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Sam Rohrer:                      In normal English word construction, the use of the prefix trans, according to the Latin originally, simply means beyond; as in Transatlantic or lying beyond the Atlantic, or for instance, transcendent as in transcendent worth, literally lying beyond the typical worth. But when trans is connected to the morally established and scientifically fixed reality of defined gender as in transgender or transgenderism as in our truth, I’m going to say truth impaled, lawless, corrupted, and immoral society. The drive to effectively force the acceptance of two mutually exclusive words such as trans and gender is literally producing conflict of all types. And in describing such an effort, it’s insufficient to just use the word woke as an example to describe the general cultural attitude behind the drive to force the concept of transgender as an equal or positive development within the arenas of defined moral, scientific, medical, spiritual, psychological, or physiological standards and norms.

Yet we see our nation literally being torn apart by a small but vocal, political and ideological contingent. And when promoted by government at the highest levels such as the State Department, the Departments of Justice and Education and Defense, and even just yesterday by the White House where Joe Biden, president, attempted to force the nation of Poland to permit transgender and drag rallies while division is being driven deep. Forcing people to either understand and defend what is morally and scientifically true or to accept as normal, the conflicting combining of two good terms, trans and gender.

So, today, I’m going to engage this subject with a special guest who is very qualified to speak on this issue. He’s an author, he’s the son of a pastor, and he’s someone who’s experienced more than most people can imagine, but he does speaks truth in love to this issue. He’s also the author of the book, From Queer to Christ: My Journey Into the Light. And that book is available at, well, the guest name is George Carneal and it’s available at, and you can find it there. But my title today is this Transgenderism Exposed: Biblically, Truthfully, Lovingly. And with that I welcome to the program right now, George Carneal. Thank you for being back with me on the program, George.

George Carneal:               Thank you, Sam, for having me back.

Sam Rohrer:                      George, you were with Gary Dull and me co-hosting the program, on this program. Almost exactly now four years ago, June 27th, 2019, where you related in a powerful way your life experience and personal, physical and spiritual journey. And our title there was tied to this book you wrote, but it was From Sexual Bondage to Spiritual Freedom: A True Story. It was a powerful program. And we don’t have time for you to give your entire testimony right now, but for the purpose of establishing your credentials, your frame of reference and your passion to speak publicly about this danger of transgenderism, would you just share a little bit what you think would be most helpful for people to understand you and why you are wanting to help educate and inform as many people as possible on this issue?

George Carneal:               Yes. I spent 25 years in that life, and I really want to sound the alarm that what you are being told by the media and by Hollywood, even the LGBT activists and especially the liberal theologians who are lying, who are twisting God’s word, which has kept people like me and so many others in bondage. It’s really exposing the reality of that life. You are being given a sanitized version of what that lifestyle is really like. And people like me who come out of that life are warning and exposing what it is really like once you push and affirm an individual to go into that life. And my book really just gives an overview of that and plus the mindset of what it’s like for so many who are struggling with their faith and the issue of a same sex attraction. I really want to encourage people to arm yourselves with information and listen to the stories of ex-gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals who are exposing the reality of that lifestyle and how it has destroyed so many lives.

Sam Rohrer:                      You know, George, when you’re saying that, it makes me think of this. In the last few years we have seen such silencing of truth on all sides, medical truth and scientific truth and legal truth and what you’re talking about there, even those who have come out of a lifestyle trying to tell the truth, they’re being silenced too. It’s across the board. But anyways, I just wanted to note that. But to help us establish a definition here, would you define in your simple terms, some of these terms, however many you think are necessary, but certainly transgender or transgenderism, which is the focus today, but identify and define those terms that are a part of this debate on the subject we’re going to talk about today?

