China has hit a stumbling block since Netanyahu was put into power there. But China’s also used their Belt and Roads Initiative very effectively and China’s doing this through immigration but not the same immigration that the Muslims are using or that we’re seeing here in the US.

China’s attacking this from the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of the low class or the unskilled labor, China is bringing in highly skilled financial people, high-powered politicians and ambassadors and tech moguls, they’re dominating some of these areas in commerce and here’s the interesting thing. Over the last 20 plus years, the United States has spent billions of dollars training and providing PhDs to Chinese students in the areas of mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, you name it. Everything that you need to learn how to do what we do as well as we do, in some cases, even better than we do, we’ve provided the education for their immigrants. They come in and get educated and then they go back and take that there and we’ve transferred trillions of dollars to China.

This is the same strategy but from the opposite end of the spectrum and China has done a masterful job of it. Here’s the interesting thing, this strategy does the exact same thing, achieves the exact same results without getting involved with the military and the military entanglements that the United States has. In fact, I would submit to you China’s actually gotten better results in shorter periods of time than we have with our military engagements. This is a brilliant strategy that they’re using and they’re using it across the board and we see them getting bigger and stronger and more powerful, not getting weaker.

Sam Rohrer:       JR, that’s significant because you’re basically saying the same thing. You integrate your enemy, now, like a Trojan horse. One, you go into with soldiers and you unlock the gates from the inside and let the enemies in at night, that happened with Troy and Sparta. The Islamic immigrants, just by sheer numbers, cross borders into countries, that’s what’s happening now in France and they rise up, they dilute the identity of the nation and they rise up dominated by their ideology.

But China, as you’re talking about, has used a clever one of infiltrating, as you say, the political people, the banking people, the white collar type people and yet achieving the same thing and that is a destabilization of the nation into which they go, it is truly remarkable to watch. How far along do you think they are in their strategy? They’re implementing right now as we speak, aren’t they?

JR McGee:           They’re well down the road. In fact, I will give you some examples. They will go into countries in Africa and the Middle East and in Europe and offer loans to some of the governments for infrastructure programs that they couldn’t afford on their own and they give them very large sums of money at very high interest rates. And when that government can no longer make those payments, they foreclose on the loan and they take over the assets in that country and up to and including control of the government.

They’ve done this in numerous countries in Africa, they’ve done it in the Middle East, they’re doing it in Europe and they’re using energy to implement some of these things in Europe. But Sam, they’re well down the road on this and they’ve gotten remarkable results. I’m not a fan of the Chinese but I have to admire their strategy and their execution of their plan.

Sam Rohrer:       And ladies and gentlemen, as you look around the world, what are we talking about? The rise and fall of nations. When you mess up and you violate borders and language and common religion identity, you destabilize all of those, the nations can fall. Well, where’s America in there? Are we strong or are we destabilizing? We’ll talk about America and where we are in the next segment.


Sam Rohrer:       Well, we started today by looking at Russia and what was, well, probably more indicative now of the fact that it was a carefully staged hoax. And rather than a weakened Russia, no, an actually rising Russia and we know that biblically that that is the way it’s going to end up so that’s the way it’s going to end up. We talked about France and what’s happening in Europe in the second segment and how, due to Islamic overrun of the nations and the nations of Europe opening their borders, you have a destabilized Europe. And that’s happening in France, continuing to happen and it’s going to spread. We went to China, part of the Eastern coalition in the last segment, rising, challenging, infiltrating the nations of the world all because they want their way.

And the common thing between all of these things, all these people, Russia, China, nations in Europe, is that God is not in their plans, hasn’t been in their plans. They have themselves in their plans and they’re seeking to establish a new world order. They may be going about it different ways but they all want to be in charge and that’s exactly what we talked about Psalm chapter two talks about. But we also know from Psalms chapter two exactly how it ends.

Now, in the middle of this is America. And for most of you listening to this program, you’re Americans, we’re all Americans. And for all current living Americans, all of us listening right now, we are witnessing, as these other nations are in transition, we are witnessing the incredible slide from once great prominence into disdain and from a premier role of as the world’s moral leader to actually the world’s most ardent proponent of corruption and evil and immorality of all sorts, it’s hard to believe.

We’re witnessing a president who is systematically dismantling our economy, our energy independence, disgracing our nation in front of every leader and every nation, is lying with impudence to the American public in nearly every statement. That’s not my opinion, we all know that to be true. But added to this, we’re witnessing, with very few exceptions and with no substantive response, a federal bureaucracy in congressional leadership who, at best, talk but, to this point, have produced no walk. And in the end, we’ve gone as a nation from the world’s greatest creditor to the world’s largest borrower and debtor and how’s that happened? We’ve had people on both sides in support.

