QUESTION #3: Can you confirm that these charities have agreed not to proselytize and why is the deception over the recently released open letter to President Trump so troubling?


Leo Hohmann:

“…100 percent, yes. I’ve got it documented in my new book, Stealth Invasion. I’ve got the actual webpage from the US State Department, which describes this agreement documented in the footnotes and they 100 percent must agree to this clause, not to proselytize, evangelize, share the Gospel, whatever you want to call it, with the refugees that they serve.

…That’s why it’s so deceptive. If you read that letter, that open letter, if it’s the one I’m thinking of that you’re referring to, the 100 evangelical leaders signed, you’ll see nowhere in the text of that letter anything about spreading the Gospel to the people that they serve. It’s all about feeding and clothing and loving, which is an important part, but it is not to be the only part of our outreach to the non-Christian world.

What they’re doing is they’re playing on emotions of God-fearing, well-meaning Americans without telling the whole truth, they’re telling half the truth. Yes, to help feed and clothe these people. And you could argue they don’t even do a great job of that, but that’s a whole other topic.

But they’re not telling the other side of the story that a Christian would want to know. That is, are you sharing the Gospel with these people?”