George Carneal:               Okay. There are five that I would give you that people may often hear, but it may be a little confusing. So a transgender is usually someone whose gender identity or gender expression does not correspond with the sex that they were assigned at birth. And transgenderism, is really just someone who is actually, quote, “being transgender”. But transsexual usually relates to a person who has undergone the gender reassignment surgery. Whereas a transvestite is usually a person, often privately who will dress in clothes associated with the opposite sex. And then lastly, drag queen, which is usually just gay men who dress as women over the top in appearance of course, and they entertain audiences. But the drag queens are usually just gay men. Rarely do you find someone who’s struggling with gender dysphoria, but I know sometimes these words are often used and can be confusing to people, but I hope that kind of compartmentalizes and helps people to understand it a little better.

Sam Rohrer:                      Well, it does. It does. And I think for most people they would not have been able to make that distinction as you’re talking about it. So we’ve got about 45 seconds, but for the sake of those who are listening maybe the first time and didn’t write it down, could you just quickly go through those five very quickly and identify the definition again one more time?

George Carneal:               Yes. Transgender is someone whose gender identity or gender expression does not correspond with the sex that they were assigned at birth. And transgender is pretty much someone who is actually, quote, “being transgender”. Living it. But the transsexual is really related to a person who has actually undergone the gender reassignment surgery. And then of course, transvestite is a person who will often in private dress in clothes of the opposite sex. It’s kind of a fetish for them. And then lastly, drag queens are almost always just gay men who really are gay and they just love to dress up as women and be over the top in their appearance and to entertain audiences.

Sam Rohrer:                      All right. That’s perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, again, the theme today, call your friends. If you’re listening right now, call your friends. Let them listen to this. This is a timely program and it’s something, it’s a theme as we all know, many are afraid to touch, but we cannot be afraid to touch a theme that goes to the heart of who and what God made people to be. Our special guest is George Carneal. He’s the author of the book, From Queer to Christ: My Journey Into the Light. And when we come back, we’re going to go from definition to describing the problem and describing what actually happens in this whole process and some of the implications as a result of it.


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, our theme today is Transgenderism Exposed: Biblically, Truthfully, Lovingly. And my special guest, as I’ve said is George Carneal, author of the book, From Queer to Christ: My Journey Into the Light. And you can find out more about him and the book at George Carneal, C A R N E A L,

All right, let’s define the problem here. The personal and family and cultural impacts on society, particularly children, who through the actions of adults, very clearly, adults who changed the laws by the way, to permit minors to receive permanently altering hormonal or radical surgery changes to change their biological and chromosomal birth sex from male to female or female to male are simply profound and mostly, I’m going to say irreversible, yet the tortured justification to allow for such profound changes to occur which ignore true science, Biblical morality of course, and psychological realities has reached, frankly, historic highs. The denial of reality and scientific truth and upending generations of civil laws put into place to protect the innocent is resulting in nothing less than the abuse of the vulnerable, the children in particular, and their families and our culture as a whole, as these laws once deliberately put in place to protect are now being rewritten to actually harm and violate the vulnerable.

Yet despite the obvious and perhaps not so obvious, permanent impacts most in positions of authority led by those in civil government who make and enforce the laws and enabled, sadly, by horrendous number of religious leaders who literally apologize for unlawful and selfish adult behavior and the legalized abuse of children. Thus creating permanent harm beyond description is being waged on our children and families to me, reminiscent of the laboratories of the third reich.,

All right, those are my thoughts. George, in this segment I’d like for you to do, as our title says, expose the problems presented by the current mad dash into permanent bodily change called transgenderism. That movement that you defined the last segment, and as I’ve highlighted the harm’s done and the problems created by physically altering the human body is more than just physical. It’s moral. It’s physiological, and a whole lot more. So, I want to give you a range here. Do you just go with it, identify the problems and the implications of embracing transgenderism as best as you can, and I’m only going to interrupt you in this segment just to seek some clarification, if necessary. Go into it, lay it out, build the case.

