QUESTION #2: Why was the Muslim Brotherhood formed and beyond that what is their end game strategy for Europe and the United States of America?


Dr. Mark Christian:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is built for a prophecy, a prophecy of the founder of Islam. Muhammad, the so-called prophet of Islam, has prophesied that the Islamic state and the kingdom of Allah will continue on earth from the day he started in 600AD all the way until the end of times, and the flag of Islam would rise on every corner of earth. There is a gap that took place in 1924 where this prophecy came to an end where the Islamic empire was demolished and the fall of the Imam empire came about. That disturbed many Muslims. It disturbed many grassroots in the Islamic communities across the globe, in the Middle East and outside, and Hassan al-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood founder, was mainly disturbed by this, and he took it on his shoulders to start the movement that will follow on the prophecy of the founder of Islam, Muhammed, and he started the Muslim Brotherhood for one premise: To re-enact the spirit of Islam in the hearts of Muslims and to reach out across the world, so he can establish the Islamic state once again and to continue taking it to the end of times.

The reason why I’m saying this, is because there’s lots of illusion happening out there that the Muslim Brotherhood is coming up with a new ideology. In fact, they are coming up with the foundation of Islam and following Muhammad, the founder of Islam. If we are looking from a perspective of Christians, and I’m sorry for using this kind of analogy, but it’s kind of a ‘born again Muslim movement’ that is enacted in the real spirit of Islam digging into the roots of Islam so they can follow the prophecy of Muhammad. Why do they look at it (with) this perspective? Because in the eyes of Islam, Muhammad and Allah were never wrong. If there is a gap, if there is a roadblock happening to the Islamic empire or the kingdom of Allah on earth, it is not because Muhammad was wrong or Allah was wrong, it’s because Muslims were wrong.

This was the message of Hassan al-Banna. He said we need to resurrect the spirit of Islam in our hearts and follow our founders and follow our prophet, and then we will be able to resurrect the Islamic empire again. It was not Allah or Muhammad that was wrong that we came to this defeat, it is because of us Muslims who did not follow Muhammad and this is why we are defeated. The answer is- resurrect the real spirit of Islam, then the prophecy of Muhammad and the promise of Allah will happen.

…From the very beginning of the Muslim Brotherhood, they started a group which leads the civilization jihad, the people who are lawyers and doctors and accountants, and bankers, where they wear the suits and deceive people to believe that they are nothing other than common people in the community, but they are very faithful to their faith. That’s it. There is another wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. It started with the day the Muslim Brotherhood started. It’s called “the secret wing of the Muslim Brotherhood” or “the militant Muslim Brotherhood,” and those are secret groups from the very beginning and they have a certain criteria to find the people that can fit into that secret group, and those are the people that founded Al Qaeda and founded ISIS and founded every Islamic terrorist organization you will see. A uniting force in all those groups is that all of them have been trained in a way or another in the Muslim Brotherhood or an offshoot of it.

So, you look at Osama Bin Laden, who has been recruited by Ayman al-Zawahiri in Egypt, who happens to be a doctor and his dad was a friend of my dad. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of Al Qaeda, he’s a Muslim Brotherhood, went to the same medical school I went to, and he is Muslim Brotherhood to the core. He recruited Osama Bin Laden in Saudi Arabia and then together they went to Afghanistan and founded the Maktab al-Khadamat that later on became Al Qaeda. ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a scholar in Sharia law and an Imam who was trained in Egypt and in Cairo as a Muslim Brotherhood member,  founded ISIS. The head of Al-Shabaab, the same thing. You go on down the list and you’ll find all of them associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

… If you want to find out who is the Muslim Brotherhood in America, you cannot look any further than CAIR, Council of American-Islamic Relationships, a Muslim Brotherhood to the core. Islamic Society of North America, this is another Muslim Brotherhood in America. Also MSA, Muslim Students Association. Then the top of those all is NAIT, North American Islamic Trust, which is the money machine of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are very well funded and divide the operations between all of them to do different things…

Again, all of those militant groups are not a thousand-different ideologies. It is the foundation of Islam. President Obama was absolutely and fundamentally wrong when he said, ISIS is not Islamic because it is Islamic to the core. They are not doing any action, any killing, any beheading except that they can get by following a Hadith or a saying of Muhammad or one of the traditions of Islam.

…When we look at a threat, we’re looking at a kind of bloodshed or some kind of an attack in a militant way. I would say that the Muslim Brotherhood is the biggest threat to the western civilization and to our Christian foundation, and it is not only because of attacks and militant attacks, but also because of civilization jihad.”