Question #4: What’s our greatest hope for an awakening in America regarding this issue?


Leo Hohmann:

“I really do believe that the greatest hope lies with our pastors, and that they would wake up and start teaching their flocks about Islam, and how the revived reawakened Islam is not just something over there to be worried about and the occasional terrorist attack over here, it is a dynamic culture change that we’re about to witness before our eyes. And our children and grandchildren will see the fruits of it if we don’t stand up and be counted as Bible-believing Christians and be out there as Christians, just as the Muslims are out there as part of the Islamic faith. We can’t hide our light any longer, it’s too late for that.

We really must stand up, we must take our faith seriously. This is what happened in Europe. Europe became a post-Christian society after World War II, and that’s what opens the door to Islam. They will rush into the vacuum. “