George Carneal:               Okay. Let me start by saying that there is a small segment of the transgender population who really are struggling with gender dysphoria and understand people, that so many of these individuals and so many within the LGBT community have come from broken homes or they’ve suffered real trauma, shame, rejection, physical, mental, verbal, emotional, even sexual abuse. There are some real trauma based issues going on here, and they really need our compassion and our empathy and our prayers. There is a larger segment of the transgender population who’s just jumping on the bandwagon because if there’s a girl who’s a tomboy and someone has suggested to her that you need to be a boy or a boy who’s a little bit more effeminate, oh, you should have been a girl. These kids can’t differentiate this stuff. They don’t know that it’s just a phase that they may be going through or that they grow out of it.

Even I struggled with that when I was a teenager and used to put on my mom’s clothes and high heels and I wanted to be a girl. But studies show that about 80% of the individuals who are struggling with this move through it once they get through puberty. And I, and so many others that I know who struggled with this were able to come out of it. And we enjoyed being the sex that God created us to be. And so again, a lot of them are just jumping on the bandwagon, but I really want to highlight, the people are not being told by the media and by Hollywood and even by the medical community, by some who are afraid to speak out for fear of being harassed or having their licenses revoked or being fired. But here are some of the complications that these individuals are going to go through or what they can look forward to once they go to this path because you can’t change your gender.

When they take the cross-sex hormones, they have an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and then when it comes to the surgeries, they’re not talking about the number of people who are reporting botched surgeries, infections, complications from these cross-sex surgeries. I know of one female, her surgery was so botched, she has since had 30 plus surgeries to try to correct all of the damage that has been done. Not to mention the risk to the urinary tract and the damage done during the surgeries. Also, a former male friend of mine who did the transition said that when he was taking the estrogen, it sent him into early osteoporosis and he was only in his thirties at that time and his teeth were falling out and he was bent over like an old woman. And for the males, I’m going to try to keep this as adult as possible, but I need to explain this.

For the men, when the male anatomy is removed, the body sees the fake female anatomy as an open wound and it’s trying to close it. So, the guys have to dilate for hours several times a day to keep it from closing. And many of the guys have discussed the pain of trying to insert this device in there to keep it open, not to mention the scar tissue that starts to develop. The pain of trying to do this and then having to go through and having the surgery done again. They even talk about the discomfort of having sex. They’re not even able to have an orgasm. And some have reported the inability to keep the deep wound clean, which has caused a terrible stench to emanate from that area. And many of them are so depressed and suicidal because they don’t know what to do and they regret having had their male anatomy removed.

As for the females, many of the females do not know the actual cost of the hundreds of thousands of dollars it will cost to go through and actually have the physical bottom surgery. And when they are taking the cross-sex hormones, they must have their ovaries removed because there is a risk of ovarian cancer that is even higher if they don’t have their ovaries removed from taking the testosterone. And when they try to fashion the fake male anatomy for the female, they had literally have to skin your arm like a chicken. It looks like a chicken bone that has been cleaned, and they will remove fatty tissue from other areas of the body to get enough skin to try to fashion this fake male anatomy. And then you have to have another surgery to put a pump into that male anatomy. These women are unable to achieve an erection on their own, not to mention the botched surgeries of being unable to even urinate from the fake male anatomy. And I believe some have had to have colonoscopy bags as a result.

Not to mention that when these women who are taking the excessive testosterone, many of them become very aggressive. I know many of them who have gone bald, they now have very hairy bodies, they’ve even had damage to their vocal cords. And I know one who used to be a singer as a female has reported that she can’t even sing anymore. It has done damage to her vocal cords and her ability to sing. And so a lot of these females who realize that I’m just trying to pass, I still felt like a fraud. I felt like a guinea pig. And they realize it didn’t change their problems. And now they have, both the males and females, have an additional onslaught of the problems of being on these cross-sex hormones and the regret of having the surgeries and all of the complications that come with it, they’re so depressed and suicidal, and they feel this despair and hopelessness.

And many of them are so angry because they are reporting, they should have been given therapy, the right kind of counseling instead of merely going to a counselor and after one session being told, oh, you’re in the wrong body. And they give them a prescription to go and start getting fast tracked for the cross-sex hormones and even fast tracked to start having the necessary surgeries. And so I think one in particular is now filing a lawsuit against the medical community because she wasn’t really told the truth. These teenagers are unable to comprehend the long-term ramifications and repercussions of going down this path. And I’ve heard it said that many times, most people, their brains don’t fully develop until they are 25. And I think it is such a crime to try to pollute and poison and damage the minds of these innocent children into simply thinking they can take some pills and go on and have surgery and they can live life as someone of the opposite sex and they are not being told the truth of the risks that are involved.

