Sam Question #2: How would you now describe the developing relationship between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump?

IQ Answer: “Very simple. Russia is not the enemy of America. The Soviet Union, communism, was the enemy of America. Russia under Putin is not a threat to America. I want people to understand that. That’s why Putin respects Donald Trump. That’s why Donald Trump respects Putin. Let’s get this straight, Donald Trump doesn’t have any assets in Russia. No towers, no casino, and no golf course, but Hillary Clinton gave away 20% of the nuclear, I think, uranium production in America to Russia, but the news media didn’t dwell on this… Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State gave Russia 20% of the productivity of uranium in United States of America. Don’t take my word for it. Google it. Yet, nobody mentioned that. They attacked Trump who has absolutely nothing to do with Russia. Now, Putin and Trump respect each other. Putin and Trump will get on extremely well. I’ll tell you why. As we speak, Obama went to Merkel in Germany, and again, and again he’s talking about Russia as a threat to America. Not true.

I want the American people to understand something. The eastern border of the Ukraine that the Russians took over should be part of Russia because over 56% of the population is Russian. The Crimea always belonged to Russia. Whether it was the Soviet Union or not it was part and parcel of Russia. The Russians had the Crimea war. Google it. Understand what I’m talking about. In a fit, Khrushchev who was of Ukrainian origin decided to give the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine. He did it without consultation with the people, and without consultation with his own group of communist leaders. He just said, “Back to them,” because he never believed it was conceivable that the Soviet Union would collapse.

I want America to understand what Putin did was to assert his legal right to own these places, and Obama and the European Union are out, literally out of reality. They are not facing facts. They are not willing to face reality, and if they are threatening Putin, Putin is a chess player. That means a thinker. That means a person who looks at the game, and anticipates five or six steps ahead. Obama is a golf player.”