Sam Question #4: How do you think a Trump administration will address or affect this tension between Iran and Israel?

IQ Answer: “The reason why Putin supports Iran is because of the enmity between Obama administration. Now, if and when Trump, they get together, the Putin government does not need Iran. Putin’s government went to Iran only because it’s supporting Bashar Assad, but if Putin and Trump get on, and they agree that Bashar Assad should be there, Iran will be out of the picture.”

Sam: ”I.Q. I got to step in here. That’s a very, very interesting concept that you’re saying. You’re suggesting that Russia’s alignment with Iran is, I’m reading into this, but you’re suggesting that it was more of an alignment perhaps as a chess player to counter balance what Obama was doing through this feckless Middle East effort to destabilize the Middle East more than the fact that Vladimir Putin and Russia really like Iran and what they’re doing. Is that what you’re saying?”

IQ: “Absolutely. Look, Iran is creating intercontinental ballistic missiles. You don’t need intercontinental ballistic missiles to reach from Iran to Israel, so what do you need it for? It’s to reach Russia, China and America. Iran is a threat to all these countries. It’s not only a threat to Israel. Iran is a terrorist state. Not the people, the government. It’s not a government, it’s a theocracy.”