And then lastly, for the Christians, when you often hear the activists say, well, if you don’t support your child, they’re going to kill themselves. And this is a guilt trip that is often used and even counselors and medical people will state it as well. But I want you to know if you look at the suicide rates amongst transgender individuals all around the world, even in Europe, places where it’s very liberal and they fully support the LGBT agenda, it’s the same as it is here in the US. The suicide rate for gays and lesbians is higher than their heterosexual counterparts, but it’s even higher for the trans individuals and you will see that across the board. So even when I was in that lifestyle and was feeling depressed and suicidal and even attempted suicide, I can see in hindsight that it wasn’t because of Christians not affirming me or my parents accepting me.

It was because I was doing something that God deems wicked. He’s never going to give us peace in doing something that His word condemns and these individuals need. They really need people like us to boldly speak the truth of God’s word and love and to let them know, even in my case and in the case of so many ex-trans individuals, that when God got ahold of them and did a work in their life and they came to know Christ and it unlocked the power of the Holy Spirit to work in their life, God is in the healing business and they need to know that there is someone who will heal them, but it’s internally not from the outside.

Sam Rohrer:                      Wow, George, ladies and gentlemen, you want to probably go back and listen to that. That’s testimony from someone who knows. Speaking the truth. Speaking the truth in love. God has a way. We think we’ve got a better way. It never works out. Including this one area that we’re talking about transgenderism. Now we’ll come back, we’re going to move from the description of the problem to a bit of the cause. How did we get to this point in the first place?


Sam Rohrer:                      Well, when it comes to the upending of cultural norms such as today’s topic of transgenderism. Defining the terms is foundational. Now, we’ve done that already today with my guest George Carneal. We did that in the first segment. Define the terms, always important. Describing the impacts and the implications of the personal and societal problems created by the change in cultural norms is next. Now, we just touched on that in the last segment.

Go back and listen to this program. I mean, I didn’t know the extent of where the problems are. I can imagine, but George made it very clear, and we just touched on that. Could have gone a lot further. But identifying the root of the problem, the cause for the societal shift is essential if we’re going to determine the most effective short term and long term solutions. And on this program, we’d never, by God’s grace, ever bring up an issue that we don’t resolve Biblically because God doesn’t either. So as we repeatedly emphasize on this program, every societal value, every law, every judicial determination, every family or personal choice ever made, arises from one’s worldview. A Biblical worldview of life starts with absolute truth as reflected in the Bible and God as the ultimate Authority and Creator of all life. And as such, because of that, He is the sole definer of what is right and wrong. The One who alone defined and established human life as created in the image of God, beginning with male and female from whom are produced children.

It is God alone who instructs people to train up their offspring in the ways of God, which if done successfully, as the Bible says, ends in personal and national blessing and prosperity. The other worldview is God less. It’s a Godless worldview where God in truth is replaced with man and his thoughts, truth is replaced with a lie, which comes from the father of lies, which the Bible says is Satan. The devil being the great deceiver and counterfeiter of all times takes every moral standard and norm established by God and presents an enticing, often, but deadly counterfeit. So wrong becomes right. Right becomes wrong. Male becomes female. And female becomes male. Marriage becomes whatever a person imagines it to be.

The civil protection of life as ordered by God becomes a government that refers to means it actually becomes a coercive hammer to destroy and dehumanize life. Living life with a love of God and sacrificial love of others as commanded by God are counterfeited with a rejection of God as Creator and Judge with others becoming mere objects to be abused and used for the purposes of satisfying selfish lusts.