All right. That brings us to our response because, again, we’re in this picture, rise and fall of nations. JR, as a freedom loving American and for all those who are listening, particularly true Christian freedom loving Americans, speak to how we should view the unfolding global events in light of what the Bible says and how we should direct our thinking and choices in these days.

JR McGee:           Sam, I could spend several hours with you and the audience and never fully answer that question but let me see if I can. It starts with the United States, we’ve ceded control of our borders, we’ve lost control of who’s coming in, we’ve lost control of controlling the narrative and the cultural aspects of our country. The United States is still acting like we’re calling the shots in the Middle East and in Europe and we’re not. In Europe, Russia now controls most of the energy sources for Europe in the long term and they’re going to have the leverage to call the shots. Europe is going to be dancing to Russia’s tune, not the United States’ tune in the very near future.

And NATO, that’s now an organization that’s in search of a reason for being, it’s no longer the military guarantee of peace that it has been. I believe it’s now an international country club with membership privileges, meetings and social status, I don’t think they’re very effective. When was the last time you saw NATO, as an organization, having joint exercises for training? They don’t. Let’s talk about Democrats for a second. They arrogantly think that they’re going to gain the votes of all these illegal immigrants flowing into our countries. Sam, numbers don’t lie and they also are not telling a very positive message. Soon, the illegals are going to outnumber the Democrats and, if they want to, they’re going to be able to start their own political party.

Asians are soon going to be strong enough to start their own party if they want to and they’re going to be supported by China, without question. Democrats may not even be in the top five of the coming political parties in America in the next five to seven years, these new alliances are going to vote and they’re going to vote drastically to change the America we knew into what they think it should be and, frankly, that’s how our system works. We’re not a democracy, we’re a representative republic and that’s how representative republics work.

But God has set all this up and He’s controlling this for His will. The world order that’s lasted from the end of World War II is rapidly falling apart, changing before our very eyes, there’s no with, ands and buts about it. God raises these leaders and nations up and He pulls them down according to His will, not our will, and certainly not in accordance with the United Nation and the globalists. I have to say, what was conspiracy’s nonsense six months ago seems to be headline news today. We need to pay attention to that, we need to start really looking and listening and going into detail to see what we can believe.

I don’t think we can believe everything that we’re hearing now from the news media and I think Christians have a strong role to play for [inaudible 00:35:56]. And I don’t think Christians are responsible for where we are but let’s take a look at a couple of interesting things. When the government took God out of our schools, we basically stood back and said nothing. When they took God out of our government, we didn’t raise a ruckus, we offered only token resistance when they murdered 60 plus million babies.

We’ve effectively been silent as Hollywood and the entertainment industry have attacked fathers and destroyed the family unit in America’s society. We simply watched as the alphabet community attacked marriage and destroyed our families and our social norms and now the trans community is openly chanting they’re coming for our children and we’re sitting and waiting for somebody to do something.

Sam, God’s not going to be mocked and there’s consequences for action and there’s consequences for a failure to act as well. I don’t think it’s too late but I do think it’s now time for God’s people to follow Ephesians chapter six. Why would God teach us how to use the armor and the weapons of righteousness if we weren’t supposed to use them? Nehemiah, in chapter four, when they were rebuilding the walls in Jerusalem, he told us how he had his workers work with a sword at their side and a trowel in their hand.

It’s time for Christians to stand up and speak with one voice, I think enough is enough. We have rights too, our values are just as important as everybody else’s and we need to stand up and defend those, they deserve to be as respected as much as everybody else’s. I think it’s time, Sam. I think people are watching and waiting for somebody, well, I think that’s somebody’s us and I think it’s today.

My last thought is may God hear these prayers, may God restore our land, may Christians stand up and be light and salt to the world. If our light is hid under a bushel basket, it does no good. We need to shine, Sam, and we need to shine now.

Sam Rohrer:       We do indeed. And ladies and gentlemen, understand, we are citizens here as saints of God, citizens of America. But there are citizens, believers who are citizens of China and Russia and Europe and nations around the world. What do we all have in common as true believers? We are citizens of the kingdom of heaven. We are here as ambassadors of a coming kingdom. What kingdom? Millennial kingdom. When does that come? After the end days that are right before us as we see the conclusion of the Gentile nations and all of that.

That’s why understanding prophecy and biblical truth makes the purpose of every Christian the same no matter the age in which we live. Salt and light, reflecting the God of heaven, the King of kings who is soon returning. Let that be our encouragement today. Thank you for being with us on this program. And JR, as always, thank you for being a part of Stand in the Gap Today.