QUESTION #: Did the refugee resettlement programs begin before Barack Obama and why has the focus shifted to bringing in a large majority of Muslim refugees in recent years?


Leo Hohmann

“Yes, it began well before Barack Obama. The problem is that nobody had ever heard of it until Barack Obama started upping the ante. This program has been going on in its current form since the late seventies, early eighties. We’ve always taken in refugees but after the Refugee Act of 1980 was passed it was after that that we started putting our refugee program under the auspices of the United Nations and letting the United Nations pick more and more of our refugees until now it is like 95% of the refugees coming here from overseas have been hand selected by the United Nations, UNCHR, High Commissioner for Refugees.

The current Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Antonio Gutierrez, who is a leading socialist from the socialist party in Portugal … He actually headed up the Socialist International for several years and in 2005 he became head of the UNCHR, High Commissioner for Refugees. Now he’s been after serving in that post for over a decade. He’s been promoted to Secretary General at the beginning of this year, this January. Yes, the program initially started with us taking a lot of refugees from communist Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia then later Russia, Cuba. You know we were rescuing people from communist dictatorships, but it morphed more and more into a program that was an Islamic population shift in overdrive.

It’s to the point now where half of the refugees we take in, just under half of all the refugees we take from around the world every year are Muslim. That’s about … Let’s see we took in 85,000 last year and about 40,000 of them were Muslim. You can see how that is … And that was a record number by the way, last year under Barack Obama. But this trend has been continuing, has started really since the days of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan especially started taking in more Muslim refugees from the country of Afghanistan. He called them Freed Fighters because they were fighting the Soviets.

Then President Bush, the first Bush took in some from Iraq after the first Iraq war. It’s just like every president since then has taken in a larger share to the point where under President Obama we took in 40,000. That’s just from the refugee program. Muslims come to the US under other programs as well. That is sort of the history. We are taking in a total of about 130,000 per year on all immigration programs, greencard … Those are mostly greencard permanent residents coming from Muslim countries, 130,000 per year. At least that many more come every year on temporary visas, student visas, work visas, fiance visas, entrepreneurial visas. Oh and then there’s something called the religious visa where we’re actually bringing in hardcore Sharia, militant Sharia imams from the Middle East under the religious visa program.

In answer to your question about why we’re bringing in more Muslim refugees, the United States is a large country. It’s a country of immigrants. We’ve been called the melting pot by other countries. You have countries like Sweden that are much smaller and have gone on a similar immigration multi-cultural diversity binge, but it’s affecting them much faster. Sweden is a country of 10 million people, so if they bring in a million Muslims over a period of 20 years, that’s going to have an astounding, fast and noticeable impact right away. We’re seeing that now in Sweden over the last few years. It’s become the rape capital of Europe, which it had been one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Now they have gang violence and out of control rape.

Now in America it’s going to be much slower because we’re a country of 350 million people and we have 3.3 million Muslims. Now you may say that’s a lot of Muslims, and it is compared to 20 years ago when we had maybe a million, but in a country of 350 million, that is still a relatively very small percentage. You’re talking 1% of our population, whereas in Sweden it’s approaching 10%.

It is going to be gradual and it is going to take a while for this country to be completely Islamized but under Barack Obama the Muslim community achieved much more influence than its numbers would indicate that it should have. He invited the Muslim Brotherhood right into the federal government, to advise him in posts at the Homeland Security Department, Department of Justice and various immigration agencies. So they accumulated a lot of political capital and influence during that time.”