Okay. Now, that’s my introduction and overview of, well, the cause, the fundamental cause. And, George, I want to go to you now and do again like we did in the last segment. I’d laid down a brief apologetic, more or less an identification of the foundational cause of why we’re even having to comment on this dangerous move into transgenderism. But I know you can identify perhaps other specific actions and things which have arisen in our country that’s brought us to this point. So go ahead and explain from your perspective what or who has been the most significant perhaps cause of moving our society to where we now justify the abuse of children and use the law to punish or even threaten parents and others who would disagree.

George Carneal:               I’ll start first of all with the family unit, and this is what I do know because of my 25 years in the homosexual lifestyle, so many of those individuals are broken, they are hurting, they have suffered severe shame, rejection and trauma. There’s a brokenness with a lot of them with the same sex parenting, which is so crucial in this day and age where the media will often highlight the father-daughter relationship or the mother-son. But it’s reversed. It’s twisted. It needs to be that the father really bonds with his son and the mother bonds with the daughter and helps them to understand what it means to be a man or a woman and to affirm them. We need those male role models. We need those female role models for the children. So many of them who go into the lifestyle, there is a disconnect with a same sex parent. That’s number one.

Number two, parents I believe are so busy in enrolling their children in all of these activities. When do parents ever sit down at the dinner table in this day and age and simply engage with their children and listen to them and find out what’s going on with them? What are they going through? Are they going through any pain, trauma, shame? Are they being bullied at school? This is a huge issue with so many LGBT individuals who are bullied. Are the parents actually spending the time finding out what their children are being taught in school? There are so many factors coming at the kids these days in terms of trying to brainwash them and to twist their minds with all of this filth and perversion with the sex ed curriculum. So there are a number of factors and I think parents have got to become more involved with their children’s lives and not reacting or overreacting. When the kid comes to you and says something that either disgusts you or shocks you, or if they say, I think I’m maybe transgender or gay or lesbian.

The key is to remain calm and simply talk to them and find out, well, why do you feel that way? Did someone tell you that you are or have I done something that would make you feel that you are unloved? Communication is so important and praying for them, of course. Also getting them out of the public school system is key if you can afford to do it. If not, try to cut expenses where you can and see if you can move into homeschooling. And I do have some homeschooling information on my website if you wish to check it out. That’s number one.

But Sam, as you know, there is an agenda behind this gender from the world stage. There are many different names. I will just call them the globalist cabal. Those who want to implement the new world order. We know they hate God. They hate the family unit. They hate children.

But I heard Lara Logan, who was a former correspondent for 60 minutes, and she may still do some work with them, I’m not sure, but she got an insider from the United Nations to disclose to her when she asked him, why is it that they are going for the children? And this is, I’m going to paraphrase pretty much what he said. These globalists don’t look at children the way that we look at them and they don’t define children the way that we define them. They hate God so much that they know that the only way they can hurt God is when they find the smallest child who is so precious and innocent. And if they can destroy that child or torture, break that child’s will or even murder them in rituals. That does something to them in feeling like this is how we get back at God. This is how sick and twisted and demonic it is.

So there is an agenda behind the agenda, but also Christians need to know if you look at the laws that are happening in the UK, Canada, Germany, France and Sweden, and I have this information on my website as well, how tyrannical they are becoming. It is coming to America and keep your eye on California because the things that are being passed there will eventually trickle across the US but the end goal is to strip the rights away from the parents so they have no say in their child’s growth and development. And if you dare to not affirm your child’s preferred gender or if they want to transition, if you try to stop that, you risk being arrested and having the child removed from your home.

It’s already happening in other countries. Right now, if you even post anti-LGBT or anti-Islam information online in those countries, you will possibly find the police showing up at your door and arresting you. This is how tyrannical it’s becoming. They are trying to silence Christians in all opposition to this agenda. And the end goal is they also want to legalize pedophilia. And for those of you who think that will never happen, if you will listen to the keywords, our media is already starting to program us to believe that pedophiles can’t help who they are attracted to and that it is, quote, “a sexual orientation”. And once they put it under the LGBTQ umbrella, if you dare to speak out against it, you will be arrested for a hate crime. I can’t tell you how deceptive this whole movement is and they use it all under the banner and the guise of love, tolerance. We want to just affirm people. We want everybody to be happy. But it’s all a guilt trip.

And the end goal is just to really to destroy the minds and the lives of these children, to strip the rights away from the parents, to silence Christians, even Muslims who are now speaking out and all of opposition to this agenda and to eventually of course promote pedophilia. And if any of this upsets you, it’s important to understand that, and this has nothing to do with any political candidates, but you must look at the policies that the Democratic Party are pushing. They are the ones pushing these policies. So if this angers you, but you still continue to vote Democrat, you have no one to blame but yourself because you are a part of the problem. Because the day is coming where men and women will be legally able to have sex with your children and grandchildren. And if you continue to vote Democrat, say nothing because it is coming. They’re not going to stop until they can push this through and ram this agenda down our throat.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’re hearing what George is saying. He’s not saying what is speculative. He’s saying what is. His website, you can find all of this and much more, Encourage you to go there and look at that. But you get the seriousness of this? This is an attack against God. That’s what I laid out at the beginning of this segment. It is a worldview. It’s an opposition by those who would like to be God following, like Jesus said, they’re of their father, the devil, who opposes what God says, discards what God has written in his word and says, we have a better way. It always leads to death. That’s what the Bible says. I’m not saying that. That’s what is so critically important. We cannot turn our heads. We cannot ignore what is happening before our very eyes. When we come back, we’re going to do like we always do, right? Now, what we do about it? What are some solutions that we can bring forward?


Sam Rohrer:                      When we deal with big subjects like we’re dealing with today, often do this as a matter of I guess, logical approach. Define the terms, define the problem, identify the cause, then that sets you up for a solution. And that’s where we’re going to go in this segment. Again, it’s a process that, well, I think it’s a Biblical process frankly. For example, if you take this in the arena of math, okay, there are problems, right? And there are solutions. That’s math. In the arena of medicine, there is diagnosis and prognosis or prescription. In the area of finance, there is out of balance and there is in balance. In the legal arena, there is allegation and there is a just resolution hopefully leading to restoration. If in fact justice is the end result. In the arena of the personal, well, there’s always regular conflict and then there has to be resolution. That’s just the way it is.

Now in God’s arena of creation in which we sit, all that we see, there was a one point perfection with a perfect relationship between God and man. But there arose a problem, now with sin. Sin came into the world precipitated by the devil, the father of lies and all creation was then cursed by sin, producing separation from God, a groaning of the entire world. The Bible tells us the whole earth groans as a result of sin. Death came forth in forever conflict, right? But then God provided a solution. He sent His son Jesus Christ to redeem the dead and conflicted. That’s all of us. And all then who trust will then be redeemed and restored, healed, given a new identity in hope, a purpose in life, and a secure promise of eternal life. So God provided the ultimate solution found in Jesus Christ as written in the Word of God.

And it’s that solution that’s available to every person, everyone, if they choose to simply agree with God. Right now, that’s the big picture of definition, problem, solution. Okay, George, take what I’ve said there relative to God’s bigger plan. Because within God’s plan, He also established four levels of authority. All of whom must individually choose to agree with God or not. They’re the individual, the parent, the government official, civil authority and church authority, the pastor, the pastor and the pulpit. So I’d like, if you could, in the balance of the program, just briefly give a challenge, a solution to be acted out by each of these if you could. So let’s start here, first, pastor and the pulpit.

George Carneal:               Pastors, it is so important for you to speak the truth of God’s word in love, even the uncomfortable parts. You are called to speak the truth of God’s word, all of it. And how is it that people like me will ever get out of bondage unless we know the truth of God’s word and understand the seriousness and the consequences of sin and the reality of hell, regardless of whether people want to hear it or not, who cares? I’m so thankful that my father always stuck to the truth of God’s word and that I had Christians in my own life who lovingly always tried to steer me back to God’s word and remind me that George, this is not what God has planned for you. And it may have taken me some time to accept it, but it was the misery of that lifestyle that drove me out of that life. And I’m so thankful for the boldness of Christians who really stand firm in the truth of God’s word and will not acquiesce and bow down and cater to a politically correct society. That’s number one.

And to the government officials, I would beg them if they are listening, you are God’s servants and the government is supposed to do what is right for the people, especially punishing those who do evil. You don’t legislate evil and wickedness and you are to be honest and not taking bribes, et cetera. And I think we have so much corruption in our government. That’s why the world is, or our society is the way it is today. We need to weed out those individuals. And I would encourage Christians to go before the Lord. And if he’s moving you to move into a public servant position, please do because we need more godly people in positions of power.

When it comes to parents, fathers, they’re supposed to put Christ first and then love their wife and be a provider, a protector, a leader, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a counselor to their children and to help encourage them and bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. And the mothers, a good mother will put Christ first and submit to her husband. She will love and teach, train, discipline and comfort her children, will be a keeper of the home and model godly behavior for her children and train younger women as she ages. It is sad to me that I especially see mothers who will drag their children to these drag shows or parents dragging their kids to pride parades. Understand that drag shows are adult oriented entertainment. And what they are doing is grooming children to believe that this behavior is okay, that there’s nothing wrong with it.

And then when they go into that lifestyle and they attend these drag shows where it is filthy, it’s vulgar, and there’s a lot of predators in that life or in that world. And the, not to mention behind the scenes just the sex, the drugs, the alcohol, the pornography, the filth that goes on, how could any parent think that this is acceptable? And there are even drag queens who are coming out and stating to parents, what on earth did we do to make you think that we should be role models for your children? Even they understand the reality of what that world is like. And there are actually gays against groomers. There are fair-minded gays and lesbians who do not agree with this agenda, and they want the children left alone. They know that these children are being groomed. Even the gays and lesbians can see this. So how is it that Christians aren’t seeing this and aren’t fighting back and pushing back against this agenda?

So the parents need to really model what it means to be a Christian and teach their children right from wrong and have a moral compass or else by constantly being exposed to this, it is going to skew that moral compass. And they’re really not going to know what’s right versus what’s wrong.

And lastly, for the individuals, I would say to them, it is your responsibility to read God’s word and to obey God’s word. To do the things that He says to do and to refrain from doing those things that God’s word declares evil and sinful. And to model that behavior, to hopefully draw others to Christ. We must share the Gospel with those who are in bondage. Having the heart of Christ when it comes to compassion and empathy for the less fortunate. For those trapped in the bondage and giving hope to those who are lost and to those who are hurting. And again, we must take responsibility even when we are voting to understand the issues and who we are supporting.

I think as an overall point that I would like to make to any LGBT individual who’s listening to this, I understand completely what it’s like to have some Christians who don’t have the heart of Christ to hurt you. And I’ve been there and I for a while hated Christians, but God dealt with me on that. And I know there are a lot of good Christians out there who have the heart of Christ and they genuinely want you to come to know Christ. They don’t want you to die and go to Hell. And this lifestyle is going to kill you. It’s not only going to destroy you here in the worldly perspective, but from an eternal perspective because Hell is real.

And when Christians are lovingly trying to speak the truth to you know that they’re not doing it because they are homophobic or transphobic. They are looking at this from an eternal perspective. And at the end of the day, what God’s word says is what counts and what matters. He has the final say and the final authority. And I want to encourage you, if you’ve spent time in that lifestyle and you’ve not had any peace, what do you have to lose by giving Jesus a chance? I spent 25 years in that lifestyle and it nearly destroyed me and so many others. Listen to the stories of those who have come out of that life and why we are now following Christ.

Sam Rohrer:                      Ladies and gentlemen, you could not have heard a better recommendation and solution. All comes from God’s word. Go to God, ladies and gentlemen, no matter where you are. If you’re not obeying what God says, begin to obey it. Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man. With that brings God’s blessing. George Carneal sight, You can find out some of the information he talked about and a whole lot more. George, thank you for being with me today. God bless you, brother.